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Topic: Emotional Rescue

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In the News (Tue 21 May 19)

  Emotional rescue - Arts - Entertainment - theage.com.au
The sincerely emotional artist is an endangered species; and many curators seem reconciled to the extinction of direct emotional engagement, in the same way that the maternal ewe must ultimately accept that her little lamb will be pecked at by the crows.
We expect emotion to be produced and socialised as a plot in devious esoteric ways; because most of the emotion that people grow up with has a televisual stamp, outlandish, freakish and fickle.
As emotion is now commercial property and capitalism depends upon generating the kind that favours consumption, an ancestry of emotional manipulation deserves to be explored.
www.theage.com.au /news/arts/masters-of-emotional-rescue/2007/05/03/1177788304489.html   (2152 words)

  Emotional Rescue - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Emotional Rescue is an album by The Rolling Stones and was released in 1980.
Released in June with the disco-infused hit title track as the lead single, Emotional Rescue was an immediate smash, giving The Rolling Stones their first UK #1 album since 1973's Goats Head Soup and spent seven weeks atop the US charts.
In 1994, Emotional Rescue was remastered and reissued by Virgin Records.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Emotional_Rescue   (464 words)

 Conscious Choice: Emotional Rescue
She spoke of Rescue Remedy, one of the Bach Flower Remedies, as an almost magical elixir used to calm distraught horses at horse shows.
She explained that Rescue Remedy not only lessens the initial impact of trauma, but works to alleviate residual effects as well.
Rescue Remedy is probably the most well-known of the flower essences, as it is often recommended as a staple in alternative first-aid kits.
www.consciouschoice.com /1999/cc1205/herbs1205.html   (997 words)

 MIS | Magazine > Emotional rescue
Often, however, the emotional intelligence of a manager is just as able to bring an organisation to its knees as his or her acumen in reading a balance sheet.
It is a form of intelligence relating to the emotional side of a person’s life, such as their ability to manage relationships, motivate themselves, or exercise restraint.
The concept of emotional intelligence has existed for many years, but was brought to prominence in 1995 by American academic Daniel Goleman when he published his book Emotional Intelligence, and again in 1998 with his follow-up, Working with Emotional Intelligence.
www.misweb.com /magarticle.asp?doc_id=23655&rgid=5&listed_months=-1   (1213 words)

 Internet Miniature Pinscher Service, Inc. (IMPS)
The IMPS mission is to improve the lives of homeless and abandoned Miniature Pinschers through rescue and the love and respect that comes with humane care, compassion and kindness.
Breed rescue groups spay or neuter animals prior to placement, place with a written contract, temperamentally evaluate the dog prior to placement and work closely with adoptive homes before and after the adoption.
IMPS is a different sort of rescue group, providing a loosely knit band of rescue stations around the United States rather than an individual base in one area of the country.
www.minpinrescue.org   (1767 words)

 Emotional Rescue :: Paganality.com :: (yes, it's magik :)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-17)
Bach theorized that the characteristics attributed to various plants and trees could be applied to human emotions.
Flower essences came to the emotional rescue of Nocera, 29, a Boston-area waitress, four years ago.
This kind of success is typical of people under emotional duress who are in tune with their emotions, says Bongiovanni.
www.paganality.com /pagan-article-sociological-issues-health-and-welfare-emotional-rescue   (1125 words)

 Vegetarian Times: emotional rescue   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-17)
Convinced that there were substances in nature that would correct human emotional imbalances, Bach closed his practice to work on a new system of healing.
On a morning walk through a dew-laden field he had a revelation: He sensed that each dew-drop would be imbued with the unique healing power of the plant it lay on.
Then, after describing the possibilities with the client, the therapist devises a personalized formula composed of up to seven different essences that she believes will be most effective.
www.findarticles.com /p/articles/mi_m0820/is_2001_June/ai_76156922   (1397 words)

