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In the News (Thu 25 Apr 19)

  crystallotus.com - The first great Maya City - welcome to shana’s amazing world of acupressure angkorvat atma aum ...
El Mirador was a city that required the best that a society had to give.
EL Mirador was discovered in 1926, but remained uncharted by archaeologists until 1962.
El Mirador, because of its great size and elaborateness,belonged to the Maya Classic period, from AD 250 to 900.
www.crystallotus.com /realmmaya/02.htm   (532 words)

  El Mirador - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
El Mirador is a large Pre-Columbian site of the Maya civilization located in the north of the modern department of El Petén, Guatemala.
To the surprise of archeologists, it was found that a large amount of construction was not contemporary with the large Maya classic cities of the area like Tikal and Uaxactun, but rather from centuries earlier in the Pre-Classic era (see: Mesoamerican chronology).
El Mirador flourished from about the 10th century BC, reaching its height from the 3rd century BC to the 2nd century AD, with a peak population of perhaps 80,000 people.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/El_Mirador   (386 words)

 El Mirador, Guatemala
El Mirador flourished as a trading center from around 200 BCE to 150 CE during the Maya Pre-Classic Period.
The reasons that El Mirador is not swamped with tourists are its inaccessibility and that there is not a lot to be seen except for many unrestored mounds and pyramids in the jungle and more.
El Mirador was a pre-Columbian site for whose existence there is no logical reason that I can see, except that it became a center of trade and its bajos were then shallow lakes.
www.mostlymaya.com /el_mirador.html   (1033 words)

 El Mirador   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
El Mirador was one of the earliest known Maya cities, dating from B.C. 150 (Millard 44).
El Mirador is located in the lowland core where some of the most fascinating archaeological finds have been discovered.
El Mirador was situated at the center of a series of causeways which lead to other cities, the most notable being Nakbe.
www.mnsu.edu /emuseum/archaeology/sites/meso_america/el_mirador.html   (264 words)

 The Mirador Basin
The Mirador Basin, part national park and part multi-use area, is also a target for illegal forestry activities, this Basin is still a virgin forest with 6 different types of Tropical forest and has a large variety of fauna, it is by far the largest virgin tropical ecosystem besides the Amazonia in Brazil.
The important public architecture at El Mirador was constructed on the brink of a steep escarpment, which provided protection to the settlement's northern and western flanks, while the east is protected by swamps (bajos).
The Mirador Basin Project has gained considerable national and international support in the past years, there is a project funded by the IDB (Inter-American Development Bank) and it is poised to transform El Mirador into the most-visited archaeological site and tourist attraction in Mesoamérica.
www.authenticmaya.com /mirador_basin.htm   (882 words)

 El Mirador subdivision Taos New Mexico   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
The result was the 284 acre El Mirador subdivision, a development which is now noted as one of the most scenic and well planned developments in the Taos Valley.
hose who become El Mirador owners are asked to minimize their impact on the landscape by contractually agreeing to covenants which include building height limitations, architectural standards, exterior lighting restrictions, and non-development areas outside of the building envelopes.
El Mirador is located on an elevated slope approximately eight miles south and west of Taos, and enjoys some of the best views in Taos County.
www7.taosnet.com /mirador   (474 words)

 Family Life at El Mirador By Carolyn Michel in Mexico Connect
Daniel Casas, a man I never met, started building the El Mirador hotel in 1990 and it was completed in 1995.
During my second visit to El Mirador I was invited on several occasions to look into the pots in the kitchen to see if I wanted the day's special.
El Mirador is a family hotel and family life centers here.
www.mexconnect.com /mex_/travel/cmichel/cmfamilylife.html   (1116 words)

