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Topic: EgyptAir

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In the News (Mon 15 Jul 19)

  The Fall of EgyptAir 990 - The New York Review of Books
EgyptAir 990's dive into the sea took place in three phases: a plunge from 33,000 feet down to 16,000 feet, a sudden rise back up to 24,000 feet, then a final plunge to the bottom of the sea.
EgyptAir 990 was, first of all, a foreign carrier from a country that is not always regarded as a close United States ally.
In fact, the single plane other than EgyptAir 990 with which the Atlantic controller is in contact during the period before the crash is a Navy plane with the call sign "Arise 57," which was flying in a corridor between warning zones.
www.nybooks.com /articles/13830   (0 words)

 Series of real-time reports concerning the crash of EgyptAir Flt. 990, off the coast of Nantucket Island -- 31 Oct 99 ...
EgyptAir officials, however, strongly denied that Taha has any knowledge of events surrounding the ill-fated plane that went down off the coast of New York, killing 217 people.
It was being rumored on Monday that NTSB accident investigators are seriously considering surrendering the probe of the EgyptAir Flight 990 crash to the Federal Bureau of Investigation because of a comment made by a pilot before the final fateful moments that may have been a prayer.
Officials investigating the crash of EgyptAir Flight 990 near Nantucket said there was no indication of a crime so far, but they refused to rule out the possibility that one may had taken place.
www.emergency.com /1999/egyp990.htm   (0 words)

 Egyptair takes delivery of first Airbus A330S | Airbus
Egyptair has taken delivery of the first of seven Airbus A330-200s on order, becoming a new operator of the type.
'In adding the Airbus A330-200 to its fleet, Egyptair joins an increasingly large and successful group of carriers that are flying this modern aircraft, as well as building on the 25 years of partnership that exists between our companies,' says Airbus President and CEO Noël Forgeard.
Egyptair was Airbus' first customer in the Arab world, and remains one of its largest customers in the Middle East.
www.ameinfo.com /41683.html   (0 words)

 Fatal Events Since 1970 for EgyptAir
23 November 1985; Egyptair 737-200; Valletta, Malta: The aircraft was hijacked to Malta.
31 October 1999; EgyptAir 767-300ER; Atlantic Ocean near Nantucket Island, MA: Radar and radio contact with the aircraft was lost shortly after the aircraft departed JFK Airport in New York on a flight to Cairo.
The aircraft was reportedly making a second approach for landing when it crashed into high ground during a period of reduced visibility due to fog and sandstorms.
www.airsafe.com /events/airlines/egyptair.htm   (0 words)

Um den Anforderungen des sich ständig erweiternden Flugnetzes gerecht zu werden, besitzt die EgyptAir eine variable Flotte von Flugzeugen.
EgyptAir has made a big deal with the one of the biggest.
EgyptAir Ad Cairo and Beijing have never been so close.
www.egyptair.de   (0 words)

 NTSB - EgyptAir Flight 990
Under the International Civil Aviation Organization treaty, the investigation of a plane crash in international waters is under the jurisdiction of the country of registry of the aircraft.
The airplane involved in the accident was a Boeing 767 model 366 ER, a stretched and extended range version of the basic 767.
Family assistance was coordinated through a task force led by the Department of State and the NTSB's Family Affairs Office, supported by the Red Cross, Disaster Mortuary Services of the Department of Health and Human Services, and Federal Emergency Management Administration for communications.
www.ntsb.gov /events/ea990/default.htm   (0 words)

There is something special about flying to any country on its national carrier - it's a feeling of already being in the country as one converses with cabin staff who know their own country.
EgyptAir reached for the skies back in 1932 as only the seventh carrier in the world and the fourth to become a member of the International Air Transport Association (IATA).
PLEASE NOTE: This EgyptAir section is kept for archival purposes as it was EgyptAir's first presence on the Internet.
homepage.powerup.com.au /~ancient/eair1.htm   (326 words)

 CNN.com - Probe into EgyptAir jet disaster - May 8, 2002
EgyptAir flight 843 from Cairo nearly split into two after ramming into a hill about six kilometres (four miles) from the Tunis-Carthage airport in Tunisia on Tuesday.
It had been foggy and raining at the time of the crash and sandstorms from the Sahara Desert were blowing in when the control tower lost contact with the plane a few seconds before it went down, just after a distress call from the pilot.
The EgyptAir pilot survived, but the co-pilot and several other crew members died, said Mahdi Fattallah, the Egyptian ambassador in Tunis.
archives.cnn.com /2002/WORLD/africa/05/08/tunis.crash/index.html   (587 words)

 USATODAY.com - EgyptAir jet crashes in Tunisia with 62 on board   (Site not responding. Last check: )
EgyptAir station chief in Tunisia, Assem Hemdan, was quoted by airline officials in Cairo as saying 18 people had died, 30 were injured, and 14 escaped unharmed.
EgyptAir had earlier released an incorrect passenger list saying 63 people were on the plane.
EgyptAir's vice president for safety, Shaker Qilada, denied reports that the plane, which was coming from Cairo, was making an emergency landing.
www.usatoday.com /news/world/2002/05/07/egyptair-crash.htm   (551 words)