 Declarations and Exclusions: Emotional Rescue: Appellate Court Remains Skeptical Toward Emotional Distress Recovery in ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-17)
Under current California law, emotional distress damages are generally not permitted in legal malpractice cases because the courts regard most such claims [rightly, in the view of DecsandExcs] as involving purely economic losses.
Can't the attorney be held liable for the emotional damage to the client that may inevitably arise from the mishandling of that sort of case?
The argument in favor of permitting emotional distress damages will likely focus in the proposition that certain types of cases, such as marital dissolutions, are so inherently emotional that it is compellingly foreseeable to the attorney that his or her mistakes may be emotionally devastating to the client.
declarationsandexclusions.typepad.com /weblog/2004/12/o_emotional_dis.html   (690 words)

 Stones Fans Emotional Rescue Reviews   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-17)
Emotional Rescue - 7.5-This may be a goofy, silly-sounding disco escapade with Mick's wailing falsetto, but it's a damn good one.
Emotional Rescue is a light-hearted disco tune, with Mick's vocals wavering between his normal voice and his falsetto.
Emotional Rescue is like an extension of Some Girls, and comes close to surpassing it.
www.keno.org /rolling_stones/sferr.htm   (2704 words)

 Climbing Everest with Dave Hahn Everest Rescue Story, 2001   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-17)
Joy, a most welcome emotion, started flooding into me there at the Shroom, even as strength was evaporating.
But Politz was not encumbered by such useless, nameless emotions, as he worked furiously there at 28,000 feet finally determining beyond all doubt that the Russian, Alexei, had died.
It crossed my dull mind that this whole saga would be used to further the "Everest Bashing" popular in some circles; the people who drone on to say that us accident-prone riffraff should not be allowed onto such hallowed ground.
climb.mountainzone.com /2001/story/html/hahn_everest.html   (2865 words)

 Emotional rescue
Ever since I woke up after the surgery I have felt very little emotionally, getting on with the day to day facts of recovering from surgery but feeling very little.
I think that this is maybe a result of the lack of energy that I have also felt over this time.
I have noticed that my sense of humour is coming back and if feeling increasingly emotionally connected with my life and the people who surround me. I also feel that I can now really appreciate the fact of my surgery and I feel a nice warm glow of satisfaction at having got through surgery successfully.
homepage.mac.com /ehaven/iblog/C2087290082/E233216142   (233 words)

 Splendid Magazine reviews Windsor for the Derby: The Emotional Rescue LP
"Emotional Rescue" is not a Stones cover tune, but it could be the most poppy and upbeat Windsor track to date, with moderately paced guitars and a light, jazz-flavored drum beat.
In turn, "Mythologies" could be considered the archetypal Windsor tune of the bunch, as its well defined structure and repetitive notes take their inspiration from the band's back catalog.
If you considered past Windsor for the Derby releases too low-key or monotonous for your tastes (I certainly did), the Emotional Rescue LP asserts the fact that the band not only has exceptional songwriting talent, but has finally concocted a potent mixture of poppy melodies to complement their core of tranquil notes and minimalist orchestrations.
www.splendidezine.com /review.html?reviewid=32329677021768717   (479 words)

 Emotional Rescue
In instances where the emotional distress is not as visibly dramatic, there may still be indications that a client’s level of need is greater than what your training or expertise can handle.
For example, if you have always had difficulty relaxing and enjoying some of the real-time rewards of financial security, it may be hard for you to counsel a client who faces family unrest because of this same issue.
Whatever the method used (psychoanalytic, experiential, gestalt, etc.), it often encourages deep emotional catharsis, and an awareness as possible of the unconscious forces that underlie dysfunctional behavior.
www.investmentadvisor.com /issues/2004_08/features/3976-1.html   (2359 words)

