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Topic: Empress Dowager Ci Xi

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  Ci Xi Encyclopedia Article @ CNAutomobiles.com (CN Automobiles)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
Most biographies of the Empress Dowager Cixi state that she was the daughter of a low-ranking official, Huizheng 惠征, who belonged to the Yehenara clan and the Bordered Blue Banner in the Censorate.
In 1872, the son of the Ci-Xi Dowager Empress, the Tong-Zhi Emperor, was married.
Dowager Cixi enjoyed boating on the lake at the Summer Palace, walks through the gardens and grounds of the Palace (actually the Imperial family rode in edit so the eunuchs did the majority of the walking), and presentations of Manchu in the Summer Palace Opera house.
www.cnautomobiles.com /encyclopedia/Ci_Xi   (4980 words)

 Reference.com/Encyclopedia/Empress Dowager Cixi
In 1872, the son of the Ci Xi Empress Dowager, the Tong Zhi Emperor, was married.
Dowager Cixi enjoyed boating on the lake at the Summer Palace, walks through the gardens and grounds of the Palace (actually the Imperial family rode in sedan chairs so the eunuchs did the majority of the walking), and presentations of Chinese opera in the Summer Palace Opera house.
The Ci Xi Dowager Empress was interred amidst the Eastern Qing Tombs (清東陵), 125 kilometers/75 miles east of Beijing, in the Ding Dong Ling (定東陵) tomb complex (literally: the "Tombs East of the Dingling Tomb"), along with the Ci An Dowager Empress.
www.reference.com /browse/wiki/Empress_Dowager_Cixi   (4735 words)

 Empress Dowager Cixi - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Most biographies of the Empress Dowager Cixi state that she was the daughter of a low-ranking Manchu official, Huizheng 惠征, who belonged to the Yehenara clan and the Bordered Blue Banner in the Eight Banners.
Soon, the Empress Dowager Ci'an was so angry that she refused to come to court audiences, leaving the Empress Dowager Cixi alone to deal with the eight regent ministers.
Empress Jia-Shun's grandfather, a brother of the late Dao Guang Emperor, had been an enemy of Empress Dowager Cixi during the Yin You Coup.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Empress_Dowager_Cixi   (4872 words)

 The Summer Palace
Empress Dowager Ci Xi, painted by Hubert V.S. from the Netherlands in 1905.
Nearby is the Hall of Jade Ripples (Yulantang), where Empress Dowager Ci Xi detained her son Emperor Guang Xu under house arrest, while the empress lived in Yiyun Hall behind, and Ci Xi lived in the Hall of Happiness and Longevity (Leshoutang) northwest of Yiyun.
Empress Dowager Ci Xi once put on fisherwoman's clothes and had her picture taken here with the eunuch Li Lianying, also in fisherman's clothes.
www.sino-cs.ac.uk /html/Heritage/h_yhy.htm   (1483 words)

 Royalty.nu - Chinese History - Dowager Empress Tzu Hsi or Cixi
The dowager empress certainly seems to have had a high opinion of her own intelligence and importance; a member of her court, Princess Der Ling, who wrote a book called Two Years in the Forbidden City, quoted Tzu Hsi as saying, "I have often thought that I am the most clever woman that ever lived...
The new emperor, Kuang Hsu, was skinny, sickly, and terrified of the Empress Dowager.
With the Empress Dowager of China by Katherine A. Carl.
www.royalty.nu /Asia/China/TzuHsi.html   (3019 words)

 Empress Dowager Cixi Summary
The ensuing power struggle between the regents and the two empress dowagers, with the aid of Prince Kung (the deceased emperor's half brother), was resolved in favor of the two women when the court returned to Peking in October 1861.
She was privileged to become empress dowager only because she was the biological mother of Emperor Tongzhi.
The former empress consort was made "Empress Mother Empress Dowager" (母后皇太后), a title giving her precedence over Cixi, and was given the honorific name Ci'an – meaning "motherly and calming".
www.bookrags.com /Empress_Dowager_Cixi   (4380 words)

