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In the News (Mon 22 Jul 19)

  Easter Eggs in DVDs, Software, Movies, Music, and More - Eeggs.com
Read the Egg, try it out, and send us your vote and comments.
Search for Eggs using the Search Box at the top of this page, or browse the categories below.
This archive is here because thousands of people just like you have contributed to it, and you can leave your mark too.
www.eeggs.com   (435 words)

EGG follows the cast and crew of the new musical "Traps!" -- a seaside battle of the sexes set in the lobstering hotbeds of Maine -- as they gamble big and dream bigger.
For a more generous serving of EGG, visit the archive to try a complete episode.
EGG invites you to meet the people and places where art is happening in America!
www.pbs.org /wnet/egg   (114 words)

  Egg - Compact Multifunction Timer
Egg can display up to four timers at once, with each one having its own time, font, colour (foreground and background), time-up sound and text, repeat and direction settings and your common times are settable with only two clicks from a selection of 12 customisable times.
Egg features a two click quick set system that can set the time by simply clicking on the relevant timer and selecting from a list of twelve configurable times.
Egg is written in 100% Assembly Language and is very small and memory efficient.
www.sinnercomputing.com /Egg.htm   (958 words)

  Egg (food) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Eggs are frequently used in both sweet and savoury dishes as a source of protein as well as to bind the other ingredients in a recipe together.
Eggs may also be pickled; hard-boiled and refrigerated; or eaten raw, though the latter is not recommended for people who may be susceptible to salmonella, such as the elderly, the infirm, or pregnant women.
This is a manifestation of the iron and sulfur compounds in the egg.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Egg_(food)   (2254 words)

 Egg (biology) Confessions @ NaturalResearch.org (Natural Research)   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The eggs laid by some reptiles and most fish are even smaller, and those of insects and other invertebrates are much smaller still.
Usually after fertilization, the bird egg is laid by the female and is incubated for a time that varies according to the species; then a single young hatches from each egg.
Some birds lay eggs even when not fertilized, and it is not uncommon for pet owners to find their lone bird nesting on a clutch of infertile eggs.
www.naturalresearch.org /encyclopedia/Egg_(biology)   (870 words)

 Hormel Foods - Glossary - Egg
Eggs can be cooked by boiling, poaching, frying, microwaving, or baking and they are one of the most common ingredients used for a variety of recipes.
Eggs that are kept for several months may lose carbon dioxide and some of their water, allowing for air to replace the lost materials.
Eggs that are stored with the shell on may develop a dark colored ring around the white of the egg, which is not harmful but instead unappealing in appearance.
www.hormel.com /kitchen/glossary.asp?id=33268&catitemid=   (1170 words)

 Egg - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Ovum (egg or egg cell), the female sex cell in animals and plants
Egg (biology), the ovum of animals together with protective layers and nutrients for the developing embryo
Eigg or Egg, an isle in the Scottish Inner Hebrides
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Egg   (187 words)

 Eggs - Good for you body?
Egg laying hens are usually raised in factory farm conditions, with administration of various drugs, hormones, and medicines in their feed.
Eggs are high in the food chain, therefore the environmental contaminates, which the hen is exposed to, are carried over into the eggs.
Eggs can stay fresh for about three weeks if they are stored in the coldest part of the refrigerator (usually the bottom shelf) in their original carton.
www.drlam.com /A3R_brief_in_doc_format/2003-No3-Eggs.cfm   (3437 words)

 Egg Quality
The shell is separated from the albumen (egg white) by the shell membranes, and the yolk is separated from the albumen by the yolk membrane (vitelline membrane).
Eggs with stained shells are unattractive in appearance and cause eggs to be downgraded to B quality or dirty depending on the severity of the stain.
When a stale egg is broken out, the yolk is flattened and often displaced to one side and the surrounding thick albumen has become thinner, resulting in a large area of albumen collapsed and flattened to produce a wide arc of liquid.
edis.ifas.ufl.edu /BODY_PS020   (4874 words)

A little known fact about eggs is that they can absorb odors from your refrigerator if stored in an open container, although this shouldn't be a major problem unless you're storing eggs along side opened containers of onions and garlic or other such strong smelly foods.
Over the egg white bowl, gently pour the contents between the two shell halves, allowing the egg whites to pour out in the process, leaving just the yolk in the shell.
This is why it's a good idea when separating eggs to have three bowls: one for the yolks, one for the whites and one bowl to separate over so that you won't have to throw out a whole batch if one yolk breaks while separating.
www.fabulousfoods.com /school/csingred/eggs.html#Cook   (789 words)

