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Topic: Embedded system

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  Embedded system - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Embedded systems reside in machines that are expected to run continuously for years without errors, and in some cases recover by themselves if an error occurs.
A common configuration for very-high-volume embedded systems is the system on a chip, an application-specific integrated circuit, for which the CPU was purchased as intellectual property to add to the IC's design.
Embedded Debugging may be performed at different levels, depending on the facilities available, ranging from assembly- or source-level debugging with an in-circuit emulator, to output from serial debug ports, to an emulated environment running on a personal computer.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Embedded_system   (2975 words)

 Embedded system - Facts, Information, and Encyclopedia Reference article
For embedded systems that are not high volume personal computers can often be conscripted into service either by limiting the programs or by replacing the operating system with a real-time operating system.
In addition, the embedded system may be outside the reach of humans (down an oil well borehole, launched into outer space, etc.), so the embedded system must be able to restart itself even if catastrophic data corruption has taken place.
These systems often have no operating system, or a specialized embedded operating system (often a real-time operating system), or the programmer is assigned to port one of these to the new system.
www.startsurfing.com /encyclopedia/e/m/b/Embedded_computer.html   (4479 words)

 Challenges in Embedded Database System Administration   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
As an embedded system is most often dedicated to a single application or small set of tasks, the operating conditions of the system are typically better understood than those of general purpose computing environments.
As embedded systems define a specific environment and set of tasks, requiring expertise during the initial system configuration process is acceptable, and we focus our efforts on the ongoing maintenance of the system.
As embedded systems typically perform fairly simple queries, such metrics are not nearly as relevant for embedded database systems as are ease of maintenance, robustness, and small footprint.
www.sleepycat.com /docs/ref/refs/embedded.html   (4163 words)

 Embedded Systems - Wikibooks, collection of open-content textbooks
It is important to realize that embedded systems rarely have display capabilities, and if they do have displays, they are usually limited to small text-only LCD displays.
The challenge of programming an embedded system then is that it is difficult to get real-time feedback from the system without a display.
Also, embedded systems usually have very strict memory limitations, processor limitations, and speed limitations that must play a factor in designing an embedded system, and programming an embedded computer.
en.wikibooks.org /wiki/Embedded_Systems   (343 words)

 Testing embedded systems: Do you have the GuTs for it?
A real-time system is one in which the correctness of a computation not only depends on its logical correctness, but also on the time at which the result is produced.
Embedded systems are complex systems that can be composed of extremely diverse architectures ranging from tiny 8-bit micro-controllers up to large distributed systems made of multi-processor platforms.
However, two-thirds of these systems run on a real-time operating system (RTOS), either commercial off-the-shelf or in-house, and implement the concept of threads (a thread is a granule with an independent flow of control) that extend to the RTOS task or process.
www-128.ibm.com /developerworks/rational/library/459.html   (5679 words)

 Embedded Debian -- The Universal Embedded Operating System
Embedded Debian tries to strip Debian down to be a much smaller system whilst keeping all the good things.
Embedded Debian exists to encourage work on all possible methods that build from Debian's coherent source tree or use its multi-architecture build tools.
Embedded Debian is currently very much a work-in-progress: plenty of people are already using Debian in their devices and systems, but there is huge potential to make doing this easier.
www.emdebian.org   (259 words)

 Single Board Computer and Embedded Systems Manufacturer
Embedded Planet is a leading single board computer and embedded systems solution provider.
We reduce your project risk and cost by ensuring that all of your single board computer and embedded systems components are integrated and working to their highest level.
Embedded Planet recognizes that one size does not fit all in the embedded systems world.
www.embeddedplanet.com   (224 words)

 Intel® Embedded Architecture - Intel386™ Microprocessors
Embedded system designers have long understood the benefits of PC compatibility in their designs.
The embedded Intel386 processors are compatible with DOS and standard graphical windowing operating environments, as well as many popular embedded real-time operating systems.
Embedded systems developers can now take advantage of the tremendous number of tools developed for the PC industry.
www.intel.com /design/intarch/prodbref/27270903.htm   (1464 words)

