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Topic: Einsatzgruppen

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  Einsatzgruppen (Mobile Killing Units)
Einsatzgruppen (in this context, mobile killing units) were squads composed primarily of German SS and police personnel.
Einsatzgruppen members were drawn from the SS, Waffen SS (military formations of the SS), SD, Sipo, Order Police, and other police units.
Even as Einsatzgruppen units carried out their operations, the German authorities planned and began construction of special stationary gassing facilities at centralized killing centers in order to murder vast numbers of Jews.
www.ushmm.org /wlc/article.php?lang=en&ModuleId=10005130   (919 words)

  Britain.tv Wikipedia - Einsatzgruppen
According to their own records, the Einsatzgruppen operatives were responsible for killing over one million people, almost exclusively civilians, without judicial review and later without semblance of legality (no reading of sentences of martial or administrative law), starting with the Polish intelligentsia and quickly progressing by 1941 to target primarily the Jews of Eastern Europe.
The Einsatzgruppen were never a standing formation; rather they were ad hoc units recruited mostly from the ranks of the SS, the SD, and various German police forces such as the Ordnungspolizei, the Gendarmerie, the Kripo and the Gestapo, given several weeks’ to several months’ training and then sent into action.
The original mandate set by Heydrich for the four Einsatzgruppen sent into the Soviet Union as part of Operation Barbarossa was to secure the offices and papers of the Soviet state and Communist Party; liquidate all of the higher cadres of the Soviet state; and to instigate and encourage pogroms against all local Jewish populations.
www.britain.tv /wikipedia.php?title=Einsatzgruppen   (1846 words)

 An Introduction to the Einsatzgruppen
The Einsatzgruppen were four paramilitary units established before the invasion of the Soviet Union for the purpose of "liquidating" (murdering) Jews, Romany, and political operatives of the Communist party.
The Einsatzgruppen who took part in the invasion of the Soviet Union were new units, formed and trained immediately before that invasion with no organizational history connecting them to the Einsatzgruppen that existed during the invasion of Poland.
He stated "The purpose of the Einsatzgruppen was to murder Jews and deprive them of their property." SS General Erich von dem Bach-Zelewski confirmed this at the main Nuremberg Trial when he testified that "The principal task [of the Einsatzgruppen] was the annihilation of the Jews, gypsies, and political commissars." (Taylor, Anatomy, p.
www.holocaust-history.org /intro-einsatz   (5628 words)

The Einsatzgruppen forces were not technically part of the Wermacht, or German Army, although their efforts were carefully coordinated.
Heydrich noted, with the Einsatzgruppen was not genocide in his opinion, but the 'morale' problem of his men, some family men who had to attend to so many killings of women and children.
In the Ukraine especially, the Einsatzgruppen would often engage local organizations such as the police, 'auxiliary' police (volunteers, of which there was no dearth), other members of the Waffen SS and higher ranking officers (non-Einsatzgruppen).
www.shoaheducation.com /einsatz.html   (2728 words)

The same day the Einsatzgruppen were disbanded and their personnel absorbed by the permanent SD and Sipo in Poland.
Although the Einsatzgruppen would be operating on their own responsibility, they would depend on the army for logistical support.
It was time to move to a new killing phase, one that would involve bringing the victims to the executioners, rather than transporting the killers to their prey.
www.deathcamps.org /occupation/einsatzgruppen.html   (3084 words)

The instructions and directives below must serve also for the purpose of urging chiefs of the Einsatzgruppen to give practical consideration to [the problems involved.] For the time being, the first prerequisite for the final aim is the concentration of the Jews from the countryside into the larger cities.
During the first days of the Einsatzgruppen Trial, the authenticity of the reports was established beyond doubt and none of the German defendants challenged their validity.
So, from the Einsatzgruppen Reports we learn that Jews were being executed for no reason other than being Jewish, that these reports were being transmitted to Berlin and that these executions continued.
www.mtsu.edu /~baustin/einsatz.html   (3650 words)

 SS Einsatzgruppen: Shoa.de Ein Projekt zu Shoah, Holocaust und Antisemitismus
SS Einsatzgruppen: Shoa.de Ein Projekt zu Shoah, Holocaust und Antisemitismus
Beim Überfall auf Polen folgten die Einsatzgruppen den vorrückenden Verbänden der Wehrmacht und setzten die von Adolf Hitler angeordnete "restlose Zertrümmerung Polens" um.
In den Nürnberger Prozessen wurden die Einsatzgruppen zusammen mit der SS 1946 zu verbrecherischen Organisationen erklärt.
www.shoa.de /einsatzgruppen.html   (284 words)

 Holocaust Survivors: Encyclopedia - "Einsatzgruppen"
These murders were performed without regard for age or gender.
By the spring of 1943, when the Germans began their retreat from Soviet territory, the Einsatzgruppen had murdered 1,250,000 Jews and hundreds of thousands of other Soviet nationals.
The Einsatzgruppen sent back to Berlin detailed reports of their activities, which were later introduced as evidence at the Nuremberg War Crimes trials.
www.holocaustsurvivors.org /data.show.php?di=record&da=encyclopedia&sf=entry_name&sv=Einsatzgruppen   (165 words)

 Einsatzgruppen: The Killing
Behind the advancing German army came special forces whose sole purpose was to kill all the Jews under their control.
Behind the advances of the German army during the war were four Einsatzgruppen - special German commando units.
Their job was to follow behind the German army, round up all the Jews in the newly conquered towns, and kill them.
www.aish.com /holocaust/overview/Einsatzgruppen_The_Killing.asp   (1036 words)

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