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Topic: Elston Howard

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In the News (Wed 19 Jun 19)

  Encyclopedia of Baseball Catchers - Elston Howard
Howard was an exceptional defensive catcher; his.993 career fielding average is one of the highest ever, and he pioneered the use of a hinged catcher's mitt that led to the modern one-handed catching techniques.
Howard was a strong hitter, three times topping.300, with a high of.348 in 1961.
Elston Howard invented the doughnut, officially called "Elston Howard's On-Deck Bat Weight." The patent was issued in 1967 and the first team to buy the "doughnut" was the St. Louis Cardinals.
members.tripod.com /bb_catchers/catchers/howarde.htm   (297 words)

 Elston Howard - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Howard was later given the Babe Ruth Award (presented by the New York chapter of the BBWAA) as the top player in the Series, although the World Series MVP Award was won by teammate Bob Turley.
Howard died of a heart ailment at age 51 in New York City and was interred at George Washington Memorial Park in Paramus, New Jersey.
Howard created the batting "donut", a circular lead weight with a rubber shell which is used by waiting batters in the on-deck circle by placing it around a bat to make it feel heavier, so that the bat will feel lighter at the plate and easier to swing.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Elston_Howard   (1792 words)

 Elston and Me The Story of the First Black Yankee Arlene Howard, with Ralph Wimbish
Howard, who played fourteen major-league seasons, was signed by the Yankees in 1950, but the reluctance of the Yankee organization to break the color barrier held Howard back from the major leagues until 1955 when he was twenty-six years old.
Voted the American League's Most Valuable Player in 1963, Howard was a three-time Gold Glove winner, and his fielding average of the same year remains one of the highest among catchers in major-league history.
Howard died at the age of fifty-one without fulfilling his dream of becoming baseball's first fl manager.
www.umsystem.edu /upress/fall2001/howard.htm   (424 words)

 1958 World Series MVP
Elston Howard was a member of four American League All-Star teams before he earned a regular job.
For a good part of his career with the Yankees, Howard was a man without a fixed position, owing to the dominating presence of teammate Yogi Berra.
When Howard faced segregation during spring training in St. Petersburg, the Yankees moved to more liberal Fort Lauderdale and canceled most of their barnstorming in the segregated South.
www.geocities.com /hometeam5300/58mvp.html   (803 words)

 Around The Horn » Blog Archive » The First Black Player on the Yankees
It was not until April 14, 1955 that Elston Howard had his moment with the Yankees of New York and became the first African-American to play for the team in the Bronx.
A marker date for Howard was July 19, 1950 when the Yankees purchased his contract and that of pitcher Frank Barnes from the Kansas City Monarchs.
Elston Howard was the International League’s Most Valuable Player in 1954 and could have been the regular catcher for most major league teams in 1955 but not the Yankees.
www.around-the-horn.com /?p=116   (663 words)

 Major League Baseball : News
Elston Howard is often overlooked in these conversations, but he shouldn't be.
Howard didn't finish his career in pinstripes, as he was traded to the rival Red Sox in Aug. 1967 after nine All-Star appearances for New York.
Howard died on Dec. 14, 1980 at the age of 51.
www.mlb.com /NASApp/mlb/mlb/news/mlb_news.jsp?ymd=20050225&content_id=950448&vkey=news_mlb&fext=.jsp   (1153 words)

 Elston Howard   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Elston Gene Howard may have ended up in New York but he was born in St. Louis, Montana in 1929.
Howard was an outstanding outfielder (left) and catcher through the 1950’s and 1960’s.
Elston past away in 1980 in New York, far away from where he was born in Montana, but in the place where he would be remembered for his quality years of baseball.
www.wvu.edu /~physed/blacksports/fall2002/elstonhoward.htm   (270 words)

 Elston Howard | The BASEBALL Page
Regardless of Stengel’s praise, Howard was farmed to Toronto for the ’54 season.
It wasn’t that former manager Casey Stengel hadn’t trusted Howard enough to make him his starting receiver, it was that he preferred using Howard as a utility man. Houk preferred a set lineup and he moved aging star Berra to left field and Howard became his catcher.
Howard was part of many ultimate games in his career, coming out on the losing end five times.
www.thebaseballpage.com /players/howarel01.php   (1654 words)

 Altus Times - Altus, Oklahoma
Elston is accused of conspiring with a man to kill Trooper Michael Strain.
Elston allegedly changed his mind at a later encounter with Craig and accused Strain of killing his dog.
Elston allegedly gave Craig a semiautomatic pistol, which Elston said he understood was to be given to Horn to use in killing Strain and his wife.
www.altustimes.com /articles/2004/09/29/news/local/news01.txt   (532 words)

 Elston M. Howard   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Officer Elston Morris Howard was assigned to the department’s Vice Division.
While Officer Howard was completing paperwork at the counter, Robert Mitchell Jennings entered with the intent of committing a robbery.
Officer Howard fell to the floor with wounds to the head and neck area.
www.the100club.org /Heroes/howard.html   (158 words)

