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Topic: Endorphin

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In the News (Fri 24 May 19)

  NaturalMotion endorphin
At the heart of endorphin are its Adaptive Behaviours, which - unlike animation data - are completely interactive.
endorphin allows animators to direct scenes in real-time in a way they have never been able to do before.
endorphin is in use in many visual effects and game studios around the world.
www.naturalmotion.com /endorphin.htm   (175 words)

  Endorphin - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The term "endorphin" implies a pharmacological activity (analogous to the activity of the corticosteroid category of biochemicals) as opposed to a specific chemical formulation.
Other studies use an opioid antagonist, usually naloxone, to indirectly measure the release of endorphins by observing the changes that occur when any endorphin activity that might be present is blocked.
Endorphins are released during long, continuous workouts, when the level of intensity is between moderate and high and if it is difficult to breathe.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Endorphin   (1173 words)

 Olympus MIC-D: Polarized Light Gallery - Gamma-Endorphin
Endorphins, a class of neurohormones, act by modifying the way in which nerve cells respond to transmitters and are associated with feelings of pain and pleasure.
The name endorphin, coined by Choh Li of the University of California at Berkeley, refers to "morphine within", and was given to the endogenous morphine-like peptides that also originate from the pituitary hormone.
Endorphin research suggests a link between the emotional state of well-being and the immune system's health.
www.olympusmicro.com /micd/galleries/polarized/gammaendorphin2.html   (364 words)

Endorphins are produced by the pituitary gland and hypothalamus of vertebrates.
Endorphins not only regulate pain and hunger, but are also involved in the release of sex hormones from the pituitary gland.
Opiates act in a similar way to endorphins, but are not rapidly degraded by the body, as natural endorphins are, and thus have a long-lasting effect on pain perception and mood.
www.tiscali.co.uk /reference/encyclopaedia/hutchinson/m0006800.html   (263 words)

 exercise and mood page
Endorphins are neurohormone polypeptide molecules, synthesised by the hypothalamus of the brain and secreted into the bloodstream by the pituitary gland.
Beta endorphins consist of 30 amino acid subunits and it is the beta endorphins which show the greatest increase in plasma concentration during times of exercise.
Endorphins have an antagonistic effect on the receptors and therefore block the release of neurotransmitter molecules from the nerve terminal.
www.portfolio.mvm.ed.ac.uk /studentwebs/session5/26/HORMONES.html   (1139 words)

 Welcome to CG Channel
Currently, endorphin tends to be used on projects that require lots of animation data (like most games), or have shots that are hard to key-frame or motion capture.
endorphin is in use at post-production houses (such as Moving Picture Company and The Mill), as well as many large game development studios, such as Sony, Namco or Konami.
Also, endorphin is extremely well suited to create character-character interactions (such as tackles), which is another big area of application.
www.cgchannel.com /news/viewfeature.jsp?newsid=3908   (879 words)

 Endorphin - Biography
Endorphin was also commissioned to score the music for a new National Geographic series of 26 episodes.
Endorphin is one of the foremost electronic act in Australia.
The driving engine behind endorphin's shows is always the music, a mixture of sultry smooth melody induced tunes to high octane four on the floor dance beats.
www.endorphinmusic.com /bio.htm   (807 words)

 Imagine YourHealth
Endorphins, however, are unable to work for long periods of time because our bodies also make enzymes, called endorphinase, which eradicate these endorphins.
Increases of blood endorphin levels are associated with exercise, sexual activity and stress, as well as emotional responses such as laughter and nervousness.  In addition, some experts in professions such as acupuncture and message therapy claim that endorphins are released during treatment, providing additional benefits.
High blood endorphins are also found in women during the contractions of active labor, and are highest just after birth, especially following a vaginal delivery.  Newborns who had signs of fetal distress during delivery also show elevated levels of endorphins.  endorphins may account for the high mothers’ experience after birth when sleep eludes them.
www.imagineyh.com /html/health_fitness/fitness/article/article2_sept002.php3   (455 words)

 Endorphin Addiction
Endorphins are released by overexposure to light, among other things which I've mentioned below.
Endorphins are released by both laughter and stress; sexual activity; exercise; endorphins cause euphoria
"Endorphins also persist during freeze/immobility, rendering the animal analgesic in the face of the injury from the attack…In the event of lack of completion of the freeze/immobility response, however, persistent recurrent dissociation with associated endophinergic reward might well potentiate the kindled trauma reflex.
pages.prodigy.net /unohu/endorphins.htm   (1594 words)

 The Endorphin Tap   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Tap" method uses the horse's own Endorphin release mechanism in the brain to over-power the horse's body.
Endorphins are manufactured by the body to reduce stress and relieve pain.
Endorphins at a rate and dosage much greater than a twitch could achieve, which will result in the horse actually going into a
www.the-endorphin-tap.com /Home.html   (837 words)

