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Topic: Empty tomb

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  Empty tomb - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
However, early pilgrims to Jesus' tomb report that his body was placed in a trough in the tomb, and so Bruce argues that the angels, as supernatural beings, were sitting on thin air.
According to modern archaeology, tombs of the era were accessed via doors at ground level that were generally less than a metre tall, fitting the description given to Mary's viewing.
These tombs either had a lone chamber for a single individual, or a passage lined with entrances to a number of tombs, but since Mary is able to see into Jesus' tomb from the outside, it suggests the former type, and this is the traditional view.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Empty_tomb   (1875 words)

 The Historicity of the Empty Tomb of Jesus
Finally as to the absence of the empty tomb in the kerygma, the statement 'he was buried' followed by the proclamation of the resurrection indicates that the empty tomb was implied in the kerygma.
If the empty tomb narrative were a late and legendary account, then it could hardly have avoided being cast in the prominent, ancient, and accepted third day motif.
Very often contemporary theologians urge that the empty tomb is not a historical proof for the resurrection because for the disciples it was in itself ambiguous and not a proof.
www.house-church.net /tomb.htm   (14280 words)

 "Was the Tomb Really Empty?" by Robert H Stein
A fourth argument for the resurrection is the witness of the empty tomb.
The very variation in the different narratives of the empty tomb, which are in one sense embarrassing, argues that these accounts stem from separate and independent traditions, all of which witness to the tomb's being empty.
The historicity of the empty tomb is supported by the fact that a specific tomb, which was known in Jerusalem as Joseph of Arimathea's tomb, was associated with the burial of Jesus.
www.biblicalstudies.org.uk /article_tomb_stein.html   (3429 words)

 Empty Tomb
For the Jews it was the remains of the man in the tomb which were raised; hence, they carefully preserved the bones of the dead in ossuaries until the eschatological resurrection.
The empty tomb story is uncolored by the theological and apologetical motifs that would be characteristic of a later legendary account.
The fact that women, whose testimony was worthless, rather than men, are the chief witnesses to the empty tomb is most plausibly accounted for by the fact that, like it or not, they were the discoverers of the empty tomb and the gospels accurately record this.
www.inplainsite.org /html/empty_tomb.html   (4958 words)

 How To Know God Exists - The Resurrection Part 5 -The Empty Tomb
If we can show that the empty tomb did in fact exist and that there is no good naturalistic explanation for Jesus' missing body, then we have strong evidence for a supernatural explanation.
Crossan and others argue that the whole tomb event had to be added later because the most primitive reports of the resurrection never cited it.
In looking at the evidence: the historicity of the resurrection accounts, the trustworthiness of the reports from the disciples, the fact that eyewitnesses saw the resurrected Christ, their changed lives and the fact of the empty tomb, one can see that it is reasonable to believe that Jesus rose bodily from the dead.
www.comereason.org /newsletters/aug01.htm   (1408 words)

 The Historicity of the Empty Tomb of Jesus
The opening of tombs to allow late visitors to view the body or to check against apparent death was Jewish practice,{58} so the women's intention was not extraordinary.
The tradition of the discovery of the empty tomb must be very old and very primitive because it lacks altogether the third day motif prominent in the kerygma, which is itself extremely old, as evident by its appearance in I Cor 15.
The empty tomb is a sine qua non of the resurrection.
www.leaderu.com /offices/billcraig/docs/tomb2.html   (14244 words)

 The Pause - St. John and the Empty Tomb
Instead of finding an empty tomb, with all the possibilities that entailed, perhaps he was afraid he would be confronted with the corpse of Christ.
And if John had entered the tomb and found the body of Jesus, that would mean he would have to accept the finality of the victory of the Sanhedrin and the Romans.
Seeing the Empty Tomb would mean accepting the unwanted costs and responsibilities of discipleship, the likelihood of persecution and pain, the certainty of ridicule and scorn.
www.godspy.com /reviews/The-Pause.cfm   (1735 words)

 Lectionary Resource for Catholics: word-sunday.com
This resurrection scene from John's gospel emphasized the empty tomb as a cause for faith, not the appearance of Jesus.
With two male witnesses to the empty tomb, the onus was back upon the critic.
The scene of the empty tomb and two reactions: skepticism (Mary Magdalene) and faith (the beloved disciple).
www.word-sunday.com /Files/Seasonal-Special/Easter/A-Easter.html   (1371 words)

 The Empty Tomb
Mark's account of the empty tomb was structured on the story of Daniel in the lion's den (Daniel 6).
Very early on the first day of the week, just after sunrise, they were on their way to the tomb and they asked each other, 'Who will roll the stone away from the entrance of the tomb?' But when they looked up, they saw that the stone, which was very large, had been rolled away.
Since the empty tomb tale is probably Mark's invention, the appearance to Mary at the tome also has a dubious basis.
www.mystae.com /restricted/reflections/messiah/tomb.html   (8912 words)

