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Topic: Electrical substation

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In the News (Sun 17 Jun 18)

 Electrical substation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A substation is a subsidiary station of an electricity generation, transmission and distribution system where voltage is transformed from high to low or the reverse using transformers.
A substation that has a step-up transformer increases the voltage whilst decreasing the current, while a step-down transformer decreases the voltage while increasing the current for domestic and commercial distribution.
Substations that require additional reliability often have a double bus or even a double ring bus, in which the bus system is actually duplicated, with each feeder (and all or most outgoers) having a connection to each separate bus.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Electrical_substation   (1382 words)

 Electrical bus - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
An electrical bus (sometimes spelled buss) is a physical electrical interface where many devices share the same electric connection.
In an electrical laboratory, for example, a bare bus-bar will sometimes line the wall, to be used by the engineers and technicians for its high electrical current carrying capacity, which allows a convenient approximation to zero voltage, or ground in the US, and earth in the UK.
In analysis of an electric power network a "bus" is any node of the single-line diagram at which voltage, current, power flow, or other quantities are to be evaluated.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Electrical_bus   (268 words)

 M. J. Electric, Inc. Electrical Contractors and Engineers
Electric, Inc. installed the ground grid, all steel structures, bus, gas breakers, disconnects, and metering transformers for this substation.
Electric, Inc. was also the electrical contractor for three units at Pleasant Valley Station.
Electric, Inc. was the contractor for a multi-year project with Commonwealth Edison (ComEd) for the installation of SCADA technology in ComEd substations in the Chicago area.
www.mjelectric.com /substation_projects.asp   (1026 words)

 Stark State College -- ELECTRICAL UTILITY TECH Course Descriptions
Included is advanced electrical skills training, as applicable to the use and installation of batteries, fuses, transformers, regulators/reclosers, circuit breakers, and capacitors within the substation.
The outcome of this intermediate course is electrical skills training, as applicable to the use and installation/maintenance of batteries, fuses, transformers, regulators according to Substation Preferred Practices.
Included are advanced electrical skills training, as applicable to the use and installation of batteries, fuses, transformers, regulators/reclosers, circuit breakers, and capacitors within-depth study of Fault/Load Interrupting equipment is accomplished.
www.starkstate.edu /catalog/EUT.html   (659 words)

 ::: PieperPower ::: Services ::: Electrical ::: Substation Design :::
Substations and service equipment are the heart of a facility's electrical distribution system.
When this vital equipment is properly designed, installed and maintained, it provides safe, continuous operation of electrical equipment; and if one piece of building equipment malfunctions, the balance of the system can usually remain in operation.
Pieper Electric's engineers are experts in the design of power distribution systems.
www.pieperpower.com /services/electrical/substation.php   (214 words)

 Electrical Power Distribution Engineer-Electrical Substation Design Engineer   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-02)
Expertise in designing power distribution and control systems for turnkey projects such as 480 volt to 240 kV substations, co-generation plants, process plants, pharmaceutical plants, headquarter office buildings, distributed emergency systems and UPS for 24/7 data centers from inception to completion; procuring electrical equipment, providing construction and start up assistance.
Lead Electrical Engineer: Directed all aspects related to electrical engineering and design of chemical and pharmaceutical projects at various BASF facilities as well as BASF headquarter office building projects.
Electrical Project Engineer: Coordinated conceptual design, engineering and simulation testing of automated can manufacturing process for machines such as presses, sprayers, printers and controllers.
www.mehtac.com /3.html   (658 words)

 New Substation Improves Service for 20,000 in Babil - DefendAmerica News Article
The Electricity Sector is one of four Project and Contracting Office sectors managing reconstruction projects throughout Iraq.
In total, the Project and Contracting Office Electrical Sector is responsible for 434 projects valued at approximately $3.2 billion.
The majority of the 352 remaining Electricity Sector projects are scheduled for completion by December 2006.
www.defendamerica.mil /articles/oct2005/a102105pj3.html   (283 words)

 Baylor University || Facilities Showcase || Electrical Substation   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-02)
The University brought on line a new electrical substation on Sunday, April 18, 2004.
Additionally, since the substation will be served directly by high voltage transmission lines, Baylor's cost for electricity will be significantly reduced (by approximately 5 percent), resulting in thousands of dollars in annual savings.
Remarks of Rick L. Creel, associate vice president for operations and facilities, at the dedication of Baylor's Electric Substation Dec. 9, 2004.
www.baylor.edu /facilities_showcase/index.php?id=25607   (157 words)

