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Topic: Emerson, Lake and Palmer Live at the Isle of Wight Festival 1970

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  Emerson, Lake and Palmer Live at the Isle of Wight Festival 1970 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Emerson, Lake and Palmer Live at the Isle of Wight Festival 1970
Emerson, Lake and Palmer Live at the Isle of Wight Festival 1970 is an album by British progressive rock band Emerson, Lake and Palmer, recorded at the Isle of Wight Festival in 1970 and released on CD in 1997.
Live at the Isle of Wight Festival 1970 has a running time of 68 minutes and 1 second spread amongst six tracks, one of which has multiple sections:
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Emerson,_Lake_and_Palmer_Live_at_the_Isle_of_Wight_Festival_1970   (198 words)

 Emerson, Lake & Palmer   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-21)
The March 1971 live recording (Newcastle, UK) of the band's interpretation of Modest Mussorgsky's Pictures at an Exhibition was issued as a low-priced record, the success of which highly contributed to the band's overall popularity.
(Palmer declined to participate in a reunion, preferring to stay with Asia.) In 1987, Emerson and Palmer joined with Robert Berry to form the band 3.
Lake admitted that he did not train his voice: a few live shows were generally enough to get it in shape, he claimed.
bopedia.com /en/wikipedia/e/em/emerson__lake___palmer.html   (949 words)

 Emerson, Lake & Palmer - Biocrawler   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-21)
Emerson, Lake and Palmer as shown on the cover for their 1972 album Trilogy.
Their extravagant and often aggressive live shows received much criticism in this regard – although in retrospect it was all rather small change compared to later rock spectacles: the theatrics were limited to a Persian carpet, a spinning grand piano, a few bangs on huge Chinese cymbals and a Hammond organ being molested on stage.
Carl Palmer (http://www.carlpalmer.com/)bg:Emerson, Lake and Palmerfr:Emerson, Lake and Palmer
www.biocrawler.com /encyclopedia/Emerson,_Lake_&_Palmer   (1207 words)

 Emerson, Lake and Palmer
Emerson, Lake and Palmer were one of rock and roll's earliest "supergroups" who were formed from members of three already successful bands, The Nice, King Crimson and Atomic Rooster.
Emerson, Lake and Palmer were forced to head to Compass Point Studios in The Bahamas to record what would become an album called "Love Beach", a disjointed, uninspired collection of songs released in mid 1979, It also marked the end of ELP for 12 years.
Palmer was still contracted to Asia and was unable to participate, but gave his blessing to Emerson and Lake to work together again.
www.classicbands.com /elp.html   (3360 words)

 Greg Lake - TvWiki, the free encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-21)
Greg Lake (born November 10, 1947 in Dorset, England) is a British bassist, guitarist, vocalist, songwriter and producer.
Lake was a founding member of the original incarnation of the British group King Crimson, and was an eponymous member of the supergroup Emerson, Lake and Palmer.
Lake is a key player in modern music as King Crimson's debut album, "In the Court of the Crimson King," forever changed the face of music.
www.tvwiki.tv /wiki/Greg_Lake   (309 words)

 Emerson, Lake and Palmer - Live At The Isle Of Wight Festival
The Isle of Wight Festival of 1970 has enjoyed a bit of resurgence lately thanks to the video release of a movie of the festival, with a soundtrack, plus individual performance releases by the Who, Jimi Hendrix, the Doors and Emerson, Lake and Palmer.
Whereas some of the acts who appeared at the Isle of Wight might sooner put it behind them or not even live to tell about it, ELP recalls the event as a monumemtal moment in the history of the band.
LIVE AT THE ISLE OF WIGHT FESTIVAL is available on ELP's own Manitcore records, exclusively through the ELP Web site.
www.vintagerock.com /wight.html   (624 words)

 Progressive Rock Music Discography (Albums, DVDs Videos and compilations), MP3 and album reviews
They were sold as one of the first rock supergroups, with Keith Emerson coming from the (at times excellent but often uneven) The Nice, Greg Lake from King Crimson, who arguably were at their best when he was in the line-up, and Carl Palmer from the terrific heavy prog act Atomic Rooster.
It's almost as good as the studio version was to these ears, and it's a shame that this classic statement of intent (it was the first song on their first album) when it actually got released doesn't seemed to have been performed a great deal after this early point in their career.
In truth, this version is almost as good as the live version that was filmed for cinema release later in the same year, though not quite as good as the live album version.
www.progarchives.com /Review.asp?id=64404   (723 words)

