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Topic: Effervescence

In the News (Sat 17 Aug 19)

  Effervescence - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Effervescence is the escape of gas from a liquid solution.
In the lab a common example of effervescence is the addition of hydrochloric acid to a block of limestone.
Effervescence is the cause of bubbles in fizzy drinks (carbon dioxide escaping water; see carbonation), beers and sparkling wines.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Effervescence   (181 words)

 Patent 6,509,036   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Effervescence leads to an increase in the rate and/or the extent of absorption of the drugs that are known or suspected of having poor bioavailability.
Preferably, the effervescent is provided in an amount of between about 5% and about 95% by weight, based on the weight of the finished tablet, and more preferably in an amount of between about 30% to about 60%.
The beads contain the drug, effervescent couple (as previously described), a fine particle diluent which also aids in the formation of the beads (examples are lactose and mannitol) and a spheronization aid such as microcrystalline cellulose.
www.pharmcast.com /Patents/Yr2003/Jan2003/012103/6509036_effervescent012103.htm   (2802 words)

 effervescence digital art galleries   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
effervescence Evocative and suggestive, sometimes shocking, these digital images draw you in to their not-quite-real world of strange shapes and repetitions.
effervescence images are created in fractal generating programs, where selected formulae are applied, The images are rendered at high resolution, then adjusted, collaged and manipulated to create this fascinating fractal art.
In the effervescence digital art galleries, you will find the near side, the far side, the other side, the dark side and the light side.
www.effervescence.co.uk   (207 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Effervescence Generator A second essential feature of the present invention is an effervescence generator which helps to disintegrate the tablet and to create the initial foam.
Generally, the effervescence generator is an oxygen effervescence generator or a carbon dioxide effervescence generator or a mixture of the two.
The initial effervescence is valuable for dispersing the solid composition in water and assisting its dissolution by providing turbulence.
www.wipo.int /cgi-pct/guest/getbykey5?KEY=99/22705.990514&ELEMENT_SET=DECL   (4966 words)

 “Effervescence” The delivery method of choice for Creatine   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Controls must be established to insure that the effervescent powder is consistent in regards to particle size and moisture level.
Once the effervescent powder is consistent, storage studies should be done on the effervescent powder product prior to placing it in its final protective package to ascertain the handling and storage conditions, which are acceptable.
Each dose of effervescent is hermetically sealed in its own container and is not exposed to the atmosphere until the time of use.
www.fsinutrition.com /studies/effervescence.html   (970 words)

 Drug Delivery Technology - Article Index
These researchers bubbled a large volume of CO through the donor compartment of a modified Ussing diffusion apparatus and were able to demonstrate enhanced permeation of drugs through rabbit ileum epithelium placed between the cells.
The enhanced formulation (OraVescent fentanyl) contained effervescence and additional pH-adjusting substances whereas in the other formulation, these substances were replaced with additional amounts of the inert filler.
The pH range of the effervescent tablets was 6.1 to 8.4 approximately and, fentanyl has a pKa of 7.3.
www.drugdeliverytech.com /cgi-bin/articles.cgi?idArticle=5   (2271 words)

 BMRCL Spring 2004 Vol. 4, No. 2
For Richman, collective effervescence is not merely a theoretical construct, however; she historicizes Durkheim's sociological concept by juxtaposing it against the expansive fascist group uprisings of the 1930s and other, earlier examinations of group behavior such as Gustav Le Bon's well-known studies in crowd psychology (1895).
The College contended that a restoration of "sacred" social intimacy, one modeled on the effervescent rituals of archaic societies, would be ameliorative to the progressive instrumentality and devaluation of human life in modern societies.
Collective effervescence would seem to be, therefore, the means through which this social normativity is achieved and reinforced, despite the fact that it occurs usually during transient moments of taboo ritual and non-normative social behavior.
www.brynmawr.edu /bmrcl/Summer2004/Richman.htm   (3275 words)

 champagne effervescence sparkling wine
Effervescence is the distinctive mark of Champagne wines, a touch of magic that makes them unique.
This folder is created to help lovers of Champagne understand a process that the Champenois have perfected over centuries and made entirely their own.
It contains a wealth of detail ranging from the history and science of effervescence to modern technology and the secret behind its unique sensory characteristics.
www.champagne.fr /en_effervescence_cles.html   (123 words)

