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Topic: Elevator paradox

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A paradox is an apparently true statement or group of statements that seems to lead to a contradiction or to a situation that defies intuition.
Paradoxes which are not based on a hidden error generally happen at the fringes of context or language, and require extending the context (or language) to lose their Paradox quality.
Elevator paradox: Elevators can seem to be mostly going in one direction, as if they were being manufactured in the middle of the building and being disassembled on the roof and basement.
paradox.mindbit.com   (2272 words)

 Elevator Insoles   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-07)
Elevator shoe - Elevator shoes also known as "Height Increasing Shoes" or "Walktall Shoes"are shoes which have thickened sections of the insoles (known as "lifts") under the heels to make the wearer appear taller.
Elevator statement - In business jargon an elevator statement (or elevator pitch) is a short concise and compelling statement about a business or a business situation that can be delivered in the time it takes for an imaginary elevator ride.
Elevator paradox - The elevator paradox is a paradox first noted by George Gamow and Moritz Stern, physicists who had offices on two different floors of a multi-story building.
feet.vvvvvv3.com /elevatorinsoles.html   (979 words)

 Elevator Summary
The hydraulic elevators were very slow, and passengers wisely refused to ride in the steam elevators--the ropes used to lift their cabs quite often broke, plunging the cab and its contents to the building's basement.
Past problems with hydraulic elevators meant it was found such elevators that were built prior to a code change in 1972 were found to be subject to possible catastrophic failure.
Elevators are not an acceptable means of escape during a fire and should not be used by the public for this purpose.
www.bookrags.com /Elevator   (8643 words)

The elevator car is being accelerated upwards with a constant acceleration, g, equal to the acceleration of the particle falling near the surface of the earth.
The elevator continues to be accelerated, however, and hence, the floor of the elevator will accelerate up at the rate, g, towards the balls, until the floor hits the balls.
To an observer in the elevator, however, it appears as though the balls have fallen to the floor with the acceleration, g.
www.upscale.utoronto.ca /PVB/Logan/Poetry/CHAPTER13-14.html   (5881 words)

 Elevator paradox (physics) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
For the elevator paradox as it relates to the elevator as a transportation device, see elevator paradox.
The elevator paradox relates to a hydrometer placed on an "elevator" or vertical conveyor that, by moving to different elevations, changes the atmospheric pressure.
This is a paradox if the buoyancy of the hydrometer is said to depend on the weight of the liquid that it displaces.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Elevator_paradox_(physics)   (398 words)

 The Space Elevator Books | The Space Elevator Reference
Whether or not the Space elevator can be actually built, it is of great interest as the only known device which could replace the rocket as a means of escaping from the earth.
I prefer'space elevator'; it is euphonious (at least in English) and exactly describes the subject.
Shea's paradox can best be appreciated as follows: Consider the payload to be sent up the cable, when it is resting on the equator at the beginning of its journey.
www.spaceelevator.com /docs/acclarke.092079.se.1.html   (3395 words)

 Elevator paradox - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The elevator paradox is a paradox first noted by George Gamow and Moritz Stern, physicists who had offices on two different floors of a multi-story building.
Gamow, who had an office near the bottom of the building, noticed that the first elevator to stop at his floor was most often going down, while Stern, who had an office near the top, noticed that the first elevator to stop at his floor was most often going up.
At first sight, this created the impression that perhaps elevators were being manufactured in the middle of the building and sent upwards to the roof and downwards to the basement to be dismantled.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Elevator_paradox   (480 words)

 The Principle of Equivalence
The elevator is accelerated by a rocket placed under it to produce a force F (shown by upward arrows on figure 10.2A).
The principle of equivalence implies the equivalence between the inertially accelerated elevator (figure 10.3A) and the gravitationally accelerated photon on figure 10.3B.
If the opposite wall of that elevator on figure 10.3A is open, that double amount of deflection means that there would be an absolute deflection in a rest frame, even in the absence of any gravitational field.
www.newtonphysics.on.ca /EINSTEIN/Chapter10.html   (3088 words)

 Impact of the Cataloged Population
The average encounter speed between objects and the 4000 km structure is roughly 9.3 km/sec, whereas for the GEO space elevator it is 7.3 km/sec.
The number density of objects for the 4000 km structure and the GEO elevator are essentially the same, but the higher encounter speed results in a higher flux for the 4000 km structure, which in turn yields a greater number of encounters.
Another interesting point resulting from the simulations with the 400 km tether is that most of the encounters occur near the top of the tether (figure 4), which is not too surprising in that drag is proportional to atmospheric density, which decreases exponentially with height (more objects near the top).
mywebpages.comcast.net /cookewj/ImpactCatPopSpcStruc.html   (1870 words)

 AMFES:Paradox Security Systems - DigiplexNE, Spectra, Magellan, and others - Southern Nevada, Las Vegas Factory ...
Paradox's systems offer some of the most innovative technology available today for security systems.
Paradox provides a solution for burglary systems, alarm systems, security systems, intrusion systems, and detection systems.
Paradox is a division of Position Technologies - one of the largest independent manufacturers of security products.
www.amfes.com /Products/product-paradox.htm   (251 words)

