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In the News (Wed 17 Jul 19)

  Element (Java 2 Platform SE v1.4.2)
may be used to retrieve the set of all attributes for an element.
If an attribute with that name is already present in the element, its value is changed to be that of the value parameter.
If an attribute with that local name and that namespace URI is already present in the element, it is replaced by the new one.
java.sun.com /j2se/1.4.2/docs/api/org/w3c/dom/Element.html   (1423 words)

  element. The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition. 2001-05
These 6 extremely scarce elements and those that do not occur at all naturally were discovered when they were produced in the laboratory; they are often called the man-made, artificially produced, or synthetic elements.
The atomic weight of an element is the mean (weighted average) of the atomic masses of all the naturally occurring isotopes.
Elements with very similar chemical properties are often referred to as families; some families of elements include the halogens, the inert gases, and the alkali metals.
www.bartleby.com /65/el/element.html   (2007 words)

 Chemistry: WebElements Periodic Table
The periodic "law" of chemistry recognises that many properties of the chemical elements are periodic functions of their atomic number (the number of protons within the element's atomic nucleus).
The periodic table is an arrangement of the chemical elements ordered by atomic number in columns (groups) and rows (periods) presented so as to emphasize their periodic properties.
The element polonium is very much in the news at present, perhaps for the first time ever, and for the wrong reasons.
www.webelements.com   (426 words)

 2008 Honda Element - the Official Honda Web Site
Enter the Honda Ultimate Garage Sweepstakes for a chance to win Honda prizes.
Visit a land where you'll drive the Element through snow, sand and water.
Just one glance tells you the Element was built for those who live their own unique way.
automobiles.honda.com /element   (107 words)

 JDOM v1.0: Class Element
When implementing an Element subclass which doesn't require full control over variable initialization, be aware that simply calling super() (or letting the compiler add the implicit super() call) will not initialize the instance variables which will cause many of the methods to throw a NullPointerException.
This should not be used to add the declaration for this element itself; that should be assigned in the construction of the element.
This should not be used to remove the declaration for this element itself; that should be handled in the construction of the element.
www.jdom.org /docs/apidocs/org/jdom/Element.html   (4432 words)

 About Element Behaviors   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
The robustness of element behaviors is associated with the binding mechanism, but as with any component, the reliability and functionality of an element behavior is dependent on the quality of its implementation.
Therefore, an element behavior should be regarded as a bona fide HTML element; once it has been parsed and initialized, it exists as a firstclass element in the document tree.
When an element behavior is implemented with a HTC file, it is automatically downloaded as a part of the Web page, the result is a browsing experience where the component download is invisible to the client.
msdn.microsoft.com /workshop/author/behaviors/overview/elementb_ovw.asp   (4879 words)

 element - a definition from Whatis.com
An element is uniquely determined by the number of protons in the nuclei of its atoms.
The number of neutrons in the nucleus of an element determines the isotope of the element.
Elements with atomic numbers greater than 92 have been made in laboratories, but most of them tend to be unstable and decay rapidly into elements with lower atomic numbers.
whatis.techtarget.com /definition/0,,sid9_gci859557,00.html   (564 words)

 RSS 2.0 Specification   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
The value of the element is a forward-slash-separated string that identifies a hierarchic location in the indicated taxonomy.
If the guid element has an attribute named "isPermaLink" with a value of true, the reader may assume that it is a permalink to the item, that is, a url that can be opened in a Web browser, that points to the full item described by the element.
The elements defined in this document are not themselves members of a namespace, so that RSS 2.0 can remain compatible with previous versions in the following sense -- a version 0.91 or 0.92 file is also a valid 2.0 file.
blogs.law.harvard.edu /tech/rss   (2186 words)

 Code Style: Cascading Style Sheet glossary
A syntax for specifying a CSS selector by means of the context in which an element or attribute occurs in the markup structure of a document.
An HTML or markup element to which a CSS declaration might be associated.
A named element is the simplest form of CSS selector.
www.codestyle.org /css/Glossary.shtml   (741 words)

