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Topic: Elitism

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In the News (Sat 20 Jul 19)

  Elitism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Thus elitism sees an elite as occupying a special position of authority or privilege in a group, set apart from the majority of people who do not match up with their abilities or attributes.
The term "elitism" or the title "elitist" can be used resentfully by a person who is not a member of an elite, or is a member but resents their position or uses it in a condescending or cynical manner in order to ridicule or criticise practices which discriminate on the basis of ability or attributes.
Elitism in the context of education is the practice of concentrating attention on or allocating funding to the students who rank highest in a particular field of endeavour, the other students being deemed less worthy of attention.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Elitism   (550 words)

 Academic elitism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Academic elitism suggests that in highly competitive academic environments only those individuals who have engaged in scholarship are deemed to have anything worthwhile to say, or do.
A lesser and broader form of this, intellectual elitism, exists in non-academic circles, so academic elitism might also be viewed as a further extreme of intellectual elitism, depending upon one's perspective.
Elitism is an illusion which masks an inherent human tendency to group by abilities and interests
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Academic_elitism   (685 words)

 Elitism Good and Bad
The word elitism, as it is used in contemporary discourse, signifies any attempt to impose rules governing the selective process in certain areas of endeavor (e.g., culture, politics, etc.) which puts at a disadvantage some group (or groups) who would do better with a different set of rules.
Elitism is a position that is forced on his whether we like it or not.
Elitism arises f from the fact that, in any complex society, a division of labor is necessitated by economic forces.
homepage.mac.com /machiavel/Text/elitism.html   (3426 words)

In a healthy society free from racism, sexism and even elitism (especially the elitists Henry refers to)equal opportunity may exist, however this is a far stretch from the state of contemporary America.
Elitism, or the thought that an elite society exists, are ideas not readily endorsed by many Americans.
In his defense of elitism Henry is not mindful of offending readers as he offers suggestions concerning education, affirmative action, and feminism, many of which are extreme and border on radical.
lilt.ilstu.edu /gmklass/pos334/archive/henry.htm   (12697 words)

 Elitism and Status
Elitism is increasing status through connections, assuming that worthy persons must be built up, and unworthy persons must be degraded.
Elitism means being connected—connected to sources of power or status.
With elitism, the standard for the victims is projected onto the victims, as if the victims bring it onto themselves.
nov55.com /rel/elt.html   (1242 words)

 Web standards elitism | 456 Berea Street
Sure, you can probably define “elitism” in different ways, but I haven’t had any reason to believe that anybody belonging to either of those groups feel that they are “elite”;.
I think there's plenty of elitism going on, it's just not usually seen as elitism by people like you and me, but mostly by people who are just making their very first steps into this world of web standards, xhtml/css, etc.
In a way, elitism is indeed inevitable when you have a vast community led by a pretty select view.
www.456bereastreet.com /archive/200411/web_standards_elitism   (2276 words)

 Reason Magazine -- April 1995. Steven Hayward.
Elitism, however defined, is of course coextensive with all political and social life.
This background is useful in evaluating these two recent offerings on the subject of elites and elitism, which might seem to represent examples of authors miraculously cured of egalitarian deafness.
The implication is that liberal guilt is a fine thing, and the elitism that Lasch, and to a more limited extent Henry, would obviously approve is the elitism of the Kennedy family: It's OK to make a pile as long as you feel guilty and "give back" other people's money.
reason.com /9504/HAYWARDbook.apr.shtml   (1606 words)

 Environmental Elitism
A. Compositional elitism involves the accusation that the supporters of environmentalism are drawn primarily from the privileged or upper socioeconomic strata.
B. Charges have often been made that accused environmentalists of ideological elitism on the grounds that environmental reforms are used to direct social and economic resources away from problems that are salient to the poor and toward the priorities of the affluent.
Yet the evidence for impact elitism is on the whole less clear than for ideological or compositional elitism, and the evidence for even these is scant.
www.rci.rutgers.edu /~hallman/ELITISM.htm   (1663 words)

 In Focus Article
The elitism question is a complicated matter, not least because of the widely-observed paradox that claims of anti-elitism emanate from academics who write a language of deliberately clotted opaque jargon and make a parade of not particularly relevant erudition, such as Lacan's forced marriage of psychoanalysis and mathematics.
It's also complicated because the word elitism is thrown around with wild abandon with no particular definition being stipulated, as if its meaning were entirely transparent and self-evident and generally agreed on.
Elitism means a great many things, some of them perfectly incompatible with one another, with the result that the word does more to obfuscate discussion than to clarify it.
www.butterfliesandwheels.com /infocusprint.php?num=13&subject=Elitism   (990 words)

