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Topic: Emblem of Bahrain

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In the News (Sat 20 Jul 19)

  Encyclopedia :: encyclopedia : Emblem   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
An emblem is an object or a representation of a object.
A metal emblem of a cockle shell sewn onto the hat identied a medieval pilgrim to the shrine of Santiago de Compostela.
The lion passant serves as the emblem of England, the lion rampant as the emblem of Scotland.
www.hallencyclopedia.com /Emblem   (534 words)

 The Definitive Guide to Bahrain XXXX   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
When Bahrain was elected to head the United Nations General Assembly in 2006 it appointed lawyer and women's rights activist Haya bint Rashid Al Khalifa as the President of the United Nations General Assembly, only the third woman in history to hold the post.
Bahrain is sometimes described as the 'Middle East lite': a country that mixes thoroughly modern infrastructure with a definite Gulf identity, but unlike other countries in the region its prosperity is not solely a reflection of the size of its oil wealth, but also related to the creation of an indigenous middle class.
Bahrain University has been established for standard undergraduate and graduate study, and the College of Health Sciences--operating under the direction of the Ministry of Health--trains physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and paramedics.
www.xxxx.com /s/Bahrain   (3275 words)

 Bahrain Tourism
Under the terms of Amiri decree No. (6), financial, of 1964, the Bahrain Currency Board was formed and given the authority to issue the official currency of the Kingdom of Bahrain.
The Kingdom of Bahrain had, throughout the fourteen years since the first issue of the Bahraini Dinar in 1979, witnessed substantial economic growth and development which gained it high standing among the world's family of nations.
They also contain official documents issued by the Bahrain Monetary Agency pertaining to the issue of Bahraini banknotes and coins, old and new photographs which demonstrate the role of the Agency in receiving and delivering currency from and to commercial banks, and in arrangements for clearing cheques.
www.bahraintourism.com /currency_museum.htm   (1938 words)

 Banking and Finance
Q: As Bahrain has worked to diversify its economy away from a dependence on the fluctuating revenues brought in by oil and petrochemicals, banking and finance have emerged as a shining jewel for the economy of Bahrain.
The Government of Bahrain was amongst the first to recognise the importance of the concept of Islamic banking and finance and has been in the forefront of this international phenomenon from the outset.
A: Bahrain was the first Gulf state to produce oil, in 1932, and American industry and capital was in the forefront of that historical development.
www.internationalspecialreports.com /middleeast/01/bahrain/banking_finance   (2124 words)

 press   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
Bahrain was maintaining its status to be part of a bigger security zone but the day-to-day administration remained in the hands of the natives.
Bahrain's government maintained its policy of providing no information concerning the numbers or identities of persons arrested, tried, convicted, acquitted, or released under the State Security Law or brought before the State Security Court, where procedures do not meet basic fair trial standards and verdicts were not subject to appeal.
According to Bahrain Brief, a London-based pro-government newsletter, the committee's duties were to "scrutinize legislation," investigate reports of abuses, and "raise awareness within society that the government considers the protection of human rights a priority." Bahrain Brief also reported that in February the committee was asked to examine the treatment of foreign workers.
vob.org /english/news-db/news00/dec00.htm   (13921 words)

 Part One The State
Bahrain is an Arab Islamic State, independent and fully sovereign, and its people are part of the Arab nation.
All rules of succession shall be regulated by a special Amiri decree which shall be of a constitutional nature and thus shall not be amended except in accordance with Article 104 of this Constitution.
The system of government in Bahrain is democratic, under which sovereignty lies with the people, the source of all powers.
www.cmseducation.org /wconsts/bahrain.html   (7488 words)

 ICL - Bahrain Constitution
The Kingdom of Bahrain is a fully sovereign, independent Islamic Arab State whose population is part of the Arab nation and whose territory is part of the great Arab homeland.
The regime of the Kingdom of Bahrain is that of a hereditary constitutional monarchy, which has been handed down by the late Sheikh Isa bin Salman Al Khalifa to his eldest son Sheikh Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, the King.
The system of government in the Kingdom of Bahrain is democratic, sovereignty being in the hands of the people, the source of all powers.
www.oefre.unibe.ch /law/icl/ba00000_.html   (8980 words)