 Wikiversity:Embedded System Engineering - Wikibooks, collection of open-content textbooks
Embedded system engineering is a very exciting field of engineering where devices capable of interacting with the “real world” are designed and programmed.
Embedded System Engineering is very strongly related to Computer Engineering, and there will be strong overlap between the two curricula.
Computer Engineering is more of a balanced merger between CS and EE topics, where as Embedded Systems engineering is heavily lopsided in favor of the CS topics.
en.wikibooks.org /wiki/Wikiversity:Embedded_System_Engineering   (158 words)

 Embedded System Industry Applications
From in-orbit embedded systems to jumbo jets to vital battlefield networks, designers of mission-critical aerospace and defense systems requiring real-time performance, scalability, and high-availability facilities consistently turn to the LynxOS® RTOS and the LynxOS-178 RTOS for software certification to DO-178B.
As the number of powerful embedded processors in consumer devices continues to rise, the BlueCat® Linux®; operating system provides a highly reliable and royalty-free option for systems designers.
Designers of industrial and process control systems know from experience that LynuxWorks operating systems provide the security and reliability that their industrial applications require.
www.lynuxworks.com /solutions/index.php3   (434 words)

 What is embedded system? - A Word Definition From the Webopedia Computer Dictionary
A specialized computer system that is part of a larger system or machine.
Typically, an embedded system is housed on a single microprocessor board with the programs stored in ROM.
Some embedded systems include an operating system, but many are so specialized that the entire logic can be implemented as a single program.
www.webopedia.com /TERM/E/embedded_system.html   (355 words)

 Embedded System Overview
The functioning of the embedded system is determined by an application program or firmware, which enables the embedded system to do things for a specific application.
With all these going into the Embedded System, there may be need to develop specialized host side Device Drivers to interface with the Embedded System.
Azure has worked on different domains in Embedded System solutions and developed it's expertise in the full range of software - from Firmware development to host side drivers and Management applications.
www.azuresys.com /EmbSysOview.htm   (129 words)

 ROM-DOS Embedded Operating System
ROM-DOS is suitable for a number of rugged applications such as embedded controllers, port-able instruments, industrial data acquisition and control, vehicle data logging, security systems, medical instrumentation, and diskless systems.
The ROM-DOS operating system enables a user to place the DOS application in a disk-based or diskless embedded system and have it start running immediately after power is applied.
All development can be done on a PC and the code debugged on either a PC or the target system, which completes the project in the shortest time.
developer.winsystems.com /products/development/romdos622.html   (554 words)

 Reference.com/Encyclopedia/Embedded system
Embedded systems are often mass-produced, so the cost savings may be multipled by millions of items.
Generally, the embedded system tests subsystems, and switches redundant spares on line, or incorporates "limp modes" that provide partial function.
Despite the increased cost in hardware, this type of embeded system is increasing in popularity, especially on the more powerful embedded devices such as Wireless Routers and GPS Navigation Systems.
www.reference.com /browse/wiki/Embedded_system   (2783 words)

 Embedded Operating System Books: Linux, FreeBSD, Windows XP Embedded, eCOS, uCOS, Free DOS
Linux is becoming the OS of choice for embedded system designers and engineers, due to its real-time power and flexibility.
The FreeBSD operating system has become a popular OS choice for embedded systems due to its small size and the fact that it is free to users.
Topics covered in the book include core operating system components, processes, process scheduling, virtual memory, device drivers and debugging, as these are the core features necessary for embedded system developers.
www.ucpros.com /Resources/books_embedded_operating_system.htm   (962 words)

 Embedded operating system - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
An embedded operating system is an operating system for embedded computer systems.
These operating systems are designed to be very compact and efficient, forsaking many functionalities that non-embedded computer operating systems provide and which may not be used by the specialized applications they run.
This page was last modified 10:55, 18 August 2006.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Embedded_operating_system   (84 words)

 Embedded systems Europe   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Embedded Systems Europe is the pan-European magazine covering the fastest growing sector of the electronics industry.
It is focussed on providing embedded systems engineers with the information they need to keep them informed in a fast moving and highly competitive market.
So, readers can be sure that Embedded Systems will educate, advise and stimulate throughout the year.
www.embedded.com /europe   (413 words)

