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Topic: El Al

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In the News (Sun 21 Jul 19)

  USATODAY.com - Unfriendly skies are no match for El Al
El Al's flight load — about 40 flights a day to about 51 destinations — is minuscule compared with any major American airline.
That is because El Al changes its schedule so frequently — to foil terrorist planning — that some agencies find it hard to keep up.
El Al's process is so time-consuming that passengers are required to arrive three hours before all flights.
www.usatoday.com /news/sept11/2001/10/01/elal-usat.htm   (1309 words)

  El Al - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
El Al Israel Airlines (אל על, Hebrew: Skyward) is the national airline of Israel.
El Al is currently the only airline in the world that passes all luggage through such a chamber.
On July 23, 1968, an El Al 707 carrying 10 crew and 38 passengers was the target of the first Arab hijacking of an El Al plane.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/El_Al   (1363 words)

 Air Transportation: El Al, the Israeli Airline
El Al Israel Airlines was officially established on November 15, 1948, with the goal of transporting Jewish immigrants from Yemen and Iraq into Palestine.
El Al was the second international airline, after the British Overseas Aircraft Corporation (BOAC), to fly the extremely reliable Britannia planes.
El Al retired the Boeing 707 in 1983 (to be replaced by the Boeing 767).
www.centennialofflight.gov /essay/Commercial_Aviation/ElAl/Tran25.htm   (1391 words)

 CNN.com - Model for air travel security may be El Al - September 26, 2001
Model for air travel security may be El Al The Federal Aviation Administration is considering measures that would dramatically increase security aboard U.S. airliners in the wake of the September 11 attacks.
El Al receives threats daily, yet it has not had a terrorist incident in more than 30 years, according to David Hermesh, El Al's president.
All El Al pilots are veterans of the Israeli air force and are trained in handling weapons and in hand-to-hand combat.
archives.cnn.com /2001/WORLD/meast/09/26/rec.el.al.security   (808 words)

 History of El Al
As part of “Operation Exodus,” EL AL carried hundreds of thousands of Soviet immigrants to Israel.Ê On board their flights to Israel, the new immigrants were welcomed in a special video in Russian, which was produced by EL AL to help them adjust with ease into their new lives in Israel.
EL AL is the only airline operating Boeing 747-400's on the United States-Israel route.Ê The 747-400s offer the latest technology available in aviation and a personal TV monitor in every seat, in all classes of service.
In June of 2000, EL AL announced 1999’s net profits of $16 million.Ê This occurred despite the increasingly high cost of fuel, a devaluation of the Israeli shekel that took place during 1999, and the fact that EL AL only flies 82% of the time due to the observance of the Jewish Sabbath.
www.multied.com /aviation/airlines/elal.html   (353 words)

 Cooperación 2.0 - Introducción
El objetivo ha sido constituir un espacio de reflexión y sensibilización acerca de la necesidad de impulsar, fomentar y adaptar el uso de las TIC en las políticas, programas y proyectos para el desarrollo.
El Encuentro ha facilitado el intercambio de experiencias entre los distintos agentes participantes en el mismo para alcanzar un mayor conocimiento sobre las aplicaciones de las TIC como parte de la innovación en la Cooperación, proporcionando visibilidad a las acciones que ya se están realizando.
Reconocer las TIC como herramientas de aplicación transversal al desarrollo e identificar cómo estas aplicaciones se están poniendo en práctica, y que estas experiencias lleguen al mayor número posible de personas que trabajan para promover el desarrollo.
encuentro.1arroba1euro.org   (565 words)

 BBC NEWS | World | Americas | El Al sets security standards
"El Al's security agents are trained to identify a threat, respond to it quickly and accurately and neutralise it," he said.
El Al's security precautions were developed in the 1960 and early 1970s when the airline became the target of attacks and hijackings.
The only successful hijacking of an El Al plane was in 1968 when a flight from Rome was hijacked by members of the militant Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine and forced to land in Algiers.
news.bbc.co.uk /1/hi/world/americas/2097352.stm   (730 words)

 Coalición de Organizaciones Mexicanas por el Derecho al Agua
As part of the Rallies in the Defense of Water, COMDA, together with international organizations, is organizing the International Forum in the Defense of Water from the 17th to the 19th of March in the Sindicato de Telefonistas de la República Mexicana (Villalongín 50, Col. Cuauhtémoc).
Esta Campaña Nacional busca crear un frente social amplio que presione a los legisladores a que reformen la Constitución para que se reconozca el derecho humano al agua, es decir que se incorpore este derecho humano fundamental en nuestra Carta Magna.
Se conformó el grupo promotor de la Campaña para elevar a rango constitucional el Derecho al Agua
www.comda.org.mx   (586 words)

