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Topic: Edith Thompson

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In the News (Wed 26 Jun 19)

  Film | Presumed guilty
Edith Thompson did not know that she was being executed.
The makers of Another Life claim that Edith Thompson was "hanged for her lifestyle", because she was too lively, spoke French, bobbed her hair and liked sex; and because the middle-class society of the time couldn't cope with her disregard of its moral code.
She was found guilty of murder because the jury believed the evidence against her, in spite of a powerful performance in her defence by one of the most skilled barristers of the time and a summing up by the judge which legal experts, then and now, consider totally fair and, if anything, in her favour.
film.guardian.co.uk /print/0,3858,4203948-3181,00.html   (1128 words)

 Mrs Edith Thompson and Frederick Bywaters,Brookwood Cemetery,Surrey,England
Edith Thompson paid a terrible price for daring to be ruled by her passions, and for behaving out of her social class.
Bywaters died fearless, Edith Thompson disintegrated on the gallows.
Thompson was probably pregnant when she was hanged, that her case has never been reviewed since, and that the files on the case have been closed for 100 years.
www.tbcs.org.uk /mrsthompson.htm   (1477 words)

 Another Life : Production Notes
Edith Thompson was born Edith Graydon, an middle class, Edwardian girl from Manor Park, a small suburb to the East of London.
Edith was a thoroughly modern young woman, she forged a career for herself as a bookeeper with top London milliner's Carlton & Prior, a move that was unheard of in those fledgling days of women's liberation.
Edith Thompson was a woman born in the wrong era and punished for it with her life.
www.cinema.com /articles/474/another-life-production-notes.phtml   (4230 words)

 The Chimes of Midnight
Edith only makes things worse when she wonders aloud why the servants’ plum pudding is smaller than the one for upstairs, even though there are more servants than there are gentry.
Edith is weary of dying, and refuses to tell Charley who killed her; all she will say is that there will be another death soon, and that everyone will then forget that Edith existed.
Edith is still hidden in the dark, weary of all the death and angry that Charley has forgotten her like all the others.
www.drwhoguide.com /who_bf29.htm   (5232 words)

 Murder in the UK - An Educational and Informative look at the UK Murder Scenee
Edith Jessie Thompson was a married lady of 29 when her love for another man got into deep trouble.
Edith told police that she had no idea who the attacker was, but, her neighbours were more forthcoming, telling police about the affair that Mrs.
Freddy at Pentonville, and Edith at Holloway, she had to be drugged and dragged to the gallows.
www.murderuk.com /female/ediththompson.htm   (375 words)

 Edith Thompson Papers
Edith Thompson was born November 5, 1885 to Will and Eugenia (Harris) Freeman.
During her 36 years at the paper (1927-1963), she was honored as the “Woman of Achievement” in North Dakota journalism by the North Dakota Press Woman in 1961.
Thompson was YWCA director for 14 years and co-chairman of the Y building committee.
www.und.nodak.edu /dept/library/Collections/og167.html   (374 words)

 Edith Thompson and Frederick Bywaters
Edith was hysterical but was questioned by police when she calmed down alleging that a strange man had stabbed Percy.
Edith was also arrested soon afterwards and charged with murder or alternatively with being an accessory to murder.
At the trial, Bywaters refused to incriminate Edith and when cross examined told the prosecution that he did not believe that Edith had actually attempted to poison Percy but had rather a vivid imagination and a passion for sensational novels that extended to her imagining herself as one of the characters.
www.richard.clark32.btinternet.co.uk /edith.html   (1638 words)

Edith Thompson was one such historian whose importance, ironically, can now be seen partly through her correspondence with her well-known male contemporary EA Freeman, whose image adorns our front cover.
Edith Thompson was the daughter of Thomas Perronet Edward Thompson, a lawyer, and the grand-daughter of Thomas Perronet Thompson, the anti-slave trade activist and Radical politician.
Edith Thompson was living in Reigate by the time of Freeman's death and she later moved again, to Lansdown near Bath.
www.hull.ac.uk /oldlib/archives/paragon/1997/anatomy.html   (3049 words)

