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Topic: Emil Voigt

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In the News (Wed 22 May 19)

 Search MINFILE Database   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
The area in the vicinity of Wolfe Creek is underlain by intrusive rocks of the Lost Horse Intrusions and the Voigt stock (Copper Mountain Intrusions), both of Early Jurassic age, and volcanics of the Upper Triassic Nicola Group.
Mineralization is strongest in the vicinity of the shear.
Emil Voigt mined 24 tonnes of ore grading 6.5 grams per tonne silver and 2.46 per cent copper in 1920.
www.em.gov.bc.ca /cf/minfile/search/search.cfm?minfilno=092HSE020   (733 words)

 Emil Voigt -- Facts, Info, and Encyclopedia article   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Emil Robert Voigt (December 1882 – October 16, 1973) was a (The people of Great Britain) British (A person trained to compete in sports) athlete, winner of the (additional info and facts about Olympic) Olympic 5 (A unit of length equal to 1760 yards) miles race in 1908.
Voigt, a (Eater of fruits and grains and nuts; someone who eats no meat or fish or (often) any animal products) vegetarian, indeed won the race easily, and became the second and last Olympic champion in the event, which was replaced by the 5000 m and 10000 m events in 1912.
He moved again in 1948, this time to (An independent country within the British Commonwealth; achieved independence from the United Kingdom in 1907; known for sheep and spectacular scenery) New Zealand, where died at age 90 in (The largest city and principal port of New Zealand) Auckland.
www.absoluteastronomy.com /encyclopedia/e/em/emil_voigt.htm   (163 words)

 Some Aspects in Emil Wiechert
Life and work of Emil Wiechert, born on December 26, 1861 in Tilsit should be significant for two disciplines, namely for physics and for geophysics.
Following his retirement he was followed in 1875 by Woldemar Voigt (1850-1919), who left in 1883 to Goettingen.
Hertz and his pupil, P Lenard (1862-1947), however, who used as first free electrons supposed at first that he could prove that cathode rays are no charged particles, buet they are a particular form of "ether waves".
verplant.org /history-geophysics/Wiechert.htm   (2330 words)

 Alfred Tysoe, George Wilkinson, Jackie Brown, Emil Voigt and other Manchester Sport and Olympic Champions
Emil Voigt was the Amateur Athletic Association's (the AAA) 5 mile Olympic Champion at the new White City Stadium at Shepherds Bush in London in 1908.
Born in Ardwick, Manchester in December 1882, the son of Carl Julius Voigt, a German born instrument maker who had trading premises in Cheetham Hill (see Footnote below).
Since confidently writing this account of Emil Voigt in 1996 on the basis of information researched in James Bancroft's Book "Olympic Champions of Manchester" in the Local History Library, I have received a conflicting email from Robin Voigt, his granddaughter, living in Australia, which throws into doubt his origins.
www.manchester2002-uk.com /celebs/sport-champs1.html   (1229 words)

 Heuers in Treptow
Louisa Friedericke Ulrike Voigt was born in Treptow.
Johann Wilhelm Voigt and Dorothea Sophia born Heuer.
Julius Hermann Voigt, 36, was married to Johanne Friedericke Louise Heuer, 38, in Treptow.
www.heuerfamily.com /timelines/treptow_timeline.htm   (1490 words)

 Classic Movies : presented by ClassicMovies.COM   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Based on an actual event in 1906, Wilhelm Voigt, a simple cobbler, creates an event that parades the absurdities of Prussian militarism before all the world.
The world hears about his exploits and even the Kaiser has a good laugh, pardons him and presents him with the coveted passport.
"Towards the end of the film, when examined by the police, Voigt declares that his desire to be buried in native soil kept him from crossing the borders to safety.
www.classicmovies.com /cm/film_detail.asp?film_id=247   (235 words)

 [No title]
Wilhelmina Marie VOIGT was born on 26 Sep 1865 in Langenweddingen, Germany.
She married Friedrich Christian Gottlob Emil LINGENER on 28 Jul 1885 in Magdeburg, Germany.
Friedrich Christian Gottlob Emil LINGENER was born on 26 Dec 1853.
www.geocities.com /wqtexas/herbst.txt   (1135 words)

 Chris Report - 05-07-2001
The horn of the gramophone amplified the mechanical oscillations of a pin running along a groove in a disc producing a sound that could be heard by the human ear.
Paul Voigt submitted his first tractrix horn to the British Patent Office in 1926.
Famous classics horn loudspeakers designs were “The Voice Of The Theatre” designed by Altec Lansing, the Klipschorn by Paul Klipsch, the Imperial Hyphex Horns by Jensen Manufacturing Company, the Voigt Domestic Corner Horn by Paul Voigt of Voigt Patents Ltd and Acousta and Audio-vector by Lowther.
www.1388.com /news/chris_report/05-07-2001   (566 words)