With King Crimson bassist Lake and former Arthur Brown drummer Palmer, Emerson formed the new band in 1970.
Emerson had a British solo hit with the boogie-woogie standard 'Honky Tonk Train Blues' (1976), while Lake joined Johnny Marks as the writer of what seemed set to become one of the perennial Christmas songs ('I Believe in Father Christmas').
Emerson did film scores (Inferno, 1980, and Nighthawks, 1981), Lake a solo album (Chrysalis, 1981), while Palmer made an album with PM (Ariola, 1980) before joining Yes guitarist Steve Howe in a new supergroup, Asia, whose first album spent nine weeks at No. 1 in America in 1982.
www.musicstories.net /EMERSON_LAKE_AND_PALMER.htm   (689 words)

 ELP - Biography
The Isle Of Wight, with its all star line up that included Jimi Hendrix, The Who, Free, Sly and The Family Stone, was a very unnerving experience for the young band, who certainly rose to the occasion.
Emerson Lake and Powell released their debut LP in 1986 and began rehearsing in England for a US tour.
Emerson cut more tracks for a solo album; Lake cut several songs with Asia's Geoff Downes for a band project that was eventually shelved; and Palmer returned to the Asia line up for a series of tours.
www.emersonlakepalmer.com /bio.html   (5497 words)

 Category:Emerson, Lake & Palmer albums - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
This category contains articles about albums released by Emerson, Lake and Palmer.
Pages in category "Emerson, Lake and Palmer albums"
Emerson, Lake and Palmer Live at the Royal Albert Hall
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Category:Emerson,_Lake_&_Palmer_albums   (104 words)

 Emerson, Lake & Palmer - Wikipedia Indonesia, ensiklopedia bebas berbahasa Indonesia
Emerson, Lake and Palmer (ELP) adalah grup musik rock progresif dari Britania Raya, salah satu yang paling populer dengan penjualan album di atas 30 juta keping dan konser-konser besar di seluruh dunia.
Ladies and Gentlemen, Emerson, Lake and Palmer (live triple)
(1993) Emerson, Lake and Palmer Live at the Royal Albert Hall (live)
id.wikipedia.org /wiki/Emerson_lake_and_palmer   (188 words)

 EMERSON, LAKE AND PALMER   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-21)
Emerson, Lake and Palmer (ELP) comprised Keith Emerson (keyboards), Greg Lake (vocals/bass) and Carl Palmer (percussion).
Emerson, Lake and Palmer each spent some time pursuing solo careers for a while during the mid 1970s.
Emerson and Lake collaborated with drummer Cozy Powell instead to release "Emerson, Lake and Powell".
www.digital-daydreams.com /enc/composers/show_composer.php?id=48   (351 words)

 Emerson, Lake & Palmer | Isle of Wight 1970: The Birth of a Band
Isle of Wight 1970: The Birth of a Band
Lake’s voice falls flat on occasion, and the occasional cue is missed—most notably during “Rondo,” a high-energy adaptation of jazz pianist Dave Brubeck’s “Blue Rondo a la Turk” where Lake completely loses the changes, often catching up at the last moment.
Still, Isle of Wight 1970 and the seventy-minute documentary on the DVD side, The Birth of a Band—featuring live footage from the performance and recent interviews—paint a vivid picture of a group that could only have emerged at a time when nothing was off-limits and anything was possible.
www.allaboutjazz.com /php/article.php?id=21397   (628 words)

 Emerson Lake & Palmer - Live at Montreux
Emerson Lake and Palmer - Live at Montreux
Emerson is the greatest keyboardist of all times, Palmer is the greatest percussionist of all times and Lake is in no way short on talent.
Lakes voice is a little deeper but still has the unique sound that makes this band complete.
disks.dirof.com /product/b00069ydxu.html   (549 words)