 Medals of the State of Bahrain (IEPE)
Bahrain became independent from British "guidance" in 1971.
The center is gold and circular and has the state emblem in red and white enamel, surrounded by an Arabic legend "???" or "???".
Evidence suggests this medal was awarded to British troops who served in Bahrain, although it was not - apparently - allowed to be worn.
faculty.winthrop.edu /haynese/medals/bahrain.html   (747 words)

 FORMULA ONE: Bahrain GP preview - Jordan-Ford.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
The forthcoming inaugural Bahrain Grand Prix will be momentous as the first Formula One race in the Middle East, and it is also significant for Jordan Ford as the hosting Kingdom of Bahrain is a new partner of the team for 2004.
The symbol to adorn the Jordan Ford cars at the Bahrain Grand Prix will for the first time be unveiled by His Highness the Crown Prince himself, along with Eddie Jordan and the team's drivers, on Thursday 1 April at 1700hrs at the Bahrain International Circuit.
Bahrain is breaking new ground and I think it's very commendable.
www.crash.net /news_view~cid~1~id~88494~pid~0.htm   (791 words)

 Mahmood’s Den · The Bahrain Constitution - 2002
Everyone has the right to express his opinion and publish it by word of mouth, in writing or otherwise under the rules and conditions laid down by law, provided that the fundamental beliefs of Islamic doctrine are not infringed, the unity of the people is not prejudiced, and discord or sectarianism is not aroused.
Article 24 of the Bahrain Constitution: With due regard for the provisions of the preceding Article, the freedom of the press, printing and publishing is guaranteed under the rules and conditions laid down by law.
Article 26 of the Bahrain Constitution: The freedom of postal, telegraphic and electronic communication is safeguarded and its confidentiality is guaranteed.
mahmood.tv /?page_id=2231   (9439 words)

 ICL - Bahrain - Old Constitution (1973)
(d) The system of government in Bahrain is democratic, under which sovereignty lies with the people, the source of all powers.
Islam shall be the religion of the State, Islamic Sharia a main source of legislation, and Arabic the official language.
(c) Under no circumstances shall the principle of the hereditary rule of Bahrain, the principle of liberty and equality set forth in this Constitution, as well as Article 2 thereof, be proposed for amendment.
www.oefre.unibe.ch /law/icl/ba01000_.html   (7919 words)

 emblem - OneLook Dictionary Search
EMBLEM : 1911 edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica [home, info]
Phrases that include emblem: floral emblem, national emblem, anti-nuclear emblem, emblem of albania, emblem of bahrain, more...
Words similar to emblem: emblemed, embleming, insignia, trademark, more...
www.onelook.com /?w=emblem&ls=a   (243 words)

 Motorsport.com: News channel
Under the patronage of His Highness the Crown Prince Shaikh Salman bin Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, the Kingdom of Bahrain has initiated a unique and exciting idea for promoting a number of diverse international humanitarian, charitable and cultural messages in association with the Jordan Formula One team.
Thanks to Bahrain providing space on the car to highlight charitable and humanitarian causes, they will be brought to the attention of the millions of viewers who watch each Grand Prix.
At each Grand Prix we will unveil a new emblem and there will be a range of projects supporting this.
www.motorsport.com /news/article.asp?ID=146925&FS=F1   (385 words)

 Bahrain: $100m new airline boost for economy - Zawya.com | Middle East Business News
The private airline to be established in Bahrain will have a capital of $100 million, while the paid-up capital will be $40 million, sources told the Tribune last night.
The sources said that the investors will be six companies from Bahrain and a group of Saudi firms, stressing that no individual investor will be involved in the venture.
Hotel-owners and travel and tourism agents welcomed the establishment of an airline carrying the Bahrain emblem, saying that it would invigorate the national economy.
www.zawya.com /story.cfm/sidZAWYA20040615065310   (334 words)

