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Topic: Electronic underground community

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  Electronic underground community - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The electronic underground community is a closed culture grown around electronic/computer security.
The people of this community share a near-obsession for technology, and some are very paranoid.
There are some other communities surrounding the underground community, but not part of the community itself, for example, the script-kiddie community.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Electronic_underground_community   (102 words)

 rave-community.html   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
It is clear that the NWRS forms a community of some sort and is considered a family by many of its members.
This definition of community allows for the flexibility, mobility, common interests, and lack of permanent physical space that is experienced in the NWRS as a community.
It is a means of keeping the lines of communication open at all times and plays an integral role in maintaining a sense of community among Northwest ravers.
www.lclark.edu /~soan314/rave-community.html   (516 words)

 Information security - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Information security is not confined to computer systems, nor to information in an electronic or machine-readable form.
In fact it is a common misconception, or misunderstanding, that information security is synonymous with computer security—in any of its guises: computer and network security, information technology (IT) security, information systems security, information and communications technology (ICT) security.
Each of these has a different emphasis, but the common concern is the security of information in some form (electronic in these cases): hence, all are subsets of information security.
www.wikipedia.org /wiki/Information_security   (600 words)

 Need for Speed Underground - PC News at GameSpot   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Electronic Arts' Canadian development studio has looked to the street racing scene for inspiration and has married the core gameplay of the Need for Speed franchise with the aesthetics of street racing.
Underground is the meat of the single-player game and is a career-style mode that starts you off as a peon in the underground racing scene.
Need for Speed Underground 2 is pretty good, but unfortunately most of the stuff you do in between races keeps you away from the game's best moments.
www.gamespot.com /pc/driving/nfsunderground/preview_6076751.html   (854 words)

 Electronic Journals:
The Grand Information Future?
  (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
The ease of electronic publication coupled with demonstrable economic efficiencies has led those concerned with the economics of the scholarly communication system and the predatory practices of some commercial publishers to suggest new models of information dissemination which emphasize an increased role for scholars and libraries.
Because electronic journals are so new, much of the marketing expenses for CJTCS will come from the need to encourage contributions and reassure researchers their articles will be broadly distributed, covered by the major indexing and abstracting publications, and count for tenure consideration.
Because of the value added functions of electronic journals, it is conceivable that a journal that costs $1,000 per year in the paper realm would cost an additional 5%, 10%, or even 20% percent in the electronic realm.
www.sociology.org /content/vol002.002/sosteric.html   (12312 words)

 Background Information on the Electronic Underground Community (Toronto, Canada)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
A hacker community is a group of programmers who share code, exchange improvements and teach one another "tricks" or better methods or writing.
Probably the most notable hacker community is the community of open source/free software programmers.
In this community, Richard Stallman and Linus Torvalds are two of the most well-known hackers.
security.lifesafety.ca /2004articles/2004sec0015.htm   (1054 words)

 Computer security - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
While one might be able to secure a computer beyond misuse using extreme measures (locked in a vault without any means of power or communication for example), this would not be regarded as a useful secure system because of the above requirement.
Cryptographic techniques can be used to defend data in transit between systems, reducing the probability that data exchanged between systems can be intercepted or modified.
Strong authentication techniques can be used to ensure that communication end-points are who they say they are.
www.sterlingheights.us /project/wikipedia/index.php/Secure_computing   (2005 words)

 Electronic underground community
Underground people share a near-obsession for technology, and some are very paranoid persons.
They usually grow around their own ezines[?], see Underground ezines, and usually like Bulletin Board Systems.
The text of this article is licensed under the GFDL.
www.ebroadcast.com.au /lookup/encyclopedia/el/Electronic_underground_community.html   (82 words)