 El Mirador Hotel - Calama - CHILE HOTELS   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
The Hotel El Mirador is located in the downtown centre of Calama, occupying an old English Mansion from the end of the XIXth century.
It original owners were one of the most oldest and traditional families of Calama, the Abaroas, whose main business was the importation of beef cattle on hoof from Salta, Argentina; and also the cultivation and sale of hay and cattle feed to the whole region.
In the Hotel El Mirador you will be able to feel the magic of the desert and also be immersed in a part of the history of northern Chile, something that the original style furniture and old photographs of the area on the walls will only enhance.
www.enjoy-chile.org /chile-hotels/hotels-el-mirador-chile-hotels.php   (779 words)

 El Mirador de Vichayito / Mancora Peru
El Hueco is a really nice tube with a dangerous reef waiting for you.
EL Golf is a grear beach for surfing, when the conditions presents.
Near Talara, El Gols is a beach break with left and right waves, semi tubular, really fast and strong.
www.elmiradordevichayito.com /playas_eng.htm   (340 words)

 Cortijo El Mirador - Malaga. Andalusia. Spain.
The terracota floors, beamed ceilings and good quality furniture are not only indicative of the owners' good taste but also their eagerness to ensure that their guests are comfortable in their surroundings.
"Cortijo El Mirador" is situated in the country, in the surroundings of the tranquil and very beautiful village of El Borge, approximately 60 minutes drive away from International Airport Pablo Ruiz Picasso.
El Borge is situated at 237 metres above sea level at the foot of Cerro Cútar (595 m.).
www14.brinkster.com /holidayrentals/cortijoelmirador   (676 words)

 The Logistics of Getting to El Mirador   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
The Mirador Basin Project is set up to work toward keeping the area as it is, accessible only on foot, horseback or by helicopter.
In all camps but at El Mirador the first trip we were seven in a row and one fellow was off in his tent.
There is a major causeway connecting Nakbé and El Mirador and much of the route meanders along it and you can even look over and and see where the edge is. Going via Nakbé involves riding or hiking through a couple more ruin sites and stopping overnight at and seeing the ruins of La Florida.
www.mostlymaya.com /howto/Miradorlogis.html   (3278 words)

 El Mirador In Panama: Looking For A View ~ by Matthew Atlee
Omar Torrijos Herrera National Park (also known as El Cope National Park) is located in the province of Cocle, about a 4 hour drive to the west of Panama City and his named after General Torrijos who was in power in Panama from February 1969 until his death in an airplane accident in July 1981.
The nearest large town to El Cope is Penonomé, which is the capital of the province of Cocle.
On the drive out to El Cope a friend (Cef) was riding with me and as we drove he told me that the historical evidence shows that there was a huge movement of people moving through Panama in the pre-Colombian period.
www.escapeartist.com /efam/65/Travel_To_Panama.html   (3036 words)

 hackwriters.com - El Mirador - Guatemala - John Finnegan   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
I knew immediately we were at El Mirador because an old wooden hand painted sign said "Bienvenidos a El Mirador." Well, we set up camp in a clearing near a wooded shack that housed three guards.
El Mirador is hiding in the jungle and 99% of its structures remain unearthed.
Trecking to El Mirador is not for the faint of heart.
www.hackwriters.com /ElMirador.htm   (2967 words)

 El Mirador Hotel   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Mount Mirador is situated right in the center of the Quezon National Forest Park, in the town of Atimonan, Quezon province.
It is one of the highest peaks in the park, as it is a part of the Sierra Madre mountain range.
El-Mahalla El-Kubra is one of the most important cities in Egypt, famous for its textile industry and located in the middle of a delta.
www.wwwtln.com /finance/67/el-mirador-hotel.html   (761 words)

 Where We Work ::: Mirador Basin, Guatemala :: Conservation Proposal
El Mirador’s La Dante Pyramid, rising 230 feet, is the greatest structure the Maya ever built, and both it and the slightly smaller Tigre Pyramid dwarf even the largest structures in Mexico.
The Maya Biosphere, where the Mirador Basin is centered, is known to contain between 7 and 10 percent of all known forms of life and 17 percent of terrestrial species.
In the Mirador Basin, GHF is partnering with Dr. Richard Hansen and the Foundation for Anthropological Research and Environmental Studies (FARES), in addition to several community groups and NGOs.
www.globalheritagefund.org /where/mirador_conservation_proposal.html   (3928 words)