 Easter Egg (virtual) Chronical @ EveryAvenue.com (Every Avenue)   (Site not responding. Last check: )
An early use of the term Easter egg was to describe a message hidden in the object code of a program as a joke, intended to be found by persons disassembling or browsing the code.
Even more prevalent are Easter eggs in DVD releases of movies; these are often in the form of hidden trailers, documentaries, or deleted scenes, and are accessed by manipulation of the disc's interactive menus.
With the rise of cybercrime and the prevalence of the Easter egg's cousin, the logic bomb, there is now concern that if the programmer could slip in undocumented code, then the software cannot be trusted.
www.everyavenue.com /encyclopedia/Easter_egg_(virtual)   (1237 words)

 Cookbook:Egg - Wikibooks, collection of open-content textbooks
Eggs may also be pickled, hard-boiled and refrigerated, or eaten raw, though the latter is not recommended for people who may be susceptible to salmonella, such as the old, the infirm or pregnant women.
Eggs should always be broken into a cup, the whites and yolks separated, and they should always be strained.
Egg products include whole eggs, whites, yolks and various blends with or without non-egg ingredients that are processed and pasteurized and may be available in liquid, frozen, and dried forms.
en.wikibooks.org /wiki/Cookbook:Egg   (780 words)

 The Faberge Eggs: An Illustrated Overview
The egg reminded the empress of her homeland, and so from then on it was agreed that Faberge would make an Easter egg each year for Maria.
Surmounting the egg is an enamelled, diamond-studded pelican feeding her young, an emblem of motherhood.
The clear rock crystal egg rests on a fluted quatrefoil base that is colorfully enamelled in a Renaissance-inspired design of translucent green, red, and blue arabesques between bands of opaque white enamel dotted with red enamel.
users.vnet.net /schulman/Faberge/eggs.html   (1818 words)

 Kitchen Dictionary: Egg   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Most hens' eggs are classified according to quality (using exterior and interior criteria) and size by the USDA standards: AA, A, and B. In high quality eggs the white and yolk both stand higher and spread less.
Egg whites will keep out of the shell tightly covered and refrigerated for four days days; egg yolks for a day or two less, but also cover with water.
How to prepare: Delicious on their own, eggs are used as a leavener in cakes and breads, as a base in dressings, as a thickener in sauces, and as a coating in batters.
www.recipezaar.com /library/getentry.zsp?id=142   (521 words)

 Egg Allergy Diet
Eggs are among the eight foods that cause 90% of all allergic reactions in children (milk, peanuts, wheat, soy, fish, shellfish, and tree nuts are the other seven).
Egg allergy, which is usually outgrown by age 5, is most often identified when the child first eats eggs or egg products.
The importance of scrutinizing food labels to determine sources of eggs, egg derivatives, and egg substitutes can't be stressed enough.
www.kidshealth.org /parent/nutrition_fit/nutrition/egg_allergy_diet.html   (965 words)

 [No title]
She notes that "eggs have not traditionally been regarded as a functional food, primarily due to concerns about their adverse effects on serum cholesterol levels." However, "it is now known that there is little if any connection between dietary cholesterol and blood cholesterol levels...
Nutrient intake, egg intake, socio-demographic data and blood cholesterol levels of over 27,000 subjects were grouped according to the occurrence and frequency of egg consumption.
An egg is considered organic if the chicken was only fed organic food and will not have bioaccumulated high levels of pesticides from the grains (mostly bioengineered corn) fed to typical chickens.
www.mercola.com /2000/nov/12/eggs.htm   (1844 words)

 Phil Plait's Bad Astronomy: Misconceptions
Bad Reader Angela Alexander tells me that the egg myth is also around in Australia, although she admits she may have heard it on the web (which means it could have originated anywhere).
Usually you cannot stand a raw egg because the inside of an egg is a very viscous (thick) liquid, and the yolk sits in this liquid.
Usually a random vibration would knock an egg over, but in the image it looks to me like they were standing on a standard high school chemistry class work table and sink, which are designed to be very sturdy.
www.badastronomy.com /bad/misc/egg_spin.html   (1976 words)

 B'fly Egg- EnchantedLearning.com
The eggs are usually laid in a protected location on or near the plants that the soon-to-be caterpillar will eat.
Most eggs are attached to the plant with a fast-drying glue-like chemical that the female butterfly secretes along with the egg.
Eggs are usually laid on the under surface of a leaf or somewhere near the host plant.
www.enchantedlearning.com /subjects/butterfly/lifecycle/Egg.shtml   (333 words)