 Element   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
All elements have isotopes; over 1,000 isotopes of the elements are known.
The chemical properties of an element are due to the distribution of electrons around the nucleus, particularly the outer, or valence, electrons (the ones involved in chemical reactions).
For this reason an element is often defined as a substance that cannot be decomposed into simpler substances by chemical means.
www.neutron.anl.gov /hyper-physics/element.html   (158 words)

 Dublin Core Metadata Element Set, Version 1.1
The Dublin Core Metadata Element Set is a vocabulary of fifteen properties for use in resource description.
The name "Dublin" is due to its origin at a 1995 invitational workshop in Dublin, Ohio; "core" because its elements are broad and generic, usable for describing a wide range of resources.
The fifteen element "Dublin Core" described in this standard is part of a larger set of metadata vocabularies and technical specifications maintained by the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative (DCMI).
www.dublincore.org /documents/dces   (842 words)

 Links in HTML documents
element may describe the position of a document within a series of documents.
element has content (text, images, etc.), user agents may render this content in such a way as to indicate the presence of a link (e.g., by underlining the content).
element are set, the element defines an anchor that may be the destination of other links.
www.w3.org /TR/REC-html40/struct/links.html   (2801 words)

 mindgear - Element™
Element™ displays the periodic table just the way you would like to see it.
Elements can be selected via tapping it directly in the table, or by selecting it via name, symbol, weight or atomic number.
The unique marking feature makes it easy to identify groups of elements with related properties, and questions like "what are the transition metals that have a melting point below that of silver" can be answered in just seconds.
www.mindgear.com /element/index.html   (214 words)

 HTML::Element - Class for objects that represent HTML elements
This attribute is used to indicate that the element was not originally present in the source, but was inserted in order to conform to HTML strucure.
Traverse the element and all of its children.
Each element of the array is an array with 2 values; the link value and a reference to the corresponding element.
www.xav.com /perl/site/lib/HTML/Element.html   (582 words)

 Web Applications 1.0
To establish whether such an element is being used as a block-level container or as an inline-level container, for example in order to determine if a document conforms to these requirements, user agents must look at the element's child nodes.
If this attribute is omitted from an element, then it implies that the language of this element is the same as the language of the parent element.
element must not contain content other than text and entities; user agents parse the element so that entities are recognised and processed, but all other markup is interpreted as literal text.
www.whatwg.org /specs/web-apps/current-work   (9140 words)

 XML::Element - Base element class for XML elements
The element created is placed within the same package space as the element it was created under (e.g.
Recursively outputs the structure of the XML document from this element on down.
Removes the given child element from the list of children for this element.
www.xav.com /perl/site/lib/XML/Element.html   (288 words)

 General Chemistry Online: FAQ: Matter: What is an element?
An element is a type of matter composed of atoms that all have exactly the same positive charge on their nuclei.
A pure element sample that consists of several isotopes is actually a mixture- the isotopes can be separated by physical means.
Elements can be decomposed into isotopes, which have very slightly different properties than the original element sample.
antoine.frostburg.edu /chem/senese/101/matter/faq/what-is-an-element.shtml   (418 words)

 Chem4Kids.com: Elements & Periodic Table
Elements are the building blocks of all matter.
They are smaller than the atoms of an element, but only when they group with other quarks do they form atoms that have recognizable traits.
You need to remember that this is the first row with transition elements.
www.chem4kids.com /files/elem_intro.html   (347 words)

 The elementtree.ElementTree Module ::: www.effbot.org
The Element type is a flexible container object, designed to store hierarchical data structures in memory.
Element structure builder for XML source data, based on the expat parser.
Note that if the element has is found, but has no text content, this method returns an empty string.
effbot.org /zone/pythondoc-elementtree-ElementTree.htm   (1342 words)

 Element (XOM 1.1 API)
If the namespaces on the element change for any reason (adding or removing an attribute in a namespace, adding or removing a namespace declaration, changing the prefix of an element, etc.) then then this method may skip or repeat prefixes.
Creates a deep copy of this element with no parent, that can be added to this document or a different one.
This is not the XML representation of the element.
www.cafeconleche.org /XOM/apidocs/nu/xom/Element.html   (2272 words)