The Endorphin Corporation 300 Series hand cycle platform is an ideal closed chain, low impact aerobic upper and or upper and lower body muscle-conditioning platform.
This will allow the crank arm on the e-resistance system to be adjusted from 36' to 50' from the floor and allow for the unit to be used in a seated or standing position.
Endorphin's ergonomically designed hand grips rotate at the push of a button into three preset hand positions; vertical, horizontal, and a forty-five degree angle.
www.endorphin.net /detail.php?sn=300&cm=e4   (509 words)

 Endorphin Online - More About Endorphin
Endorphin is a musical concept designed to provide users with a unique and pleasant listening experience.
Rather than being "music" in the more traditional sense of the word, Endorphin is comprised of a series of enjoyable soundscapes, linked together in a seamless and soothing way.
The artist began publishing this unique music as a means of funding his scientific research into the identification of natural anti-cancer chemical compounds in plants.
website.lineone.net /~endorphinonline/moreaboutendorphin.htm   (79 words)

 Welcome to the Official Endorphin UK site. Containing all the latest Endorphin music, gigs and reviews.   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Endorphin kick off proceedings with a well chosen set of up tempo, bouncy numbers that go down well with the predominantly teenage crowd.
After narrowly missing out on a slot at T in the Park, Endorphin are determined to prove themselves tonight, and really give their all in a short but tight set of well-crafted, intelligent songs.
First up were Endorphin are first to take the stage as they unleash their blend of melodic pop, laced with thundering bass and vicious guitars.
www.endorphin.tv /reviews.php   (1127 words)

 Endorphin Addiction
One theory about physical play induced subspace is that when the spine is being jarred even with light blows it sends a signal to the brain to produce endorphins, I do not in any way advocate striking the spine, the spine should be avoided at all costs.
Evidence is reviewed that supports the concept that many of the cardiovascular, analgesic, and behavioral effects of exercise are mediated by this mechanism and that the same or similar mechanisms are responsible for the central and peripheral effects of acupuncture.’”
"Endorphins and enkephalins are important opioid neurotransmitters in the CNS that mediate the sensation of itch.
www.causeof.org /endorphins.htm   (2061 words)

 endorphin - Expandable Modular Technology
Endorphin Corporation has provided quality fitness and physical rehabilitation equipment for 20 years.
Our mission is to lead our industry with unparalleled products, warranties and customer service.
Versatile e-resistance systems are designed to satisfy wellness programs.
www.endorphin.net   (78 words)

 NaturalMotion Ships endorphin 2.5; New USD $9,495 Pricing - GameDev.Net Discussion Forums   (Site not responding. Last check: )
“endorphin is being used by numerous high-end visual effects houses and games companies on high profile projects.
Unlike conventional animation techniques such as keyframing or motion capture, endorphin’s DMS technology uses the CPU to simulate the brain and body of 3D characters, which allows animators to synthesize human movements in real time.
“endorphin 2.5 is also very effective when it comes to developing multiple variations on complex animation sequences, such as several characters interacting with one another dynamically - and the time involved in editing these complex performances is a fraction of what it would take with hand keyed or motion capture animation.
www.gamedev.net /community/forums/topic.asp?topic_id=354224   (948 words)

 Computer Graphics World - Endorphin 2.5 Ships
Endorphin also allows us to finish animation work much faster than motion capture or keyframe animation.
Endorphin also integrates seamlessly into our pipeline; we treat it as we would processed motion capture, importing the motion into and out of Alias Maya via the FBX format.
Endorphin 2.5's feature list is hefty, offering Dynamic Blending, Motion Transfer and Active Animation Events, an Enhanced Collision Mode, Enhanced Character Edit Mode, and more.
cgw.pennnet.com /Articles/Article_Display.cfm?ARTICLE_ID=240758&p=18&cat=NEWSP   (397 words)

 CGSociety - Namco Chooses endorphin for Tekken 5
Due to hit arcades before the end of the year and to debut on consoles in 2005, Tekken 5 represents the next iteration of what is purported to be one of the biggest game franchises in the industry's history.
Based on the company's revolutionary Dynamic Motion Synthesis technology, endorphin uses AI and dynamics simulation to create 3D character animation in real-time, thus dramatically accelerating 3D animation pipelines in games and visual effect studios.
Among other capabilities, endorphin allows game developers to simulate towards desired endposes, thus creating seamless transitions between the resultant animation clips.
features.cgsociety.org /story.php?story_id=2473   (421 words)

 Computer Graphics World - NaturalMotion Launches Endorphin 1.6 at SIGGRAPH 2004
Based on the company's revolutionary Dynamic Motion Synthesis technology, endorphin uses AI and dynamics simulation to create 3D character animation in real-time, thus dramatically accelerating 3D animation pipelines in the visual effects and games industries.
Endorphin 1.6 also features more and further enhanced adaptive AI behaviors, which are at the core of the Dynamic Motion Synthesis approach.
Endorphin 1.6 will be available in September 2004 from $12,795 US MSRP.
cgw.pennnet.com /Articles/Article_Display.cfm?Section=OnlineArticles&SubSection=Display&PUBLICATION_ID=18&ARTICLE_ID=209396   (181 words)