 > > Egg - Egg Web Site
In 2003 after recording healthy profit levels Egg launched their community policy which in part fosters groups aimed at harnessing and developing artistic talent within the community.
Egg banking operates under the principle values of honesty, integrity and respect have driven their reputation for open, straightforward disclosure of their financial products.
Egg invest significant time in checking rates and options on all their financial products to ensure they remain fiercely competitive and ensure that all fees and charges are displayed to retain their reputation.
www.123pricecheck.com /shop-egg/egg.htm   (256 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Once you have found the perfect egg that matches your personality, copy the html code, and paste it to wherever you want your egg to live.
Each of the eggs is different, and therefore will hatch into a different animated adoptable.
There are 3 fazes the egg goes through before it reaches the final level.
www.angelfire.com /dc/candybubbles/egg.html   (195 words)

 Egg Salad I - All Recipes - Salad
Place eggs in a saucepan and cover with cold water.
Bring water to a boil; cover, remove from heat, and let eggs stand in hot water for 10 to 12 minutes.
In a large bowl, combine the egg, mayonnaise, mustard, dill, paprika, onion and salt and pepper.
salad.allrecipes.com /AZ/EggSalad.asp   (133 words)

 jennifer bove :: portfolio :: egg   (Site not responding. Last check: )
An offshoot of our calendar project, Egg is a physical, ambient interface that communicates last-minute scheduling changes.
Egg represents the discrepancy between scheduled time and real time that we're calling "Egg Time" -- the bridge between the now and the very, very soon.
Egg was featured in the Strangely Familiar exhibition by Tecno at the 2005 Salone del Mobile in Milan
people.interaction-ivrea.it /j.bove/school_10.htm   (192 words)

 PythonEggs - The PEAK Developers' Center
Python eggs are a way of bundling additional information with a Python project, that allows the project's dependencies to be checked and satisfied at runtime, as well as allowing projects to provide plugins for other projects.
The easiest way to install and use Python eggs is to use the "Easy Install" Python package manager, which will find, download, build, and install eggs for you; all you do is tell it the name (and optionally, version) of the Python project(s) you want to use.
Python eggs can be used with Python 2.3 and up, and can be built using the setuptools package (see the Python Subversion sandbox for source code, or the EasyInstall page for current installation instructions).
peak.telecommunity.com /DevCenter/PythonEggs   (2298 words)

 Egg (WebBible Encyclopedia) - ChristianAnswers.Net
In Luke 11:12, an egg is contrasted with a scorpion, which is said to be very like an egg in its appearance, so much so as to be with difficulty at times distinguished from it.
In Job 6:6 ("the white of an egg") the word for egg (hallamuth') occurs nowhere else.
But the common rendering, "the white of an egg", may be satisfactorily maintained.
www.christiananswers.net /dictionary/egg.html   (113 words)

 Magic Books
That is, perhaps, the central mystery of the egg.
But with all these things going for it, the egg is a perfect prop for the magician, and magicians have been using it for centuries.
The egg is a prop that "packs small, plays big", and suits itself to all venues: close-up, platform and stage.
www.magicstor.com /files/magic_books_e.htm   (367 words)

Easter Eggs will usually stand out either because they totally don't fit with their context (like a pinball game in a word processor), or because they have a deeper hidden personal meaning to the creators, so they threw it in for entertainment.
For example, maybe there was a bug in the programmer's Easter Egg code, and in certain situations it might crash the program, or even the whole computer, forcing you to reboot.
Sometimes companies will remove Eggs in later updates of the software, so your best bet is to wait for a service release, update your software, and see if the egg is gone.
www.eeggs.com /faq.html   (2822 words)

She's produced TV shows and books solely dedicated to eggs, surely she'll have the best damn method known to man. And yet her unconventional approach suprises me. She wants me to pour the egg into a simmering frying pan of water!
Pour the egg into the centre of the vortex, place the lid on the pan and turn off the heat under it.
Drop egg into boiling water, and poach normally, it'll taste great, and you wont have to spend ages scrubbing cooked on egg of the damn pan.
www.b3ta.com /features/howtopoachanegg   (800 words)

 CNN.com - Chicken and egg debate unscrambled - May 26, 2006
Mr Papineau, an expert in the philosophy of science, agreed that the first chicken came from an egg and that proves there were chicken eggs before chickens.
He told PA people were mistaken if they argued that the mutant egg belonged to the "non-chicken" bird parents.
The debate, which may come as a relief to those with argumentative relatives, was organized by Disney to promote the release of the film "Chicken Little" on DVD.
www.cnn.com /2006/TECH/science/05/26/chicken.egg   (420 words)

 Monarch Watch : Biology : Life Cycle : The Egg
These eggs come in all shapes and sizes, can be laid singly or in groups, and can last for an entire winter or hatch within a few days of being laid.
Monarchs usually lay a single egg on a plant, often on the bottom of a leaf near the top of the plant.
It is difficult to tell just how many eggs each female butterfly lays during her life, but the average is probably from 100 to 300.
www.monarchwatch.org /biology/cycle1.htm   (465 words)

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