Static moves melodically from house to Latin and back again while never missing an electronic beat and all the while cradling that deep almost Miles Davis ambient horn.Forth is new to the Abstrakt family; the group Purple Planet (Rear view Mirror-Trip to the Stars Remix) is a favorite around the Los Angeles area.
A great sounding fun track, fun to dance to, as this high-energy track is a great introduction for Ryeland as he makes his mark in the underground electronic community.Sixth is a tropical treat from Kathie Talbot (isle of la cha-cha).
I would say that it was both a coincidence as well as intentional for the timing of the artist and track name (in relation to the events in Florida earlier this year).
www.mp3tunes.com /album_details.php?album_id=20536   (781 words)

 rephlux labs - bio   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
After a brief foray into hair metal, his love for synth pop quickly paved the way to industrial, and by 1990 John was programming and writing music for early beat driven industrial tracks with his band, Children of Atom.
Vancouver's deep underground community of electronic music artists was thriving, and Children of Atom was in the middle of it, playing at times several live shows a month.
Some people laughed as he'd be the only guy at a rave with a Ministry T-shirt on, but when they'd see him step behind some crazy silver box and tweak knobs that made the sound system go bonkers, the laughing turned to all smiles.
www.rephluxlabs.com /bio.html   (647 words)

 howard rheingold's | the virtual community
One of the historical roots of the strong feeling of community that emerged is the fact that COARA started out as a series of face-to-face meetings among citizens who wanted a shared information resource they could tap into via their modems, but who weren't quite sure what it was they wanted.
Their vision of COARA as a testbed for future international communities was supported by the core members in Oita, who were hungry to communicate with people in other parts of the world.
The citizens I met in Oita were eager to use CMC to bypass the mass media and communicate directly with their counterparts--the housewives and professionals in Santa Monica and elsewhere--to show that there is more to Japan than the picture painted by the American media.
www.rheingold.com /vc/book/7.html   (9241 words)

 howard rheingold's | the virtual community
This idea of many-to-many communications as a framework for collective goods is a powerful one that many who are familiar with previous communication revolutions are often slow to grasp.
And organizations such as the Electronic Frontier Foundation are forming committees in defense of the political freedoms previously enjoyed in cyberspace that now are threatened by powerful political interests.
The online community has a responsibility to the freedom it enjoys, and if it wants to continue to enjoy that freedom, more people must take an active part in educating the nontechnical population about several important distinctions that are lost in the blitz of tabloid journalism.
den.francexpress.com /concept/book/9.html   (13077 words)

 EA | Need for Speed Underground 2
As an added incentive, members of the community will vote on which of the five entries is the best and that winner will receive these cool prizes courtesy of Logitech® including:
The Need for Speed Underground 2 Wallpaper Contest is only open to residents of the 50 United States, the District of Columbia and Canada (excluding Quebec), who are 13 years of age or older.
Retailers, distributors and employees of Electronic Arts Inc. and their agencies/affiliates are not eligible.
www.eagames.com /official/nfs/underground2/us/editorial.jsp?src=wp_contest   (410 words)

 CNN - Electronic music goes on a Community Service Tour - July 20, 1999
And after the underground hit single "Now Is the Time" was released in 1994, The Crystal Method even managed to open up for England's Chemical Brothers in January 1995 (the Chemical Brothers are expected to tour later this summer).
So Jordan and Kirkland came up with the Community Service Tour, which is as much about trying to validate electronic music as about adding some much-needed variety to the summer concert circuit -- currently dominated by the unplugged Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen and Lilith Fair tours.
Jordan acknowledges that in coming years, it may be more difficult to replicate this summer's stellar lineup, as many of the British bands opt to stay in Europe during the summer months and play local festivals.
www.cnn.com /SHOWBIZ/Music/9907/20/community.service   (970 words)