 African American Registry: The first Black Yankee, Elston Howard. . .
*Elston Howard was born on this date in 1929.
He was not an outfielder when he joined the Monarchs, Howard was a catcher, but after working behind the plate on the night he was shifted to the outfield to bolster a wobbly garden defense, and immediately became a match.
The first Black man to play for the New York Yankees, Howard was also the first fl man to win the American League MVP award, (1963).
www.aaregistry.com /african_american_history/1538/The_first_Black_Yankee_Elston_Howard   (280 words)

 Howard Coat of Arms, Family Crest
Howard is an ancient name whose history on English soil dates back to before the wave of emigration that followed the Norman Conquest of England in 1066.
Howard or Howart, is a cognate of the Old Norse name Haward and means "high" or "chief" warden.
Occasionally, the surname Howard may have been applied to someone who worked at a dairy farm at which female sheep were kept.
www.houseofnames.com /xq/asp/s.Howard/Howard_family_Crest/Howard_coat_of_arms/qx/coatofarms_details.htm   (1389 words)

 HickokSports.com - Biography - Elston Howard
In 1960, Howard took over as the team's starting catcher, with Berra backing him up and frequently playing the outfield.
Howard had his best overall offensive season in 1961, hitting.348 with 21 home runs and 77 RBI.
Howard retired as a player after the 1968 season and returned to the Yankees as a coach.
www.hickoksports.com /biograph/howardelston.shtml   (196 words)

 New York Yankees | NYYFans.de - Monument Park #32 Elston Howard
In den nächsten beiden Jahren machte Howard weiter, wo er in der letzten Saison aufgehört hatte.
Sowohl 1959 als auch 1960 spielte Howard mehr als 130 Spiele für die Yankees in diversen Positionen, aber in dieser Zeit viel sein Schlagdurchschnitt nie unter.300.
Howard spielte 1961 in 129 Spielen und schlug mit.348 den höchsten Schlagdurchschnitt seiner Karriere.
www.nyyfans.de /park.php?cat=32howard   (1548 words)

 Elston Howard   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
'''Elston Gene Howard''' (February 23, 1929-December 14, 1980) was a Major League Baseball player.
Howard was signed from the Monarchs on July 19, 1950.
He was assigned to the Yankees' farm team at Muskegon, Michigan, and after several years in the minors, played his first game for the Yankees on April 14, 1955.
elston-howard.iqnaut.net   (298 words)

 The Bull Pen - Howard or Stephenson?   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Elston Howard or Frank Howard would be a better option than Garrett Stephenson.
Unless Howard totally falls apart today against Pittsburgh, then I imagine he will be in the rotation for a good part of the season.
Howard had 10 BBs in 24 IP in AA so far this year, which scares me a bit.
www.rotojunkie.com /forums/showthread.php?t=7474   (719 words)

 New York Daily News - Baseball - 100 Classic Yankee Moments: Howard is most valuable   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Elston Howard was just about the only person in 1963 who did not believe he was the American League's Most Valuable Player.
Howard was the first African-American to win the American League MVP award after fl players had won it in the National League 12 times.
While the American League was slower to integrate than the National, Howard's performance and victory were a significant step in baseball's social progress, which began, but did not end, with Jackie Robinson.
www.nydailynews.com /sports/baseball/story/75677p-69895c.html   (205 words)

 [No title]
He was just an outstanding individual.” When Howard faced segregation during spring training in St. Petersburg, the Yankees moved to more liberal Fort Lauderdale and canceled most of their barnstorming in the segregated South.
Howard had no complaints about the Yankees, saying, “No one in the Yankee organization made me conscious of my color.” In 1955 Howard homered in his first World Series at bat.
I told him winning the MVP was like getting the Nobel Prize of baseball.” In August 1967 Howard was traded to Boston and helped the Red Sox to their first pennant in 21 years.
www.netpath.net /~bauer/players/howard.htm   (815 words)

 Sportsology.Net - Articles from Author Harvey Frommer   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
He also had to suffer through the indignity in spring training of not being able to stay with the rest of the team at their hotel in segregated St. Petersburg; he had to be put up by a family in the fl section of town.
In the fifth game, with the Yankees trailing three games to one, Howard playing left field robbed the Braves of a hit, while doubling a runner off first base.
An exceptional defensive catcher, highly regarded as a handler of pitchers, Howard pioneered the use of a hinged catcher's mitt that led to the modern one-handed catching techniques.
www.sportsology.net /harvey_frommer/article.php3?ArticleID=4591   (641 words)

 Early 1960's Elston Howard Game-Worn Yankees Batting Helmet-Rare Military Stencil Interlocking "NY"
Yogi Berra was the commander behind the plate, which kept Howard from showing his true defensive skills.
The man who wore this early 60's helmet took advantage of his opportunity, and when his career was all said and done, he finished with a.993 career fielding average, one of the highest ever.
This piece can be specifically linked to Elston by the vintage athletic tape affixed to the interior that has been markered "32." The proper "American Baseball Cap [size] 7 3/8" sticker is still in this helmet with the crown and sweatband padding still intact.
www.americanmemorabilia.com /Auction_Item.asp?auction_id=24017   (212 words)

