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Perhaps the most important factor in the Edsel's failure, however, was that when the car was introduced, the U.S. was entering a period of recession.
Various other problems were cited, including the unpopularity of the Edsel's trademark "horsecollar" grille, which made it stand out from other cars of the period, and reports that there were mechanical flaws in the model originating in the factory, due to lack of quality control and confusion of parts with other Ford models.
The "horsecollar" grille was dropped for the 1960 model; 1960 Edsels had a body-type almost indistinguishable from the Mercury cars released that year.
www.ebroadcast.com.au /lookup/encyclopedia/ed/Edsel.html   (921 words)

 Driving Today
First, a word about Edsel Ford: He was, by all accounts, a thoroughly decent man, unlikely his often-pigheaded father, and in the vernacular, he was a "car guy" in the best sense, because it is obvious that he loved cars.
Edsel also loved fast, attractive autombiles, and he commissioned Ford employees and designers to build several of them for him, the most famous, of course, the inspiration for the Lincoln Continental.
Edsel did spearhead a revival of Ford fortunes, beginning with the Model A and continuing through many well-received Fords and Lincolns of the Thirties, but by 1943 the son of the founder was spent.
drivingtoday.com /partner/content/antiquecar/2003-07-28/gc_edsel.html   (1591 words)

Edsels in their first (1958) model year were made in both Mercury and Ford factories; the longer wheelbase models, Citation and Corsair, were produced alongside the Mercury products and the shorter wheelbase models, Pacer and Ranger, were produced alongside the Ford products.
The scheduled 1961 Edsel Comet compact car was relabeled the Mercury Comet and sold more cars in its first year than all models of Edsel ever produced.
Styling touches seen in the Comets sold to the public that allude to being part of the Edsel family of models include the rear tailfins (though canted diagonally), the tail light shape (reminiscent of the original 1958 Edsel) and the front grille (roughly similar to the 1960 Edsels).
www.knowledgefun.com /book/e/ed/edsel.html   (1147 words)

 Failure Magazine-Archives-History-The Edsel
As a result of the Edsel’s impact on Saturn and other auto manufacturers, its legacy may be redefined from one of the most monumental failures of the twentieth century to one of the most instructive.
Despite the perception that the Edsel was a catastrophic financial failure, Skinner contends that the monetary losses sustained by Ford weren’t overwhelming.
For instance, the Edsel was the first car to have self-adjusting brakes; by 1962 all Ford’s were equipped with self-adjusting brakes.
www.failuremag.com /arch_history_edsel.html   (2320 words)

 Edsel Spotters Guide
EDSEL identification is prominent vertically on the grille, on the side scallop and across the rear deck above the trunk.
EDSEL identification is over the front grille, across the rear deck, and on both sides starting on the front quarter panel and finishing on the front door.
EDSEL identification can be seen on the rear quarter panels, and across the back of the car.
www.edsel.com /pages/spotters.htm   (513 words)

 Edsel - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Edsels were shipped to the dealerships undercover and remained wrapped on the dealer lots.
Edsels were fast, but required premium fuel and did not make the gas mileage desired during a recession.
The scheduled 1960 Edsel Comet compact car was hastily rebranded as the Comet and assigned to Mercury dealerships.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Edsel   (3224 words)

 The Rise and Fall of the Edsel   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
The Edsel proved that mere size doesn't insulate corporate decision-makers from errors in judgment; large automotive corporations are just as capable of making major mistakes in new product planning, production, advertising, and marketing as smaller companies.
The Ranger and Pacer Edsels (including the Roundup, Villager, and Bermuda station wagons) were built on Ford chassis, and the Corsair and Citation Edsels were built on Mercury chassis.
Some blamed the recession for the Edsel's poor sales, and this was partly true, but another new car, the American Motors Rambler, sold over 100,000 units in 1957 and twice that in 1958.
www.libertyhaven.com /regulationandpropertyrights/tradeandinternationaleconomics/risefall.html   (1875 words)

 Edsel.com: cars.com Site of the Week
Edsel died in 1943, nearly 15 years before the vehicle arrived.
Ellsworth formerly was a member of the national Edsel Owners Club, and in 1997 he volunteered to create a site for the organization, which he still maintains.
However, he was not swept away in a wave of nostalgia by the two-tone Edsel — seafoam green with a polar white roof.
www.edsel.com /carscom/carscom.htm   (1045 words)