 Egyptair orders seven A330-200s from Airbus
Egyptair has signed a contract with Airbus for the purchase of seven A330-200s, the unquestioned leader in its category.
Egyptair is one of Airbus' largest customers in the Middle East, today operating seven A320s, four A321s, three A340-200s, two A300B4 freighters and seven A300-600 aircraft.
Egyptair's selection of the A330 further reinforces the remarkable success of the A330/A340 Family as the preferred medium to long-range aircraft among airlines.
www.airbus.com /en/presscentre/pressreleases/pressreleases_items/04_01_03_Egyptair.html   (477 words)

 Boeing: Egyptair Chooses Boeing 777s
Egyptair, the flag-carrier of the Arab Republic of Egypt, chose the Boeing 777 as part of its commitment to modernize its fleet.
Egyptair is the third airline in the region to add the 777 to its fleet.
Egyptair has selected the longer-range model of the 777, which has a range capability of 7,000 nautical miles.
www.boeing.com /commercial/news/1995/news.release.950823.html   (351 words)

 Court TV: First suit filed against EgyptAir
On Wednesday, a $50 million wrongful death suit was filed against EgyptAir and the Boeing Co. on behalf of the estate of Ghassan Koujan, a 38-year-old New Jersey chef who perished in the Oct. 31 crash.
As for EgyptAir, according to Kreindler, the airline has to show under international treaty law that it "took all necessary measures" to avoid the damage incurred by the crash.
For the families who do decide to haul EgyptAir into U.S. court, the fact that the airline is state-owned means that the trial procedure could be slightly different.
www.courttv.com /national/1999/1119/egyptair_ctv.html   (992 words)

 egyptair   (Site not responding. Last check: )
EgyptAir is a member of the Arab Air Carriers Organization.
EgyptAir was the first airline in the Middle East to operate jet liners.
On 23 November 1985, Egyptair Flight 648, a Boeing 737 aircraft was hijacked to Luqa, Malta by three men from Abu Nidal group.
hometown.aol.de /cokoladazak/wo-23450.html   (421 words)

 CNN.com - EgyptAir official: NTSB 'speculating' on cause of crash - April 19, 2001
The EgyptAir official said the NTSB report uses "contradictory logic," focusing on the case of Flight 990 with very little, if any, reference to other incidents involving 767s, he said.
The official said EgyptAir still has reason to believe the crash "could be the result of a technical failure in the tail region of the plane, especially due to recent discoveries that there were tail failures in other Boeing 767's, which is the same kind of plane as the doomed plane."
EgyptAir has 60 days to review the draft report and offer comments before the NTSB votes on the probable cause of the accident and issues its final report.
edition.cnn.com /2001/WORLD/meast/04/19/egyptair.reax/index.html?related   (665 words)

Egyptair can offer British passengers convenient direct flights from London Heathrow to Luxor or to its hub airport at Cairo, with some relatively cheap flights often available.
Egyptair recently placed an order with Boeing for 12 new Next Generation 737-800 aircraft, delivery of which is scheduled to start in 2006.
Egyptair recently entered a deal to intensify the partnership it has shared with Greek airline, Olympic Airlines, since 1959.
www.majortravel.co.uk /airlinepartners/egyptair.html   (570 words)

 Egyptair 990
Egyptair 990 crashed during a big military exercise in Egypt, BRIGHT STAR '99, which was held from October 27th to November 5th 1999.
The tail section of Egyptair 990 may also have been damaged as evidenced by the behavior of the elevators which appear to have been operating in opposite directions yet none of the government agencies questions if they were damaged by a criminal act.
Within hours of the Egyptair 990 crash, as was the case with TWA 800, the U.S. government was at pains to discourage all discussion about terrorism and to declare that there were no 'credible' warnings about the Egyptair 990 downing.
hometown.aol.com /missiletwa800/egyptair.htm   (18464 words)

 Online NewsHour: EgyptAir -- November 17, 1999
Egypt has sent its most senior aviation official to Washington to assist in the EgyptAir Flight 990 crash investigation, as the National Transportation Safety Board decides whether it should continue managing the probe on its own.
NTSB to remain on the EgyptAir 990 probe.
EgyptAir is the country's government-run airline, and officials in Cairo do not want a Washington-led investigation of their government.
www.pbs.org /newshour/bb/transportation/july-dec99/egyptair_update_11-17.html   (472 words)

