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Topic: Elections in Russia

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In the News (Tue 18 Jun 19)

  Elections  - CDI Russia Weekly #285
All the while, Putin was able to maintain an aura of stability in Russia, and was never reduced to governing by decree in the confrontational style of his predecessor, Boris Yeltsin.
But Unified Russia is expected to as much as double its seats this time around, meaning it will be far less dependent on occasional allies to push its policies through.
Unified Russia is expected to do especially well in single-mandate districts, which traditionally have been a Communist stronghold thanks to the influence of so-called red governors.
www.cdi.org /russia/285-4.cfm   (1049 words)

  Encyclopedia: Politics of Russia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Russia was the largest of the union republics in terms of territory and population.
Russia's strong presidency sometimes is compared with that of Charles de Gaulle (in office 1958-69) in the French Fifth Republic.
Imperial Russia is the term used to cover the period of Russian history from the expansion of Russia under Peter the Great, through the expansion of the Russian Empire from the Baltic to the Pacific Ocean, to the deposal of Nicholas II of Russia, the last tsar, at the start...
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/Politics-of-Russia   (13062 words)

 Russian presidential election, 2004 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Presidential elections were held in the Russian Federation on March 14, 2004.
A former KGB colonel, he is a member of the Agrarian Party of Russia, an ally of the Communist Party.
Malyshkin, the candidate of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia, was also considered to be a "token" candidate, and this was confirmed by his very low vote.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Russian_presidential_election,_2004   (753 words)

As the general elections approach, political analysts point to the lack of competition between the political parties and the feeble motivation on the part of the electorate.
Russia is divided into 7 federal constituencies (Centre, North-West, South, Volga Basin, Urals, Siberia and Far East) each of them being led by a plenipotentiary representative of the President of the Republic.
As the general elections have drawn closer all of the national or private TV channels have been placed under the control of groups that are close to the Kremlin (the last independent general TV channel, TVS, was closed on 22nd June this year).
www.robert-schuman.org /anglais/oee/russie   (2243 words)

 CNN - Pivotal Elections: Russia
Russia's second-ever presidential election and its outcome will be pivotal to the nation's future.
Below, you will find an overview of the entire election process,a profile of the major candidates from the first round, related web sites and what was at stake in the second round of elections.
A tired-looking Boris Yeltsin was sworn in as president of Russia Friday as fierce fighting in the breakaway republic of Chechnya threatened to overshadow what was to be Yeltsin's triumphant re-election.
www.cnn.com /WORLD/pivotal.elections/1996/russia   (474 words)

 Elections in Russia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Russia (Russian: Россия / Rossija) is a country in Eastern Europe.
Russia has a population of around 144 million on 16,995,800 km².
Freedom House rated the country on political rights with a 5 and on civil rights with a 5, both on a scale of 1 to 7 (in which 1 is the most free).
www.electionworld.org /russia.htm   (506 words)

 Scoop: Russia After the Elections
The election also was interesting in that there was something of a cautionary voice expressed by some Russians in the larger-than-expected vote for Putin's primary opponent, Communist candidate Zyuganov, and because Putin's majority was a bit less than was expected.
Since the election, he has acknowledged that the large vote for the Communists should be interpreted as a protest vote and that hard times are still ahead for Russia and Russians.
A Russia that boasts a healthy economy, strong institutions, and a political system that works is a country that understands that future progress depends not on dominating others but on forging economic and political partnerships in the global community.
www.scoop.co.nz /stories/WO0003/S00148.htm   (3912 words)

 Russia's 1993 Parliamentary Elections
Candidates qualified for this election either by being nominated by a party or coalition that had already qualified for the nationwide party list vote or by collecting petition signatures equal to one percent of their electoral district (about four or five thousand).
Combined in an election process involving a constitutional referendum that utilized an archaic negative cross-out style of voting, and candidate elections for two legislative chambers involving both an affirmative one-candidate and a two-candidate voting choice, it is understandable how Russian voters might have been somewhat confused and discouraged by their task.
Russia's recent elections were fairly successful as an administrative matter, but it is not yet certain they represent a step forward in an ongoing process of democratic development.
www.fairvote.org /reports/1993/dahl.html   (1454 words)

The elections take place according to proportional voting; half of the 450 MP's at the Douma are elected proportionally and the other half is elected by a single member vote within the territorial constituencies.
Its programme is focussed on the redistribution of natural resources to the people particularly the revenues from oil and chasing out the Oligarchs, the billionaires who made their fortunes thanks to the major privatisation programmes in the 1990's.
These general elections that were a true referendum of the last four years of Vladimir Putin's presidency were therefore marked, as expected, by the regression of the liberals and a new breakthrough by the nationalists.
www.robert-schuman.org /anglais/oee/russie/resultats.htm   (1094 words)

