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Topic: Electric violin

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  EVL - Electric Violin Lutherie, custom violins
The EVL electric violin bodies were designed to give the player all of the benefits of an acoustic violin.
Violins may be purchased with 4, 5,or 6 strings.
Electrics are now available with Viola lengths (including configurations with E strings) and 3/4 sizes, please contact us for more information.
www.electricviolinlutherie.com   (320 words)

 Violin Bridge, Violin Pickups, Violin Pickup, Professional Violin Pickups, Acoustic Violin Pickups, Electric Violin ...
Barbera electric violin pickups are available in various models for electric violins, and in kit form for the conversion of acoustic violins into high performance, pro level acoustic electric violins.
Solid model bridges are available for 4, 5, 6 and even 7 stringed electric violins; 5 string violin with low C, 6 string violin with low C and a low F and 7 stringed electric violins with low C, F, and B flat.
Electric violin models are also optionally available wired polyphonic for access to each strings output separately.
www.barberatransducers.com /violinpickups.html   (1137 words)

 Electric Violin Stringed Instruments
Acoustic violins may be used with an add-on piezoelectric bridge or body pickup, but often suffer from feedback on stage, in addition to the raw piezo sound.
The timbre or tone color of an acoustic violin is created directly because of these resonances, however, so depending on how the signal is picked up, an electric piezo violin may have a much more "raw", "sharp" sound than an acoustic.
Electric violin signals usually pass through electronic processing, in the same way as an electric guitar, to achieve a desired sound.
electric-violin.koopal.com   (376 words)

  Musician Novice Electric Violin - Blue (VLN-E10-Blue)
The violin has both Tone and Volume control allowing you to affect electric violin sound volume and tone to the amplifier.
A standard 1/4" output jack is built-in for connecting the electric violin to the amplifier or tuner using the instrument cable.
This cable is used to connect the electric violin to an amplifier or a guitar tuner.
store.musicbasics.com /vln-e10-blue.html   (730 words)

  Electric violin - Biocrawler   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The timbre of an acoustic violin is created directly because of these resonances, however, so an electric violin has a much more "raw", "sharp" sound than an acoustic, depending on how the signal is picked up.
Electric violin signals usually pass through electronic processing, in the same way as an electric guitar, to achieve a desired sound.
Violectra (http://www.violectra.co.uk/) - "Violectra" electric violins, violas and cellos.
www.biocrawler.com /encyclopedia/Electric_violin   (455 words)

 A Look at the Electric Violin - Amazines.com Article Search Engine
Since electric violin strings are usually made of metal, either magnetic or piezoelectric pickups are used to transmit the sound to the amplifier.
An electric violin is viewed as an experimental instrument and is not found in classical or traditional music, but is often used in avant-garde music.
Electric violins are perfect for musicians and composers who want to have their own individual sound.
www.amazines.com /article_detail.cfm/103595?articleid=103595&Title=Violins%2CElectric%2CViolins%2CViolin%2CMusic%2CHow%2Cto%2CPlay%2Cthe%2CViolin   (631 words)

 Electric violin music
Electric Guitar, Electric Bass, Synth Violin, Acoustic Violins.
Electric Violin, Electric Bass, Synth Violin, Software Synth and Live Kit Loops.
Electric Violin, Kit Loops, Electric Bass, Bowed upright, Emu string pads.
efiddler.com /tracks.htm   (132 words)

 Digital Violin - Database - Beauchamp
Aspects of this electric violin having the all important 'staying-power' to survive 'time' are very much in evidence when considering the musical market of today.
It is also the oldest electric violin to have come up for sale on the general market.
The gun and stick appearance of Electro Violin#1 against the upheld belief that a violin is an instrument of beauty is difficult to reconcile.
www.digitalviolin.com /Beauchamp.html   (2012 words)

 blogs | Electric Fiddler
I like the classical violin and its beautiful shape, but I also like evolution and modernism in the world around me. One of the great things about the creations of electric violin makers is their total lack of conventions.
Whereas the electric guitar world is dominated by shapes designed a few decades ago, which many guitar makers seem to copy again and again, the electric violin makers of this world at least try to be original.
The violin offers many possibilities for contemporary designers, and these possibilities are continuously explored by a growing number of electric violin designers and makers.
electricfiddler.com /blog?page=1&from=10   (964 words)

 Violin: electric vs acoustic
I was principal 2nd violin for the Michigan Youth Symphony Orchetra for 2004-2005.
I have heard that the best thing about electric violins is that they can play all levels of music without the cost of an acoustic violin costing thoasands.
There are some electric violins out there that are bad quality, and you wouldn't be able to play forever on them.
en.allexperts.com /q/Violin-2164/electric-vs-acoustic.htm   (549 words)