 Theories and Laws of physics
A hypothetical drive exploiting the peculiarities of quantum mechanics by restricting allowed wavelengths of virtual photons on one side of the drive (the bow of the ship); the pressure generated from the unrestricted virtual photons toward the aft generates a net force and propels the drive.
Since any radial segment of the disc is perpendicular to the direction of motion, there should be no length contraction of the radius; however, since the circumference of the disc is parallel to the direction of motion, it should contract.
As a result of converting to geometrized units, all quantities are expressed in terms of a unit of distance, traditionally the cm.
library.thinkquest.org /26635/theories2.html   (2540 words)

This eliminates the paradox with respect to Newtonian physics and electromagnetism of what does a light ray `look like' when the observer is moving at the speed of light.
Twins Paradox, which is not a paradox but rather a simple fact of special relativity.
As the photon crosses the elevator, the floor is accelerated upward and the photon appears to fall downward.
zebu.uoregon.edu /~js/ast222/lectures/lec16.html   (2239 words)

 Paradoxes - curiouser.co.uk
Below is a list of paradoxes which you might be interest to research, some of which may be featured at curiouser.co.uk in due course.
Grandfather paradox: You travel back in time and kill your grandfather before he meets your grandmother, resulting in your never being conceived.
Jevon's paradox: In economics, increases in efficiency lead to even larger increases in demand.
www.curiouser.co.uk /paradoxes   (549 words)

 Salon Travel | The French Paradox   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-07)
Nutritionally speaking, the French have been getting away with murder: They eat all the butter, cream, foie gras, pastry and cheese that their hearts desire, and yet their rates of obesity and heart disease are much lower than ours.
This, too, is dicey: While people in Toulouse -- the fattened force-fed duck-liver-eating area of France -- do indeed have one of the lowest rates of heart disease in the developed world, they actually only eat the delicacy about six times a year.
Other researchers, perhaps sponsored by the garlic and onion industry, suggested that the French Paradox effect is due to garlic and onions.
archive.salon.com /travel/food/feature/2000/02/04/paradox   (782 words)

 W. Fuhse, ether physics, part 5   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-07)
He typically argued with "thought experiments", by asuming an observer in an elevator cabin in an empty space; the observer does not see anything autside the elevator cabin, and he just feels his stomac going up and down.
This is best shown using the "twin paradox": The propontents of relativity state that a twin brother, who is moved with great speed e.g.
With respect to the "observer in an elevator cabin in an otherwhise empty universe", this consideration means that he has to be very careful not to sit in a mirror cabinet.
members.aol.com /fuhse/physik1/ether5.htm   (2460 words)

 Physics Demonstrations on (1G) - Newton's Second Law
A rope over a ceiling mounted pulley has a weight on one side and a spring scale and lighter weight on the other side.
An apparatus to quantitatively demonstrate the forces acting on a passenger standing on a spring scale in an elevator.
The water surface of a liquid accelerometer on a tilted air track remains parallel to the angle of the air track during acceleration.
demo1.physics.wisc.edu /UW-Demos_Pira/1G-Newtons2Law.html   (1911 words)

 Michaelcosm  |  Feature  -  Elevator music, the Pool, and the Shabby Chic Social Darwinist   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-07)
Elevator music, the Pool, and the Shabby Chic Social Darwinist
The paradox of this lifestyle is exemplified by the act of uncluttering their lives by expelling the unnecessary (television, microwaves, computers) while simultaneously filling their shelves and windowsills with tchotchkes or knickknacks (used clothing, tacky relics, and assorted kitsch) that other people threw out.
Evenings are spent going to out-of-the-way public places and gazing at the opposite sex, reading, and watching classic and obscure films.
www.michaelcosm.com /sub_feat/feat_elevator.html   (1025 words)

 Astronomical Games: May 2001
When an elevator starts to move up, it speeds up a little at the beginning, and then through most of the ride, it remains at a constant speed, until near the end, when it slows down a little and then comes to rest at your floor.
At those moments when the elevator is either speeding up or slowing down, you feel different than when the elevator is standing still or moving at constant speed.
There's a clock at the top of the shaft--that's clock B--and a clock in the elevator car at the bottom--that's clock A. As long as the elevator doesn't move, both clocks are in the same reference frame and run at the same rate.
astro.isi.edu /games/general.html   (6042 words)

When at rest, the elevator floor pushes upward on your feet in order to balance gravity pulling down on you (else you'd accelerate downward - Newton's 2nd Law).
Well, the elevator now accelerates downward at the acceleration due to gravity (at least for a brief period of time.) And you accelerate downward at the same rate, and you float.
Therefore the 'floor' of the Shuttle is falling away from her feet just as rapidly as her feet (and the rest of her body) are falling.
www.courses.psu.edu /astro/astro001_pjm25/gravity.html   (1758 words)