 Passenger Opinions about El Al Israel Airlines   (Site not responding. Last check: )
We were treated with the utmost courtesy by the EL AL staff both on the ground and in the air at all stops.
El Al airplanes are quite comfortable, and seat pitch is better than with many European or American Airlines using very narrow 'modern' equipment.
El Al is one of the worst airlines I have ever traveled with -the seats are not comfortable and the food is poor.
www.airlinequality.com /Forum/el_al.htm   (3539 words)

 911 Pentagon Attack Plane Flt AA 77 Was An El Al Lookalike
We know from the official accident reports that although now fatally under powered, El Al Flight 1862 remained under control while descending into the building, and thus was horizontally orientated at the point of impact.
During this descending turn the El Al crew reported that the no.3 and 4 engine were out and that they were having flap problems.
El Al Flight 1862, a Boeing 747-200, had a wiingspan of 212 feet, is known to have crashed with its wings level, but the gap in the tower block is only half that wide
vialls.com /pentagon/pentagon.html   (2672 words)

 BBC News | MIDDLE EAST | Frightened travellers 'turn to El Al'
El Al suffered a major loss in business as tourism to Israel sharply dropped after the Palestinian uprising erupted last September, but the spokesman said renewed demand could offset expected losses of $120m this year.
El Al, meanwhile, is to shelve plans to make hundreds of redundancies and phase out six Boeing 747-200 jets, Reuters news agency reports.
El Al has a reputation for some of the strictest security measures in the world, implemented after a spate of aircraft hijackings in the 1960s.
news.bbc.co.uk /1/hi/world/middle_east/1554653.stm   (378 words)

 Blogs Ya.com: AL CAER EL SOL
Y al final consiguió dejar su curro en la Fnac, se embarcó un verano en un trasatlántico de esos que recorren los siete mares convirtiéndose en el pianista de cámara de todos los pasajeros que cenaban al son de las notas de Alejandro.
Por el contrario, detesto a los que actúan todo el santo día en los más variopintos saraos, absorbidos por sus propios egos a pesar de que su horario laboral propiamente dicho haya terminado.
El caso es que el otro día recibo una llamada de su manager, que está como loco buscando hacer promo en todas las radios de Madrid, y se pone a "venderme" a Marina a través del teléfono.
blogs.ya.com /alcaerelsol   (3639 words)

 Manugistic Proof :: Retail Clients   (Site not responding. Last check: )
EL AL is the national flag carrier of Israel.
EL AL employs over 4,000 people and is now in its 51st year of operation.
EL AL has a fleet of 31 aircraft, including 3 of the brand new Boeing 777s and 4 Boeing 747-400s.
www.manu.com /proof/tth/ElAl_Israel.htm   (400 words)

 El Al - Uncyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Prickshaw, The letest design from El Al El Al's start wasn't easy; They had to operate only within Japan at first, because of the fact that Israeli rickshaws were well-secured by the likes of Samson, Ariel Sharon and God.
Greece, where Angel Dust, the official El Al dinner, was invented.
Japan, where the unofficial Ninja Dust of El Al was developed.
uncyclopedia.org /wiki/El_Al   (435 words)

 EL AL Boeing 747 crash   (Site not responding. Last check: )
On October 4, 1992 an EL AL 747 freighter crashed in Amsterdam, killing all four people on board and over 50 people on the ground.
In both the El Al crash and the China Airlines crash the No.3 and No.4 engines on the right side of the plane ripped away from the fuselage.
It is believed that in the El Al crash the inboard fuse pin failed due to corrosion cracking and fatigue which caused the outboard fuse pin, already weakened by a crack, to fail.
www.corrosion-doctors.org /Aircraft/el-al.htm   (470 words)

 El Blog de Enrique Dans
El problema es pensar en cómo será la evolución del modelo, teniendo en cuenta que lo que hoy es un perjuicio moderado por estar al alcance de un segmento pequeño de la población, tenderá a ser algo cada vez más sencillo y a lo que todo el mundo pueda acceder facilmente.
El ordenador portátil, en cierto sentido, empieza a querer ser cada vez más pequeño, y sus usuarios a presumir de él en función inversa a su tamaño.
Hasta el momento, el precio bajo de este tipo de máquinas justificaba perfectamente el uso de Linux: con un límite superior en torno a los €300, destinar una cantidad elevada a pagar la licencia del sistema operativo era algo decididamente con poco sentido.
www.enriquedans.com   (1792 words)

 WorldNetDaily: You can find real silverware on El Al
Perhaps El Al gives their passengers real knives and forks instead of the politically correct plastic version used on American carriers because the airline is confident it has not boarded any undesirables who would use the knives as weapons.
El Al would not pat down Al Gore or demand to x-ray the shoes of former Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel as has occurred on our domestic airlines.
El Al uses its limited security resources on individuals who profile as possible threats to the airline.
www.worldnetdaily.com /news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=28297   (497 words)