 Empress Dowager Cixi   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
Yizhu was born in 1831 at the Imperial Summer Palace Complex, 8 kilometers northwest of the walls of Beijing, and was the fourth son of the Daoguang Emperor.
Empress Xiao Zhen Xian (the Ci An Dowager Empress) (????) of the Niuhuru clan (1837 - 1881).
The Empress Dowager Ci'an suggested Prince Gong's son as the new Emperor, but she was overruled by Cixi.
www.libraryoflibrary.com /E_n_c_p_d_Ci_Xi.html   (8414 words)

 Ci Xi, Empress Dowager History | ema_02_package.xml
After Emperor Xian Feng's death in 1861, Ci Xi seized power by removing eight conservative regents from the court and setting up her own regent over the boy emperor.
In 1898, Ci Xi resumed the regency as a result of a coup in which she succeeded in crushing the emperor's effort to push through a number of radical proposals designed to renovate and modernize the Chinese government.
A coalition of foreign troops soon captured the capital and Ci Xi was forced to flee from Peking to northwestern China, where she accepted the humiliating treaty, the Boxer Protocol, in 1901.
www.bookrags.com /history/ci-xi-empress-dowager-ema-02   (251 words)

 The Summer Palace
Empress Dowager Ci Xi Ci Xi was born Lan-Kuei, meaning Little Orchid, in 1835 during China's Middle Kingdom.
At the time women in China were rarely educated, but Ci Xi educated herself and by age 16 she could read and write.
Ci Xi, his mother, was elevated to "Holy Mother Empress Dowager" and as his guardian she became Regent.
www.anniebees.com /China/China_9.htm   (592 words)

 Dorgon and the Dowager Empress? - China History Forum, chinese history forum   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
Grand Empress Dowager Xiao Zhuang Wen was the Empress in Manchu and was the grandmother of Emperor Kang Xi of the Qing Dynasty
The Xiaozhuang Empress is apparently buried inappropriately given her rank as a Taihou, which certainly helps fuel these rumors ("太后下嫁"), but academic circles maintain that there's still no conclusive evidence one way or the other on this one.
It was also certain that Empress Xiao Zhuang did marry Prince Dorgon after her husband’s death; however, this was way after the birth of her son, so there should be no suspicions on who is the Emperor’s real father.
www.chinahistoryforum.com /index.php?showtopic=1070   (2877 words)

 Xiaozhuangren Grand Empress Dowager - Famous Ancient Chinese People - Chinese
Grand Empress Dowager Xiao Zhuang Wen (孝莊太后 Hiyoo?ungga Ambalinggū Genggiyen?u Hūwanghu as the Empress in Manchu languageManchu; 1613-1688) was the grandmother of Emperor Kang Xi of the Qing Dynasty.
Her aunt, Jere, was married to Hong Taiji who also became an empress dowager when Hong Taiji died and was succeeded by Xiao Zhuang's son, Shunzhi Emperor of ChinaShun Zhi.
Empress Dowager Xiao Zhuang played an excellent role for her son.
www.famouschinese.com /virtual/Xiaozhuangren_Grand_Empress_Dowager   (587 words)

 Baxter's EduNET - Time Machine   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
The real power in China was the young emperor's mother, the "Empress Dowager" Ci Xi (born 1835, died 1908).
Ci Xi herself attempted to follow a middle policy, secretly supporting the rebels, but without giving them open help.
The Boxers were defeated, and Ci Xi was forced to sign another humiliating peace.
www.edunetconnect.com /cat/timemachine/125cj.html   (609 words)