 Hari’s Corner » Reverse Elitism and the Linux Community   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
Reverse elitism is a technique by which you paint yourself as a victim or paint your opponent as being part of an exclusive group and therefore implying that his opinions are not reflective of general opinion.
Reverse elitism is when you wear a mask of humility and take the moral high ground and metaphorically tear your opponent to shreds for appearing to be arrogant and elitist in attitude.
Unfortunately, reverse elitism is widespread in the “world community;”; too many people have become proficient at hiding their intolerance by pointing out the supposed intolerance of another.
hari.literaryforums.org /?p=19   (2036 words)

 Elitism at opensource encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
Elitism is the belief that an elite - or small body of expert persons - are the only people whose views on a matter are to be taken seriously.
The term 'elitist' is often used rather vaguely as a criticism of political and cultural attitudes thought to encourage the exclusion of large numbers of people from decision-making.
Elitism in the context of education is the belief or practice of restricting or at least concentrating attention to the best students, the rest being deemed unworthy of attention.
www.wiki.tatet.com /Elitism.html   (140 words)

 Elitism Vs Populism
At the one extreme are eugenics supporters, who recognize the importance of intelligence in society, and believe that, in a general way, the intelligent and otherwise superior both must and should be dominant in society.
Another philosophy supporting elitism over populism -- and one which has been more widespread than any other elitist philosophy -- is autocracy, the most important form of which historically has been monarchism, but which finds its modern counterpart in the form of dictatorship and similar constructs.
As opposed to elitism, populism has arisen precisely because of the objections just mentioned: The abuse of power which occurs because that power is not counterbalanced by another significant power; and the unfairness of not allowing those who are governed from governing themselves.
www.rense.com /general51/elitsm.htm   (1439 words)

 Jonah Goldberg's Goldberg File on National Review Online
It was William Thackeray who, in his 1848 Book of Snobs, defined the term to mean "someone vulgarly aping his social superiors." In other words, snobs are people who put on airs about who they are and who look down on those they are no different from.
Meanwhile, "aristocracy" (which derives from the Greek for "rule by the best") sounds quite a bit like elitism, but the chief difference is that aristocrats are born, not made — which is all the difference in the world.
Elitism, again in the words of William Henry, means "some ideas are better than others, some values more enduring, some works of art more universal.
www.nationalreview.com /goldberg/goldberg051302.asp   (1520 words)

 Elitism And Merit; The Australian Achievement:
Elitism, privilege, authority and control by vested interests are focused on by Marxists and other socialists.
Elitism in one form or another is unavoidable.
Elitism which rewards endeavour, and which places the most gifted in positions of responsibility, is the hallmark of a progressive polity.
www.ourcivilisation.com /cooray/btof/chap13.htm   (842 words)

 HUMAN EVENTS ONLINE - It's Not Elitism, But Constitutional Stewardship by David Limbaugh
Few want to be tagged with the "elitist" pejorative, including the highest of highbrows themselves, who pretend, despite their feelings of superiority, to be small "d" democrats and champions of the common man.
It is not elitism that is driving the doubters' concerns.
One wonders whether those crying "elitism" would choose the best available lawyer to represent them if their neck were on the line -- in a criminal or civil matter.
www.humaneventsonline.com /article.php?id=9563   (880 words)

 Competition - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
For example, East Asian economies like Singapore, Japan and South Korea tend to emphasize education by allocating a large portion of the budget to this sector, and by implementing programmes such as gifted education, which some detractors criticise as indicative of academic elitism.
On a global scale, national education systems, intending to bring out the best in the next generation, encourage competitiveness among students by scholarships.
Upon receipt of their academic results, students tend to compare their grades to see who is better.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Competition   (2305 words)

 Elitism   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
Boarding schools not only give the elite a chance to isolate, educate, and indoctrinate their children, but it is also a great way to layer in body memories that instil a subconscious ethic of elitism.
It is an attitude of elitism that allowed the Pharisees to crucify Christ, the Nazis to kill Jews, and Moslems to kill Hindus, etc.
Buried into a deep unconscious repression are the body memories of the social values (elitism) that are contained in how the social elite walk, hold a spoon and knife, how a person must stand up straight with good posture, and how the person holds and uses their facial muscles.
www.whale.to /b/elitism_q.html   (421 words)

 Books@Random | In Defense of Elitism: Readers' Group Companion
You can credit some of that to ancient China, Confucian China, but it was probably promulgated around the world more by Europeans, because they were the ones who went out conquering, and having colonies, and introducing their ideas to a broader range of other cultures.
In fact, I think you can argue that elitism is as much European as it is American, but the idea of a meritocracy is peculiarly American.
This is a society that believed people want to be able to rise or fall on their own merits, and frankly, I think that is what built us up, and I think we are foolish to be moving away from it.
www.randomhouse.com /resources/bookgroup/defenseelitism_bgc.html   (5129 words)