 Error500 | Tecnología + Internet + Conocimiento
Tenemos el anuncio en el blog oficial y, por lo que allí comentan, Facebook Connect va un paso más allá en la estrategia presentada por MySpace y sus socios.
El punto fuerte de Facebook Connect es el de ofrecer un sistema de identificación de su cuenta desde sitios de terceros.
El protocolo por el que desde Twitter, Yahoo y eBay podremos acceder a los datos de nuestro usuario en MySpace es Oauth, del que hemos hablado mucho por aquí y que permite hacerlo sin dar nunca nuestra contraseña en MySpace al sitio desde donde queramos acceder a los datos.
www.error500.net   (2606 words)

 Schneier on Security: El Al Doesn't Trust the TSA
The interesting thing about El Al, at least at that time (1997) is that once they decide from the interview that you're not a terrorist, they didn't seem to bother you much.
I'd call this a case of one group (El Al) that's interested in actually securing the flight, versus another group (the TSA) which is primarily concerned with covering their asses.
Certainly El Al has a much larger threat profile (it would be a target of honor for most terrorists), and so it needs a higher level of security.
www.schneier.com /blog/archives/2006/05/el_al_doesnt_tr.html   (3982 words)

 Cotización del día en Dólar y Peso es DolarPeso.com - Cotizaciones del dólar y euro en tiempo real - Cotizaciones ...
La primera reunión con un Inversor: Para los que tengamos nuevos negocios con necesidad de inversor y queremos llevarnos el dinero, quizás esto puede ayudar, recordando que vienen de un fondo anglo sajón.
Con eso, hay que tratar a los fondos no anglo sajones teniendo en cuenta las distintas formas de trabajar y las expectativas culturales.
Todos dicen que lo más importante es estar cómodos con las personas, los empresarios, el equipo directivo.
www.dolarpeso.com   (192 words)

 Airwise News - El Al
El Al Israel Airlines posted a second-quarter net loss of USD$15.1 million on Thursday, compared with a year-earlier net profit of USD$29.9 million, as high fuel costs weighed on its bottom line.
A letter threatening attacks against Israeli airline El Al was found on Sunday in toilets at Brussels National Airport, a spokeswoman for the city prosecutor's office said on Monday.
El Al Israel Airlines expects to make a loss in 2006 due to record high fuel costs and the fighting between Israel and Hizbollah.
news.airwise.com /airlines/elal.html   (130 words)

 FOXNews.com - El Al Best Protected, but Most Threatened Airline - U.S. & World
From the late 1960s until the 1980s, El Al planes and passengers were subjected to shooting attacks, hijacking and bombing attempts.
An El Al security guard shot dead the gunman in Thursday's attack at Los Angeles International Airport, in which two others were killed.
The first and last hijacking of an El Al plane was in July 1968, when a flight from Rome was hijacked by members of the extremist Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, and forced to land in Algiers.
www.foxnews.com /story/0,2933,56972,00.html   (820 words)

 MPEG a AVI convertidor - El MPEG al convertidor de AVI es una herramienta fácil de utilizar para convertir el ...
El MPEG al convertidor de AVI es una herramienta fácil de utilizar para convertir el MPEG al formato de AVI, el MPEG al convertidor de AVI es también un divisor y redactor video.
El corte y la fractura del vídeo del SC es un programa video el corregir del powerfull que puede cortar...
MKV al AVI convertidor puede convertir MKV al archivo de AVI, convierte MKV a DivX, convertido MKV al xvid.
www.filehungry.com /spanish/product/windows_software/multimedia_&_graphics/video_editors/mpeg_to_avi_converter   (310 words)

 El Al
El Al has teamed-up with priceline to provide the lowest fares for the most El Al customers.
Today, El Al continues to maintain that standard with 3,000 El Al employees and 30 El Al aircraft.
El Al serves numerous destinations throughout Asia, North America, Africa and Europe with the major El Al hub in Tel Aviv.
airlines.priceline.com /airlines/el-al.html   (190 words)

 Tower Records - El Alma Al Aire - Alejandro Sanz   (Site not responding. Last check: )
EL ALMA AL AIRE won the 2001 Latin Grammy Awards for Album Of The Year and for Best Male Pop Vocal Album.
For one thing, EL ALMA AL AIRE, despite its success, isn't riding the gravy train that began with the aforementioned cover boys in the late 1990s; Sanz was making fine music way before all that pop furor took place.
Sanz is a pure romantic, and EL ALMA AL AIRE is full of soft, lush tunes that will tug at your heartstrings, whether you speak Spanish or not.
www.towerrecords.com /product.aspx?pfid=1909041   (304 words)

 EL AL Israel Airlines Ltd. information and related industry information from Hoover's   (Site not responding. Last check: )
El Al Israel Airlines might have to work through the Sabbath to make its privatization work out.
El Al flies between Tel Aviv and about 50 other cities in Asia, Europe, and the Americas (through codeshare agreements).
El Al is known as a world leader in airline safety and security measures, such as anti-missile systems on aircraft.
www.hoovers.com /el-al/--ID__57865--/free-co-factsheet.xhtml   (400 words)

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