 Elevator (disambiguation) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Elevator, a transportation device also called a lift, for the vertical movement of goods or people, typically within a building
Elevator (aircraft), a control surface of an airplane used to control its attitude in pitch
"Elevator", a song by Box Car Racer from their self-titled 2001 album.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Elevator_(disambiguation)   (171 words)

 Light-Speed Submarine
In the July issue of Physical Review D a researcher lays out the first complete solution to a seeming paradox presented by relativity: A submarine moving at near-light speed should look a bit shorter and denser to observers on land, so it should sink.
Inside an accelerating elevator far from Earth, for example, objects drop to the floor exactly as though gravity were pulling them.
A body that orbits a fl hole rapidly should be "less buoyant," according to Matsas's work, and he's now working out the implications of this effect.
focus.aps.org /story/v12/st4   (644 words)

 Physics Resource Collection - Mechanics DCS   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-07)
1G20.13 elevator paradox A large hydrometer flask in a beaker of water remains at its equilibrium position as the beaker is moved up and down.
1G20.43 elevators A battery powered circuit is constructed in a box causes a light to glow while a spring scale is unloaded.
1G20.63 elevators An apparatus to quantitatively demonstrate the forces acting on a passenger standing on a spring scale in an elevator.
www.wfu.edu /physics/pira/ResourceCD/DCS/MechanicsDCS.htm   (17929 words)

 TASSI: Asian Gestures - Body Language and Nonverbal Communication
Next time you walk on to a crowded elevator, don't turn around and face the door.
...must not touch each other in any way unless the elevator is crowded, and then only at the shoulder or lightly against the upper arm.
Competitive Yet Egalitarian: A paradox to most in children to adult varieties; class and rank may be temporary; no real aristocracy.
www.csupomona.edu /~tassi/gestures.htm   (5550 words)

 True Life American injustice story
I followed them all the way to the elevator in the court house.
I watched as she put Alexandrea on the elevator, and I stood there in a state of shock as the Lady picked my little girl's hand up and made her wave good bye to me, then the elevator doors shut.
Later, I discovered a stack of photos that were taken of Alexandrea after someone dressed her in a Holloween costume, assuming they were taken by a Social Worker, or the lady who placed Alexandrea on the elevator on October 31, 1997.
www.shreddedsociety.com   (681 words)

 The Adventures of Captain Paradox Part 2
I slowly turned the crank back to 1904, and as soon as the date became correct the floor slowly descended into a cool darkness below the ground.
A door slowly slid into view as the elevator that SideKick and I were on continued its decent.
I yelled into the room that I was Captain Paradox, friend to Professor Victory.
www.msu.edu /user/pollyeaa/aparadox2.html   (1829 words)

 122 HW 3 : ICS 122  Software Specification and Quality Engineering : Thomas Alspaugh : UCI
What is (the set of all elevators serving four floors) ∩ { The CS East elevator, the CS west elevator, the ICS2 elevator}?
Write a PL formula (using the short names) that is true of an elevator whose car doors are closing when the doorway is blocked.
Could you conveniently say "Sometime after a call button is pressed for a floor, the elevator will open its doors at that floor" effectively using PL? Why or why not?
www.ics.uci.edu /~alspaugh/2004-05/ics122/ics122-hw3.html   (361 words)

Abstract -- The space elevator (alias Sky Hook, Heavenly Ladder, Orbital Tower, or Cosmic Funicular)is a structure linking a point on the equator to a satellite in the geostationary orbit directly above it.
The objection he raised was ingenious and so apparently convincing that he stated flately: 'The system is inefficient as well as mechanically unsound andtheoretically impossible.' (My italics.)
A Leningrad engineer, Yuri N. Artsutanov, had already published an article inPravda which not only laid down all the basic concepts of the space elevator, but developed them in far greater detail.
www.islandone.org /LEOBiblio/CLARK1.HTM   (3231 words)

 Practical Paradox :: Advance Your Adventure!
Practical Paradox is excited to announce the winners of our second Screenplay Competition!
We applaud all of our entrants, recognizing the commitment and courage one must possess to not only complete a script but to send it to strangers for critique.
Practical Paradox is thrilled to announce the winners of our first Screenplay Competition!
www.practicalparadox.com /docs/winners2.html   (1144 words)

 EW - Advanced - Equivalence
Think about what happens when an elevator chord snaps and you, together with the elevator, plummet earthwards.
Now imagine you're up in a spacecraft, and the craft is accelerating at 9.8 ms
Because we therefore cannot completely determine whether or not we are in a gravitational field, the gravitational field is fundamentally different from all other force fields.
library.thinkquest.org /27608/scripts/aview.php3?id=62   (193 words)

 Matt Thomas   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-07)
An enigma, wrapped in a paradox, inside a jelly donut
It looks like there's a problem with the page you're trying to get to.
And yes, I just cut and pasted this directly from my profile at Automattic.
www.iammattthomas.com /journal/lovin-an-elevator   (188 words)

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