 Emerson, Lake & Palmer
Emerson is clearly running out of ideas, as he recycles his stereotypical playing for the zillionth time on endless synth/organ/piano solos, and Lake isn't really any better.
The album mostly showcases Lake: Emerson, who just had had an operation on his right hand, never engages in lengthy piano solos or synth noodlings (which doesn't mean that the album is totally deprived of keyboard work, though; it's just a little more restrained), while Palmer still sticks in the background.
Lake's voice has somewhat improved since his Black Moon problems (he quit smoking, they say), but it's still weaker, hoarser and darker than before; Palmer still relies too much on electronics; and Emerson is a little bit too hard on hi-tech synths that give the whole performance a somewhat mechanical and artificial feel.
starling.rinet.ru /music/elp.htm   (13184 words)

 Emerson, Lake And Palmer Artistfacts
Lake was previously in King Crimson, Emerson was in The Nice.
In 1986, Emerson and Lake reformed the group with Cozy Powell on drums.
In 1972, they won for Top Group, British and International; Emerson as the top keyboard man; Palmerís trophy as top drummer; Lake's as the world's most accomplished producer; ELP as the top pop arrangers; and finally the shared award, Keith Emerson and Greg Lake taking honors as the world's top composers.
www.artistfacts.com /detail.php?id=144&   (401 words)

 Emerson, Lake & Palmer [www.progweed.net]
Emerson, Lake and Palmer were progressive rock's biggest super heroes during the 1970s, and paradoxically responsible both for some of the highlights, and lowlights, of our beloved genre.
Emerson is obviously an awe-inspiring keyboardist and pianist, and the playing here is extremely wanky, not to mention Lake's unneccesary lyrical contributions.
Emerson Lake & Palmer are the easiest targets when it comes to criticizing the entire progressive rock genre.
www.progweed.net /reviews/elp/elp-band.html   (2264 words)

 Isle of Wight   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-21)
On August 31, 1970, Leonard Cohen performed at the Isle of Wight Rock Festival.
The three LP set The First Great Rock Festivals of the Seventies was released by Columbia in approximately 1971 - a combination of the Isle of Wight Festival and the Atlanta Pop Festival.
Isle of Wight - 1970 released by Essential, a division of Castle Communications, England, in 1995.
www.leonardcohenfiles.com /tour1.html   (214 words)

There is even footage of Emerson being rotated whilst seated at his grand piano, this accompanying his recollection of it at the California Jam.
Lake did get a little fuller, but his voice sounds as good as it ever did.
Based on the interviews here, one gets the sense that Emerson wanted to keep heading in a progressive direction (that'd be progressive in dictionary terms), while Lake wanted to head in a more commercial direction.
www.progressiveworld.net /emersonlakeandpalmerdvd.html   (754 words)

 MTV Music | Emerson, Lake & Palmer - CD's, Albums, Tracks | Live at the Isle of Wight Festival 1970
Emerson, Lake & Palmer were progressive rock's first supergroup.
Greeted by the rock press and the public as something akin to conquering heroes, they succeeded in broadening the audience for progressive rock from hundreds of thousands into tens of millions of listeners, creating a major radio phenomenon as well.
Emerson, Lake and Palmer Discuss the Isle of Wight FestivalLength: 06:12
www.mtv.com /music/artist/emerson_lake_palmer/albums.jhtml?albumId=863268   (211 words)

 Emerson, Lake And Palmer   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-21)
After making their debut at the Guildhall, Plymouth, they appeared at the much-publicized 1970 Isle of Wight Festival.
The collaboration produced one chart album Emerson, Lake And Powell, which included the pomp of Holst among the many classical influences.
When Powell quit, Palmer regrouped with his colleagues for a projected album in 1987, but the sessions proved unfruitful.
musicstore.mymmode.com /artist.do?artistID=6385750   (573 words)

 Emerson, Lake and Palmer-The Birth of a Band: Isle of Wight Festival (1970)
Emerson, Lake and Palmer-The Birth of a Band: Isle of Wight Festival (1970)
In August 1970, 600 000 people, the largest audience in the history of pop music, attended the Isle Of Wight Festival and experienced the debut performance of a new "supergroup".
Intercut with the live footage from the show, this film features brand new interviews with Keith Emerson, Greg Lake and Carl Palmer as well as their then manager John Gaydon and creates a vivid portrait of the birth of a band.
www.michaeldvd.com.au /Discs/Disc.asp?ID=20667   (172 words)