 EMF - Cancer and Exposure to Electrical Substations - NIEHS Alphabetical Listing of Health Topics
EMF exposures in and around substations can vary greatly depending on factors such as the number of customers served via the substation and the pattern of distribution lines coming into and out of the substation.
Since fields drop rapidly with distance, EMF exposures 100 yards from the substation would be much weaker than at the substation.
If you are interested in knowing more about the EMF exposures around electric power equipment, you may want to contact your local electrical utility company.
www.niehs.nih.gov /external/faq/substation.htm   (259 words)

 Resume - Looking for senior position of project engineer electrical substation and T & D ...
B.E. (Electrical), MBA; Project Manager for several electrical design and construction projects for the past two years.
Looking for senior position of project engineer electrical substation and T and D System, have MS from US in Electrical engineering and have over 17 yrs experiance of HV Substation Electrical field.
Masters degree in Electrical Engineering; with 27 years of experience and track record of successful outcomes in design, construction, operation and maintenance of electrical systems in Power plants and Oil and Gas industries.
www.miscojobs.com /employers/resumes/L_3/rsm_13169.htm   (2177 words)

 Substation Electrical Engineer - NY
We are looking for a dynamic individual who is interested in challenging assignments and who will be willing to apply cutting edge technology to the New York Power Authority’s Hydroelectric, Fossil fuel and transmissions facilities.
As an electrical engineer, your responsibilities will include the design and engineering of new substation facilities and modifications, upgrades and life cycle extensions to existing facilities and equipment.
To qualify a Bachelor or Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering and a minimum of ten years of substation design and practical experience in the transmission and substation areas is required.
classifieds.tdworld.com /ar/power_substation_electrical_engineer   (394 words)

 All substation design jobs | Indeed.com
The primary duties of the Substation Design Engineer will be to conduct analyses to develop design options or...
The primary duties of the Substation Project EIT include conducting analyses to develop design options or...
and demonstrated experience in both substation engineering and design and the ability to oversee multiple...
indeed.com /jobs?q=+...+Substation+Design&l=Wyoming&sort=date&rb=1   (292 words)

 The Ross House Electrical Substation
The following is taken from the Workcare documentation for this case and interviews with the claimant on January 1999.
The claim was for "Chronic tiredness "arising from excessive "exposure to high levels of electromagnetic radiation due to a substation located at place of work.".
Not long after moving into this office, she started to develop a feeling of general tiredness and also developed what she described as a cloudiness about the head and other health problems, such as bouts of depression and an overall lack of energy.
www.emfacts.com /papers/ross-house.html   (1507 words)

 Automotive Parts: Electrical Systems
Plus, with the Micro700's 15' cable set, starting Electrical Systems and charging system tests can be run from the cab for complete control Electrical Systems and simplicity.
Using patented conductance technology Electrical Systems and an advanced heavy-duty battery algorithm, the Micro 700 provides accurate test results reliably for battery packs up to 6 batteries Electrical Systems and 3,000 CCA, including group 31, commercial, automotive Electrical Systems and AGM batteries.
Operating range:6- Electrical Systems and 12-volt individual batteries100 - 1700 CCA 100 - 1700 CA JIS numbers - using JIS algorithm Battery packs to 6 batteries Electrical Systems and 3000 CCA Power requirements: Uses power of the battery under test or internal 9-volt battery.
www.edp-company.com /499.html   (263 words)

 Electrical Substation Design Fundamentals, School of Continuing Education, University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee
Electrical Substation Design Fundamentals, School of Continuing Education, University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee
This introductory course is for those just entering the field or those requiring a review of substation design.
It provides an introduction to electrical substation engineering for non-electrical engineers.
www3.uwm.edu /sce/course.cfm?id=452   (52 words)

 Ulteig Engineers, Inc. : Careers   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-02)
The Substation Lead engineer is an advanced level position reporting to the Substation Department Manager.
The position has the potential to provide the opportunity to manage high-voltage substation projects and/or lead a team of engineers and designers.
Perform electrical design and calculations for various electrical power, communication and control systems involved with electrical substation projects;
www.ulteig.com /employment/details.asp?ID=58   (312 words)