 Votes for Women! - Edith Thompson Brand, Medical School Graduate - Texas State Library
Edith Thompson Brand, graduate of the first class of John Sealy Hospital in Galveston, Texas, 1899.
Edith Brand's graduation personifies the trend for urban women in Texas.
Edith Thompson Brand, Prints and Photographs Collection, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.
www.tsl.state.tx.us /exhibits/suffrage/battle/edithbrand.html   (263 words)

 [No title]
Birth of Bernard Thompson to Charles Thompson and Georgiana Erminia Thompson nee Poole on 28th August 1881 at Howard Street, Trentham, Staffordshire, England.
Between the birth of Edith in 1889 and the 1891 Census, the family moved to Glamorganshire and lived at 56 Stoughton Street, Grangetown, Cardiff, Wales.
Edith Thompson, daughter, aged 1, born Longton Staffordshire.
members.lycos.co.uk /genealogy_2/bernthom.html   (608 words)

 Women's Studies Subject Guide
Edith Thompson was an historian and the grand-daughter of Thomas Perronet Thompson, governor of Sierra Leone and Radical politician.
Her surviving papers are found amongst those of her grandfather and comprise draft chapters of TP Thompson's biography written c.1893, with related correspondence, and research notes [DTH/5].
Biographical information about Edith Thompson can be gleaned from a separate collection of nearly 200 letters to Thompson from the historian Edward A Freeman [DX/9].
www.hull.ac.uk /arc/text_only/collection/womensstudies/thompson.html   (99 words)

 Funeral Homes and Cremation Service-Knowlton Hewins Roberts
Edith loved cats and had many until she moved to Mount Saint Joseph's in 1996.
Thompson was predeceased by her mother, Ardis Whynot, in 1973; her father, Charles Whynot, in 1974; and her husband, Wallace Thompson, in 1993.
Edith is survived by her sister, Lenore Gallagher of Augusta; her brothers, Willis Wheelock of Augusta and Benjamin Wheelock of East Pittston; and many nieces, nephews and cousins.
www.khrfuneralhomes.com /cgi-bin/obit.cgi?Name=Edith   (775 words)

 Allan Robert Thompson
Allan Robert was born on 12 August 1890, the son of Charles Elliot Thompson (Sr.) and Mary Jane Kish.
He married Edith Constance Adamson on 30 April 1915, and immediately emigrated to the United States, first settling in New York and later in California.
Edith was born on 25 October 1891, the daughter of John Adamson and Mary Burnop Mail.
members.cox.net /ghgraham/allanthompson1890.html   (270 words)

 Radio Drama - DIVERSITY WEBSITE - Shelagh Stephenson   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Edith was most probably pregnant at the time of her death; she had put on a stone in weight despite hardly eating while she languished in Holloway prison for three months.
And when the death penalty problem came up again in the Sixties, Edith's name was mentioned once again in parliament such was the infamy of her passing.
Finally, when Edith's body was re-interred in Brookwood cemetery 46 years later, the authorities didn't even have the heart to inform her sister who had been prevented from placing any flowers on the grave.
web.ukonline.co.uk /suttonelms/shelagh-stevenson.html   (1217 words)

 Edith Thompson Papers (addition)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
ACQUISITION: This addition to the Edith Thompson Papers was deposited to the Orin G. Libby Manuscript Collection by Janet Elaine Smith, Grand Forks, North Dakota, on January 28, 1996.
This addition to the Edith Thompson Papers consists of the December 1996 issue of Red River Valley Memories, which contains an article entitled "Edith Thompson: Early Day Grand Forks Resident and Long Time Herald Society Editor." The article was written by Janet Elaine Smith.
In an excerpted interview, Edith Thompson describes her early life in Grand Forks.
www.und.nodak.edu /dept/library/Collections/og167a.html   (121 words)

 Rhinehart & Bassett Family Tree - Person Page 310   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Edith M Leager; Delaware, In Jan 2006, researcher was to look at Marriage index: District of Columbia, Delaware, Maryland & Virginia, 1740-1920 CD-ROM no. 9 pt.
Joseph Thompson; Another potential mother for Joseph is this Elizabeth who was in Gilmer County in 1850.
John Thompson; pg 439 #1249-1299, Subdivision 33, Gilmer Co., Georgia, Thompson, John 47 b.NC.
bassett.net /secondsite/kathryn-p/p310.shtml   (1524 words)