 Antique Ottoman Rugs in Transylvania / Antichi Tappeti Ottomani in Transilvania...A book about the rugs from the ...
Attempts to explain the presence of so many Ottoman rugs in the Lutheran Churches of the Saxon community in Transylvania have so far resulted in theories that range from the incomplete to the eccentric.
The book begins with an overview of the relevant carpet literature, which for generations of scholars and rug enthusiasts was dominated by Emil Schmutzler's monumental study Altorientalische Teppiche in Siebenbürgen, published in 1933.
The appendices include biographical essays on Emil Schmutzler and Teodor Tuduc, translations of the inscriptions on rugs, listings of rug locations and of all published rugs by collection, technical analyses, a discussion of Oriental rugs in Moldavia and Valacchia and an extensive bibliography.
www.transylvanianrugs.com   (312 words)

 Hans Christian Andersen and Music - Edvard Grieg - Songs
It was in the course of his travels in the summer of 1829 that Andersen took lodgings at the home of a Faaborg merchant named Laurits Peter Voigt, whose son Christian was Andersen’s fellow student and a friend.
Here he met the daughter, Riborg Voigt, with whom he fell in love and who was the object of the love he expressed in the poem “To brune Øjne”.
Together with his father, Emil Hornemann, he published the music periodicals Musikalsk Museum and Album for Sang, in which Grieg’s Andersen songs from opus 15 were first printed.
www.kb.dk /elib/noder/hcamusik/grieg/index_en.htm   (1400 words)

 [No title]
Hus of Levia Farmer Voigt Bateman (Bateman Hwy 20/86) Voigt, Afton Odell death M unkn 4/28/1980 D. Bastrop.
Pettytown (Pettytown 267) Voigt, Marian F headstone W 8/29/1906 1/15/1985 Pettytown (Pettytown 267) Voigt, Martha D headstone W 10/3/1861 4/7/1943 Pettytown (Pettytown 267) Voigt, Menny May headstone W 3/3/1890 1/12/1931 Mother.
Cemetery Unkn Voigt, Neomah E headstone W 1913 1974 Wife of Olan Red Rock (New) (Red Rock Hwy 812) Voigt, Olan E headstone W 1910 5/15/1985 age 74 yrs.
www.rootsweb.com /~txbastro/consolutov.txt   (2740 words)

 Avantgarde White Papers: Beginnings & Principle
In order to give you a closer insight into this technology, we have compiled for you a short history as well as the most important principles of a horn in five chapters.
The horn of the gramophoneamplified the mechanical oscillations of a pin running along a groove in a disc producing a sound that could be heard by the human ear.
This proved to be a bold and complex venture as already hinted at by Harry F. Olson: "The design of a horn loudspeaker is usually a long and tedious task." Similarly, horn pioneers as Gustavus, Webster, Klipsch and Voigt required decades in order to explore the laws of the horn technology.
www.avantgarde-usa.com /principle.html   (1663 words)

 Crowsnest Highway
From his camp on the north-east slope of the Mountain, alone in its thrall, Emil Voigt began collecting title to the most valuable claims as the VV&E built up the Similkameen to begin serving Princeton in the late Fall of 1909.
By the time BCC returned under its own name to Princeton in 1911, Emil Voigt was the king of Copper Mountain.
Late in the winter of 1926 CM&S leased property owned by Emil Voigt on Copper Mountain to the northwest of Granby’s operation, and proceeded to diamond-drill the Duke of York.
www.crowsnest-highway.ca /cgi-bin/citypage.pl?city=PRINCETON   (15761 words)

 Wisconsin Births Pre1907 Marathon County - V
Emil H Voegh Birth: 29 Jun 1881 County: Marathon Reel: 0127 Record: 002410
Emil A Voigt Birth: 08 Aug 1892 County: Marathon Reel: 0126 Record: 000677
Emil H Voigt Birth: 23 Dec 1893 County: Marathon Reel: 0126 Record: 002018
www.rootsweb.com /~wimarath/BirthsV.htm   (3909 words)

 Workers Online Print Edition
R E. Voigt was present by invitation of the Council to place the matter of "Radio" fully before the Executive.
Emil Robert Voigt was the prime mover behind Labor Council getting into broadcasting.
He was clearly concerned that unions have their own media voice via the radio (and also union newspapers).
workers.labor.net.au /77/print_index.html   (16449 words)