 Synthetic Block   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
After refining his talent for composition, rhythm and electronic timbres in the now legendary cassette underground of the '80s, Jonathan Block had his first full length CD released by the Mindspore label in 1998.
As many muscians in the spacemusic community have discovered, it is very difficult to attract interest to a new project that is so much of a meltdown of genres as to be in and of itself totally unique.
Block's concert audiences are advised to experience the event without the restraints usually implied by western venues, "I make it a point, at the beginning of a show, to tell folks that they don't have a responsibility to sit in their chairs and stare at me- they can move around, I really don't care.
www.starsend.org /syntheticblock.html   (384 words)

 thirdwave collective - the portal
Innovation in electronic music is the core of the club, specializing in the most poignant of the ground-breaking industrial genre migrating from international borders and the indefinable among the local musicians.
Subsurface releases music/apparel dealing with underground electronica (industrial, techno, gabba, drum'n'bass, hardstyle, hip-hop, etc.) and is the home to Subsurface Studios available for remix work or production projects.
The electronic nation has a new voice and we are going to be heard.
thirdwavecollective.com /directory.asp?cat=44   (503 words)

 Neotropic - XLR8R - Insane Moon
I asked if it was difficult earning a living as an electronic musician, even working as hard as she does, "Yes definitely, I never have enough money, (I'm) always living on the edge wondering where the next bit of cash is coming from.
She admits there was one creepy experience with a fan at her show in Boston, a strange guy who kept following her around after her set was over, it seems not everyone in the electronic underground community is as enlightened as we like.
Riz spoke of with enthusiasm on her experiences in Atlanta'a underground scene and (of course) New York City, a natural choice for an artist who has a rabid love of Hip-Hop (lately she's been into the stuff on the Fondle Em' and Rawkus labels).
www.dirtyloop.com /NeotropicXLR8RInsane.html   (1454 words)

 phillyhiphop.com | one region. one community. one site.
Many members of them underground circuit classify dev79 as a part of the abstract hip-hop movement.
As I write this, I'm trying hard not to touch much on the stereotype that many in the underground community give artists such as dev79.
"I'm too electronic for the hip-hop scene, and too hip-hop for the electronic scene." It seems he is in a no-win situation with the masses.
www.phillyhiphop.com /_features/vibin/dev79.html   (572 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
http://www.msnbc.com/news/351434.asp Electronic vandalism runs amok 1999: A year in which the electronic underground came of age Image: FBI Web site The FBI's Web site was among those victimized by hackers who defaced government sites this year.
HACKER, HEAL THYSELF Those who traffic in the electronic underground often form "organizations" that are loose coalitions of allegiances.
In the joint statement condemning the LoU plans, the coalition of hacker groups noted that hacktivism "may be a legitimate use of hacking knowledge," but that there was a thin line between political activism and "wanton destruction" of computer property.
www.attrition.org /~jericho/media/attrition/msnbc.electronic_vandalism_runs_amok   (1086 words)

 COMMUNITY PIPELINE: Contacts, Publications. Drillbits & Tailings -3/31/2001 - vol. 6, no. 3   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Published by Project Underground in October 2000, this report is a packet of dynamic and useful materials for communities and non-governmental organizations fighting gold mining.
The Gold Album builds off of materials previously developed by Project Underground on gold mining and is also useful for efforts to change public opinion about the economic and cultural importance of gold.
The paper was published as the result of demands made by several specific communities in reaction to unacceptable operations of the Newmont Minahasa mine, planned operations of Aurora Gold (both in North Sulawesi, Indonesia) and of the huge Batu Hijau copper-gold mine on Sumbawa Island, Indonesia (also managed by Newmont).
www.moles.org /ProjectUnderground/drillbits/6_03/cp.html   (724 words)

 Belmont-Redwood Shores School District
While the Community Learning Center will benefit the entire community, says Superintendent John McIntosh, an important outcome of the project will be its positive impact on Nesbit Elementary School's students and parents.
Electronic Arts has given grants in the past to local high schools for computer labs, to St. Anthony's Parish for a soccer field, to the Redwood City Police Activities League (PAL) for community centers, and to the Redwood City Education Foundation for music instruction in San Mateo County high schools.
As a community, we must recommit ourselves to ensuring a quality education for all.
www.belmont.k12.ca.us /main/spotlight/district_electronicarts.html   (1042 words)