 Empress Dowager Ci'an - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Niuhuru was unable to produce a male heir, and it was the concubine of the fourth rank, Yi (懿嫔), later known as the Ci Xi Dowager Empress, who succeeded in giving a son to the Xian Feng Emperor in April 1856.
As for the Empress Consort Niuhuru, she was made "Empress Mother Imperial Dowager Empress" (母后皇太后), a title giving her precedence over Cixi, and she was given the honorific name Ci'an (慈安 - meaning "motherly and calming").
Dowager Ci'an was interred amidst the Eastern Qing Tombs (清东陵), 125 kilometers/75 miles east of Beijing, in the Dingdongling (定东陵) tomb complex (literally: the "Tombs east of the Dingling tomb"), along with Empress Dowager Cixi.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Empress_Dowager_Ci'an   (1348 words)

 Other Places of Interest, The Forbidden City, Beijing, China
Most people think that only Empress Dowager Ci'Xi gave audience behind the screen, but in fact, this was first jointly practiced by the Empress Dowager Ci'Xi and another empress called Ci'An.
However, the sudden death of Empress Ci'An in 1881 left the power solely to the Empress Dowager Ci'Xi.
The Empress Dowager Ci'Xi lived in the Palace of Eternal Spring (Chang Chun Gong) during the reign of TongZhi.
kinabaloo.com /fcw.html   (862 words)

 Complaints at the Quing Court (Ch'ing Kung Yuan) - Multimedia Collection
On the other side, court nobles headed by Empress Dowager Ci Xi want to pursue an appeasement policy by paying indemnities and giving up territories to the Imperialists.
Guang Xu summons Yuan Shikai secretly to bring his troops from Tianjin to the capital, Beijing, to prevent Ci Xi from interfering in the state affairs.
Ci Xi immediately stages a coup d'etat and imprisons Guang Xu in the Palace.
osulibrary.oregonstate.edu /video/mus81.html   (203 words)

 The Summer Palace   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
In 1750 to honor the birthday of the Dowager Empress Xiao Shen, a lake was dug and a hill created with the rock and soil from the excavation.
In 1888 the Empress Dowages Ci Xi used funds allocated for the establishment of the Imperial Navy to rebuild this palace.
In 1902 Empress Dowager Ci Xi ordered reconstruction of the Summer Palace in one year.
www.tylersterritory.com /travel/china/beijing/summerpalace/sp-01.html   (115 words)

 EduNETConnect.com - Time Machine - China & Japan
After a suitable interval came the empress dowager, surrounded by a much larger and more imposing cavalcade than accompanied the emperor.
It was reported that the empress dowager entered the city with fear and trembling, not knowing what foul trap the foreigners had laid for her capture, but certainly her face gave no such indication.
The empress dowager worshipped in both the temples -- that of the Goddess of Mercy as well as the God of War.
www.edunetconnect.com /TimeMachine/chinajapan-125.php   (1285 words)

 Chinese Hand Made Violins >> Visiting Beijing >> The Summer Palace
It was used by Empress Dowager Ci Xi and Emperor Guang Xu to give audiences.
The large courtyard was the living quarters of Empress Dowager Ci Xi.
One of the main buildings on the Longevity Hill, it was specially built for Empress Dowager Ci Xi to receive her birthday greetings.
www.chineseviolins.com /Show_visit.asp?id=89   (911 words)

 Amazon.ca: Empress: Books: Evelyn Mccune   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
Sweeping through exotic, turbulent seventh-century China, EMPRESS is the captivating epic of one extraordinary woman who would become the only female emperor in all of China's history.
A Tang Dynasty empress and her attendants depicted in costumes of the Qing (Manchu) Dynasty is as ludicrous as Queen Isabella garbed in Victorian dress.
The novel, Empress, by Evelyn McCune, is an extraordinary epic of one woman's journey through life to become a powerful ruler of China.
www.amazon.ca /Empress-Evelyn-Mccune/dp/044990749X   (814 words)

 Summer Palace
After burning down in 1860, the palace was rebuilt in 1888 by Empress Dowager Ci Xi with five million liang of silver from the navy funds because she said she could train the navy in the lake.
Empress Dowager Cixi placed herself on the throne after the death of the emperor and ruled in an unscrupulous and self-centered way for about 50 years, initially in the name of her young child.
She kept him away from the matters of government until his early death at age 18.
homepage.mac.com /awalter/Personal119.html   (379 words)