 Elections in Russia
In the December 1999 elections, a total of only 16% of the votes were cast among the 20 parties which received between 0.1% and 2.3% of the vote.
The Duma elections were a disappointment for former prime minister, foreign minister, and career intelligence operative Yevgeny Primakov and his ally, Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov.
The governors who work together in Russia's upper house of parliament (the Federation Council) have become increasingly powerful in recent years and will be against any form of central government which will diminish their authority.
www.afpc.org /pubs/duma99.htm   (2354 words)

But what seems to be characterizing these elections, more than anything else, is a desire for order after years of economic decline and chaos.
Such rhetoric is due in large part to a series of apartment bombings that Russian officials blamed on Chechen militants and which gave the Kremlin the support it needed to wage war in Chechnya.
Russia will be in ruins -- he says - - no matter who is in power.
www.globalsecurity.org /wmd/library/news/russia/1999/991214-rus1.htm   (740 words)

 Russia after the elections
This is approximately the percentage of votes won by all the "pro­market" parties in the December elections.
However, it would explain a great deal about the complete absence of an election campaign in the second round on the part of the KPRF, the failure to denounce the blatant irregularities after the elections, and the indecent haste with which the CP leaders rushed to accept the idea of accepting posts in Yeltsin's government.
In order to stamp out crime and corruption in Russia, it would first be necessary to arrest the biggest criminals, who are to be found at the heart of government, commencing with the prime minister.
home.swipnet.se /Ew-22615/russia.htm   (4830 words)

 CNN - Pivotal Elections: Russia
Polls, however, are notoriously unreliable in Russia because many voters do not feel comfortable sharing their political views with surveyors.
In 1993, he led his party, the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia, to capture nearly 23 percent of the vote in an election for the Duma, or lower house of parliament.
In parliamentary elections in December 1995, the party came in second with 11 percent of the vote.
edition.cnn.com /WORLD/pivotal.elections/1996/russia/candidate.html   (1481 words)

So I think it is important to make the distinction between the election campaign, which certainly was not fair and free, and the day of the elections, the actual conduct of the voting, which was not too bad.
I do not think it was a very startling election in terms of results, except as an endorsement of a very brutal, a very unfortunate war effort which the Russian government has mounted.
Much of the reason you have the Russia today that you have is because of the nature of the executive, its lack of authority, its lack of decisiveness, its inability to carryout the reforms that it itself annunciates.
www.fas.org /news/russia/1999/991222-rus1.htm   (2770 words)

 AllRefer.com - Russia - The Elections of 1995 - Civil Rights | Russian Information Resource
In September 1995, Yeltsin decreed that the Federation Council seats would not be filled by regional elections; instead, the upper house would be composed of regional and republic exec utive and legislative leaders--a group with which Yeltsin had close contacts and from which he could expect strong loyalty.
In the legislative elections of December 1995, voter turnout was high (about 65 percent), and international observers again evaluated the balloting as largely free and fair.
Dissatisfaction with the Yeltsin administration was conspicuous in the election results, but the showing of the reformist and centrist parties that supported some or all of Yeltsin's program was undermined by the disunity of that part of the political spectrum.
reference.allrefer.com /country-guide-study/russia/russia158.html   (1159 words)

 ELECTIONS IN RUSSIA--HELL IN CHECHNYA   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Members of the European Parliament were calling for Russia to end the violence in Chechnya and to accept the Akhmadov Peace Plan, drawn up by the Foreign Affairs Ministry of Chechnya's elected president Aslan Maskhadov, who is now with the guerilla resistance to the Russian occupation.
But as election week began in Russia, the situation was similar to what it was during the Russian-overseen Chechen Republic presidential elections of October 2003, in which the rule of Russian-appointed official Chechen President Akhmad Kadyrov was confirmed.
Later, a member of Russia's FSB, Alexander Litvinenko, publicly claimed that the apartment bombings were not carried out by Chechens, but were actually covert FSB operations.
www.ww3report.com /chechnya.html   (1101 words)

 Russia / U-S Elections
TEXT: Russia's Itar-Tass news agency has quoted Kremlin officials as saying Moscow is determined to continue what it calls "equal and mutually advantageous dialogue" with the United States in all areas of concern.
The deputy head of Russia's US-Canada Institute, Viktor Kremenyuk, says that he views George W. Bush as a man who does not mix ideology and politics and therefore is a more straight forward negotiator that Al Gore.
Another sticking point between Russia and the United States is the case of Edmond Pope, a U-S citizen facing trial in Russia on espionage charges.
www.fas.org /news/russia/2000/russia-001108.htm   (1006 words)

 Russia: Chechen Elections Will Augment Strongman's Power - RADIO FREE EUROPE / RADIO LIBERTY   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Kadyrov's death in a bomb attack on 9 May 2004 further delayed the parliamentary elections, the date of which had been pushed back from the fall of 2003 to March 2004 to March 2005.
A total of 161 candidates will compete for the 20 seats in the lower chamber, the People's Assembly, that are to be allocated in single-mandate constituencies, and a further 106 for the remaining 20 seats in the People's Assembly allocated on the basis of party lists, according to kommersant.ru on 24 October.
Gantamirov himself has maintained a discreet silence concerning his failure to participate in the elections, possibly because he knows he is being held in reserve by the Kremlin to be deployed against Kadyrov should the latter become too difficult to control.
www.rferl.org /featuresarticle/2005/11/3a905930-e841-4955-8861-99bc915abac4.html   (1199 words)