 Mirador - Guatemala Tours - Jungle Tours | Adventure
Arrival to El Mirador in the late afternoon, we will have a rest then dinner and sleep.
Breakfast at our camp in El Mirador, we will visit the site and often watch and converse with the archaeologists doing explorations of the ruins, if you wish you can climb the greatest pyramid of the Mayan world, with a height approximately of 79 mts.
El Mirador Trail is recommended to hikers in good physical condition, prepared to cope with long hikes and rugged terrain.
www.toursguatemala.com /mirador1.htm   (473 words)

 El Mirador - Baja California Telephone Directory and Magazine
Colorado has stopped requiring emission inspections for El Paso, Larimer and Weld counties as of January 1, 2007!
This diverse publication is actually an ongoing version of our "EL Mirador" magazine, we have just changed the name and added more content and distribution areas.
It is free to the public and has easy to read maps of Cabo San Lucas, Todos Santos and La Paz.
www.elmirador.tv   (325 words)

 El Mirador de Tomás
El número de muertes sigue en aumento, a pesar de la tan comentada Ley integral, que a bombo y platillo sacó el Gobierno de turno.
Seguimos hacia el “Pantano de Quentar” y es en este trayecto cunado los sentidos se despiertan y se comienza a disfrutar intensamente; el valle discurre a las faldas de Sierra Nevada, a lo lejos se divisa el Veleta brillando por el reflejo del sol sobre las primeras nieves.
El sábado al sentarme aquí con el alma rota, triste, con ira, rabia, incredulidad y con la intención de maldecir el mundo entero.
miradordeminerva.spaces.live.com   (2212 words)

 El Mirador de Cieza - Periódico Semanal Independiente
El mal estado del firme pudo ser la causa de este accidente que, afortunadamente, no causó heridos.
Al parecer, el firme de la vía cedió en uno de sus laterales al paso del vehículo, provocando que cayera sobre un bancal contiguo a la acequia de Los Charcos.
El mal estado de esta carretera, que soporta importantes niveles de tráfico, sobre todo en las épocas de primavera y verano, ha sido denunciado por los usuarios, quienes vienen reivindicando durante años una actuación integral en esta vía.
www.elmiradordecieza.com   (189 words)

 El mirador
El uno es la blanca Nais, 10 el otro la rubia Cloris, cuyas frentes de jazmines son Auroras de sus Soles; deidades ambas divinas, veneradas en los bosques, 15 en tantos templos de Amor cuantos son los cazadores.
Cuanto el campo a los monteros y el mar da a los pescadores.
Ellas, en vano seguidas de suspiros y de voces, 35 el ciervo hacen, ligero, aljaba de sus arpones; en cuyo alcance prolijo deben a sus pies veloces (a pesar de los coturnos) 40 las selvas diversas flores.
www.brown.edu /Departments/Hispanic_Studies/gongora/mirador.htm   (1610 words)

 perfume/el mirador
Derrida propone bajo el nombre deconstrucción una metodología para la interpretación conjunta de textos y poder político-una oferta que los intelectuales no iban a rechazar (el hecho de que aprendiera a hablar en inglés tampoco fué ninguna desventaja).
El tema es que su influencia gradual, consistente, hizo que el interés por Lacan pasara de los departamentos de Francés a los de Inglés.
El segundo altercado implicó a las feministas; tampoco pactó Rosalind Krauss con Hel?ne Cixious y compañía y así fué como se alejó otro grupo de escritores que hubo que lamentar.
www.lacan.com /perfume/mirador2.htm   (957 words)

