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Topic: Encryption

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  Washingtonpost.com: Encryption Special Report
Encryption has become one of the hottest hi-tech issues on Capitol Hill, as Congress debates whether the government should step in and limit the strength of encryption products to maintain law enforcement's historical ability to eavesdrop electronically on anyone it wants.
Modern encryption is achieved with algorithms that use a "key" to encrypt and decrypt messages by turning text or other data into digital gibberish and then by restoring it to its original form.
In 1996, the Clinton relaxed its stand somewhat, declaring that encryption software would no longer be considered a munition, unless it was created specifically for military purposes, and allowing manufacturers to incorporate stronger encryption into their products as long as they committed to systems that allow the government to recover keys.
www.washingtonpost.com /wp-srv/politics/special/encryption/encryption.htm   (1561 words)

  Encryption - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In the mid-1970s, strong encryption emerged from the sole preserve of secretive government agencies into the public domain, and is now employed in protecting widely-used systems, such as Internet e-commerce, mobile telephone networks and bank automatic teller machines.
Encryption can be used to ensure secrecy, but other techniques are still needed to make communications secure, particularly to verify the integrity and authenticity of a message; for example, a message authentication code (MAC) or digital signatures.
Encryption or software code obfuscation is also used in software copy protection against reverse engineering, unauthorized application analysis, cracks and software piracy used in different encryption or obfuscating software
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Encryption   (993 words)

 Introduction to Encryption
Encryption is said to occur when data is passed through a series of mathematical operations that generate an alternate form of that data; the sequence of these operations is called an algorithm.
Encryption can be very useful in protecting information that is being transmitted from one computer to another; however it does nothing to protect the integrity of the channels along which those messages travel.
Encryption can help provide a high level of security, but there are other pertinent factors that can help users decide if it is the best solution for their needs.
www.securityfocus.com /infocus/1181   (2574 words)

 Encryption   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Encryption is an effective way of minimising the risks of using technology.
Encryption involves encoding data that is being transmitted via a computer network or disk so that only the sender and the recipient can read the data.
Another element of encryption is authentication - the process of verifying that a file or message has not been altered in route from the sender to the recipient.
www.aceproject.org /main/english/et/ete08.htm   (340 words)

 Encryption (open literature only)
Encryption is used to protect the confidentiality of information when it must reside or be transmitted through otherwise unsafe environments.
Encryption is also used for "digital signatures" to authenticate the origin of messages or data.
In addition to the characteristics of a particular encryption algorithm that are required to support a given use, the algorithm itself is generally integrated into a larger system that handles other aspects of the area to which encryption is being applied to ensure correct use and to minimize the visibility of the use of encryption.
www.objs.com /survey/encrypt.htm   (2276 words)

 Television encryption - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Television encryption, often referred to as "scrambling", is encryption used to control access to pay television services, usually cable or satellite television services.
Analog encryption was typically limited to "premium" channels such as HBO or channels with adult-oriented content.
Leitch (aka Leitch Viewguard) is an analog encryption standard used primarily by broadcast TV networks in the United States.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Television_encryption   (607 words)

 data encryption on Encyclopedia.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
DATA ENCRYPTION [data encryption] the process of scrambling stored or transmitted information so that it is unintelligible until it is unscrambled by the intended recipient.
In 1977 the Data Encryption Standard (DES), a symmetric algorithm, was adopted in the United States as a federal standard.
Accelerating high-speed encryption: one bottleneck after another; as fatter pipes flood networks with data, high-speed encryption has become a serious system bottleneck.
encyclopedia.infonautics.com /html/d1/dataencr.asp   (815 words)

 XML Encryption Syntax and Processing
In encryption, the decryptor has only the cipher data and the specified transforms are enumerated for the decryptor, in the order necessary to obtain the octets.
Simple stream encryption algorithms generate, based on the key, a stream of bytes which are XORed with the plain text data bytes to produce the cipher text on encryption and with the cipher text bytes to produce plain text on decryption.
In encryption chaining modes this data is the first to be encrypted and is consequently called the IV (initalization value or vector).
www.w3.org /TR/xmlenc-core   (8771 words)

Encryption is the process of changing text so that it is no longer easy to read.
Almost all modern encryption methods rely on a key - a particular number or string of characters which are used to encrypt, decrypt, or both.
Not using encryption, however, means that any data in transit is as easy to read as the contents of a postcard, sent in regular mail.
www.tldp.org /REF/INTRO/SecuringData-INTRO/encryption.html   (554 words)

 Encryption Software - Reviews and free downloads at Download.com
Encryption is the process of protecting sensitive information so that it is unreadable to those without proper permissions.
The CNET Download.com Privacy Software listings provide the best software downloads, including both e-mail encryption software and file encryption software, for keeping important data private, secret, and secure.
For more resources about security and encryption, visit our pages for the most popular encryption software, the latest releases in encryption software, and free encryption software.
www.download.com /Security-Encryption/3150-2092_4-0.html   (233 words)

 Data Encryption Techniques
One very important feature of a good encryption scheme is the ability to specify a 'key' or 'password' of some kind, and have the encryption method alter itself such that each 'key' or 'password' produces a different encrypted output, which requires a unique 'key' or 'password' to decrypt.
The encryption key, the 'public key', is significantly different from the decryption key, the 'private key', such that attempting to derive the private key from the public key involves many many hours of computing time, making it impractical at best.
Encryption schemes can be broken, but making them as hard as possible to break is the job of a good cipher designer.
catalog.com /sft/encrypt.html   (3432 words)