The Edsel Division was in a death spiral.
Edsel was twenty-five years old when he became President of Ford, but the appointment was no more than a cruel hoax.
Edsel was being manipulated, and he would be manipulated, harassed, tormented and humiliated all the remaining days of his life.
www.ipmslivonia.org /ipms/Gallery/Edsel/KitREdsel.htm   (1226 words)

 The Edsel Ranchero Story
They were pictured in a booklet made available to Edsel dealers as a guide to setting up their dealership.
I drove it down to Cambria for the North-South California Edsel Meet, where it was ruthlessly inspected by fellow hobbyists.
The only bad thing that ever happened with this car was a minor carburetor fire; I say "minor" because the fire was limited to the carburetor itself and did not involve the rest of the car.
home.pacbell.net /drakcap/EdRan.htm   (937 words)

 Edsel Martin
Edsel's dulcimers were famed for their sound, the extra long bodies, and beautiful carvings at the peg head end of the dulcimer.
Edsel was not one for production work and so he turned out a limited number of very unique instruments during his life time.
Several of Edsel's dulcimers are displayed in the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C..
www.hellers.org /edsel/martin.htm   (451 words)

 edsel, the annoyance interview
EDSEL- We have 1 more record to do with Grass and they are really great people, the woman who runs it, Camille, is just top notch, so we have no reason not to.
EDSEL- A lot of the random sounds, like on the song "Checkering", in the studio there was this metal advertising board, so some of the drums are him playing that.
EDSEL- It's a strange situation, on one hand you want to be sympathetic to him as one of the 100's of people who committed suicide that day.
www.annoyances.com /interviews/edsel.html   (956 words)

 Fifties Web Pop History -Edsel   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Introduced in the fall of '57 for the '58 season, the Edsel came into the world with a big fanfare and lots of hoopla.
The car, named after Edsel Ford, the only son of the company's founder, Henry Ford, was different.
Today less than 6000 Edsels survive, and each one is a cherished classic.
www.fiftiesweb.com /pop/edsel.htm   (136 words)

 Edsel Ford - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Edsel Bryant Ford (November 6, 1893 – May 26, 1943), son of Henry Ford, was born in Detroit.
Edsel also prevailed upon his father to allow the inclusion of four-wheel mechanical brakes and a sliding-gear transmission on this model.
Edsel Ford strongly believed in giving back to the community and was one of the greatest art benefactors in Detroit history.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Edsel_Ford   (645 words)

 Antique Edsel transmissions   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Edsel transmissions achieve the Edsel transmission is a precision component that is the radiator.
In double-clutching, you were using this possible in an automatic Edsel transmission is designed to work best with properly filtered and clean fluid.
Edsel transmissions creates all of a look at how the planetary gearset.
aa.1asphost.com /spares/Edsel/transmissions.html   (117 words)

 Edsel Pictures, 1,100 Classic Car Pictures
The Edsel was introduced as a 1958 model positioned between Ford and Mercury.
Edsel had a short three model year history, procuction ended with the 1960 models.
In 1958 eighteen different Edsel models were offered, including the smaller Ranger and Pacer and the larger Corsair and Citation.
www.hubcapcafe.com /ocs/edsel.htm   (292 words)

The on-line Edsel Registry gives you a spot on the web where you can tell the world about your car, ranging from how many awards that it's won to how much the salvage yard gave you for it.
Long time Edsel enthusiast Jerry Capizzi is putting several cars including his Edsels on the block though RM Auctions.
Edsel logos used by the respective clubs are licensed with the Ford Motor Company.
www.edsel.com   (483 words)

 CNN - The Edsel turns 40 ... sort of - August 11,1997
The Edsel died after just three model years, but it was introduced with the kind of fanfare that has seldom been seen in the auto industry before or since.
In honor of the Edsel's anniversary, Brown has designed a sporty looking coupe based on the original design that might sell better than some of the cars on the road now.
But Edsel Ford II says that since the Edsel never quite made it the first time, it's probably best that it not try a comeback.
edition.cnn.com /US/9708/11/edsel.anniversary   (703 words)

 eBay - Edsel
The Ford Edsel is perhaps as notorious for it inefficiencies as for its beauty.
The release of the Edsel in 1957 was incredibly important in the history of American car making because it dictated the course of car design (and continues to do so today).
Edsel fan clubs are as popular today as they have ever been.
popular.ebay.com /ns/Passenger-Vehicles/Edsel.html   (363 words)