 Elitism Criticism and Constructive Venting of Opinion
A most recent example was the discussion of elitism and its complex presence in the genres, and the resulting animosity in the perception of media fiction versus literary or "true" original fiction.
Elitism would not exist only in a world without hierarchies.
And now, back to elitism in the genres, for a moment – a number of people bring in Shakespeare at this point and pronounce how it may be unthinkable to prefer some mainstream popular author of our own day and age to the great Bard.
www.annatambour.net /Vera_Nazarian.htm   (1723 words)

 Elitism - The CHUD.COM Message Boards
elitism is obviously a touchy subject, cus it (in my opinion) is a consequence of human nature and design..
But there is also a general elitism that you encounter on boards like this, which usually has to do with cliques, post counts, and so on.
That way, if my elitism is called into question, it's to me to prove whether or not I'm justified in my behavior; I don't have other people to jump to my defense.
www.chud.com /forums/showthread.php?p=1383558   (1626 words)

 Beware Elitism
Typically, they are seduced by forms of elitism that involve a statement of partial truth or even truth.
Thus, Christ-centeredness is being misused as a pretext for sectarianism and elitism.
e must guard ourselves carefully against elitism and conceit, and recognize that all of those who are in Christ are members of one body with us, equally important, and precious and loved in Christ.
www.ntrf.org /organics.html   (3350 words)

 phpBB.com :: View topic - What is your view on reverse elitism?   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
Reverse elitism is however a very common phenomenon on bulletin boards, discussion groups and so on.
Reverse elitism means that he/she takes on the mantle of the "messiah" or "down-to-earth" person who speaks a lot of sense and represents the "common man's" opinion.
It seems to me that what the fella on this thread is decrying as "reverse elitism" is just canny rhetoric, and has nothing to do with "elitism" or any other social relationship.
www.phpbb.com /phpBB/viewtopic.php?t=313093   (2866 words)

 TomPaine.com - Elitism For Beginners: Your Letters
In the election aftermath, I've seen a number of articles and letters to the editor expressing the tired right-wing complaint of "liberal elitism" as liberals "forcing their values" on the rest of (God-fearing, morally upright) America.
The hypocritical GOP elitism that Corn really misses is this: the right-wing, Bible-thumping, absolutists are the ones forcing their values on the rest us.
Their are at least two kinds of elitism: the elitism of power and intellectual elitism.
www.tompaine.com /articles/elitism_for_beginners_your_letters.php   (278 words)

 Alien Elite, Elitism and Superman in Satanism
Elitism is not specialisation, and although all specialize and excel in something in particular, the elite can maintain their own in nearly all circumstances and situations.
[Satanism is]...a brutal religion of elitism and social Darwinism that seeks to re-establish the reign of the able over the idiotic, of swift justice over injustice, and for a wholesale rejection of egalitarianism as a myth that has crippled the advancement of the human species for the last two thousand years.
Elitism within Satanism is concerned with responsibility, in making sure that those in charge are the elite.
www.dpjs.co.uk /elitism.html   (3680 words)

 XDA: A Different Sort of Elitism
To paraphrase Laura Ingraham's first sentence in her anti-elitism book, "They think she's stupid." When I make that charge, most right thinking people counter, oh no! we don't care where she went to school (Miers went to Southern Methodist University both undergrad and Law School) she's just not qualified.
It's elitism to think that being a Justice on the Supreme Court is only appropriate for brilliant, super minds, who have spent many years knee deep in Supreme Court arcana and who have devoted careers to an appellate practice and been federal court appellate judges, preferably on the D.C. Circuit.
In other words, it is elitism to think that there are 9 philosopher kings (or Platonic Guardians, as Diomedes says) in this country and only a few, properly anointed, super intellects are capable of that pinnacle of service.
rfraley301.blogspot.com /2005/10/different-sort-of-elitism.html   (1204 words)

 box of chocolates » Browser Elitism Part 2
I think the elitism that most developers display are a result of an isolated view of the web design/development world.
If you propose a background highlight over a label and checkbox during the design phase, it should be understood that it will only work in browsers that support it by default, or there will be a charge to make it work in browsers that don’t support it by default.
I can’t help thinking, after reading your first Elitism post, that if I did a presentation to a client (using Firefox) and then failed to deliver that functionality when the client looked at the site with their browser that I’d be asked why.
www.boxofchocolates.ca /archives/2005/04/19/browser-elitism-part-2   (12637 words)

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