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Topic: Empress of India

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  Indian History Sourcebook: Field Marshal Lord Roberts: When Queen Victoria Became Empress of India, 1877
Each prince, with his suite, was met at the entrance to the camp, and conducted up the street to the durbar tent by mounted officers, the salute to which he was entitled being fired while the procession moved on.
His Excellency took his seat upon the throne, arrayed in his robes as Grand Master of the Star of India, the National Anthem was played, the guards of honor presented arms while the whole of the vast assemblage rose as one man. The chief herald was then commanded to read the proclamation.
A flourish of trumpets was again sounded, and Her Majesty was proclaimed Empress of India.
www.fordham.edu /halsall/india/1877empressvictoria.html   (1447 words)

  India. The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition. 2001-05
India’s rainfall, which depends upon the monsoon, is variable; it is heavy in Assam and West Bengal and along the southern coasts, moderate in the inland peninsular regions, and scanty in the arid northwest, especially in Rajasthan and Punjab.
The holy cities of India attract pilgrims from throughout the East: Varanasi (formerly Benares), Allahabad, Puri, and Nashik are religious centers for the Hindus; Amritsar is the holy city of the Sikhs; and Satrunjaya Hill near Palitana is sacred to the Jains.
In NW India, beyond the reach of the medieval dynasties, the Rajputs had grown strong and were able to resist the rising forces of Islam.
www.bartleby.com /65/in/India.html   (5946 words)

 PunjabiLit: India: HISTORY India
In 1398 the Mongol conqueror Tamerlane invaded India, sacking Delhi and massacring its inhabitants.
India supplied wheat and other goods to British forces east of Suez, and with the loss of trade with Germany and the other Central Powers and the continuance of heavy taxation, the economic cost of the war was evident.
Although India had agreed to hold a plebiscite in the region, it claimed that the plebiscite was dependent on the withdrawal of Pakistani forces from Kashmîr, and that the vote of the Kashmîr legislature in 1956 to integrate fully into India made a plebiscite unnecessary.
india.punjabilit.com /history.htm   (13595 words)

 British Occupation of India
India has been an independent country for the past fifty years, however this freedom came hard for the people of that country.
India is now celebrating its 50 years of independence with festivals and carnivals throughout the country.
The East India Co. was an independent country, even though it had strong political ties to the British government, and used its power to control most of the land of India.
asms.k12.ar.us /classes/humanities/worldstud/97-98/imper/india2/india.htm   (1253 words)

 Glorious India - A journey through India
In 1931 the capital of India was moved from Calcutta to New Delhi.
Her son Sanjay led a mass sterilisation campaign in Northern India to combat the population explosion.
Of course, India still has many problems and poverty is widespread but there is every reason to be optimistic and to believe that India will become another 'tiger economy'.
www.gloriousindia.com /history/modern_history.html   (1416 words)

 INDIA   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Nepal was similarly recognised in 1921, as a consequence of the enormous contribution rendered by the soldiers of that country to the Imperial war effort.
A number of states and protectorates contiguous to those colonies thereafter ceased to be the responsibility of the Government of India and came under the supervision of the local colonial authorities.
In return for surrendering the government of their states, together with their revenues and military forces, the former ruling princes were guaranteed their hereditary styles and titles, certain privileges of rank and honour, as well as privy purses to cover the living expenses of themselves and their families.
www.4dw.net /royalark/India/India.htm   (1552 words)

 Empress Of India Vintage Cartoon Images - Directory Style Search
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www.cartoonstock.com /vintage/directory/e/empress_of_india.asp   (433 words)

 See You in Asia 2006 | About India
Despite being a secular democracy, India is one of the few countries on earth in which the social and religious structures that define the nation's identity remain intact, and has continued to do so for at least 4000 years despite invasions, persecution, European colonialism and political upheaval.
India's major religion, Hinduism, is practiced by approximately 80% of the population.
By the late 19th century the British assumed control of the majority of India and in 1876 Queen Victoria was crowned Empress of India.
www.seeyouinasia.com /india.html   (1551 words)

 British Rule in India
India didn't conform to any of the rules, not being a Dominion, but having some Dominion-like status (it was a member of the League of Nations) and not really being a colony either.
In 1876, at Disraeli's behest, Queen Victoria adopted the title of Empress of India, and henceforth India became known officially as the "Indian Empire" with a Viceroy instead of a Governor-General.
It was used between 1945 and 1947 in the context of India's membership of the United Nations, and possibly used earlier to denote India's membership of the League of Nations.
flagspot.net /flags/in-colon.html   (1967 words)