The most interesting and luxurious of the '58 Edsel line, and not cheap when new.
It featured a full array of late 1950's gadgetry, such as "Teletouch" automatic transmission (push buttons in the steering wheel hub), a rotating drum speedometer that changed color as speed rose (a throwback to the 1930's), and every power accessory known to the civilized world.
The Citation convertible would be the most expensive Edsel ever built, and was the second lowest in production this year, making it a highly coveted commodity.
www.sunbeltcars.com /edsel.htm   (120 words)

 Edsel 500: 50's and 60's Rock 'n Roll (Chapel Hill, NC)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Edsel 500 formed in 2003 when FJ Ventre and John Currie, who had both worked as sidemen with some of North Carolina’s finest musicians, including Jon Shain, Mel Melton and Tristeza and decided that it was time to put together a band dedicated to playing rockabilly.
The name Edsel 500 is a tongue-in-cheek homage to the hot rod culture that is linked with rockabilly music.
Invoking the lightning speed and sexy looks of a souped-up hot rod, Edsel 500 proves that Rock and Roll’s earliest incarnation was its most energetic, that the young Elvis ran circles around the old Elvis, and anything that needs saying has already been put into a song by Johnny Cash.
www.larryweaver.com /entertainment/artists/default.asp?artist=edsel500   (765 words)

 Edsel Articles
The '59 is still distinctively Edsel with the horsecollar on the front.
Yes, this may sound kind of trivial, but Edsels tend to log their miles so sporadically that it is better to do things on a time schedule than a mileage schedule.
Whenever you get in your Edsel, you are the designated representative of ALL Edsel Owners everywhere, and people are going to have questions for you about your car, other cars, and the club.
www.edselmotors.com /jays.html   (3998 words)

 Free Edsel Motors Classified Ads
The color I have been told is an Edsel color altho not from the factory on this car.
At the Edsel Convention in Las Vegas in 1996 it was the top trophy winner and in 1997 in the Florida show it was the Best of the Show.
Parts are from an Edsel Villager and include these unique 9 passenger parts: 2nd split seats, center 2nd seat floor bracket (was welded to floor) 3rd seat removeable spring, top and bottom cushion with snaps, side attachment brackets, folding rear panels, rear panel attachments (were floor welded) and 2nd seat fenderwall latches.
www.edselmotors.com /classifieds.html   (8971 words)

Alan's Edsel Page - Features the Edsel Meeting Place, where other enthusiasts can be located.
Andrea 'Enthal's Edsel - Features the history of a 1960 Edsel and an adventure on Route 66.
The Edsel Ranchero Story - The story of a young man who built a 1958 Edsel Ranchero and lived to tell the tale.
www.oldironlinks.com /makes_models/edsel.html   (158 words)

 Amazon.fr : Edsel: Livres en anglais: Loren D. Estleman   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Has-been Detroit journalist Connie Minor is hand-picked by Henry Ford II to create the promotional campaign for his top-secret brainchild-the Edsel.
On the strength of his reputation for clever turns of phrase and keeping confidences, Minor is catapulted from a nothing job in a small ad house to a window office on mahogany row near the legendary Henry.
Bouncing from the mob to the union to the boardroom, Minor not only uncovers the murder plan but a stealthy scheme to sabotage the Edsel as well.
www.amazon.fr /Edsel-Loren-D-Estleman/dp/0446403660   (560 words)

 This is the Edsel - today!
Following E-Day, Alford's Edsel and Don Rasmussen Co. teamed up to place an ad on the back cover of the local "TV-Radio Prevue" for the week of September 22, 1957.
Edsel dealerships are long gone, but click the photo to see what has become of some Edsel dealer buildings.
The Edsel Dealer Introduction Show, that is! Use Realplayer or an MP3 player to listen to these Edsel showtunes from the Dealer show.
edsel.net /smith00.html   (198 words)

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