 CGSociety - endorphin 2.0 at GDC 2005
Shipping on the same date, endorphin 2.0 boasts major new features, including multi-layer behaviours, support for DAM in the Avid Alienbrain Studio asset management and Perforce software configuration management systems, an improved GUI (including layered behaviour support on the timeline) and further enhanced behaviours.
At the heart of endorphin are its Adaptive Behaviours, which unlike animation data, are completely interactive.
endorphin already has an established reputation for presenting animators and productions with large productivity gains.
features.cgsociety.org /story.php?story_id=2785   (363 words)

 Odyssey Adventure Racing - OARevents.com
Widely known as the "Toughest 2-Day Race in the Country", the popular Endorphin FIX combines an extremely rugged 125-mile course with the magnificent beauty of the Canaan Valley in West Virginia.
Odyssey is an official partner and member of the United States Adventure Racing Association (USARA).The Endorphin Fix is a Regional Qualifier for the USARA National Championships.
The timing of the Endorphin FIX begins at the start of the race and officially ends when the entire team or soloist crosses the finish line.
www.oarevents.com /event.asp?id=11&catID=1   (2965 words)

 VFXTalk.com - NaturalMotion Releases endorphin 1.6   (Site not responding. Last check: )
endorphin 1.6 delivers a range of new features including new and enhanced adaptive AI behaviors and a fully user-definable character.
In addition, video plane back projection and camera data import allow users to see their endorphin characters as they interact with live-action footage in real-time.
Torsten Reil, CEO of NaturalMotion comments: "The release of endorphin 1.6 is a major step forward in the evolution of next generation animation software.
www.vfxtalk.com /forum/showthread.php?t=3438   (297 words)

 The E-Meter Papers - How Does Scientology Auditing Work? The Hidden Influence... by Arnaldo Lerma
There are various devices on the market, all licensed for use by the FDA under the direction of a physician, which consist of two electrodes which are applied to various parts of the body, as in the treatment of lower back pain.
Studies have shown that a small electrical stimulation with a small morphine dose has a therapeutic effect of a larger clinically significant dose, which indicates there is a close relationship between these two factors.
Although the techniques used for Group (1) provided the best numerical result in the evaluation of the pain relief, endorphine activity cannot be maintained owing to Naloxone Test negativity.
www.lermanet.com /e-metershort.htm   (1600 words)

 The Medicine Journal - January / February 2002:  An investigation into the effect of APS therapy   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The three major classes of endoge-nous opioid peptides in mammals are encephalins, endorphins, and dynor-phins.
Dynorphin and the endorphins are somewhat longer peptides that contain one or the other of the encephalin sequences at their N-terminal ends.
The endorphins are discretely localized in particular structures of the central nervous system, whereas the encepha-lins and dynorphins are more widely distributed.
www.medpharm.co.za /safp/2002/jan/aps.html   (1394 words)

 DevMaster.net - NaturalMotion Ships endorphin 2.5   (Site not responding. Last check: )
“endorphin is being used by numerous high-end visual effects houses and games companies on high profile projects.
“endorphin 2.5 is also very effective when it comes to developing multiple variations on complex animation sequences, such as several characters interacting with one another dynamically - and the time involved in editing these complex performances is a fraction of what it would take with hand keyed or motion capture animation.
NaturalMotion also gives customers an opportunity to rent endorphin on a monthly basis for USD $1,595; the company also plans to release a free endorphin 2.5 Learning Edition in November 2005.
www.devmaster.net /news/index.php?storyid=820   (845 words)

 CD Baby: THE WANDERING ENDORPHIN: Destination Euphoria   (Site not responding. Last check: )
THE WANDERING ENDORPHIN is a 35 year old singer/songwriter who decided that the well-worn paths that other musicians adhere to were not the proper routes for his own creativity.
One needs to be there and see for themselves why the mark of The Wandering Endorphin has been left on the minds of those who have been there before.
Jim Green's amazing fretboard fingering technique and simultaneous rythmic drumming on his amplified, hollow body acoustic is both exciting and euphoric, not unlike the actual effect of endorphins on the human brain.
www.cdbaby.com /cd/wandering2   (1217 words)

 The Wandering Endorphin - Privacy Policy - INNOVATIVE ACOUSTIC GUITAR PYROTECHNICS
He is an acoustic guitarist and songwriter who is equally adept at both skills and plays his instrument with a unique two-handed percussive style that is as compelling to watch as to listen to.
The Wandering Endorphin is making some of the most interesting and innovative acoustic music in Chicago and anyone wishing to experience something new done with the tried-and-true would do well to investigate Destination Euphoria as well as Greens' live shows.
The Wandering Endorphin is one Jim Green, who prostrates himself over his acoustic guitar with the same fervor some people reserve solely for sex or chocolate cake.
www.wanderingendorphin.com /privacypolicy.html   (932 words)

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