 [No title]
This revealed to be a bold and complex venture as already hinted at by Harry F. Olson: "The design of a horn loudspeaker is usually a long and tedious task".
Similarly, horn pioneers as Gustavus, Webster, Klipsch and Voigt required decades in order to explore the laws of the horn technology.
Famous classics amongst these designs were "The Voice of the Theatre" designed by Altec Lansing, the "Klipschorn" by Paul Klipsch, the "Imperial Hyphex Horns" by Jensen Manufacturing Company, the "Voigt Domestic Corner Horn" by Paul Voigt of Voigt Patents Ltd and other horn designs, e.g.
www.avantgarde-acoustic.de /download/en/theorie_technik2b.doc   (6307 words)

 Chapter 16: The Labor Party (ALP) and the Ship Painters and Dockers Union
The moving spirit was Emil Voigt, research officer of the Labor Council.
The newspapers immediately called them the Red rules, because at one stage Voigt had been a militant.
Actually they were intended to prevent the Executive being captured by ballot-box stuffing, or packing the conference with phony delegates.
www.takver.com /history/myunion/myunion16.htm   (5547 words)

What are the financial implications of offering an early retirement incentive to district employees and where do the various board members stand on the issue?
We gathered from public comments made by Emil Voigt that the superintendent had proposed an incentive program that was rejected by the board.
Given that the district has offered incentives in the past, we would like to know what went into the decision in this case and what it means to the budget.
www.antonnews.com /syossetjerichotribune/1998/02/27/opinion   (385 words)

 Chess Archaeology
At Skaneateles in August 1892, Shipley and Voigt tied for top honors, with Voigt entering the handicap event to determine the overall winner of the Association when Shipley had to return to his home in Germantown.
Like all the games from the Ledger, this one was annotated by Emil Kemeny, who not only could appreciate the quality of play he saw, but was himself deeply involved in the interstate match.
Hermann Voigt, the very strong Pennsylvania player, whose form had been terrible during the tournament, won his sixth round game against Halpern.
www.chessarch.com /excavations/0023_saratoga/saratoga.shtml   (9102 words)

 Untitled Document   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Austrian and German artists including Max Beckmann, Lovis Corinth, Richard Gerstl, Ludwig Heinrich Jungnickel, Gustav Klimt, Oskar Kokoschka, Alfred Kubin, Oskar Laske, Michael Neder, Emil Nolde, Anton Romanko, Josef Scharl, Egon Schiele and F. Waldmüller.
Drawings, posters and objects by Josef Hoffmann, Emil Hoppe, Marcel Kammerer, Gustav Klimt, Oskar Kokoschka, Berthold Löffler, Koloman Moser, Dagobert Peche, Egon Schiele, Otto Schönthal, Otto Wagner and others
Gudrun Baudisch, Carl Otto Czexchka, Josef Hoffmann, Emil Hoppe, Hilda Jesser, Marcel Kammerer, Gustav Klimt, Oskar Kokoschka, Erna Kopriva, Maria Kikarz, Berthold Löffler, Adolf Loos, Fritzi Löw, Koloman Moser, Dagobert Peche, Michael Powolny, Otto Prutscher, Alfred Roller, Egon Schiele, Otto Schönthal, Gustav Siegel, Susi Singer, Otto Wagner, Wally Wieselthier, Eduard Josef Wimmer-Wisgril
www.gseart.com /age/overview.asp   (3599 words)

 George Emil Baumbach   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
George Emil Baumbach was born in Crawford County Pennsylvania, Aug. 2, 1863, where he resided with his parents, John S. and Mary E. baumbach until he reached his manhood.
He received his high school education at Blooming Valley, Penn.
We desire to express our sincere thanks to our friends and neighbors for their assistance during the sickness and death of our beloved husband and father; also for the floral offerings and to those who sang.
www.touringtexas.com /Baumbach/georgeemilbaumbach.htm   (237 words)

 Lakeside Cemetery
Emil B. Jahnke 25 November 1879 - 8 November 1940
Emil Florontin Johnson (?) 2 January 1880 - 24 June 1880
Emil I. Johnson 12 April 1865 - 17 October 1899
www.pressenter.com /~gregboe/Hastings_Lakeside21.htm   (11745 words)

 Weidner Family
+Erwin Emil Voigt b: 18 October 1895 in New Braunfels, Texas m: 16 January 1917 in Classen Ranch Home d: 02 June 1982 in San Antonio, Texas
5 Emil Scheel b: 08 October 1919 d: May 1978
4 Emil Weidner b: 23 July 1881 in Smithson Valley, Texas d: 05 November 1950 in Smithson Valley, Texas
www.germantexans.com /weidner.html   (5194 words)

 microsoft.public.dotnet.framework.webservices: By Thread
Please advise on how to implement a web service to return Dataset Ricky A. RE: Please advise on how to implement a web service to return Dataset Bharat Biyani
What does VS.NET when creating WebService Eric Voigt
Re: What does VS.NET when creating WebService BjörnHolmberg
www.tech-archive.net /Archive/DotNet/microsoft.public.dotnet.framework.webservices/2004-07   (1926 words)

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