 DCMI Usage Board - Grammatical Principles
An Element Refinement is a property of a resource which shares the meaning of a particular DCMI Element but with narrower semantics.
However, since Element Refinements are properties of a resource (like Elements), Element Refinements can alternatively be used in metadata records independently of the properties they refine [9].
One consequence of using Element Refinements independently of Elements is that information about relationships between them will reside outside of the metadata records in separate schemas that applications needing to perform operations such as dumb-down will need to consult.
dublincore.org /usage/documents/principles   (687 words)

 Element (JXTA Java SE API)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
is a specialized form of Element with additional features that make it appropriate for acting as the root of a hierarchy of elements.
StructuredDocument The root element of this element's hierarchy.
The child element must be from the document as the element it is to be added to.
platform.jxta.org /nonav/java/api/net/jxta/document/Element.html   (263 words)

 Element (Jetty Server Project 6.0.0rc4 API)
The feature of an abstract HTML Element is that it can be added to HTML Pages, HTML Composites and several other HTML Elements derivations.
Elements may also have attributes set, which are handled by the derived Element.
This abstract method is called by the Page or other containing Element to write the HTML for this element.
www.mortbay.org /apidocs/org/mortbay/html/Element.html   (255 words)

 Element - Digital Audio Workstation | Rain Recording
Housed in a sleek, all-aluminum chassis, Element was engineered to prevent audio engine seizure and dropouts in digital audio applications so you can concentrate on what really matters.
Rigorously tested in the most demanding live and studio environments and purposefully designed to be consistent, stable and reliable, Element keeps cool and quiet through the session.
So, even in a smaller studio where the CPU is placed near a microphone, Element stays virtually silent keeping the recording as clean as it should be.
rainrecording.com /products/element   (842 words)

 XSLT <xsl:element> Element
The element is used to create an element node in the output document.
Specifies the name of the element to be created (the value of the name attribute can be set to an expression that is computed at run-time, like this:
Specifies the namespace URI of the element (the value of the namespace attribute can be set to an expression that is computed at run-time, like this:
www.w3schools.com /xsl/el_element.asp   (376 words)

 DOM:element - MDC
The height of an element, relative to the layout.
The width of an element, relative to the layout.
Retrieve a set of all descendant elements, of a particular tag name and namespace, from the current element.
developer.mozilla.org /en/docs/DOM:element   (859 words)

 Hondanews.com > Honda > Element
08/24/2006 -- For the 2007 model year, Honda's versatile and fun-to-drive Element undergoes a significant transformation with updated exterior and interior styling along with enhanced levels of...
08/24/2006 -- The extremely versatile Honda Element SUV undergoes a transformation for 2007 with freshened styling, 10 more horsepower, new 5-speed automatic transmission (available) and...
08/09/2006 -- The substantially updated 2007 Honda Element LX and EX go on sale today with prices starting at $18,900, representing an average increase of just 2.7 percent or $572 on a sales...
www.hondanews.com /CatID2038   (120 words)

 It's Elemental - Element Hangman
The computer will randomly pick the name of one of the elements.
Use the clue to discover which element the computer picked.
Other games based on the Table of Elements are available.
education.jlab.org /elementhangman/index.html   (69 words)

 Elements and Element Trees ::: www.effbot.org
To write code that is compatible in both directions, use "element is None" to test for a missing element, and "len(element)" to test for non-empty elements.
Element attributes are in fact stored in a standard Python dictionary, which can be accessed via the attrib attribute.
The element type also provides a text attribute, which can be used to hold additional data associated with the element.
effbot.org /zone/element.htm   (2267 words)

 Digital Element
OAKLAND, CA (November 19th, 2003) Digital Element, an Oakland-based software developer and publishing firm specializing in art tools and Digimation, Inc., the world’s leading provider of 3D models, announced today the release of the Modelshop plug-in for Photoshop, which includes fifty 3D models from Digimation’s Model Bank Collection™.
OAKLAND, CA (June 26th, 2003) Digital Element, an Oakland-based software developer and publishing firm specializing in art tools, announced today the release of Aurora 2 for Photoshop, the sequel to Digital Element’s 4 ½ star plug-in for Photoshop.
Digital Element acquired ownership of WorldBuilder this last May. As a result of that acquisition Digital Element is now releasing Part One of the WorldBuilder Manual.
www.digi-element.com /site/news.htm   (2539 words)

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