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Topic: Elections in Trinidad and Tobago

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  Trinidad and Tobago - MSN Encarta
According to the constitution of 1976, Trinidad and Tobago is a republic.
During the 16th century Trinidad was visited by French corsairs, English privateers, and pirates of all nations in search of food, fuel, and water.
The political unrest was accompanied by an economic slump, although Trinidad’s oil revenues grew rapidly in 1973 as the island became the third-leading exporter of oil in the Western Hemisphere.
encarta.msn.com /encyclopedia_761561556_4/Trinidad_and_Tobago.html   (1527 words)

 CHARLES BRAY's Trinidad and Tobag Journal   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
Trinidad was settled by the Spaniards from about 1532 and they retained the island until it was captured by the British in 1797.
Trinidad is crossed by three upland ranges; the mountainous Northern Rang, a continuation of the Coastal Range of Venezuela, reaches 941 m [3088 ft] at Mount Aripo.
Trinidad is a small country with a population of just over 1m, dominated by two ethnic groups known as the Africans and the Indians.
www.greatestcities.com /users/cbray5003/Caribbean/Trinidad_and_Tobago   (2943 words)

 Elections in Trinidad and Tobago - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Trinidad and Tobago elects on national level a House of Repesentatives (the Lower House of its legislature).
The head of government (the Prime Minister) is chosen from among the elected representatives on the basis of his or her command of the support of the majority of legislators.
Until 1925 Trinidad and Tobago was a British Colony ruled through a pure, unelected Crown Colony system, although elected Borough and Municipal Councils existed in Port of Spain and San Fernando.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Elections_in_Trinidad_and_Tobago   (583 words)

 History of Trinidad and Tobago   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
Columbus landed in Trinidad in 1498, and the island was settled by the Spanish a century later The original inhabitants--Arawak and Carib Indians--were largely wiped out by the Spanish colonizers, and the survivors were gradually assimilated.
Trinidad and Tobago were incorporated into a single colony in 1888.
Trinidad's East Indian culture came to the island with indentured servants brought to fill a labor shortage created by the emancipation of the African slaves in 1833.
www.historyofnations.net /northamerica/trinidad.html   (844 words)

 Trinidad and Tobago
Trinidad and Tobago, a member of the Commonwealth of Nations, is a parliamentary democracy in which there have been generally free and fair elections since independence from the United Kingdom in 1962.
Trinidad and Tobago was invited by the Community of Democracies' (CD) Convening Group to attend the November 2002 second CD Ministerial Meeting in Seoul, Republic of Korea, as a participant.
Parliamentary elections were held at intervals not to exceed 5 years, and elections for the Tobago House of Assembly occurred every 4 years.
www.state.gov /g/drl/rls/hrrpt/2002/18346.htm   (5195 words)

 TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO: parliamentary elections House of Representatives, 2000
TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO: parliamentary elections House of Representatives, 2000
Turnout was brisk as voters in Trinidad and Tobago went to the polls on 11 December 2000 to elect a new government and the 36 members of House of Representatives.
Political analysts said that the election was expected to be another close contest between Prime Minister Basdeo Panday's UNC and opposition leader and former Prime Minister Patrick Manning's PNM, both of which had won 17 seats in the 36-seat Parliament in the last general election in November 1995.
www.ipu.org /parline-e/reports/arc/2319_00.htm   (466 words)

 Polity IV Country Report 2003: Trinidad & Tobago   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
The election of Arthur Robinson in 1997 marked the first time that the presidency was contested; all previous presidents had been appointed by unanimous vote.
Elections in 1995 resulted in an equal split between the PNM and UNC and Panday replaced Manning to become the first Indo-Trinidadian prime minister after forming a coalition with Robinson's third party NAR, which held just two seats.
New elections were called in December 2001 after the UNC lost its parliamentary majority due to party in-fighting; the result of the election was a perfect 18/18 split between the PNM and UNC.
www.cidcm.umd.edu /inscr/polity/Tri1.htm   (732 words)

 pointTrinidad.com - Business Information for Trinidad, West Indies
Trinidad and Tobago is celebrating the 28th anniversary of the declaration of Trinidad and Tobago as a Republic.
Trinidad, blessed with being a hurricane free area of the Caribbean and often used as a hideout for 'yachties' during the hurricane season, received a tropical storm warning for the morning of 7th September.
Trinidad and Tobago is celebrating the 27th anniversary of the declaration of Trinidad and Tobago as a Republic.
www.pointtrinidad.com /news.html   (9870 words)

