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Topic: Emigration

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In the News (Wed 22 May 19)

  Emigration - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Emigration is the act and the phenomenon of leaving one's native country to settle abroad.
Emigration had a profound influence on the world in the 19th and the 20th century, when hundreds of thousands of poor families left Europe for the United States, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, and Australia.
Even though definitions may be vague and vary somewhat, emigration/immigration should not be confused with the phenomenon of involuntary migration, such as instances of population transfer or ethnic cleansing.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Emigration   (450 words)

 Emigration: Departure,Crossing and Arrival
Lord Monteagle, in particular, believed that in emigration lay the solution of Ireland's population problem, and the Monteagle Papers contain a number of letters from grateful emigrants; he was also responsible for setting up the Select Committee of the House of Lords on Colonization, that is, emigration, in 1847.
Emigration began to be used as an alternative to eviction, and Sir Robert Gore Booth, a resident landlord, was accused by Mr.
Emigration also saved money; the cost of emigrating a pauper was generally about half the cost of maintaining him in the work-house for one year, and once the ship had sailed the destitute were effectually got rid of, for they could return only with immense difficulty.
www.nde.state.ne.us /SS/irish/unit_5.html   (5767 words)

 Portugal - Emigration
Emigration on a massive scale began in the second half of the nineteenth century and continued into the 1980s.
Emigration remained high until 1973 and the first oil shock that slowed the economies of West European nations and reduced employment opportunities for Portuguese workers.
Since then, emigration has been moderate, ranging between 12,000 and 17,000 a year in the 1980s, a fraction of the emigration that occurred during the 1960s and early 1970s.
countrystudies.us /portugal/48.htm   (1467 words)

 Emigration from Bohemia to the USA in XIXth century
The emigration from Austria abroad was administrated by the Emperor’s Franz I decree of March 24, 1832.
Consent to emigrate was given in writing, either in the form of an official document (in Moravia), or by an ordinary letter having been sent to the applicant by the district office.
He said, that he „really did not want to emigrate, because he was old and ill. But the spirit drew permanently his wife to America“, and so he was ready to give her 1000 guldens for the emigration and he had understanding for the children leaving as well.
www.fortunecity.com /victorian/durer/23/emigration/emigration.htm   (9279 words)

 "Great" Polish political Emigration (1831 - 1870)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
The emigration consisted of politically compromised persons such as members of the insurrectionary government, envoys, activists and publicists, generals and junior officers (particularly volunteers), and also some subalterns and privates.
The Polish emigration of 1831 was, in the 19th century terms, a massive one, but its importance lies predominantly in the fact that, in intelectual terms, it played a paramount role in the history of post-Partition Poland.
The emigration assumed, for at least several years, a number of functions of the non-existent Polish state and became a center of the literary, artistic, and to some extent scientific life as well as the hub of the growing free political and social thought.
www.ohiou.edu /~Chastain/dh/emigpol.htm   (2518 words)

 Estimates of Emigration of the Foreign-Born Population: 1980-1990
Of the 1980 foreign-born stock, the highest emigration rate was for the cohort of 1970-1979 (19 percent), followed by the 1960-1969 (9 percent) and the before 1960 cohorts (7 percent).
The total amount of emigration during 1980-1990 is the sum of the amount of emigration for the selected countries and that for the non-selected countries.
This higher amount of emigration is consistent with related events in recent U.S. history: the continuous rise in legal immigration, admissions of refugees and political asylees, and the general amnesty given to the undocumented aliens and special agricultural workers under IRCA.
www.census.gov /population/www/documentation/twps0009/twps0009.html   (6560 words)

 Thomas Mann and the Proponents of Inner Emigration
While the definition of inner emigration was not, in itself, a source of critical discussion -- since, as stated, the existence of inner emigration was supported both by the Adenauer regime as well as by the Allied occupational forces before that -- the tone of the debate continued to be one of defense and apology.
Because the inner emigration authors were all national conservatives, they were empowered by the new German restoration; in addition, their actions as resistant forces during the war continued to be emphasized.
His reasoning in the controversy surrounding inner emigration -- that it was not only undesirable, but possibly dangerous and certainly of questionable morals, and that it denied the collective responsibility of all Germans for their own history -- continued to drive the debate in the years to follow.
www.nthuleen.com /papers/948Mann.html   (8610 words)

 Report on Christian Emigration: Jordan   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
The phenomenon of emigration is one of tremendous concern for the churches in the region, as the number of believers leaving for greater economic opportunities, relief from the psychological pressure of living as a minority community, or relief from war and insecurity continues to grow.
In addition to these factors, emigration could be related to the general growth of the population and the inability of local economies in the region to absorb such growth.
The majority of Christians interviewed during the inquiry of 2000, while expressing their intention of emigrating, were not willing to emigrate if peace were near, and if the political and economic situation were to improve.
www.hcef.org /hcef/index.cfm/ID/284   (1881 words)