The Royal Emblem depicts the Royal Cipher of His Majesty the King in a golden yellow colour, the colour of His Majesty’s day of Birth.
It is trimmed in gold on a golden blue background, which is the colour of the Monarchy, and encircled by diamonds, first of gems, meaning the wise men, important authors of the court, well known craftsmen, important elephants, graceful ladies, valiant soldiers, courtiers.
All the background of the Emblem is coloured green mixed gold, which means: the might of the Royal day of Birth and also the prosperity and fertility of the land which His Majesty has reigned over and nurtured most strenuously ever since He acceded to the Throne.
www.tatnews.org /THAILAND_GRAND_EVENTS/2839.asp   (314 words)

 Bahrain Bank Accounts Bahrain Company Formations Bahrain Offshore Banking Bahrain Tax Haven Bahrain Offshore Bank ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
Bahrain's first written constitution was drafted in 1991; approved by referendum 14 March 1993; came into force 4 May 1993
Bahrain's comparative advantage has recently eroded as the economies of neighboring France and Spain have been opened up, providing broader availability of goods and lower tariffs.
Bahrain is a member of the EU Customs Union and is treated as an EU member for trade in manufactured goods (no tariffs) and as a non-EU member for agricultural products.
www.swissoffshoreservices.com /bahrain.htm   (1017 words)

 The Country & People of Bahrain
Bahrain established closer ties with other Persian Gulf states, particularly Saudi Arabia, in the early 1980s, and Bahraini territory was used by coalition forces during the 1991 Persian Gulf War.
A new national charter, establishing a constitutional monarchy, was approved in 2001, and Bahrain was proclaimed a kingdom in 2002.
Bahrain Specialist Hospital Committed to raising the standards of healthcare in Bahrain and the region
www.hejleh.com /countries/bahrain.html   (3059 words)

 Southwest Asia Service Medal   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
At sea, the war zone is defined as the Persian Gulf, Red Sea, Gulf of Oman, Gulf of Aden and portions of the Arabian Sea.
The medal is suspended from a green ribbon with red, fl and white stripes, representing flags of Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.
The medal depicts a Royal Palm with crossed sabers - emblems of Saudi Arabia - superimposed on a sunburst, symbolizing the light of freedom "which once again shines over Kuwait." Inside the sun emblem is a globe featuring the Arabian Peninsula.
www.history.navy.mil /medals/swasia.htm   (408 words)

 Ford Racing: Team Ford Racing News
Melbourne, Australia — Under the patronage of His Highness the Crown Prince Shaikh Salman bin Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, the Kingdom of Bahrain has initiated a unique idea for promoting a number of diverse international humanitarian, charitable and cultural messages in association with the Jordan Formula One team.
I am proud that Bahrain is associated with this fresh and inspired way of communicating sensitive and yet significant issues.”
The first symbol - an image of a dove, representing peace - was unveiled on the Jordan EJ14 in the pit lane at the Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne, today.
www.fordracing.com /news/detail/?article=24466   (350 words)

 World Flags 101
They are mainly associated with geographical regions, countries and nations, but if you look around you will find them as symbols of many other walks of life.
A flag is basically a piece of material that is flown from a mast or pole, but once you start adding coloring, designs and emblems to that piece of cloth you have a work of art.
For example, ancient pirates used flags decorated with the feared skull and crossbones emblem, and the Nazis used a flag decorated with a swastika.
www.worldflags101.com   (519 words)

 Bahrain Tribune Daily Newspaper, Bahrain
n Bahrain’s membership in the copyrights and executive regulations and objectives to organise rules and regulations to receive the rights of inventions.
The Cabinet approved some of the laws related to ownership of land for public use and regulating buildings and the strategy of construction and demarcation of such lands.
In light of the constant development of Bahrain and various projects to provide the best services, the Cabinet reviewed the development of King Faisal road which aims to meet needs of Bahrain Financial Harbour and the Sheraton Towers and to ease traffic in the area.
www.bahraintribune.com /ArticleDetail.asp?CategoryId=1&ArticleId=43432   (519 words)