 Trinidad and Tobago: Constitution
The person holding the office of Governor-General of Trinidad and Tobago at the commencement of this Constitution shall hold the office of President under this Constitution until a President is elected under the provisions of this Chapter and assumes office.
Upon his election to fill the vacancy in the office of President under section 26(5) or to act temporarily as President during such period as the President is incapable of performing his functions in accordance with subsection (3) the person shall immediately assume office.
Trinidad and Tobago shall be divided into thirty-six constituencies or such other number as may be provided for by an Order made by the President in accordance with the provisions of this Part and each such constituency shall return one member to the House of Representatives.
pdba.georgetown.edu /Constitutions/Trinidad/trinidad76.html   (13939 words)

 TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO: parliamentary elections House of Representatives , 2001
TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO: parliamentary elections House of Representatives, 2001
General elections were held for all the seats in the House of Assembly following premature dissolution of this body on 13 October 2001.
However he was obliged to call elections when, in early October 2001, three UNC ministers voted against their government's bills in the House of Representatives, thereby causing a legislative crisis.
www.ipu.org /parline-e/reports/arc/2319_01.htm   (578 words)

 TRINIDADANDTOBAGONEWS.COM - Links Around Trinidad and Tobago
Parliament of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago
Eric Williams Biography of the "Father of the Nation" for Trinidad and Tobago.
Judiciary of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago
www.trinidadandtobagonews.com /att.htm   (89 words)

 CARICOM Electoral Observer Mission to the General Elections in Trinidad and Tobago : preliminary statement   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
The CARICOM Electoral Observer Mission was mounted, at the invitation of the Government of Trinidad and Tobago, to monitor the conduct of the General Elections on 10 December, 2001.
Before observing the conduct of the Elections, the Mission held consultations with the Government Officials, Officials of the Elections and Boundaries Commission, the Police, leaders and representatives of political parties, and the Media.
The Mission commends the people of Trinidad and Tobago for the peaceful manner in which the Elections were conducted.
www.caricom.org /jsp/pressreleases/pres153_01.htm   (594 words)

 trinicenter.com - Trinidad the battle site
AS elections approach the question is whether the United National Congress (UNC) will follow its three predecessors—the Chambers PNM, the Robinson NAR, and the Manning PNM, to become our fourth one-term government, or whether it will hold on to office for another term.
Tobago is neither allied with the UNC nor with the PNM.
Elections in Trinidad and Tobago have tended to be seen in racial terms, with Indians voting for an Indian party, and Africans voting for the PNM.
www.trinicenter.com /TrinidadandTobagoNews/Nov/electionbattle.htm   (691 words)

 Trinidad and Tobago - Atlapedia Online   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
LOCATION and GEOGRAPHY: Trinidad and Tobago are the two southern most islands of the Lesser Antilles in the Caribbean Sea.
Trinidad Island's most prominent natural feature is the three mountain ranges called the Northern, Central and Southern Ranges which run east to west.
Tobago Island has an uneven terrain dominated by a main ridge, which is a series of volcano mountains while an extensive coral platform is located to the southwest.
www.atlapedia.com /online/countries/trinidad.htm   (1132 words)

 Top20TrinidadandTobago.com - Your Top20 Guide to Trinidad and Tobago!
The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago is a nation located in the southern Caribbean Sea, situated 11 km.
It is an archipelagic state consisting of two main islands, Trinidad and Tobago, and 21 smaller islands, the most important being Chacachacare, Monos, Huevos, Gaspar Grande (or Gasparee), Little Tobago and St.
Trinidad and Tobago are supplied with the North Easterly winds which blow from the north east of the islands to the south west of the islands.
www.top20trinidadandtobago.com   (2202 words)

 [No title]
An election for President shall be held not more than one hundred and twenty daus nor less than ninety days after the first sitting of the House of Representatives under this Constitution and the President who is so elected shall assume office on the expiration of thirty days next after his election.
There shall be an Ombudsman for Trinidad and Tobago who shall be an officer of Parliament and who shall not hold any other office of emolument whether in the public service or otherwise nor engage in any occupation for reward other than the duties of his office.
In this section references to the public debt of Trinidad and Tobago include references to the interest on that debt, sinking fund payments in respect of that debt, and the cost, charges and expenses incidental tot he management of that debt.
www.constitution.org /cons/trinidad.htm   (14986 words)