 Elston Howard Baseball Stats by Baseball Almanac
Elston Howard was born on Saturday, February 23, 1929, in St. Louis, Missouri.
Howard was 26 years old when he broke into the big leagues on April 14, 1955, with the New York Yankees.
His biographical data, year-by-year hitting stats, fielding stats, pitching stats (where applicable), career totals, uniform numbers, salary data and miscellaneous items-of-interest are presented by Baseball Almanac on this comprehensive Elston Howard baseball stats page.
www.baseball-almanac.com /players/player.php?p=howarel01   (298 words)

 BBTF's Hall of Merit Discussion :: Elston Howard   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Howard was picked up by the Sox in early August for hurler Ron Klimkowski.
Elston Howard went 2 for 18, both singles, with an RBI and a walk while catching all 7 World Series games.
Howard was only 4 years younger than Yogi, so it's not too surprising that the run wasn't longer.
www.baseballthinkfactory.org /files/hall_of_merit/discussion/elston_howard   (3882 words)

Howard has batted home 28 runs and tallied 24 times himself proving the worth of his big bat.
Howard was not an outfielder when he joined the Monarchs in 1948, shortly agter graduation from Vashon High School in St. Louis, where he starred in baseball, track, football and basketball.
Hward was a catcher, but after working behind the plate on the night he reported, Howard was shifted to the outfield to bolster a wobbly garden defense, and immediately became a fixture.
www.truebaseball.com /elston.htm   (443 words)

 African American Registry: Baseballs first Black wins AL MVP!
Howard was the starting catcher for the New York Yankees.
Neither Mickey Mantle (hurt most of the season), nor Roger Maris got a single vote as Howard was crucial in helping the Yanks win their 4th consecutive AL Pennant.
That season Howard hit for an average of 287 with 28 home runs and 85 runs batted in (RBI) and solidifying a sturdy pitching staff.
www.aaregistry.com /african_american_history/1275/Elston_Howard_first_Black_to_win_AL_MVP   (94 words)

 Howard - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Howard Roark, a character in the novel The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand
Howard Hughes, industrialist best known for aviation, motion pictures, outlandish behavior, and his hypochondria.
Howard Rotovators, a United Kingdom maunufacturer of rotating cultivators known as rotovators
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Howard   (375 words)

 Elston Howard 1958 Game by Game Batting Logs   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Elston Howard appeared in 103 Major League games during the 1958 regular season.
The chart below is a comprehensive analysis of the games Howard appeared in, specifically relating to his 1958 hitting statistics.
If the Date is followed by an asterisk (*), Howard started during that game at the first position listed in the Position(s) column.
www.baseball-almanac.com /players/hittinglogs.php?p=howarel01&y=1958   (148 words)

 Grey Flannel Tops $2 Million in Fall Classic 2003 Auction
Three Yankees World Championship rings were featured, two from catching great Elston Howard from the 1977 and 1978 seasons, garnering $18,521 and $12,650 respectively, while Tony Cloninger's ring from 1998 tallied $15,307.
Elston Howard's Babe Ruth MVP award from the 1958 Fall Classic reached $7,653; his Gold Glove award from 1963 fetched $5,983, and his framed retired jersey presented to his wife Arlene brought in $5,358.
GFA CEO Howard Rosenkrantz commented, "We can't recall a minor league ball ever selling for such a high sum." Game-used baseball flannel shirts, A Grey Flannel trademark, fetched some eye-opening prices.
www.psacard.com /articles/article4015.chtml   (682 words)

 DETECT-O-VISION » Jeff Clement, 1B/C/DH
Another part of the story on Elston Howard involves the Yankees’ decision to break their “color barrier” in the wake of Jackie Robinson joining the Dodgers in Brooklyn.
It’s possible that part of the reason the Yankees handled Howard as you described is because of they felt they had to break the color barrier quickly to compete with the Dodgers.
After deciding Power wasn’t their guy and Howard was, they then may have decided to promote him sooner than they would have otherwise.
detectovision.com /?p=640   (3179 words)

Elston Howard sets a new season Team-Record for Hits with 11 !!!
Elston Howard sets a new season Team-Record for Hits with 12 !!!
Elston Howard sets a new season Team-Record for Doubles with 6 !!!
www.sportplanet.com /sbb/tel87/tnews9.htm   (1011 words)

 Elston Howard - BR Bullpen   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Elston Howard played the outfield in the Negro Leagues for three years, switched to catcher in three seasons in the minors, and caught for 14 years for the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox.
He hit a homer in his first World Series at bat in 1955 and tied the following World Series records: most hits, inning, 19601006 (2); most long hits, five game series, 1961 (4); most passed balls, game, 19641007 (2).
Howard was highlighted in Heroes Behind the Mask as one of the top catchers of all-time.
www.baseball-reference.com /bullpen/Elston_Howard   (227 words)

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