 FIFA.com The Official web site of the Fédération Internationale de Football Association
Park, who scored arguably the goal of the tournament to knock Portugal out of the FIFA World Cup™, was a constant threat against Bahrain and could prove even more influential against Iran given an extra day of training with the team.
As during the FIFA World Cup™, when they were granted exemption from military service, the South Korean players have the same incentive this time, provided they actually win the Asian Games title.However, Iran will have other ideas, despite failing to impress against Kuwait, settled by a superb free-kick from midfielder Eman Mobali.
Any kind of medal would be a huge achievement for the Thais but they should find that Japan have a little too much tactical know-how in their semi-final at Ulsan's World Cup stadium.
www.fifa.com /en/news/index/0,1464,44540,00.html   (588 words)

 Bahrain News Agency
Meanwhile, the Minister of Finance said that percentage of increase in this sector was good and that the government was exerting efforts towards the Bahrainisation of jobs which serves the economic development in the Kingdom.
Then the council discussed the final opinion related to the draft law modifying the Kingdom of Bahrain emblem submitted by Royal decree no. 72 for 2005 which was approved.
Then the council reviewed that articles of the draft law of which they approved some and postponed the remaining articles for the upcoming meeting for further study.
english.bna.bh /?ID=44906   (240 words)

 Custom Coffee Mugs   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
Due to the increasing number of different emblems, we have divided this ordering section into sections by branch of service and other categories.
From there, you will have the option to select the branch emblem, command or other emblems that are associated with that branch.
Since we have a couple of thousand emblems, If you do not see an emblem listed that you would like, please email us at sales@serviceflags.com.
www.serviceflags.com /mugmain.htm   (211 words)

 The World Factbook 2004 -- Field Listing - Flag description   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
two equal horizontal bands of red (top) and fl with a centered yellow emblem consisting of a five-pointed star within half a cogwheel crossed by a machete (in the style of a hammer and sickle)
red with the Three Legs of Man emblem (Trinacria), in the center; the three legs are joined at the thigh and bent at the knee; in order to have the toes pointing clockwise on both sides of the flag, a two-sided emblem is used
three horizontal bands of white, red, and green of equal width with a broad, vertical, red band on the hoist side; the national emblem (a khanjar dagger in its sheath superimposed on two crossed swords in scabbards) in white is centered at the top of the vertical band
www.brainyatlas.com /fields/2081.html   (6191 words)

 pitpass - the latest, hottest F1 & A1GP news
Intermittent rain showers persisted through free practice today, limiting Jordan Ford's progress with the weekend's programme, however the team was able to accomplish some tyre evaluation with Timo Glock and wet set-up with Giorgio Pantano and Nick Heidfeld.
This weekend the Jordan cars' "Message from Bahrain" is the emblem of DATA (Debt, AIDS, Trade, Africa), an organisation which aims to raise awareness about and spark response to crises it sees in Africa: unpayable Debts, uncontrolled spread of AIDS, and unfair Trade rules which keep Africans poor.
The organisation was founded in 2002 by Bono, the lead singer of U2, along with Bobby Shriver and activists from the Jubilee 2000 Drop the Debt campaign.
www.pitpass.com /fes_php/pitpass_news_item.php?fes_art_id=21542   (465 words)

 bahrain Holiday and Flight Information. Including Fly Drive, and Package Holidays   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
The islands of Bahrain, positioned in the middle south of the Persian Gulf, have attracted the attention of many...
We aim to ensure that Bahrain International Airport offers the most...
Bahrain International Airport is the premier hub airport in the Middle East...
www.askvicki.co.uk /cgi-bin/find/smartsearch.cgi?keywords=Bahrain   (244 words)

 SMU Toastmasters
Experience abroad was the impetus for Matt to expand his professional reach and attend university.
Matt plans to study in Beijing, China this summer at an intensive language institute.
The names "Toastmasters International," "Toastmasters," and the Toastmasters International emblem are trademarks protected in the United States, Canada, and other countries where Toastmasters Clubs exist.
people.smu.edu /toastmasters/bios/m_heaviside.html   (180 words)

 Flags on stamps of Bahrain
(Bahrain flag, map, and Shaikh Isa bin Sulman al-Khalifa)
(Divers on dhow (note Bahrain flag on stern))
(Bahrain flag and Shaikh Isa bin Sulman al-Khalifa)
flagspot.net /flags/b(-bh.html   (183 words)

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