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Topic: Elastic limit

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  elasticity - HighBeam Encyclopedia
ELASTICITY [elasticity] the ability of a body to resist a distorting influence or stress and to return to its original size and shape when the stress is removed.
All solids are elastic for small enough deformations or strains, but if the stress exceeds a certain amount known as the elastic limit, a permanent deformation is produced.
Both the resistance to stress and the elastic limit depend on the composition of the solid.
www.encyclopedia.com /html/e1/elastici.asp   (362 words)

 Elastic Limit -- from Eric Weisstein's World of Physics
This limit is called the elastic limit (or sometimes yield point).
The elastic limit of a substance depends very little on the Young's modulus or Poisson ratio.
However, the elastic limit can vary by as much as an order of magnitude between the softest steels and the hardest.
scienceworld.wolfram.com /physics/ElasticLimit.html   (144 words)

 Columns: Inelastic Buckling
In between, for a column with intermediate length, buckling occurs after the stress in the column exceeds the proportional limit of the column material and before the stress reaches the ultimate strength.
However, when the forming process is taken into account, the residual stresses caused by processing can not be neglected and the proportional limit may drop up to 50% with respect to the yield stress in some wide-flange sections.
The tangent-modulus theory tends to underestimate the strength of the column, since it uses the tangent modulus once the stress on the concave side exceeds the proportional limit while the convex side is still below the elastic limit.
www.efunda.com /formulae/solid_mechanics/columns/inelastic.cfm   (559 words)

 Elastic Limit, Apparent
Arbitrary approximation of the elastic limit of materials that do not have a significant straight line portion on a Stress/strain diagram.
It is equal to the Stress at which the rate of strain is 50% greater than at zero Stress.
It is the Stress at the point of tangency between the Stress- Elastic Hysteresis strain curve and the line having a slope, with respect to the Stress axis, 50% greater than the slope of the curve at the origin.
www.instron.com /wa/resourcecenter/glossaryterm.aspx?ID=50   (94 words)

 Principal Metals
Induced orientation of the lattice of a crystal of a surface deposit by the lattice of the substrate crystal.
A graphical representation of the temperature, pressure and composition limits of phase fields in an alloy system as they exist under conditions of thermodynamical equilibrium.
The measurement of deformation during stressing in the elastic range, permitting determination of elastic properties such as properties such as proportional limit, proof stress, yield strength by the offset method and so forth.
www.principalmetals.com /glossary/edoc.htm   (1227 words)

 Oilfield Glossary: Term 'elastic'
Pertaining to a material that can undergo stress, deform, and then recover and return to its original shape after the stress ceases.
Once stress exceeds the yield stress or elastic limit of a material, permanent deformation occurs and the material will not return to its original shape once the stress is removed.
In some materials, including rocks, elastic behavior depends on the temperature and the duration of the stress as well as its intensity.
www.glossary.oilfield.slb.com /Display.cfm?Term=elastic   (106 words)

 Definition of elastic - Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary
4 a : capable of ready change or easy expansion or contraction : not rigid or constricted elastic concept> b : receptive to new ideas :
implies the property of resisting deformation by stretching elastic waistband>.
applies to something which may or may not be resilient or elastic but which can be bent or folded without breaking .
www.m-w.com /cgi-bin/dictionary?book=Dictionary&va=elastic   (271 words)

 Banjo Drum Head Tuning
This is the point where the deformation of the material is unrecovered, and the work produced by external forces is not stored as elastic energy but will lead to contraction, cracks and ultimately failure of the construction.
Clearly, going beyond the elastic limit into the plastic region could alter the characteristics of the drum head.
I might still prefer the sound I get when the drum head is very close to the elastic limit.
www.astroshow.com /banjo/banjohead.html   (2472 words)

 Elastic Limit
Greatest Stress that can be applied to a material without causing permanent deformation.
For metals and other materials that have a significant straight line portion in their Stress/strain diagram, elastic limit is approximately equal to proportional limit.
For materials that do not exhibit a significant proportional limit, elastic limit is an arbitrary approximation (the apparent elastic limit).
www.instron.com /wa/resourcecenter/glossaryterm.aspx?ID=49   (72 words)

 Multiscale Materials Modeling Group: Publications   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
Atomistic Mechanisms Governing Elastic Limit and Incipient Plasticity in Crystals,
Anisotropic Elastic Interactions of a Periodic Dislocation Arragy,
Mechanistic Aspects and Atomic-Level Consequences of Elastic Instabilities in Homogeneous Crystals,
mmm.mit.edu /Papers   (6292 words)

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