 Queen of England titled Empress of India   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
The title Empress of India was given to Queen Victoria in 1877 when India was formally incorporated into the British Empire.
When a male monarch held the title, his Queen consort assumed the title Queen Empress, but unlike Queen Victoria, they themselves were not reigning monarchs but the consorts of reigning monarchs.
George VI continued to reign as King of India for two years during the viceroyalty and then the short governor-generalships of The Earl Mountbatten of Burma and of Rajagopalachari after which in 1949 India became a republic.
www.indhistory.com /queen-of-england.html   (235 words)

 tourism-monuments in India - Victoria Memorial Hall
The memorial was the inspiration of Lord Curzon, who in 1901, felt that his recently departed Queen Victoria, required a suitable monument to her memory.
She was the first British monarch to be awarded the title of Queen-Empress of India in 1877.
Above her, a fl bronze angel known as Victory, holding a bugle in her hand was placed at the apex of the dome above the Memorial and has always been regarded as a curious addition to the monument.
www.webindia123.com /monuments/other/victoria1.htm   (771 words)

 Detailed information on Nasturtium Tropaeolum majus 'Empress of India'
Empress of India has dark crimson flowers and dark green leaves tinged with a red edging.
I generally love nasturtiums, but I planted Empress of India in a suburb of Atlanta and all of the flowers were orange, not the beautiful red in these pictures, so I was very disappointed.
I grew Nasturtium 'Empress of India' from seed.
davesgarden.com /guides/pf/go/51754   (580 words)

 Divernet | Liveaboards | Wreck Tour: 70, HMS Empress Of India   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
In 1913, the Empress of India was used as a gunnery target and finally, in 1914, the Hood was sunk as a blockship in Portland harbour.
The 14,150 ton Empress was 380ft long with a beam of 75ft, and was armed with four 13.5in, ten 6in and 16 six-pounder guns, and seven torpedo tubes.
The shoot was expected to take some hours, as the Empress of India was protected by a belt of mild-steel armour plate which varied in thickness from 5 to 17in.
www.divernet.com /cgi-bin/articles.pl?id=1378§ion=2274&action=display   (1736 words)

 The Empress of India, London   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Housed in a beautiful 19th century building, The Empress of India is a gastropub designed to impress.
Located in Victoria Park, The Empress of India follows the success of The Gun as Tom and Ed Martin's fourth venture.
The Empress could be a really nice place but the food is somewhat overpriced (£84 for two courses for two people and a bottle of wine) and the quality does not reflect the pricing in my experience.
www.urbanpath.com /london/gastro-pubs/empress-of-india.htm   (614 words)

 Manas: History and Politics of India
In the fourth century BCE, large parts of India were united under the emperor Ashoka; he also converted to Buddhism, and it is in his reign that Buddhism first spread to other parts of Asia.
he European presence in India dates to the sixteenth century, and it is in the very early part of the eighteenth century that the Mughal empire began to disintegrate, paving the way for regional states.
The Rebellion of 1857-58, which sought to restore Indian supremacy, was crushed; and with the subsequent crowning of Victoria as Empress of India, the incorporation of India into the empire was complete.
www.sscnet.ucla.edu /southasia/History/mainhist.html   (431 words)

 The British Raj
On 1st January 1877 Queen Victoria was proclaimed Empress of India at a Durbar, or assembly of notables and princes, in Delhi.
Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, was educated in India and Britain, qualifying as a barrister in London.
This role was transferred to British India in 1910, and to the newly independent Indian government in 1947.
freespace.virgin.net /andrew.randall1/india.htm   (1381 words)

 BBC - Radio 4 - This Sceptred Isle - Empress of India
In 1877 Queen Victoria was proclaimed Empress of India.
The new viceroy the Earl of Lytton wrote to Victoria describing the scene on the Plain of Delhi where her title was proclaimed to "a vast concourse of native Princes and nobles from all parts of India".
Victoria's Crown, the Star of India is displayed with the Crown Jewels in the Tower of London.
www.bbc.co.uk /radio4/history/sceptred_isle/page/163.shtml?question=163   (327 words)

 Empress of India: Oldest mill sold for Rs 35 crore -Garments / Textiles-Cons. Products-News By Industry-News-The ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
The 128-year-old Empress Mills, as is the trend, is set to be central India’s new hot property.
Empress Mills is the oldest and the largest composite textile mill the country has ever had.
Profits from the Empress Mills’ realty development will be ploughed in to expand the textile operations of KSL and Industries, he said.
economictimes.indiatimes.com /articleshow/1161617.cms   (735 words)