 CONCERTO FOR TURNTABLE www.concertoforturntable.com
2) Communication — This piece has already blossomed into a communication between scholars, composers, conductors, arrangers, and general musicians in understanding how the turntable is an instrument by a using a universal medium, the classical staff system.
3) Culture — By bringing an older more conservative classical community and combining it with a more modern and younger electronic “underground” community together under one roof.
One of the most appealing aspects of this project is simply experiencing all the different types of people, ages, ethnicities, and musical genres that came together for the common experience of this concerto at the premier.
www.djradar.com /cft/description.asp   (393 words)

 Computer insecurity (Linux Reviews)
It is theoretically possible to prove the correctness of computer programs (within very limited circumstances) though the likelihood of actually achieving this in large-scale practical systems is regarded as unlikely in the extreme by most with practical experience in the industry -- see Bruce Schneier et al.
It's also possible to protect messages in transit (ie, communications) by means of cryptography.
There is an extensive culture associated with electronic security; see electronic underground community.
linuxreviews.org /dictionary/Computer_insecurity   (1938 words)

 mtv.com - News - Electronic Music Underground Comes Up For Air In Spain
underground such as Matthew Herbert, Gez Varley, Luomo and Andrew Weatherall were elevated, if briefly, to the level of superstars during the festival's final two days (see "Sigur Ros, Aphex Twin Heat Up Barcelona Fest"), where they performed to crowds numbering in the tens of thousands Friday and Saturday nights.
Add to that a three-hour DJ set by Masters At Work and the double-bill tandem of Richie Hawtin and Jeff Mills separated by only an hour, and the result was a spectacle that Barcelona — maybe even the world — hasn't known the likes of.
No less gratifying than the fantastic music, however, was wandering among the three sound arenas and observing the whoops and cheers that arose whenever an older underground — Luomo's "Market," for example — took hold of a dance floor tuned in to every turn of the table, every segue, every knob twiddle and every glitch.
www.mtv.com /news/articles/1444567/06182001/luomo.jhtml   (961 words)

 GROOVE RADIO :: Move Your Body Politick
There were many disgruntled figures in the underground electronic music community after the results of the 2000 election were announced.
Unlike music-based counter-culture movements of the Sixties with psychedelia, the Seventies with punk, and the Eighties with rap, all of which were overtly political in their messages—and in the process collapsed because of those very beliefs—the electronic sounds of the Nineties have been barren of politics.
There are a number of issues that have bubbled to the top where the young people are seeing the impact politics have on their life and they are expressing interest and making sure that their opinions count.
www.grooveradio.com /article.asp?ArticleID=1112   (1618 words)

 Community Broadband Networks
News and comments on community broadband networks, the communities deploying them and the technologies that support them.
The National Electrical Safety Code NESC is written by representatives from the power, telephone and cable TV industries to ensure that aerial and buried communications and power cables don't pose a threat to the public or other utility workers.
This is one reason why ADSS cable installed in the power region close to the neutral and the conductors is so much more reliable than the other communications cables installed lower on a pole (and also more reliable than buried fiber cable which is frequently cut by underground construction).
communityfiber.blogspot.com /2004_03_21_communityfiber_archive.html   (3586 words)

 URSCENE SOUNDS OF THE UNDERGROUND ELECTRONIC MIXTAPE   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
In 1999, they released their first full length CD, “As The World Turns” to national underground acclaim which was produced entirely by a once unknown producer now DC area staple Mo Digga.
Years later he moved into the DC underground Hip Hop scene where he was part of the Hip Hop group Wicked City, co-promoter of the Hip Hop Forum, a weekly event that featured MC and DJ Battles, and an up-and-coming producer creating music for other aspiring artists.
These boys from the sunshine state now have a reputation for captivating audience members with their undeniable talents, and now will be doing the same for listeners of URSCENE Radio and the Sounds of the Underground Mixtape.
www.urscenerecords.com /Mixtape/sou_project/SOU.htm   (1722 words)

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