 Net-Library Encryption (SQL Server Architecture (SQL Server))
The level of encryption, 40-bit or 128-bit, depends on the version of the Microsoft Windows® operating system that is running on the application and database computers.
This encryption is specified independently of the SSL encryption and is implemented by calling the Windows RPC encryption API.
The level of RPC encryption, 40-bit or 128-bit, depends on the version of the Windows operating system that is running on the application and database computers.
msdn.microsoft.com /library/en-us/architec/8_ar_cs_6fu6.asp   (452 words)

 Shirky: The RIAA Succeeds Where the Cypherpunks Failed
The first broad attempt by the Government to deflect general adoption of encryption came 10 years ago, in the form of the Clipper Chip.
Note that the broadening adoption of encryption is not because users have become libertarians, but because they have become criminals; to a first approximation, every PC owner under the age of 35 is now a felon.
Because encryption is becoming something that must run in the background, there is now an incentive to make its adoption as easy and transparent to the user as possible.
www.shirky.com /writings/riaa_encryption.html   (1313 words)

 U. S. Bureau of Industry and Security - Encryption
Sections 740.13, 740.17 and 742.15 of the EAR are the principal references for the export and reexport of encryption items.
Regulations - encryption rules published by BIS since export control jurisdiction was transferred from the State Department to the Commerce Department in 1996.
For exporters who are exploring whether their products are subject to these review or notification requirements, a basic "checklist" on encryption and other “information security” functions is provided.
www.bis.doc.gov /Encryption   (473 words)

 What is encryption? - A Word Definition From the Webopedia Computer Dictionary   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Encryption is the most effective way to achieve data security.
There are two main types of encryption: asymmetric encryption (also called public-key encryption) and symmetric encryption.
Describes a proposed framework that would encourage the use of strong encryption in commerce and private communications while protecting the public safety and national security.
www.webopedia.com /TERM/e/encryption.html   (590 words)

 Encryption News
They provide that any encryption product of any key length can be exported under a license exception after a technical review to any non-government end-user in any country except for the seven state supporters of terrorism.
The report concludes that most nations have no encryption controls, and that the trend is towards relaxation of regulations.
Americans for Computer Privacy, a large, diverse, and new group which was organized to obtain passage of strong encryption legislation, held a public meeting on Capitol Hill today in the huge and ornate House Caucus Room of Cannon Office Building.
www.techlawjournal.com /encrypt   (2476 words)

 Iron Mountain Taps Decru for Data Encryption
Iron Mountain recommended data encryption in April after several high-profile incidents of lost backup tapes.
As a result, the company is recommending appliance-based encryption to its 40,000 off-site data protection customers — and using the technology for its own data tapes.
Encryption appliances deliver a high-throughput, low-impact configuration, allowing use of compression and requiring lower management overhead, Roden said.
www.enterprisestorageforum.com /continuity/news/article.php/3551446   (539 words)

 15 Seconds : Platform Neutral and Transparent Encryption of Sensitive Customer Information
One way to achieve transparency is to move the encryption logic from the application layer to the database layer.
Public key encryption, widely used for e-commerce sites secured by SSL, is asymmetric because two keys must be used, one public and one private, for encryption and decryption.
Public key encryption is ideal for two parties who need to communicate securely because only the public keys need to be exchanged between them.
www.15seconds.com /issue/030310.htm   (2700 words)

 Why You Should Use Encryption
In order to prevent other countries from having access to effective encryption, that the NSA would not be able to intercept, the United States made it illegal to export secure encryption devices without an authorization that is extremely difficult to obtain.
In fact, encryption devices are classified as weapons by the United States and to export them requires a license issued by the Department of State.
A more cogent discussion of the actual effects of encryption on real criminal investigations is given in a memorandum submitted to the British Parliament by Cyber Rights and Cyber Liberties, a group that promotes public interest issues involving computers such as online privacy and encryption.
goingware.com /encryption   (3085 words)

 FIPS 46-2 - (DES), Data Encryption Standard   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
A random 64-bite number is generated and defined to be the cipher formed by the encryption of a key using a key encrypting key.
The specific utilization of encryption and the implementation of the DES will be based on many factors particular to the computer system and its associated components.
The Data Encryption Standard is being made available for use by Federal agencies within the context of a total security program consisting of physical security procedures, good information management practices, and computer system/network access controls.
www.itl.nist.gov /fipspubs/fip46-2.htm   (4515 words)

 Encryption software for Windows
SecurityManager 99 is an application for encrypting individual files and the contents of entire folders using the DES method (Data Encryption Standard).
Chaos Mash is an encryption utility that let's you scramble any type of data.
This product uses encryption that is prohibited by some governments so check the local laws before using it.
freeware.intrastar.net /encryption.htm   (814 words)

 IBM: Encryption Facility for z/OS V1.1
The Encryption Facility for z/OS V1.1 (Program number: 5655-P97) applies the powerful encryption capabilities of the IBM mainframe to allow you to encrypt data to tape or disk, enabling sensitive information to be shared with your partners, suppliers and customers.
Like the Encryption Services feature, this feature supports the use of RSA public/private keys to wrap and unwrap the AES and TDES data keys used to encrypt files as well as AES and TDES key generation using a specified password.
The Encryption Facility for z/OS Client, a separately licensed program (which is offered as is, with no warranty), is written in Java and can be used on multiple platforms.
www-03.ibm.com /servers/eserver/zseries/zos/encryption_facility   (671 words)

 What is encryption? - a definition from Whatis.com - see also: encrypt, decryption
- Encryption is the conversion of data into a form, called a ciphertext, that cannot be easily understood by unauthorized people.
The more complex the encryption algorithm, the more difficult it becomes to eavesdrop on the communications without access to the key.
While most companies and their customers view it as a means of keeping secrets and minimizing fraud, some governments view strong encryption as a potential vehicle by which terrorists might evade authorities.
searchsecurity.techtarget.com /sDefinition/0,,sid14_gci212062,00.html   (658 words)

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