 Empress of Ireland - LostLiners.com
Empress of India, Empress of China and Empress of Japan were each 485 feet long and displaced about 6,000 tons.
Sporting "yacht-like" lines, the new liners were three masted vessels with two raked funnels, a clipper ship stem, bowsprits and counter sterns that tapered upwards from the waterline to trail behind the hull.
Empress of Japan followed, entering service in April and Empress of China in July.
www.lostliners.com /Liners/Canadian_Pacific/Empress_Ireland/canpac.html   (1805 words)

 GradeSaver: ClassicNote: About A Passage to India
The colonial occupation of India is significant in terms of the background of the novel.
Reforms in India's political system occurred with the victory of the Liberal Party in 1906, culminating in the Indian Councils Act of 1909, but nationalism continued to rise.
India took part in the first world war, assisting the British with the assumption that this help would lead to political concessions, but even with the promise after the war that Indians would play an increased role in their own government, relations between the English and Indians did not improve.
www.gradesaver.com /classicnotes/titles/passageindia/about.html   (494 words)

 Prince Big Foot arrives in India
The evening was the first ceremony hosted by the UK Trade and Investment India Business Awards, instituted by British Prime Minister Tony Blair on his visit to India in 2005.
India, he said, had replaced Japan as the second highest investor in Britain and reiterated his commitment to build awareness towards growing a special trade relationship with India.
I thought the Queen was stopped being referred to as Empress of India from Aug 15, 1947.
www.rediff.com /money/2006/nov/02look.htm   (541 words)

 Empress of India (Closed), Santa Clara 95051 - Restaurant Reviews - jatbar
Empress of India is one of the weirdest lunches we've had in the last month or so.
Out of the hundreds of places Ive been to, Empress of India would make it on my top 3 behind Krung Thai (Thai Spicey) and Cluck U (Global Thermo Nuclears).
Empress of India is definitely the spiciest India food Ive had and like the fact they have the courage to serve food this hot without any warning signs.
www.jatbar.com /reviews/Santa_Clara/Empress_of_India_(Closed).asp   (573 words)

 Indira Gandhi
Indira had sometimes been called "The Empress of India", and when she died, India and the world lost an amazing woman.
Indira Priyadarshini Gandhi was born on November 19, 1917 in Allahabad, India, as Indira Priyadarshini Nehru.
Her father became the prime minister of India in 1947, and always tried to impart his teachings to Indira.
www.ccds.charlotte.nc.us /History/India/02/vander/vander.htm   (1166 words)

 Flavor Notes Restaurant Reviews
Empress of India has limited hours, only weekday lunch and Saturday dinner.
Empress of India opened in 1989, a sort of retirement hobby for the Bonks.
When a friend first told us about Empress of India back in 1999, he suggested we plan ahead and make reservations.
www.flavornotes.com /revempress.html   (1079 words)

 HMS Empress of India
She served in the Channel Squadron, HMS Empress of India was finally sunk as a target on 4th November 1913.
The Empress of India is a steel armoured battleship of the Naval Defence Act Programme and was completed for sea in 1893.
The first-class battleship Empress of India of the Channel Squadron which we here see as she lay in dock at Chatham Yard last December, belongs to the Royal Sovereign type of battleships, and was built under the Naval Defence Act of 1889.
www.battleships-cruisers.co.uk /empress_of_india.htm   (830 words)

 [No title]
Queen Victoria of England was declared as queen and later Empress of India.
Later, when she was declared as Empress of India, it was proclaimed by issuing coins in her name as Empress.
The East India Company Double Mohur, a large gold coin, the reverse of which had a picture of the Lion and Palm Tree, was chosen as emblem.
www.med.unc.edu /~nupam/eastindia1.html   (1604 words)

 Amazon.com: Nur Jahan: Empress of Mughal India: Books: Ellison Banks Findly   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Born on a caravan traveling from Teheran to India, she became the last (eighteenth) wife of the Mughal emperor Jahangir and effectively took control of the government as he bowed to the effects of alcohol and opium.
Her reign (1611-1627) marked the highpoint of the Mughal empire, in the course of which she made great contributions to the arts, religion, and the nascent trade with Europe.
This is the story of an immigrant girl from Kandahar, born on a caravan traveling from Tehran to India.
www.amazon.com /Nur-Jahan-Empress-Mughal-India/dp/0195074882   (1552 words)

 Wide Angle . Soul of India . Timeline: India's enduring Hindu-Muslim contest | PBS
From the 15th through the 18th centuries, European activities in India centered mostly around trade and evangelism on the Indian coasts.
India's Muslim elite reacted by forming the All-India Muslim League in 1906.
India Debate - Read two views of India's modern identity.
www.pbs.org /wnet/wideangle/shows/india/timeline3.html   (331 words)

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