 Britain's teachers to the emotional rescue - World - www.smh.com.au   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-17)
Primary schoolchildren in Britain are to be taught how to make friends, resolve squabbles and "manage their anger" in a £10 million ($24 million) scheme aimed at improving social skills.
In one session, children are encouraged to talk about their emotions and play a quiz called "Guess what I am feeling?".
They use an "emotional barometer" to rate the strength of their feelings.
www.smh.com.au /news/World/Britains-teachers-to-the-emotional-rescue/2005/03/08/1110160830742.html   (442 words)

 Emotional Rescue
But as prospects look for the right pool builder, the decision process can be laced with other, more negative emotions that could ultimately quash a deal: anxiety, fear and confusion.
Being aware of those emotions, and knowing how to deal with them, is key to making a sale and ensuring a smooth project, according to sales consultants Ray Leone and Thomas D. Phillips.
“People buy on emotion and justify their decision with logic,” says Leone, president of Leone Resource Group in Charleston, S.C. “One of the many laws of selling is that there is no such thing as a rational buying decision,” says Phillips, president of Sales University Inc. in Round Hill, Va.
www-rohan.sdsu.edu /~renglish/377/notes/poolspanews_artcles/emotional_rescue.htm   (1819 words)

 Amazon.com: Emotional Rescue: Music: The Rolling Stones   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-17)
Emotional Rescue was originally released June 24, 1980, it went to #1 in both the UK & US.
To say that Emotional Rescue is Some Girls leftovers warmed over is somewhat harsh.
Emotional Rescue has been reviled alongside Black And Blue, Undercover, and It's Only Rock And Roll as one of the Stones' weakest albums, but maybe that's because it is repeatedly compared with Some Girls or Tattoo You, the albums it is chronologically sandwiched inbetween.
www.amazon.com /Emotional-Rescue-Rolling-Stones/dp/B000000W5J   (1080 words)

 Best Friends Animal Society Home Page
Meet some of the adoptable animals at the sanctuary who are waiting for loving homes.
Rescued from a puppy mill, she came to Best Friends for special care.
Went to her new home with flying colors.
www.bestfriends.org   (210 words)

 Weimaraner rescue in Northern California - Rescue Weimaraners / dogs adoption
When they are rescued they don't need love.
Weimaraner rescue in Northern California - We rescue Weimaraners and are committed to finding loving homes for them.
Give love & attention to your Rescue Weimaraners, and you will get both in return.
www.norcalweimrescue.org   (256 words)

 Salon.com Life | Emotional rescue   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-17)
A young violinist serenades battered rescuers in the concert of a lifetime.
The Armory is a huge military building where families of people missing from Tuesday's disaster go to wait for news of their loved ones.
Entering the building was very difficult emotionally, because the entire building (the size of a city block) was covered with missing persons posters.
www.salon.com /mwt/feature/2001/09/25/violinist?CP=RDF&DN=310   (1154 words)

 Emotional Rescue released…nearly - The Rolling Stones: Canada gets Satisfaction - CBC Archives
Unfortunately, they'll have to wait a bit longer as the release is delayed due to a potentially libelous song — Claudine — being removed.
• Though Claudine was left off Emotional Rescue, pirated and bootlegged tapes of the song were widely circulated amongst Stones fans.
Emotional Rescue is considered one of the Stones' more eclectic albums, featuring a wide range of musical styles including dance music (Dance and the title track), reggae (Let Me Go), New Wave (Send It To Me), and classic rock 'n' roll (She's So Cold).
archives.cbc.ca /IDC-1-68-832-4906/arts_entertainment/stones/clip7   (383 words)