When Mary went close to the tomb she was still weeping because she had not inter­preted the opening of the tomb as a sign of resurrection.
What she saw and heard was such that she got frightened and, followed by the chorus, she ran away from the tomb toward the center of the stage in a state of panic.
Mary and the chorus did not recognize the figure inside the tomb as the resur­rected Jesus, because it was a standard theme of Greek and Roman literature, as old as Homer, that when a god appears to men, at first he or she is not recognized.
www.nazarenus.com /5-3-emptytomb.htm   (6292 words)

 Case for Christ - 12   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
In any case, the question of whether the tomb was really empty, like practically every other question Strobel raises, is irrelevant until it has been established that what the gospels say happened actually did happen.
If the story had been fabricated, it would have had the empty tomb being discovered by men, not women, because the Jews of the time were too misogynistic to put women into such a flattering role.
Having proved to his own satisfaction that Jesus actually died on the cross and was buried in a tomb, and that the tomb was found empty three days later, Strobel must confront the implication that a miracle must have occurred.
home.earthlink.net /~douglasofcalifornia/christ/strobel/christ/case12.htm   (1907 words)

 Craig's Empty Tomb and Habermas on Visions
There is another reason to doubt the tomb burial: the tomb blocking stone is treated as round in the Gospels, but that would not have been the case in the time of Jesus, yet it was often the case after 70 C.E., just when the gospels were being written.
There could still be a core truth about a tomb burial, with the details being added out of the imaginations of the authors or their sources, as often happened when even reliable historians described scenes in such vivid detail.
I also think there are several plausible natural explanations for an empty tomb.[WIDBRS 1 and WIDBRS 2] Craig thinks "that most alternative explanations for the empty tomb are simply incredible" (259) but I wonder how he figures that.
www.infidels.org /library/modern/richard_carrier/indef/4e.html   (7493 words)

 CBN News - Visiting the Empty Tomb   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Believers here are observing the Last Supper at Passover, the crucifixion of Jesus, and the empty tomb, the proof of His resurrection.
And on the grounds of the Garden Tomb, hidden among the flowers and trees, is a burial vault.
Peter Wells, General Secretary of the Garden Tomb, says people come here to renew their relationship with Christ, sitting in the peace of the garden, and looking down at the empty tomb.
www.cbn.com /cbnnews/news/030418a.asp   (933 words)

 The Disciples' Inspection of the Empty Tomb
There are three alternatives concerning the relation of Luke and John's stories of the disciples' inspection of Jesus's empty tomb: (1) Luke is dependent upon John, (2) John is dependent upon Luke, or (3) Luke and John are dependent upon a common tradition.
The brief story of the disciples' inspection of the empty tomb (Lk 24,12.24; Jn 20,1-10) has been touted as "the most impressive test case" for the relationship of John and the Synoptics.
He argues for a Lukan origin on the basis of the story's similarity of pattern to that of Luke's empty tomb story, the story's Lukan traits, and the story's function in the chapter's composition.
www.leaderu.com /offices/billcraig/docs/tomb1.html   (2581 words)

 The Empty Tomb   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Historical Evidence and the Empty tomb Story, A Reply to William Lane Craig, first came to my attention as a piece published on the internet in 2001 immediately prior to Easter.
That seems a fitting summary of the article by Lowder, which advances some theories about the empty tomb that have no direct evidence and which, after reading, I am unsure whether he sincerely believes.
also tries to cast doubt on whether the disciples actually entered the empty tomb, since he provides evidence that this was illegal.
members.aol.com /wordhome/depth/Risen02.htm   (4574 words)

 Amazon.com: The Empty Tomb: Jesus Beyond The Grave: Books: Robert M. Price,Jeffery Jay Lowder   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
The Empty Tomb is a collection of 15 essays by skeptical scholars on the historicity of the Empty Tomb and the Resurrection.
The Empty Tomb is the first serious Skeptical challenge to an important Assertion of Christianity, there was an Empty Tomb, in about 1,500 years.
The time gap between the supposed event and the first claim of an empty tomb suggests that the empty tomb story was not based on a historical event.
www.amazon.com /exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/159102286X?v=glance   (3703 words)

 A Crown, A Cross and an Empty Tomb
As she wept, she bent over to look into the tomb; [12] and she saw two angels in white, sitting where the body of Jesus had been lying, one at the head and the other at the feet.
After the presentation she was telling the boys and girls what a good job they had done and asked this young man why he wanted to play the rock.
The joy of Easter is that the tomb is empty.
www.epulpit.net /billy14.htm   (2063 words)