 Electric Violins   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Bridge violins are made in the UK of a Kevlar and carbon fiber blend, with an enclosed airspace.
The Jordan electric violin and electric viola are the ultimate in lightweight, ergonomic comfort and sleek modern shape.
The Yamaha Silent Electric Cello preserves all the contact points of a normal cello - especially the heel of the neck, which is an important reference point for shifting to the higher positions.
www.musicexplorium.com /electricviolins.html   (2835 words)

 Fender FV-1 Electric Violin
First introduced in the late 50's, the Fender Violin is a unique instrument that has all the tone, playability, and features that musicians have come to expect from Fender.
The Fender Violin comes as a complete outfit that includes a hardshell case, bow, and rosin.
Although it is not as high quality as some of the electrics that are on the market it is the most affordable without buying second hand.
www.8notes.com /gear/FEN09500102.asp   (278 words)

 Wood Violins - Electric Violin Crafters
Here at Wood Violins, we manufacture electric violins, violas and cellos that are so unique and special their design has been patented.
We are the only electric violin company run by string players for string players, and we are very passionate and committed about providing highly specialized customer support to our clients both before and after your purchase.
I take pride in offering the best customer care in the electric violin market and developing my website into a safe haven and informative meeting place for musicians to share their ideas and playing experiences.
www.woodviolins.com /html/about.html   (1326 words)

 Electric violins, violas, cellos, amps, effects pedals at Electric Violin Shop
The violin is perhaps the hardest instrument to amplify.
The Jordan electric violin is the ultimate in lightweight, ergonomic comfort and sleek modern shape.
We typically have a good selection of Zeta electric violins in stock, but we may have sold something since the last time our website was updated, so please call to verify availability.
www.electricviolinshop.com /electricviolins.cfm   (1835 words)

 Shar Electric Instruments: FAQs   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The downside is greater feedback than with an electric, acoustics are more fragile, and some pick-ups will amplify all sounds associated with the instrument, including any knocks or movements you make while playing.
Electric violin the streamlined body style of electric violins sometimes takes acoustic players by surprise, but there are some very stylish instruments available in Shar's catalog.
Electric violins are generally more durable, and often come in 4 and 5 string combinations!
www2.sharmusic.com /electricfaqs.asp   (820 words)

 Johanson Brother's Electric Violin
His brother Lynn then took the details of how it was wired to the phono pick-up and the measurements of a conventional violin of Eric's and unknown to Eric built this violin for his brother's birthday present.
A chin/shoulder rest area was needed, an area to rest your hand near the base of the neck and a straight centre section to join those and mount the neck, bridge and base for the strings, were the required parts.
Eric Johanson the circuit designer and performer used this violin from 1948, through the 50s, performing on radio and in swing clubs, and the 60s and 70s occasionally performing at Seventh Day Adventist conferences after which both he and the electric violin retired.
www.gizbytes.com /Violin/violin.htm   (810 words)

 Meisel Spitfire E Fusion Electric Violin Outfit - Music 123   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The 6000E E-Fusion Violin's highly accurate violin sound is produced by a quality Piezo transducer in the bridge.
Electric violins are being used more frequently by today's jazz, country and rock players.
With the debut of the 6000E E-Fusion Electric Violin, Meisel is building on the success of another electric stringed instrument that the company recently introduced -- the 8000E E-Fusion Acoustic-Electric Double Bass.
www.music123.com /Meisel-Spitfire-E-Fusion-Electric-Violin-Outfit-i111253.music?t=4   (365 words)

 Yamaha STRINGS | Silent/Electric Strings | Electric Violin
The Electric Violin’s body is a one-piece design crafted from a block of solid maple.
The Electric Violin is fitted with a small onboard mixer, which supplies level controls for the individual sensors and a master level control.
The purpose of the mixer is not to boost output but rather to tailor sound output of the strings to fit individual playing styles, playing conditions, sound requirements, rooms, etc. Allowing the instrument to adapt to the player’s needs gives the player the ability to gain optimum sound from the instrument at anytime.
www.yamaha.co.jp /english/product/strings/silent_electric/e_violin/features.html   (586 words)

 Dan Trueman Discovers an Electric Violin
Finally, my solid-body electric violin sounded painfully coarse in the same room as these fine old acoustic instruments, in spite of my best efforts to tweak the equalization (I have spent untold hours messing with EQ and electric violins).
With the sound of my electric violin coming out all directions, it was filling the hall more like acoustic instruments do—I was actually engaging the acoustic qualities of the performance space, and getting the natural reverb that acoustic musicians are accustomed to (and boy was it fun to bring it into the bathroom!).
, for violin, cello, and electric violin/laptop (which was premiered at the ACO's first OrchestraTech festival in 2001) that introduced noisy electronic textures into the ensemble (using three spherical speakers, one for the electric violin, two for the electronics, all placed in and around the ensemble).
www.americancomposers.org /trueman_essay.htm   (2548 words)