 Patent 6,391,335   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Disintegration agents may also be employed to aid in ispersion of the drug in the gastrointestinal tract.
(b) at least one effervescent penetration enhancer; wherein said at least one effervescent penetration enhancer is present in an amount sufficient to increase the penetration of said drug across said target area of said gastrointestinal tract to permit delivery of a therapeutically effective amount of said drug; and
(c) an enteric coating maintained over said drug and said at least one effervescent penetration enhancer; wherein said enteric coating prevents the release of said drug and said at least one effervescent penetration enhancer until a time at which said dosage form reaches said target area in said gastrointestinal tract.
www.pharmcast.com /Patents/Yr2002/May2002/052102/6391335_Effervescent052102.htm   (3314 words)

 Australian 10-mg Zinc Acetate Effervescent Lozenge Study   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Exact amounts of effervescence-inducing chemicals were not stated, although the chemicals caused "considerable fizzing in the mouth during their dissolution over a period of 10 minutes."(37) Various formulations for effervescent pharmaceutical preparations are available.(39) Several formulas use food acids and sodium bicarbonate to produce effervescence (see Table 6).
The finding of sharp increases in duration of colds using zinc complexes with excesses of these ligands is important to common cold research, and perhaps virology in general, and needs careful consideration and explanation.
A suggestion that zinc chelators in lozenges bound endogenous zinc from oral and nasal tissues worsening common colds does not appear to be supported, as a similar lengthening by the placebos did not occur.
www.coldcure.com /html/hand_4c2.html   (663 words)

 Effervescence in a glass of champagne: A bubble story
Actually, effervescence in a glass of champagne ideally lends to a preliminary work with bubbles collapsing in a bubble monolayer.
Contrary to what could have been thought at first glance, effervescence of champagne turned out to be a fantastic tool to investigate a first approach of the physical chemistry of rising and collapsing bubble dynamics.
As we do, we hope that the reader will now look at the effervescence in this traditionally festive wine, not only as a nice visually appealing phenomenon, but also as a very instructive one in terms of bubble dynamics study.
www.europhysicsnews.com /full/13/article3/article3.html   (2885 words)

 Effervescence Caterer and Reception Organiser in Strasbourg, Alsace, France
Effervescence Caterer and Reception Organiser in Strasbourg, Alsace, France
EFFERVESCENCE will be your partner for advice during the organisation of your events and your receptions will reinforce the quality of your image and your message.
As registered caterer for the Palais des Congrès of Strasbourg, Effervescence benefit from an extended experience of international clientele and of its culinary habits.
www.effervescence.fr /efferanglais/traiteur-buffet.html   (102 words)

 Natural Heartburn and Indigestion Relief
Effervescence, simply put, are the bubbles that you see when you pour BRIOSCHI Antacid into water.
That means, that in 10 seconds, BRIOSCHI is working in your stomach to relieve your heartburn, acid indigestion, and upset stomach.
Effervescence means there’s no waiting for “tablets” to dissolve, and no waiting for your stomach to digest a solid form antacid.
www.brioschi-usa.com /product.shtml   (115 words)

 What is Effervescence?
People ask all the time, "What is effervescence?" They've heard that term associated with Alka-Seltzer for years and years.
Effervescence refers to the unique and lively bubbling form that creates "The Alka-Seltzer® Experience." After dropping the tablet into water, you can rest assured that relief is on the way.
Unless otherwise indicated, all trademarks are owned by Bayer HealthCare LLC or licensed for its use.
www.alka-seltzer.com /as/what.htm   (176 words)