 The Hall of Benevolence and Longevity-China Discount Hotels Reservation In China -- china discount hotels ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
This is the most important hail for political activities in the Palace, it was the place for Emperor Guangxu and Empress Dowager Ci'xi to handle state affairs and receive foreign envoys.
Behind the throne is a red sandalwood screen, on the mirror 226 characters of the word "Longevity" were written, with 100 bats in the background to symbolize happiness and longevity, because the word "bat" is homonymous with the word happiness in the Chinese language, very often bat designs were used to indicate happiness.
Even the well north of the ball was named "Longevity Well" because when the Empress Dowager Ci'xi drank the water inside the well to take her medicine, she was soon recovered.
www.beijinghotelchina.com /travel/summer-palace/benevolence.html   (478 words)

 Food, Xian, Regent Tour China
For instance, she will tell you that this is a dish of chicken that Empress Dowager Ci Xi liked best, and the other is a dish of fish Chinese singer Wei Wei liked.
About this, there is a vivid story that when Empress Dowager Ci Xi came to the city she asked her cook to provide her with a new taste, and the cook prepared this kind of jiaoze to please her.
She ate three, six or nine in number, which is regarded in China as meaning good luck.
www.regenttour.com /chinaplanner/sia/xia-food.htm   (518 words)

 Imperial Family of China - Page 5 - The Royal Forums
The story that she cut the Emperor and was ordered to commit suicide by the Empress Dowager is a false legend, told by authors and tv series producers.
The Empress Dowager died 11 years before Jung Fei's death, proving that the Empress Dowager did not order that she commit suicide.
After visited both there and Dowager Ci Xi's tomb in Dongling (Eastern Tombs), she told me she's glad to see Pu Yi rests in a small but beautiful place, with the old dowager who made his life a tragedy lying lonely in her huge, mirthless and leaking water underground palace.
www.theroyalforums.com /forums/f75/imperial-family-china-1418-5.html   (1511 words)

 chen/Being Chinese, Becoming Chinese American. Appendix: Political Events in China, 1898-1924
Tongmenghui's political platform was "to overthrow the Manchu barbarians, to restore China to the Chinese, to establish a republic, and to distribute land equally."
Empress Dowager Ci Xi issued an edict promising to prepare a constitution, carry out administrative reforms, and convene a national assembly.
Guangzhou Uprising, the ninth failed uprising against the Qing dynasty led by the Tongmenghui, took place in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province.
www.press.uillinois.edu /epub/books/chen/append.html   (1170 words)

 China's Confession
D19) In May 24, 1900, Ci Xi ordered her forces to join the Boxers in attacking of embassies in Beijing.
The next day Ci Xi declared war on all the countries with diplomatic ties with China.
Ci Xi fled, but not before slaughtering those officials who had considered settling with the foreigners.
www.chinasoul.com /e/e-wk/episode04.htm   (1708 words)

 Amazon.com: Empress: Books: Evelyn Mccune   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
Empress of China, Wu Ze Tian: Written by Jiang Cheng an ; Illustrated by Xu De Yuan by Cheng-An Chiang
Be warned: this is by far the most sympathetic and favorable presentation of the Empress Wu.
As a scholar currently researching the Empress Wu Zetian I can tell you that coming up with historical information on her can be tricky and difficult.
www.amazon.com /Empress-Evelyn-Mccune/dp/044990749X   (1861 words)

 The Exhibition Halls, The Forbidden City, Beijing, China
Bright yellow was reserved for the emperor, empress and empress dowager.
Likewise, the dragon, long a symbol of the emperor in China, was a principal motif not only for stately court robes but also for the emperor's accoutrements.
Happiness Longevity Hall used to be Emperor QianLong's library, and the Empress Dowager Ci'Xi also celebrated her 61th birthday here.
www.kinabaloo.com /fcq.html   (1725 words)

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