 Ancestors of Eric Joseph Ryder Edith M Thompson   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Thompson, Eliza abt 1854 Byton, Yorkshire, England Wife Knapton Yorkshire
Thompson, Mabel abt 1876 Baltey, Yorkshire, England Daughter Knapton Yorkshire
Thompson, Edith M abt 1886 Knapton, Yorkshire, England Daughter Knapton Yorkshire
freespace.virgin.net /eric.ryder/ryderfamilytree/1861.htm   (157 words)

 Amazon.com: Fred & Edie: A Novel: Books: Jill Dawson   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Dawson's third novel (after Tricks of the Light and Magpie) strikingly and elegantly blends fact and fiction in a reimagining of the events surrounding the spectacular 1922 London trial of Edith Thompson and her lover, Frederick Bywaters, who were convicted and hanged for murdering Edith's husband, Percy.
In 1922, Edith Thompson, a millinery clerk, and Frederick Bywaters, who worked in a ship's laundry, were arraigned in the Old Bailey for the stabbing death of Edie's loutish husband, Percy—he as the perpetrator and she as co-conspirator.
While at first Edith Thompson seems the "vain, silly" woman others thought her, the author beautifully develops and shows us her depth and longing until we are both transported and moved by her plight.
www.amazon.com /exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/0618197281?v=glance   (1801 words)

 Genealogy Index for surnames beginning with T   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Tankard, Edith Lilan (13 Jul 1903-17 Sep 1952)
Thompson, George Anthony (3 Aug 1873-24 May 1926)
Thompson, Sophia Jane (9 Apr 1875-30 May 1925)
www.josephsimmons.com /idxt.html   (447 words)

 Publisher description for Library of Congress control number 2001051876   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
In a brilliant act of literary license, novelist and poet Jill Dawson has transformed the sensational true story of Britain's infamous condemned adulteress Edith Thompson into a dramatic novel of passion, murder, and scandal, as seductive as it is shocking.
One night in London in 1922, a thirty-two-year-old clerk named Percy Thompson is stabbed to death as he walks home from the theater.
The spectacular case that follows captures the imagination of an entire nation, as Percy's wife, Edith, and her young lover, Frederick Bywaters, are imprisoned, summarily tried, and hanged for murder, even as a petition to spare their lives receives more than one million signatures.
www.loc.gov /catdir/description/hm021/2001051876.html   (298 words)

 Thompson Family Tree
The Thompson family has been traced back to around 1750 and to the village of Ipstones in Staffordshire, England.
Reginald Thomas Thompson born 27th November 1912 married Hilda May Davies who gave me much of the information needed to start my family history search.
Children:- Clive Francis Thompson (compiler of this family tree so direct descendent see below) and Gary Paul Thompson born 8th March 1958 at 13 Phyllis Crescent, Ely, Cardiff, married Winnie Kam Tai Lee on 10th September 1983 at St Michael's Church, Stoke Gifford, Bristol, their children Garwin born Bristol, David born Australia.
ourworld.compuserve.com /homepages/clivethompson/thompson.html   (635 words)

 Obituaries - 8/26/03 North County Times - North San Diego and Southwest Riverside County News - NCTimes.com - ...
ESCONDIDO - Edith M. Thompson, 79, died Tuesday, June 24, 2003, at her home.
Thompson was preceded in death by her husband, John Thompson, on March 25, 2002.
She is survived by her sons and daughter-in-law, Jim Thompson of Escondido and Terry and Desier Thompson of Colorado; daughters and sons-in-law Becky Thompson of Escondido, Pam and Dave Ryniec of Illinois, and Johanna and Richard Englehart of Texas; two sisters; 11 grandchildren; and seven great-grandchildren.
www.nctimes.com /articles/2003/08/26/obituaries/8_26_036_55_47.txt   (2279 words)