 Emigration From Ireland - Vice Or Virtue?
The decimation of rural communities by the return of mass emigration, places a strain on the very fabric of society and the mass exodus of recent years may have severe effects on the economy in both the short and long run.
Evidence of the feedback of emigration into growth in the Irish economy is mixed and conflicting[10] but it is indisputable that growth in the economy has not been matched by growth in the employment level.
Emigration is undoubtedly caused by both push and pull factors, although the importance of each cannot be conclusively determined from the empirical work in this paper.
www.maths.tcd.ie /pub/econrev/ser/html/emigration.html   (1892 words)

 Welcome To Namasthenri:Emigration Clearance   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Emigration means the departure out of India of any person with a view to taking up any employment (whether or not under an agreement or other arrangements to take up such employment and whether with or without the assistance of a recruiting agent or employer) in any country or place outside India.
With the increase in the quantum of emigration in mid 1970s due to oil-boom in the Gulf countries and various shortcomings noticed, the Emigration Act, 1922 was rejected and the Emigration Act, 1983, came into force w.e.f.30.12.1983.
The emigration clearance to individuals is now being granted on the same day on which the application is made at any of the offices of the Protector of Emigrants (POE).
www.namasthenri.com /passport/emigrationclearance.html   (3180 words)

 Migration Information Source - Cape Verde: Towards the End of Emigration?
The idea of emigration and return as a path to prosperity is a deeply rooted aspect of Cape Verdean society.
When talking about their wish to emigrate, most Cape Verdeans relate to emigration as a "package" of expected events: going abroad, working hard, returning with savings and securing a better future at the place of origin.
Cape Verde is one of very few countries to have experienced emigration on such a vast scale, and it is particularly vulnerable to the tightening of immigration policy in Europe and North America.
www.migrationinformation.org /Profiles/display.cfm?ID=68   (1948 words)

 Highlands & Islands Emigration Society - HMS Hercules 1853
The Highlands & Islands Emigration Society was a charity formed in 1852, to induce the emigration of impoverished Scots, thereby solving two problems, clearing redundant tenants (surplus population) from landlords' property and the colonies need for settlers.
The emigration will be conducted, as much as possible, by entire families, and in accordance with the rules of the Colonial Land and Emigration Commissioners.
This emigration has been effected in unbroken families, many of them consisting of three generations, and has thus furnished a nearer approach that has yet been made to a correct system of colonisation, as distinguished from individual emigration.
www.theshipslist.com /accounts/hies_hercules.htm   (2005 words)

 The Hungarian Emigration law of 1903
The Ministry is empowered to prohibit the emigration to any foreign country where the life, health, morals, or property of the emigrants may be placed in jeopardy; this applies to emigration as a whole or to persons of any particular occupation.
It is also forbidden for contractors and their agents to attempt to induce emigration verbally, by letter, or to encourage it in any manner, to solicit from door to door, or to ask or accept any reward or service from emigrants, excepting the fare to be paid for the passage.
The Commissioner of Emigration is the immediate subordinate of the Minister of the Interior, and his compensation, as well as that of those assigned to him as assistants, shall be placed in the annual budget.
www.iarelative.com /hung1903/law_1903.htm   (2761 words)

 Information on Assisted Emigration to the Colonies, ca 1869
Emigration is eminently good for, and available to all, in every class of society whose subsistence depends on the exercise of skill and labour, but who, unable at home to obtain employment, are reduced to want, and too frequently to a life of destitution and wretchedness.
Young women or young ladies who emigrate, either alone or with their parents or guardians, should make up their minds to take situations, as domestic servants or nursery governesses, immediately on their land-it is in such capacities that they are chiefly sought for by settlers.
Upon a Local Committee of an Emigration Club being formed, the names and addresses of the Committee shall be forwarded, with a request signed by the Treasurer and Secretary, to the Secretary of the "National Emigration Aid Society," asking to be admitted into union.
www.theshipslist.com /Forms/assisted1869.html   (4345 words)

 Prussian Emigration
It has to be said that emigration records available at Polish archives are not as popular for research as other types of records like church books or civil registration.
However, these emigration records can be a great source of information for people who are looking for their ancestors who left Prussia in the 19th century.
In cases where whole families emigrated, the index shows the family head marked with a Roman numeral, and then all members of the family were marked with the following letters of the alphabet.
www.progenealogists.com /poland/prussianemigration.htm   (1798 words)

 Baden Emigration Index HTML Page
The greatest number of emigrations occurred in the mid-to-late 1800's, so there is a larger representative number of entries for these years in the resource (though earlier years are included).
Emigration records were made at the time people applied for official permission to leave their areas of residence, such as Baden.
If they were married by the time of emigration, females are generally identified by the surname of their husbands, though maiden names may also be noted as well in a given entry.
www.geocities.com /wingedpig.geo   (3735 words)