 Custom Electric Violin
We were asked to make an electric violin which incorporated a Z shape in its form.
The violin was created around the position of the bridge and both the angle and scale of the strings.
The pickup is made by LR Baggs and may be purchase with or without a carpenter jack which allows easy retrofit to a normal violin by mounting the jack to the side of the violin body.
catalinaguitars.com /electric_violin.htm   (314 words)

 Electric Violin
the pro's of the electric are its availability for such a broad range of sounds(via use of processors, effects pedals, etc), not to mention excellent control from the sound technician when used in a band setting - whereas an acoustic either micked or used w/ a pickup, you fight the issue of feedback.
The electric violin is a unique instrument with a different purpose from the traditional acoustic violin (of which I also own seven).
The school's electric violin is a Fender, and it certainly is heavy, slow to respond, and somewhat difficult to play, at first.
www.violinist.com /discussion/response.cfm?ID=5120   (2754 words)

 Jensen Electric Violin Owners and Comments
I've been playing the six string violin with XLCR (electric violin, electric guitar, accordion, and drums), a group that's been declassifying 20th century music.
"Of the four solid body electric violins that I have played in the last 15 years, the Jensen violin is the least classically shaped yet it is the most Stradivarius-like to play.
An electrical engineer and software consultant, he has developed the excellent Aerbo dual axis speaker system for the electric violin.
www.halcyon.com /jensmus/violinpl.htm   (1526 words)

 Electric Violin by Vivi-Tone Company, Kalamazoo, Michigan, 1933-1936
Larson, like his professor, often performed on the violin and viola, and Loar indicated in letters written to Larson that he intended for him to play this electric instrument.
Electric (magneto-acoustic) violin with slender, violin-shaped top mounted on a mahogany bar with outwardly curved lower side and partial ribs and back only at upper and lower ends.
The electrical output of the magneto-acoustic unit is sufficient for use with headphones for practice or it can be fed into an amplified loud-speaker.
www.usd.edu /smm/ElectricInstruments/LoarInstruments/57/LoarElectricViolin.html   (491 words)

 Music Explorium - Why Play Electric Violin?   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Most of the better electric violin makers have engineered their instruments to produce a tone very close to an acoustic violin.
An octave electric violin (tuned E A D G an octave below) and a 5, 6 or 7 string electric violin take your pitch down to viola and cello range.
The electric violin truly is a different instrument than an acoustic violin.
www.musicexplorium.com /whyplayelectric.html   (591 words)

 Custom Electric Violin
We were asked to make an electric violin which incorporated a Z shape in its form.
The violin was created around the position of the bridge and both the angle and scale of the strings.
The pickup is made by LR Baggs and may be purchase with or without a carpenter jack which allows easy retrofit to a normal violin by mounting the jack to the side of the violin body.
www.catalinaguitars.com /electric_violin.htm   (314 words)

 Jensen Musical Instruments - Electric Violin Features
The Jensen violin can be played as a conventional violin with a satisfying violin tone, or it can be transformed electronically to create an amazing variety of sounds.
The Jensen violin is designed to give all the special advantages of an electric instrument, while keeping the essential standard dimensions of the acoustic violin.
A wide, padded shoulder support, available exclusively on Jensen violins, may be pivoted and extended in all directions, and securely locked in any position to give you a perfect fit.
www.halcyon.com /jensmus/violinfe.htm   (666 words)

 6 String Electric Violin
Violin 5 String Violin 5 Electric String Violin Backstage String Violin Virtuoso Pirastro String Violin Note String Violin Builder String V1 Websites of Interest: 6 String Electric Violin
Jordan 7 String Electric Violin Goes deep into the cello range.
Acoustic 5-string violins exist, but it is much more common for an electric violin to have 5, 6 or 7 strings than an acoustic instrument.
www.hober.com /6-string-electric-violin.html   (405 words)

 EE107b - Electric violin project
We built a "bare-bones" electric violin and used it to study the effects of different bridge materials, bridge styles, and pick-up styles on sound.
The main problem encountered in the violin's construction was that, due to the shallow peg box design, the strings would not lie flat against the nut.
Although a number of different pick-ups were used throughout the project, the basic design was the same: a piezo-electic disk (removed from a buzzer) was soldered to a length of shielded audio cable, and the other end was connected to a plug (either RCA or mini audio plug).
www.ugcs.net /~kehinger/ee107/violin.html   (864 words)

 Electric Violin Shop - electric fiddles, electric cellos, violin amps, effects pedals for bowed strings
We have tried several brands of budget electric violins and have not found one we can stand behind with confidence for playability and long-term reliability.
There are even more differences among the electric violin family than among their acoustic brothers and sisters.
We are one of the few shops in the world that represents and is familiar with many makers of electric violins, electric violas, electric cellos and electric upright basses, and pickups for acoustic bowed strings.
www.electricviolinshop.com   (651 words)

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