 Embedded System Group
More than 90 percent of existing computer systems are embedded systems consisting of both hardware and software components.
As we are marching forward in the 21 century, embedded systems will permeate into every aspect of our daily life.
Advances in process technology and ever increasing demand of smarter, cheaper, and power-conscious embedded systems have fueled the needs for better methodologies and tools to design, analyze, implement and deploy such systems.
www.nd.edu /~codes   (115 words)

 Gentoo Linux Projects -- Embedded Gentoo
Also included is the support of specific types of embedded systems and development tools.
This includes creating a system for cross compiling and building the image for an embedded system on a Gentoo workstation.
Also note that some of our embedded developers may be willing to support your device for you on a contract basis for the planning, building, regression, optimization, deployment and update phases of your project.
www.gentoo.org /proj/en/base/embedded/index.xml   (413 words)

 Powerful virtual system prototypes for embedded system development
A VaST virtual system prototype simulates fast enough to enable architects to evaluate architectures under real software loads, including real-time operating systems, protocol stacks and large software libraries — no need to compromise by running just a small sample of the software.
Operating system choice — determine which operating system (OS) to use by running the actual OS in the target hardware environment and assessing impact in response time, resource requirements, power consumption and system performance.
System interaction — quantify the behavior of experimental systems in the context of their projected use; wireless and telecommunications devices in a network system; automotive electronics devices running with mechanical model.
www.vastsystems.com /solutions-architecture-systems.html   (437 words)

 Embedded Systems Design & Software Development, embedded systems design. Embedded operating system - linux, ...
Embedded Systems Design and Software Development, embedded systems design.
Itransition has a profound expertise in embedded software development for wide range of target platform and operating systems, including real-time OS.
Embedded software solutions, implemented by Itransition, are widely used in measuring equipment, industrial automation, telecommunication and mobile electronics.
www.itransition.com /services/software-development-embedded-systems.php   (190 words)

 Embedded System
The embedded system is a combination of computer hardware and software designed to perform a specific function within a given time frame.
The embedded technology has immense scope for those choosing a career in this line since the industrial sectors have decided to expand the range of their products to strike a competitive bid and also due to the wide application of this system.
The ever increasing demand for products having certain level of intelligence has to led to the rapid growth of embedded technology, which has subsequently made embedded professionals to the most sought-after and highly paid professionals with a wide range of global opportunities to choose from.
www.vaaraahi.com /embedded.htm   (237 words)

 Microsoft Windows Embedded operating system platforms, downloads, updates, news, and more. Windows CE, Windows XP ...
Learn more about Windows XP Embedded system configuration, device platform development, and component authoring by watching these tutorials on both basic and advanced topics.
Windows Embedded operating systems are used in a range of devices you already interact with.
This tutorial explains the differences between the Windows XP operating system, Windows XP Embedded operating system, and Windows CE operating system, and walks you through the typical steps you need to configure, build, and boot a Windows XP Embedded operating system image.
msdn.microsoft.com /embedded/getstart/basics/tutorialsxpe/default.aspx   (804 words)

 NetBSD Embedded Systems
The NetBSD Operating System is the most portable OS in the world, and many of the supported hardware platforms are suited for embedded applications.
These types of systems are mainly singular function systems, a limited set of specific function systems or a part of an overall system.
Among the more popular processor families for embedded systems are MIPS, PowerPC, ARM, Xscale and Super-H. Visit the main Platforms(ports) page for more information about different architectures supported by NetBSD.
www.netbsd.org /Misc/embed.html   (308 words)

 LinuxDevices.com -- your embedded Linux resource
They cover a range of interesting (though not necessarily embedded) technical topics, primarily related to Linux and open source system development.
Embedded Java runtime goes free — Belgian embedded Java specialist /k/ (pronounced "kah") will release its entire Java runtime environment for embedded systems under a BSD-like open source license.
Implementing an embedded Linux web app framework — Foreword -- This article describes a way to build embedded Linux web applications that follow the "Model, View, Controller" (MVC) software architecture popular nowadays among enterprise web application developers, yet are capable of running on a 130MHz ARM processor.
www.linuxdevices.com   (1725 words)

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