 JESUS Database | 275. The Empty Tomb   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
16:5 As they entered the tomb, they saw a young man, dressed in a white robe, sitting on the right side; and they were alarmed.
As she wept, she bent over to look into the tomb; 20:12 and she saw two angels in white, sitting where the body of Jesus had been lying, one at the head and the other at the feet.
They went up to it, stooped down, and saw a young man sitting there the middle of the tomb; he was handsome and wore a splendid robe.
www.faithfutures.org /JDB/jdb275.html   (1410 words)

 Easter Empty Tomb Cookies   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Explain that each mound represents the rocky tomb where Jesus' body was laid.
He placed it in his new tomb that he had cut our of the rock.
Make the tomb as secure as you can.” So they went and made the tomb secure.
www.nolannetwork.com /Essays/easteremptytombcookies.html   (935 words)

 Gospel of Mark Chapter 16   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Carrier also points out that the tomb is called "his own," an addition of Matthew's to the story in his account of the Empty Tomb.
Ludemann (2001, p114) notes: "It is doubtful whether a complete story about the tomb existed before Mark, as the text is overlaid with Markan redaction." Similarly, Kirby (2002) and Crossan (1998) argue that the empty Tomb story is a post-easter fiction.
And entering the tomb, they saw a young man sitting on the right side, dressed in a white robe; and they were amazed.
users2.ev1.net /~turton/GMark/GMark16.html   (4687 words)

 What Happened At The Empty Tomb   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
The empty tomb was a place of happenings.
The body of Jesus was placed in a borrowed tomb, belonging to a rich man, by the name of Joseph of Arimithea.
When they got inside the tomb, there was what appeared to be a young man with a long stately robe, trainlike that was so long that is probably appeared to sweep the ground.
www.preacherscorner.org /tom-easter1.htm   (386 words)

 Did Jesus Resurrect? - ChristianAnswers.Net
Many scholars hold that Jesus' tomb was discovered to be empty just a few days later.
The disciples were transformed from doubters who were afraid to identify with Jesus, to bold proclaimers of his death and resurrection, even being willing to die for this belief.
The resurrection was proclaimed in Jerusalem where the empty tomb was.
www.christiananswers.net /q-eden/edn-t008.html   (655 words)

 Empty Tomb
At the GO, the teacher says, "Arise!", whereupon the designated players rise up, run out through their tomb doorway, run completely around their tomb, reenter their tomb through the doorway, tag another player on their team and say, "Arise!".
First players then sit down on the outside edge of their tombs, and the tagged players proceed as before.
After the game, when all the players are sitting around their "tombs", read the Resurrection story.
www.christiancrafters.com /game_emptytomb.html   (325 words)

Empty Tomb is a four piece Punk Pop band from regional Victoria, Australia, who boldly go where many fear to tread.
Empty Tomb has gained the reputation of going flat-out and being full-on.
Thanks to all of our friends who have supported us and we look forward to coming and playing for you in the future.
www.geocities.com /SunsetStrip/stadium/9783   (82 words)

 Secular Web Kiosk and Bookstore
A few critics have directly addressed some of the new arguments, but their response has been largely muted.
The Empty Tomb scrutinizes the claims of leading Christian apologists, and critiques their view of the resurrection as the best historical explanation.
The Empty Tomb provides a sober, objective response to arguments offered in defense of Christianity’s central claim.
www.secweb.org /bookstore/bookdetail.asp?BookID=915   (171 words)

 God of the Empty Tomb - Listening CD
God of the Empty Tomb is a dramatic musical for Easter.
Today, the cross continues to speak of grace and mercy that were given willingly.
We can rejoice with the women who were told by the angels that Jesus is alive, death has been conquered and the tomb is empty.
www.worshipmusic.com /4575706162.html   (279 words)

 Home of Empty Tomb Witnessing Pendants ©
To bring the word of our savior and living God into the presence of everyone, saved or not, thru witnessing and evangelism on a personal level.
Our jewelry depicts a visual image of the empty tomb of Christ, following his resurrection on the third day, after his crucifixion.
God gave me this idea to wear the Empty Tomb of Christ, and when someone asked what it meant, I had an opening to say, it is because
www.etwj.com   (483 words)

 Top Ten Uses for the Empty Tomb
I mean, it is the sacrifice of the perfect man/Son of God that pays for our sin and allows us entrance into the presence of God.
The empty tomb is God signing off on Jesus' completed work order.
With that thought in mind, let's look at the Easter 2006 Edition of the Heavenly Top Ten, which is:
graceland.gentle.org /toplist.html   (250 words)

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