 Overseas Emigration Visas - Overseas Emigration
Overseas Emigration Visas is the UK's leading immigration specialist and registered migration agency arranging visas for people wishing to live and work in Australia, New Zealand, Canada or the USA.
Our aim at Overseas Emigration Visas is to make the process as hassle-free as possible, and ensure that there are no nasty surprises waiting for you at the other end once you actually make the move.
Repatriation insurance cover Overseas Emigration Visas in partnership with Europea PLC and Lloyds of London have devised a tailor made insurance policy to cover repatriation costs for clients to be with their relatives should the need arise.
www.overseas-emigration.co.uk   (1179 words)

 THE TIDE OF EMIGRATION   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
The emigration of the present year bids fair to exceed even the unprecedentedly large emigration of 1849.
Hodder, the Government Emigration Agent, whose duty it is to see the poor emigrant protected, and the act carried out, is, with his officers, kept in a state of constant combativeness.
By the terms of the New Passenger Act, 12 and 13 Vict., c.33, no passenger-ship is allowed to proceed until a medical practitioner appointed by the emigration office of the port shall have inspected the medicine-chest and passengers, and certified that the medicines etc are sufficient, and that the passengers are free from contagious disease.
vassun.vassar.edu /~sttaylor/FAMINE/ILN/Tide/Tide.html   (2662 words)

To all intents and purposes, emigration from Co. Clare began with the dreadful famine of 1822, which followed a disastrous harvest in 1821.
Emigration to South Australia only began in the 1840's, and was much encouraged by Charles Bagot, land agent for Bindon Blood who lived at Rockforest, Kilkeedy and who was supervisor of the Burren road system.
The extent or emigration from Ireland to Australia was very great up to 1870, which is reflected to-day in the fact that one in every three Australians has Irish roots - over five million in a population of 16 million.
www.clarelibrary.ie /eolas/coclare/history/emigrate.htm   (1806 words)

 The Emigration Of The Jews From the Third Reich   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
It dealt with a far greater number of the emigrating Jews, all those who did not leave for Palestine but for another European or overseas country, that is approximately two thirds of the total emigration.
Corresponding with their fundamental attitude toward Jewish emigration, SS and Gestapo often assisted the Mossad agents.- In December 1938 the Reichsführer-SS Heinrich Himmler ordered the release of all Jewish concentration camp inmates who wished to prepare for emigration.
Still others limit their data to the time 1933-1939, though emigration continued after the start of the war and the full-scale illegal emigration to Palestine was not launched until 1938.
www.codoh.com /viewpoints/vpauswanderung.html   (10386 words)

 Emigration from Ireland Cobh Heritage Centre
This exodus from Ireland was largely as a result of poverty, crop failures, the land system and a lack of opportunity.
Irish emigration reached unprecedented proportions during the famine as people fled from hunger and disease.
In 1846 the potato crop failed completely and in the years 1847-1849 there was either total or partial crop failure of whatever potato crop could be planted.
www.cobhheritage.com /emigration.html   (319 words)

 Emigration Canyon Trails Master Plan   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Furthermore, Emigration Canyon is the primary Salt Lake County link between the Bonneville Shoreline Trail and other trails of national historic significance, including the Great Western Trail, the Donner Reed Trail, the Pony Express Trail, and the Mormon Pioneer Trail.
Emigration Canyon is a defined Township in Salt Lake County, with a governing board that must be involved in the process.
To create a Trails Master Plan for Emigration Canyon that preserves and secures access to multiple-use, non-motorized trails and open space in Emigration Canyon for the purposes of recreation, community enhancement, and increased fire protection.
www.ldi-ut.com /projects/emigrationcanyon.htm   (600 words)

 GENUKI: UK and Ireland Topics - Emigration and Immigration
Immigration and Emigration from Lloyd's Register provides lots of useful guidance, links and bibliographical citations.
There is a contemporary account of the procedure of Emigration from the port of Liverpool to the New World and the Colonies from an article printed in the Illustrated London News on Saturday July 6th 1850.
the emigration of children and young women to Canada from 1833-1939.
www.genuki.org.uk /big/Emigration.html   (862 words)

 Virtual Vault - Emigration Records   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
The Highland and Island Emigration Society was set up by private subscription to alleviate destitution in the Highlands by promoting and assisting the emigration of Highlanders to Australia.
Their passenger lists for the years 1852-1857 have survived and are organised by ship and by family and record the name, age and residence of each emigrant (HD4/5) as well as occasional notes on their health and situation.
This is one of the few sources for emigration held by the National Archives of Scotland.
www.scan.org.uk /researchrtools/emigration.htm   (430 words)

Emigration Port Hamburg Based on an exhibition in the German port of Hamburg.
The Tide of Emigration to The United States And to The British Colonies Extracts from an article printed in the Illustrated London News on Saturday July 6th 1850.
A comparative study of emigration to the United States from Ireland and Poland An odd comparison at first glance, but their are economic and political parallels in this article.
www.casahistoria.net /emigration.htm   (2439 words)

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