 EMERSON LAKE & PALMER (ELP) Live At The Isle Of Wight Festival 1970 reviews and MP3
There is no footage of the complete ELP Live At Isle Of Wight unfortunately.
Emerson Lake and Powell: Live In Concert - Lakeland Florida - An "Official" Bootleg
The Birth Of A Band - Isle Of Wight Festival 1970
www.progarchives.com /Progressive_rock_discography_CD.asp?cd_id=2639   (1790 words)

The sound is very, very good however, as you can hear Emerson's keyboards, Palmer's drums and Lake's bass with such clarity as to pick out individual notes.
Emerson seems pleasantly insane during parts of the Tarkus medley, during "Iconoclast," more so than on the studio version, as sqeaks, pips, shreaks, etc. "Knife Edge" sounds menacing at first, owing to Lake's deepend vocal tones, matched by the darker bass tones.
As I said, at an hour, this CD zips by rather quickly, the pieces they've chosen keep things moving, even during the still "Still..." It is a live CD that wears well after repeated listenings, which isn't always the case.
www.progressiveworld.net /emersonlakeandpalmer2.html   (659 words)

 Emerson, Lake and Palmer's Manticore Records
Emerson, Lake and Palmer were one of the very first supergroups having converged from such groups as The Nice, King Crimson, Atomic Rooster and the Crazy World of Arthur Brown.
Featuring the virtuoso keyboard skills of Keith Emerson, the soaring vocals of Greg Lake and the powerhouse drumming of Carl Palmer, the band became one of the first 'Arena Rock' bands marrying neo-classical Hammond organ motifs to loud rock and roll and dazzling special effects.
Greg Lake is a founding member and voice of King Crimson and Emerson Lake and Palmer.
www.artist-shop.com /manticore   (3397 words)

 ShopEMI.com : Emerson, Lake & Palmer : "Live At The Isle of Wight 1970"   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-21)
Continuing our releases from Oscar-winning director Murray Lerners filming of the 1970 Isle Of Wight Festival, we have Emerson Lake and Palmer’s The Birth Of A Band.
It was ELP’s first proper live concert, their only previous gig having been a warm up in Plymouth the previous night.
Playing in front of 600,000 people, at what remains the biggest festival in rock history, they became overnight stars with the press raving about their virtuosity and daring.
www.shopemi.com /album_page.asp?artist_id=2830   (181 words)

 Amazon.ca: Live [Import] [Live]: Music   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-21)
"Emerson, Lake and Palmer, in their first debut performance ever".
This was at the Isle of Wight, so the audience was enormous.
ELP are a band who are best heard live, and the more live material they release the better.
www.amazon.ca /exec/obidos/ASIN/B00005UBIU   (659 words)

 Amazon.com: The Birth of a Band: Isle of Wight Festival: Music: Lake & Palmer Emerson   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-21)
Sure, this could've been a 90 minute or 2 hour show but this was Isle of Wight and no one got that much time on stage.
Yes, I'd love to see/hear any complete concerts by this band but I think The Birth of A Band - Isle of Wight Festival Saturday, August 29, 1970 was a great document of who the band was back then AND who the fans were going to their shows.
I would recommend this to anyone that likes ELP that dont have the recording of them of Isle Of Wight or people that wanna be introduced into theyre music.
www.amazon.com /exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/B000EWBNB4?v=glance   (1418 words)

 Emerson, Lake and Palmer
Carl Frederick Kendall Palmer, March 20, 1950, Handsworth, Birmingham, England - formerly with The King Bees, The Chris Farlowe Band, The Crazy World of Arthur Brown, and Atomic Rooster.
Live At The Royal Albert Hall" (1996) - DVD - 89 minutes of great live ELP in their 25th anniversary concert (October 1992) at The Royal Albert Hall.
Live At Montreaux" (2004) - DVD - recorded July 7, 1997.
www.classicwebs.com /elp.htm   (298 words)

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