 EFFERVESCENCE 123: AN INTERVIEW WITH VIM AUTHORS   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
To build Effervescence, we use VIM as a text editor and we were curious to meet Bram Moolenaar, VIM author and Sven Guckes, vim.org webmaster.
EFFERVESCENCE: VIM 5.4 has just been released and you already plan to release VIM 6 during 2000...
I had therefore created a wishlist a long time ago that describes the problems of the users as to help developers see what problems users are facing in their daily editing and to show possible solutions.
www.aiefrei.org /effervescence/123/vim.en.html   (3782 words)

 Kohler K-1189-C1 :: sok® overflowing bath with effervescence, chromatherapy and left-hand drain :: Kohler
Due to the differences in monitors, technical factors, and characteristics of some of our finishes, the colors shown here cannot be represented with all their true qualities.
The ultra-deep reservoir of the sok effervescent bath allows you to completely immerse yourself in the water as thousands of champagne-like bubbles emerge from eleven ports, gently caressing your body for a soothing bathing experience.
This model features a continuous trickle of water over the sides of the basin for a relaxing visual and aural sensation, and chromatherapy lighting provides a full spectrum of color that washes over you.
www.us.kohler.com /onlinecatalog/detail.jsp?item=7722802   (222 words)

 Amazon.com: Effervescence Emme: Toys & Games   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
EMME's hair is rooted with durable synthetic fiber that is quite suitable for roll and set styles, although hairstyles made for dressed dolls are not designed to take down.
Effervescence is the portrait EMME of the collection.
Her gown is a fitted two-tone metallic sheath with daring split at the hemline.
www.amazon.com /exec/obidos/ASIN/B00006IIWO/theonlinedirecto   (268 words)

 Effervescence at Ruby Lane : We place utmost importance on our customers' satisfaction and guarantee no-hassle returns.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Effervescence at Ruby Lane : We place utmost importance on our customers' satisfaction and guarantee no-hassle returns.
Our goal is to provide quality items and to insure customer satisfaction with every transaction.
Effervescence offers vintage items including jewelry, games & collectibles with a goal of ensuring customer satisfaction.
www.rubylane.com /shops/effervescence   (230 words)

 Large tablets' disintegration by Effervescence   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
EFFERVESCENCE is preferred in pharmaceutical and nutritional food products for many reasons, some of these are:
Using Effervescent tablet ensures that the drug is already in solution and available
Effervescent tablets are an alternative to regular large size tablets that cannot be swallowed.
www.wenda.com /products/manufactured/application/large.html   (192 words)

 Meaning of quiescence,effervescence,calumny,stridency,consummation,demise,eon,miscreant,affinity,advocate
Her effervescence was contagious; she made everyone around her happy.
The effervescence of champagne is what makes it different from wine.
Explanation of quiescence, effervescence, calumny, stridency, consummation, demise, eon, miscreant, affinity, advocate
www.english-test.net /gmat/vocabulary/meanings/101/gmat-words.php   (966 words)

 What is Effervescence?
People ask all the time, "What is effervescence?" They've heard that term associated with Alka-Seltzer products for years and years.
Simply put, the medicine dissolves fast and is ready to go to work.
Unless otherwise indicated, all trademarks are owned by Bayer Corporation or licensed for its use.
www.alka-seltzer.com /asp/asp_whatis_eff.html   (167 words)

This kind of experience, which Emile Durkheim calls a "collective effervescence," is important in creating the emotional foundations of many kinds of social bonds.
Usually a group that shares a collective effervescence develops symbols, or "totems," of the group.
These are especially valuable as reminders of the shared group feeling when the members are apart from one another.
web.centre.edu /ant/Sociology_Classes/DurkheimPapers2003.html   (199 words)

 effervescence - OneLook Dictionary Search
Effervescence : Online Plain Text English Dictionary [home, info]
Effervescence : Hormel Glossary of Kitchen and Food Terms [home, info]
Words similar to effervescence: bubbliness, effervesce, frothiness, more...
www.onelook.com /?w=effervescence&ls=a   (130 words)