 Elections in Russia -- Facts, Info, and Encyclopedia article   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Elections in Russia -- Facts, Info, and Encyclopedia article
Elections in Russia gives information on (A vote to select the winner of a position or political office) election and election results in (A federation in northeastern Europe and northern Asia; formerly Soviet Russia; since 1991 an independent state) Russia.
Russia elects on federal level a (The chief public representative of a country who may also be the head of government) head of state - the (The chief executive of a republic) president - and a (Persons who make or amend or repeal laws) legislature.
www.absoluteastronomy.com /encyclopedia/e/el/elections_in_russia.htm   (321 words)

 Local Elections in Russia : A Case Study   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Repeated by-election of a Duma deputy in Monchegorsk District - December 3rd 2000.
The only thing we reacted to was the fact that at some other polling stations at other elections in Russia it had been allowed to come in and go for visitors during the process, however this was not the case at this polling stations.
Only those that were present at the pollingstation before closing and registerd their presence are allowed to be there, other people not allowed in after the voting hours have been proclaimed closed.
www.aceproject.org /main/english/vc/vcy_ru.htm   (2179 words)

 ipedia.com: Russian legislative election, 2003 Article   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
As expected, the United Russia party of President Vladimir Putin won the largest number of votes and seats, reducing all other parties to minor status.
Even the formal figure of 221 seats for United Russia is an underestimate, because most of the minor party and "independent" members are in fact clients or supporters of President Putin.
United Russia has absorbed the parties known as Inter-Regional Movement Unity, or Medved, which won 72 seats at the 1999 elections, and Fatherland All Russia, which won 68 seats.
www.ipedia.com /russian_legislative_election__2003.html   (252 words)

 The generals' elections in Russia
Rybkin bargained at length with the Federation of Independent Trade Unions of Russia (FNPR), but agreement was not reached because FNPR chairperson Mikhail Shmakov demanded a third of the places on the slate, together with a firmer criticism of the government.
The arbitrary make-up of the candidates' lists, together with the absurdity and chaos of the election campaigning (which recalls a squabble in a children's sandpit) points not only to a crisis of the political system, but also to the weakness of society after 10 years of pseudo-reforms.
The weariness of the much-deceived population, the ineffectiveness of the left forces, the paralysis of the trade unions and the obvious contempt into which the elections, the political parties and the representative organs have fallen all serve to create favourable conditions for a new growth of authoritarianism.
www.greenleft.org.au /back/1995/205/205p19.htm   (2573 words)

 news.ert.gr - World - Regional Elections in Russia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Sunday's vote was seen as a dress rehearsal for elections to the Duma (lower house of parliament) in December, closely followed by presidential elections in March 2008.
Political leaders view Sunday’s vote as a dress rehearsal for elections to the Duma (lower house of parliament) in December, closely followed by presidential elections in March 2008, when a successor to Putin will be chosen.
The United Russia party, patronised by Putin and by far the biggest grouping in the current Duma, is expected to confirm its dominance.
news.ert.gr /en/newsDetails.asp?id=23917   (789 words)

He is our hope for Russia's renaissance." She says, "he pronounces the word `Russia' with pride-as a patriot I hope that with him, we will have a better future." Few Russians doubt Mr.
Putin will become their next president, but it is unclear whether he will gain more than 50-percent of the vote necessary to win outright.
Russia's Interfax news agency reports hundreds of Chechen rebels have seized the Russian-controlled eastern village of Nozhai Yurt.
www.globalsecurity.org /wmd/library/news/russia/2000/000326-rus1.htm   (758 words)

 Subject 'Elections -- Russia (Federation)', all books (ISBNdb.com)
Russia's election: what does it mean?: hearing before the Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe, One Hundred Fourth Congress, second session, July 10, 1996
The elections to the State Duma in December 1999--Russia's choice at the end of the twentieth century
The Russian parliamentary elections of 1995 the battle for the Duma
isbndb.com /d/subject/elections_russia_federation/books.html   (265 words)

 All elections in Russia - TicketsOfRUSSIA.ru
Resolutions and determinations of the Constitusion Court of Russia
Results of the governor (acting leader of the executive power of the subjects of the Russian Federation) election
If you have any questions regarding elections in Russia, please e-mail to mail@a5.kiam.ru
www.ticketsofrussia.ru /gov/elections   (146 words)

 Elections in Russia - Duma and Presidential
The elections to the Russian Duma are on December 19 while in March of year 2000 parliamentary elections will be held in Kirghizia.
The election process shall end with the presidential elections in year 2000 in Russia.
As a result, these opportunists in power are forming all sorts of "election blocs" trying and sometimes succeeding in dismembering the unity amongst all the Communists by having their agents and provocateurs inside these movements.
www.northstarcompass.org /nsc9912/election.htm   (1388 words)

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