 Home Page
We are a premier supplier of electrical substation packages, transmission equipment, and electrical distribution equipment from 600V to 345KV.
With a highly skilled team of industry professionals and more then a half century of experience, we have broad expertise in dealing with the supply and application of high voltage electrical products.
We also have a direct link to hundreds of manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors of equipment for a vast array of applications.
www.electricalsubstations.com   (155 words)

 Seismic Interaction in Interconnected Electrical Substation Equipment (ResearchIndex)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-02)
Abstract: : An electrical substation consists of a complex set of equipment items that are interconnected through conductor buses or cables.
If the connections are not sufficiently flexible, significant dynamic interaction may occur between the equipment items during seismic excitations.
This interaction is believed to be responsible for some of the observed substation equipment damage in recent earthquakes.
citeseer.ist.psu.edu /406645.html   (236 words)

 33-to-6.6kV substation - ECN Electrical Forum
I had assumed that everything round here was 11Kv, but it is one of the older parts of town, I shall have to either ask one of the PoCo crews working at the sub, or look at some of the smaller residential substations to see if the primaries are 6.6Kv.
The second, and blurrier picture is the busbars apparently teeing off to another local substation.
From memory, the 3 groups of cables are labelled (from left to right in the photo) Bitterne, which is the location of this substation; "Chilling" (which is the local 'main' sub, 132Kv if I recall correctly).
www.electrical-contractor.net /ubb/Forum9/HTML/000808.html   (697 words)

 PRESS RELEASE Unico Announces Engineering Contract for Electrical Substation at the Deer Trail Mine   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-02)
The Deer Trail Mining Company has initiated reconstruction of the mill and processing facility to improve both efficiency and capacity in processing operations at the Deer Trail Mine.
The design and completion of a new electrical substation at the Deer Trail Mine is expected to provide substantial cost savings for the Deer Trail Mining Company, specifically as it relates to the operation of the mill and processing facility, as a result of lower energy costs and greater reliability.
A major focus of the company's current efforts is on the completion of the mill and processing facility, so the Deer Trail Mining Company can begin processing current stockpiles of precious metal bearing ore and sell the concentrates to generate revenue for the company in the near term.
www.marketwire.com /mw/release_html_b1?release_id=123000   (836 words)

 Electrical,Substation Suppliers & Manufacturers, Price - Page 10
Sharjah, United Arab Emirates Al Ittihad Electrical Switchgear Industries L.L.C. is a L.V. Switchgear manufacturer and supplier s More...
Leicestershire, United Kingdom FKI Energy Technology is a major global player in the provision of electrical capital plant.
Ontario, Canada Schneider Electric is the world leader in electrical distribution, industrial control and automation More...
www.processregister.com /Substation/Suppliers/Page10/cid118.htm   (351 words)

 Electrical,Substation Suppliers & Manufacturers, Price - Page 11
Fujian, China Fujian Juan Kuang Yaming Electric Ltd. is specializing in production of HID ballast, capacitor, igni More...
Cedex, France Sediver is a leading manufacturer of glass and composite electrical insulators for high and medium v More...
Israel Yanai Ltd. Electrical Engineering specializes in electrical and control engineering consultancy and More...
www.processregister.com /Substation/Suppliers/Page11/cid118.htm   (353 words)

 Electrical Substation Design Fundamentals
This program is an introductory course of fundamentals for the electrical, civil and structural design issues of electric power substations.
Topics cover safety, standards, site development, grounding practices, bus configurations, AC and DC ancillary systems, and major equipment.
The course addresses a complete variety of substation design subjects at a level appropriate to those relatively new to the area of substation design.
www3.uwm.edu /sce/course_long.cfm?id=452   (85 words)

 Transformers - Software, FreeWare, ShareWare, Download
Eastern Transformers and Equipment - Designs and manufactures transformers, inductors, and wound electrical components and supplies standard unregulated or switched mode power supplies, as well as bespoke or custom built units.
Effective Standard C++ Library: for_each vs. transform - An article about the difference between for_each and transform in the STL by Klaus Kreft and Angelika Langer, published in the C/C++ Users Journal.
Transformer Core - Manufacturers and exporters of Torroidal CRGO electrical stampings laminations and transformer cores from 10 KVa to 100,000 KVa range.Located in Mumbai (Bombay), India.
www.eshareware.net /search/Transformers   (995 words)

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