 ESEMIR, micro-effervescence of aspirin   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Here you can see an image of the micro-effervescence of an effervescent aspirin.
The image was obtained by the ESEM XL30 TMP Philips Electron Microscope, with a water vapour pressure of 3.4 Torr into the analysis chamber.
It shows the aspirin surface and the micro-effervescence induced changing the water vapour pressure and the temperature of the sample.
www.esemir.it /images/aspi_i.htm   (145 words)

One of the first adherents of Harvey, Sylvius, depending in part on Paracelsus and Belmont sought to explain physiological processes by suggesting fermentation (molecular motion of matter) and "vital spirits" as moving forces.
Through "effervescence" acid and alkaline juices are formed, and through their abnormal mixture hyperacidity and hyperalkalinity (i.e., sickness) originate.
This simple doctrine, supported by the clinical activity of Sylvius, found numerous adherents especially in Germany, but it made just as many opponents among the iatrophysicists who were able to refute in part these untenable hypotheses.
www.newadvent.org /cathen/10122a.htm   (17358 words)

 Martine HENNER - EFFERVESCENCE - Artist Portfolio - Online Art Gallery
EFFERVESCENCE / Other / L : 70 cm H : 50 cm P : 3 cm / 350 úß
Images are copyright of the individual artists and may not be reproduced without permission.
To report problems or Copyright Issues, please click here.
www.artq.net /ArtView.asp?artwork_id=MCLG5410821860184   (174 words)

 Study of Effervescence in a Glass of Champagne: Frequencies of Bubble Formation, Growth Rates, and Velocities of Rising ...
Study of Effervescence in a Glass of Champagne: Frequencies of Bubble Formation, Growth Rates, and Velocities of Rising Bubbles -- Liger-Belair et al.
Articles by Liger-Belair, G. Articles by Jeandet, P. Study of Effervescence in a Glass of Champagne: Frequencies of Bubble Formation, Growth Rates, and Velocities of Rising Bubbles
Key words: Champagne, effervescence, bubble nucleation, strobe lighting, Stokes' law
www.ajevonline.org /cgi/content/abstract/50/3/317   (291 words)

 Kamusi - Search Results   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
The results for 'effervescence' are displayed below in alphabetical order, so please do not assume that the first entry you see is the best result.
If you have a good working knowledge of both Swahili and English, please use our simple Grouping Tool to better arrange these results.
Matokeo kwa 'effervescence' yaonyeshwa kwa taratibu ya alfabeti.
research.yale.edu /cgi-bin/swahili/lookup.cgi?Word=effervescence&EngP=1   (247 words)

 BJS Online - Durkheim, morality and modernity
The issue of morality has lost its position of importance within the discipline, yet a growing number of sociologists interested in the ambivalent character of (post)modernity have returned to this subject in recent years.
This article examines the revival of interest in morality and suggests it would benefit by engaging creatively with Durkheim's writings on homo duplex, collective effervescence, and the social construction of moral orders.
After examining this relatively neglected part of Durkheim's work, developed most fully in his (1995 [1912]) The Elementary Forms of Religious Life, we focus on two of the most influential contemporary commentators on morality, Bauman and Giddens.
www.lse.ac.uk /serials/Bjs/Durk298.htm   (173 words)

 Chemistry Dictionary & Glossary
To display the glossary, type the desired word or phrase.
Effervescence is the formation of gas bubbles in a liquid by a chemical reaction.
An example of effervescence is the release of carbon dioxide which bubbles as a gas from the liquid when limestone chips, which are composed of calcium carbonate, are added to dilute hydrochloric acid.
www.ktf-split.hr /glossary/en_o.php?def=effervescence   (87 words)

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