 Star Tribune (Minneapolis, MN): Emotional `Rescue'; New FX drama is a lifesaver for Denis Leary.(VARIETY@ HighBeam ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-17)
Star Tribune (Minneapolis, MN): Emotional `Rescue'; New FX drama is a lifesaver for Denis Leary.(VARIETY@ HighBeam Research
Emotional `Rescue'; New FX drama is a lifesaver for Denis Leary.(VARIETY
But beneath that gruff exterior is a genuine actor, as evidenced by "Rescue Me," an irreverent and surprisingly moving new series on FX, the basic-cable channel that's now second only to HBO as the best bet for outstanding dramas.
www.highbeam.com /library/doc0.asp?DOCID=1G1:119678370&refid=ip_almanac_hf   (211 words)

 eBay - CD: Emotional Rescue (UPC: 724383952328)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-17)
But best of all for long-time Stones fans, RESCUE was stacked full of the kind of rhythmically propelled garage rockers that made the band's early '70s albums wall-to-wall classics, with Jagger at the top of his game.
The whole collection is at once so familiar and effortless that few could argue the point that, in 1980 the Stones were as good as Big Rock got.
Emotional Rescue: Music by The Rolling Stones CD New
product.ebay.com /Emotional-Rescue_UPC_724383952328_W0QQfvcsZ1226QQsoprZ3126210   (675 words)

 Connection: New England's Journal of Higher Education: Emotional Rescue
More students are arriving at college today with emotional issues than just five years ago, and there has been dramatic growth in the severity of the problems.
The need to cope with emotionally troubled students is becoming a growth industry for colleges.
These include family lifestyle changes, parental pressures, increased access to higher education under the Americans with Disabilities Act and significant growth in the use of prescription medications to treat the emotional and learning needs of children and young adults.
www.findarticles.com /p/articles/mi_qa3895/is_200407/ai_n9439690   (1090 words)

 Emotional rescue (Seattle Weekly)
And the important ones you can't reach because [they're] run by the big animals, and the unimportant bits you just used the way you wanted, and you can't talk about it, and it's about emotions.
And I think that's bullshit, because everything is about using your brain and your emotions and your body and your intuition.
Emotional rescue — Mouse on Mars' Jan St. Werner buzzes about electronic music's possibilities.
www.seattleweekly.com /music/0125/music-mcgonigal.php   (829 words)

 Prisuta: Steelers in need of emotional rescue - PittsburghLIVE.com
Normally conducted at a fever pitch that borders on out of control, the latest installment of first-team offense vs. first-team defense was docile by comparison.
The absences of Ward (holdout), Porter (knee surgery) and Staley (knee surgery), and Bettis' status as spectator rather than participant for a night were glaring reminders of a change in the Steelers' emotional climate.
Although they won't have to get ready for one that counts for another month, habits and expectations formulated in training camp go a long way toward sustaining a team during the regular season, particularly one as dependant upon preparation, intensity and emotion as the Steelers.
www.pittsburghlive.com /x/tribune-review/trib/mostread/s_362849.html   (493 words)

 Modern Kicks: coming to your emotional rescue   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-17)
In the remaining sections, Feelings Portrayed and Emotional Intimacy, “emotion” occurs within the parameters of the work and we are merely witnesses to another person’s expression, be it a couple or a single subject.
Elizabeth Peyton’s wispy portraits, John Currin’s rich oil painting of two men, Ron Mueck’s virtuoso wax model of a naked mother and her newborn child are all iconic pieces in contemporary art.
The point of this part of the show is to demonstrate how emotions are not, as dualism would have it, something separate from the body but occur within and as part of it.
modernkicks.typepad.com /modern_kicks/2005/06/coming_to_your_.html   (597 words)

 Casualty: Emotional Rescue (1) - TV.com
We don't have allusions for Emotional Rescue (1).
We don't have notes for Emotional Rescue (1).
Tell the world what you think of Emotional Rescue (1).
www.tv.com /casualty/emotional-rescue-1/episode/297501/summary.html   (69 words)

 Amazon.co.uk: Emotional Rescue [CASSETTE]: Music   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-17)
The title track 'Emotional Rescue' sounds innovative and interesting after all this time, even though it failed to crack the Top Ten at the time.
This is obviously not the best stones album but it is worth buyin for, Dance, Emotional Rescue and Shes so cold.
Often seen as the worst ever Stones album, Emotional Rescue does not always get the respect it deserves.
www.amazon.co.uk /exec/obidos/ASIN/B000000W5K   (1318 words)

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