 Picture Gallery   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Roger Thompson, Patricia Ann Gibbs, Michael Ernest Thompson, Phyllis Dorothy Edith Thompson on her 90th birthday party 1st September 2001.
Middle Row (L to R) Ian Gibbs, Sarah Thompson, Rachel Leng, Jessica Leng, Phyllis Thompson, Pauline Badman, Sarah Gibbs, Neil Thompson.
Front Row (L to R) Alex Thompson, Matthew Thompson, Thomas Gibbs, Abigail Leng.
www.neilthompson.co.uk /iec5qz8twrqk/fhist/gallery.pl?ind=i011   (93 words)

 (Ann Tebbets - Edward Columbus Thompson )   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Athanatius Thompson (Sgt.) (6 Sep 1749 - ABT 1808)
Charles James Thompson (14 Jul 1760 - AFT 1820)
Charles Lloyd Thompson (1778 - 26 May 1851)
www.sugartreehill.com /users/dls/index/ind0195.html   (111 words)

 Another Life - Natasha Little, Ioan Gruffudd, Nick Moran
ANOTHER LIFE, the true life story of Edith Thompson, a woman wrongly accused of her husband’s murder in Edwardian England, stars Natasha Little and Ioan Gruffudd.
When Edith Thompson (Natasha Little) meets her sister’s suitor and dashing childhood tearaway Freddie Bywaters (Ioan Gruffudd), he seems to offer all the promise and romance that is lacking in her strained and passionless marriage to Percy (Nick Moran).
When a dark figure steps out of the shadows to ruthlessly stab Percy to death after a trip to the theatre with Edith, it becomes all too apparent the sway she holds over the impressionable and impulsive Freddie.
www.phase9.tv /movies/anotherlife.shtml   (257 words)

 Ancestors of Eric Joseph Ryder Joseph Scoresby Thompson   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Esther Thompson abt 1845 Knapton, Yorkshire, England Granddaughter Knapton Yorkshire
Mabel Thompson abt 1876 Batley, Yorkshire, England Daughter Knapton Village, Knapton, Yorkshire, England
Arthur Thompson abt 1880 Knapton, Yorkshire, England Son Knapton Village, Knapton, Yorkshire, England
freespace.virgin.net /eric.ryder/ryderfamilytree/1855.htm   (390 words)

 My Family4
Parents: Arthur William Thompson and Edith (Ede) Harrison.
Ronald Thompson was born in March 1944 in place unknown.
He was married to Edith (Ede) Harrison There were no children from this marriage.
www.bbackhouse.freeserve.co.uk /d4.htm   (3070 words)

 Weis (1988) Criminal justice: The true story of Edith Thompson
Weis (1988) Criminal justice: The true story of Edith Thompson
Criminal justice: The true story of Edith Thompson
To view the the latter's ratings, click on Chapters/Papers/Articles in the STATISTICS box, select a publication from the list that appears, and then click on either Quality or Interest in that publication's STATISTICS box.
www.getcited.org /?PUB=102752356&showStat=Ratings   (83 words)

 Find in a Library: Trial of Frederick Bywaters and Edith Thompson,
Find in a Library: Trial of Frederick Bywaters and Edith Thompson,
by Frederick Edward Francis Bywaters; Edith Thompson; Filson Young
WorldCat is provided by OCLC Online Computer Library Center, Inc. on behalf of its member libraries.
www.worldcatlibraries.org /wcpa/ow/3bb15487746a3f76.html   (64 words)

 Ann THOMPSON - Kenneth Edward Ebenezer TIDDY
1 Edith Annie THOMPSON =George KIRK 2 Patricia KIRK 2 George KIRK =Eileen BAKER
1 Martha THOMPSON =John KETTLE Marriage: 29 DEC 1769, Acton, Cheshire 2 William KETTLE 2 John KETTLE =Sarah LEA Marriage: 27 JUN 1795, Acton, Cheshire 2 Mary KETTLE 2 Betty KETTLE 2 Samuel KETTLE
Child: Edith Caroline Lacey TIDDY Birth: 1899, Brixton, London
www.btinternet.com /~jansfamily/people/p0000036.htm   (463 words)

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