 El Mirador-Río Azul National Park - Park Profile - Threats
Traditionally, the route is to the west of El Mirador, but occasionally the immigrants use alternative routes that pass through the park.
Nevertheless, temporary encampments exist in El Mirador and are used by extractors of chicle (Manilkara spp) and xate palm (Chamaedorea spp).
This is due to the fact that El Mirador-Río Azul is an isolated, distant place and there are no permanent residents inside the park.
www.parkswatch.org /parkprofile.php?l=eng&country=gua&park=mrnp&page=thr   (2386 words)

 El Mirador de la Vera   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
El Mirador de la Vera is located in the area of La Vera at the north of Cáceres province in the region of Extremadura one of the best preserve region in Spain.
Because of this excellent location El Mirador de la Vera allows you to reach interesting villages in La Vera, which preserve traditional architecture and wild countryside, like Guijo de Sta.
The traditional fiestas in the villages are well known nationally, like EL Pero Palo at carnival time (Villanueva de la Vera) El Empalao at Easter (Valverde), los Escobazos on 7th December (Jarandilla de la Vera) or other fiestas celebrating chestnut gathering at All saints in Losar de la Vera.
www.free-living.com /accommodation/es-emdlv1.htm   (419 words)

 FAMSI - John Pohl's Mesoamerica - El Mirador
El Mirador is located in a remote region of Guatemala’s Petén jungle.
Long ignored by archaeologists who believed it to be of late date, subsequent research proved that El Mirador dominated much of the Maya lowlands during the Late Preclassic from 150 B.C. to A.D. The site features one of the largest man-made structures in the world.
El Tigre is a 57,000 square foot pyramid complex, roughly equivalent to three football fields.
www.famsi.org /research/pohl/sites/elmirador.html   (141 words)

 El Mirador Guatemala: La Gran Aventura
While archaeologists and historians regard El Mirador as one of the most important and mysterious Mayan cities, the truth is, since it lies forlornly under the jungle, it is really only of minor interest to the average person.
The trip to El Mirador can be arranged in Flores with the community run Ecomaya (Calle 30 de Junio; tel: 502-9-261363, English is spoken) who, with the help of Conservation International, promote eco-tourism in the region as a way to protect the forest.
Even if you could somehow find the way to El Mirador on your own, you still need a guide as the area is home to drug dealers and illegal loggers who would not be very understanding if you accidentally wandered into their operations.
www.gonomad.com /features/0012/brewer_mirador.html   (1752 words)

 El Mirador Design Concept Taos New Mexico
If you become an El Mirador owner, you will be expected to minimize your impact on the landscape by contractually agreeing to restrictions which include building height limitations, architectural standards, exterior lighting restrictions, and non-development areas outside of the building envelopes.
El Mirador is located on an elevated slope approximately eight miles south and west of Taos, and enjoys some of the best views available in Taos County.
This is a requirement of the subdivision plat approval, is imposed to protect the low density appeal of the property and integrity of the view sheds, and is also a deed restriction on the land for full enforcement.
www7.taosnet.com /mirador/design.html   (704 words)

 El Mirador, Acapulco Hotels - www.bestday.com
El Mirador is one of the most emblematic hotels in Acapulco.
It is located on the world-wide famous cliff of La Quebrada, where you will be able to enjoy stunning views of the Pacific Ocean and the renowned cliff divers’ show.
The culinary experience at El Mirador is not just a selection of exquisite Mexican and international dishes, but also a delight for all your senses, due to the beauty of the natural landscapes.
www.bestday.com /Acapulco/Hotels/El_Mirador   (231 words)

 El Mirador travel guide - Wikitravel
The reasons that El Mirador is not swamped with tourists are its inaccessibility and, despite a lot of work being done here, there is generally not a lot to be seen except for many unrestored mounds and pyramids in the jungle.
Food is included in any outfitted trip to El Mirador, but protein may be in short supply for most meals, and some of the more inexpensive tours (non-Co-op) have been known to run out of food.
If you deal directly or indirectly with the Carmelita Cooperativa, the jungle portion of the trip will begin and end with a meal in the Carmelita comedor and the rest of the food is likely to be better.
wikitravel.org /en/El_Mirador   (1331 words)

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