 Trinidad & Tobago elections December 10. By john collins
he people of Trinidad and Tobago (TandT), the twin-island country in the southern Caribbean which is rich in oil and natural gas, go to the polls in elections Dec. 10, which have been called four years early.
Elections were not constitutionally due until 2005 but Prime Minister Basdeo Panday last month advised President A.N.R. Robinson, the TandT President, to call them earlier after infighting in the UNC led to a breakup between the prime minister and Attorney General Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj.
The most recent elections were last year and they were very close and dragged out over weeks because of court challenges involving two disputed candidates who had dual-nationalities.
www.revistainterforum.com /english/articles/120101artprin_en2.html   (1124 words)

 Trinidad and Tobago Caribbean Child-trinidad history   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
The last of these was in 1976, the same year that Trinidad and Tobago became a Republic on August 1.
During this period, Trinidad and Tobago was in the midst of an economic boom generated by high world oil prices.
Williams died on March 28, 1981 and was succeeded by George Chambers, who led the PNM to its biggest ever margin victory in the general elections later on that year.
berdina.tripod.com /trinihistory.htm   (581 words)

 Political Resources on the Net - Trinidad and Tobago
Government of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago
The Water and Sewerage Authority of Trinidad and Tobago (WASA)
Permanent Mission of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago to the United Nations in Geneva
www.politicalresources.net /trinidad.htm   (96 words)

 Global Voices Online » Trinidad & Tobago
On the day of the reading of Trinidad and Tobago’s 2007 budget — which, from the talk on the streets, could include all manner of life-changing proposals — I figured this conceptual video by Trinidadian multimedia artist Elspeth Duncan would be a timely presentation.
Trinidad blogger Jeremy Taylor returns to the “quiet corner of the mudder country” (England) where he grew up: “There ought to be a name for this state of mind.
Nicholas Laughlin is convinced that an advertisement for a meeting of Trinidad and Tobago’s opposition party was designed by a double-agent from the ruling party.
www.globalvoicesonline.org /-/world/trinidad-tobago/?cl=f   (2611 words)

 Jamaica Gleaner News - Analyst predicts early election for Trinidad - Thursday | June 8, 2006   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
Barbadian political analyst Peter Wickham is expecting Trinidad and Tobago Prime Minister Patrick Manning to take the twin-island republic to the polls this year.
While elections are not constitutionally due until next year, Wickham told the Caribbean Media Corporation that with much rallying happening on the ground, Manning could be preparing for an early poll.
"It makes a lot of sense politically because the window for elections in Trinidad and Tobago is a very short one," he said.
www.jamaica-gleaner.com /gleaner/20060608/carib/carib1.html   (91 words)

 Jamaica Gleaner - Fresh elections in Trinidad soon - Monday | April 8, 2002   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
PRIME MINISTER Patrick Manning has asked the President to adjourn Parliament and announced Trinidad and Tobago will hold fresh elections within six months ­ the third in three years.
The dispute is rooted in a tie in the December general election that reflects the oil-rich Caribbean nation's split on ethnic lines between those descended from Africans and those descended from East Indians.
Manning stopped short of asking for Parliament to be dissolved, which would require elections almost immediately.
www.jamaica-gleaner.com /gleaner/20020408/lead/lead3.html   (293 words)

 Talk radio accused of inciting race hate
The situation has become a greater concern now that Trinidad and Tobago is into a campaign for a third general election in as many years.
"The fact is the election results reflect racism in how people vote, that is how people line up in Trinidad and Tobago and some of the sentiments expressed on that program speak to that.
But the chairperson of the Trinidad and Tobago Coalition Against Domestic Violence and former legislator Diana Mahabir-Wyatt says some talk show programs permit treasonous attacks on the national fabric.
www.finalcall.com /international/Trinidad_tobago10-08-2002.htm   (774 words)

 Trinidad & Tobago Political Parties
Economic notes: The Pitch Lake, on Trinidad's southwestern coast, is the world's largest natural reservoir of asphalt.
Trinidad is the Caribbean's largest oil (141,500 barrels per day in 2002) and natural gas producing country.
Permanent Mission of Trinidad and Tobago to the United Nations in Geneva
www.caribbeannews.com /trinidad_political_parties.html   (289 words)

 BBC NEWS | Americas | Country profiles | Timeline: Trinidad and Tobago
1962 - Trinidad and Tobago leaves the West Indies Federation; becomes independent with Williams as prime minister.
1968 - Trinidad and Tobago and other English-speaking Caribbean states form the Caribbean Free Trade Area, which was replaced in 1973 by the Caribbean Common Market.
1976 - Trinidad and Tobago becomes a republic with the former governor-general, Ellis Clarke, as president and Eric Williams as prime minister.
news.bbc.co.uk /2/hi/americas/country_profiles/1209872.stm   (659 words)

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