 The crash of Egyptair 990
Officially, the team headed by General Abdel Qatu was going to Washington to help US investigators understand the "cultural nuances" of the Arabic conversation on the cockpit recorder.
"EgyptAir pilots are subject to rigorous medical check-ups every six months," it said in a statement.
Another investigation source said the tape showed Batouty apparently came into the cockpit at some point and "said he wanted to fly", and that his request was accepted.
judicial-inc.biz /Egyptair_990.htm   (447 words)

 Al-Ahram Weekly | EgyptAir resists privatisation
Mohamed Fahim Rayan, EgyptAir's long-serving boss, successfully managed last week to gather considerable parliamentary support for his policies aimed at keeping the company out of the privatisation programme.
Turning to the financial position of EgyptAir, Rayan said as much as LE1 billion was spent over the last 18 years to upgrade the company's infrastructure.
He added that EgyptAir has also recently signed a contract with one of the largest information technology companies in the United States to upgrade its operation control centres, improve operation of the fleet, and develop its air travel control system which will help minimise costs and maximise profits.
weekly.ahram.org.eg /1999/425/ec3.htm   (1076 words)

 Review on Egypt Air by Hanis - MouthShut.com
Egyptair is currently expanding its fleet extensively to serve more regional and international destinations.
Egyptair is Africa’s second biggest airline and one of the biggest in the Middle East and the Mediterranean areas.
Egyptair’s seating configuration in the economy class is very spacious and is probably one of the best in the whole industry.
www.mouthshut.com /review/Egypt_Air-118627-1.html   (281 words)

 Al-Ahram Weekly | Egypt | Reshuffling EgyptAir
The announcement, on Monday, that long- standing EgyptAir Chairman Fahim Rayan was stepping down from the post he has held for 20 years, certainly came as a surprise.
The fact that EgyptAir is becoming a holding company is in itself symbolic of the potentially groundbreaking changes currently going on at the national carrier.
EgyptAir's commercial sector head, Mahmoud Hamed, has assured the public that the airline will fulfill its commitments to passengers already holding tickets by flying them on alternative carriers at no extra cost.
weekly.ahram.org.eg /2002/591/eg3.htm   (828 words)

 Washingtonpost.com: 217 Feared Dead in EgyptAir Crash
The EgyptAir tragedy followed by only three months the fatal crash of a single-engine aircraft piloted by John F. Kennedy Jr., who died with his wife and her sister in the North Atlantic when the plane plunged into the ocean off nearby Martha's Vineyard.
In 1985, an EgyptAir plane flying from Athens to Cairo was hijacked by radical Palestinians, and dozens of passengers died when Egyptian security forces stormed the plane after it landed on the island of Malta.
Boeing's Nomaguchi confirmed that the EgyptAir 767 was the 282nd built by the company, in September 1989, while the Lauda Air plane was number 283, completed just a few days before union machinists at the company went on strike.
www.washingtonpost.com /wp-srv/national/daily/oct99/egyptair31.htm   (1753 words)

 albawaba.com middle east news information::Kaza royal club extends benefits in exclusive deal with egyptair and karnak ...   (Site not responding. Last check: )
EgyptAir, the national carrier in Egypt and the first carrier formed in the Arab World and Africa, services a fleet of around 36 modern aircraft at its premises in the Cairo International Airport.
EgyptAir is one of the pioneer airlines in the world, established in May, 1932 to become the seventh carrier in the world and the fourth member of the International Air Transport Association (IATA).
As a result of years of continuous investments, EgyptAir is operating one of the most modern and young fleet in the industry, with more than 355 weekly flights from Cairo and several other Egyptian cities to more than 69 international and domestic destinations in Asia, Europe, Africa and North America.
www.albawaba.com /en/countries/UAE/208708   (982 words)

 EgyptAir exercises Boeing 737 options - Boston.com
Egypt's national carrier, EgyptAir, has exercised options for six new Boeing 737 passenger planes, doubling a previous order for the narrow-body jets, Boeing Co. said Sunday.
SEATTLE --Egypt's national carrier, EgyptAir, has exercised options for six new Boeing 737 passenger planes, doubling a previous order for the narrow-body jets, Boeing Co. said Sunday.
EgyptAir placed its original order for six 737s with options for six more in August 2005.
www.boston.com /business/articles/2006/10/01/egyptair_exercises_boeing_737_options   (154 words)

 The New York Times: Search > Topic: EGYPTAIR
EgyptAir 990 crashed at sea two years ago because of a co-pilot's ''manipulation of the airplane controls,'' the National Transportation Safety Board concluded in a report released today, ruling out mechanical problems, evasive action to avoid another air...
A former EgyptAir pilot told American investigators two years ago that the co-pilot of EgyptAir 990 crashed the plane into the Atlantic Ocean to take revenge on a company executive who had just demoted him and was riding as a passenger, a person involved...
American investigators studying the crash of an Egyptair jet in 1999, said today that they were looking into a control problem with the same model plane that occurred Tuesday as it approached Paris.
query.nytimes.com /search/query?ppds=org&v1=EGYPTAIR&sort=newest   (618 words)

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