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Topic: Endpoint

  PriorityAccess, Inc., Endpoint Technologies, Inc. and Roger Shearer: Admin. Proc. Rel. No. 33-8021 / October 3, 2001
Roger D. Shearer is a resident of Latham, New York, and is the President of Priority and Endpoint.
Priority, Endpoint and Shearer violated Sections 5(a) and 5(c) of the Securities Act because the stock they offered and sold over the Internet was not registered with the Commission and was not exempt from registration.
The registration exemption in Rule 504 of Regulation D was also inapplicable to both offerings because Priority and Endpoint did not limit the offerings to accredited investors, did not register the offerings with any state, and used general solicitation and general advertising in connection with the offerings.
www.sec.gov /litigation/admin/33-8021.htm   (730 words)

 Endpoint Configuration Parameters
Endpoint ID is automatically generated when you create an ingress or egress endpoint.
Endpoint Type indicates whether this endpoint is a Gateway or a Gatekeeper.
If however the Egress Endpoint is configured to be a Gatekeeper, the Routing Server will instruct the originating gateway to perform an ARQ and LRQ to the Egress Endpoint.
www.quintum.com /support/products/rs/sysdoc/webhelp/endpoint_configuration_parameters.htm   (861 words)

 Endpoint   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Endpoint kiosks provide the highest level of functionality, without sacrificing the beauty of design.
The Endpoint kiosk, available in a myriad of sleek and modern designs, has many standard features that set us apart from the competition.
Endpoint Workstation Solutions offer the same great services as our Kiosks, but are much more comprehensive.
www.endpointco.com   (144 words)

 endpoint attribute [MIDL]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Use of the [endpoint] attribute is consistent with other methods for adding an endpoint, and does not provide additional or special services for the endpoint; it simply provides a shortcut for calling the API.
Adding an endpoint to the.IDL interface definition allows the interface to be called through any endpoint in that process, and allows the endpoint to be used to call other interfaces in that process.
Endpoint information specified in the IDL file is used by the RPC run-time functions RpcServerUseProtseqIf and RpcServerUseAllProtseqsIf.
msdn.microsoft.com /library/en-us/midl/midl/endpoint.asp   (325 words)

 Effective endpoint security without a significant investment   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
The function of perimeter or endpoint security is to ensure that the infrastructure is protected against external threats.
In the pre-Internet days of the mainframe, endpoint security was simple; things were either inside or outside of the data center.
Endpoint security comes down to knowing what your perimeter is, knowing what your risks are and defending against them.
searchsecurity.techtarget.com /tip/1,289483,sid14_gci1081999,00.html?offer=LGss605   (759 words)

 AWIC Newsletter: Defining an Acceptable Endpoint in Invasive Experiments
In these latter cases humane endpoints are relatively easy to define (e.g., limiting the volume and number of times a mouse with ascites is collected), and guidelines pertaining to these procedures already exist (6).
Redgate, Deutsch and Boggs (14), in their examination of a brain tumor model in a rat (9L gliosarcoma in Fischer 344 rats), concluded that a weight-loss period of more than 6 days had a high correlation with irreversible progression to death, regardless of which treatment group was studied.
In establishing humane endpoints, the institutional animal care committee should ensure that acceptable criteria are used by the principal investigator to determine the endpoint.
www.nal.usda.gov /awic/newsletters/v6n1/6n1olfer.htm   (3548 words)

The API canceled an Endpoint transfer marked as “Pending” due to an abnormal event (for example, the device is disconnected from the USB).
The API is closing an endpoint due to an abnormal event (for example, the device is disconnected from the USB).
Specifically, the host is issuing IN or OUT tokens on an endpoint that does not maintain an active transfer (that is, the endpoint is not marked “Pending”).
www.plxtech.com /products/NET2000/APIHelp/States,_Events,_and_Enums/NC_ENDPOINT_EVENT_CODE.htm   (333 words)

 [OpenH323]Multiple listeners on the same endpoint. ??   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Christian, Any endpoint that registers with a gatekeeper is responsible for handling calls that are directed to it by the gatekeeper.
Whether the endpoint handles one single call or multiple calls simultaneously is of no concern to the gatekeeper - the endpoint decides what happens to each incoming call.
It is not possible for multiple endpoints to register with the same listening socket, because the GK requires each endpoint to have a different socket/address pair.
www.openh323.org /pipermail/openh323/2004-February/065959.html   (221 words)

 Endpoint   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
In geometry, an endpoint is a point at which a line segment or ray terminates.
In chemistry, an endpoint is the conclusion of a chemical reaction.
In computer science, in discussions of communications protocols, an endpoint is the name for the entity on one end of a transport layer connection.
www.worldhistory.com /wiki/E/Endpoint.htm   (182 words)

 IT_MessagingBridge::Endpoint Interface   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Endpoint is a generic interface used to specify a bridge endpoint.
Defines the attributes used to specify the type of endpoint, the bridge is is associated with, and if the endpoint is actively in use by a bridge.
In general, the connection of endpoints to peers and the destructions of specific endpoints is handled by the bridge service when a bridge is created or detoryed.
www.iona.it /support/docs/orbix/mainframe/6.0/pref/cpp/IT_MessagingBridge2.html   (291 words)

 KeyLabs: Sygate Endpoint Security Product Review
Endpoint security is the practice of protecting each individual host in an enterprise including servers, workstations, and laptops.
Endpoints are critical because the inability to control the actions and behaviors of end users across an entire organization results in the breakdown of enterprise security.
Enterprise Management of endpoint security products is required in large enterprise organizations to ensure that administrators are able to create and distribute policies, update client software, synchronize user information with directory servers, and analyze reports of security events.
www.keylabs.com /results/sygate/12-07-04-4.html   (902 words)

 [No title]
The two primary endpoints are all cause mortality and the combined endpoint of morbidity and mortality.
None of these were quite independently statistically significant, but the endpoint was, and that was the prescribed endpoint for the trial, was baseline to endpoint, and whenever the patients ended, they were assessed.
How the endpoint committee classified it if they wanted to classify that as a hospitalization for heart failure, they made a definition that it had to be an overnight stay.
www.fda.gov /ohrms/dockets/ac/01/transcripts/3793t1.htm   (18129 words)

 Chapter 76: L2TP Endpoint Domain Commands   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Endpoint Domain shows the name given to a particular group of peers that will be establishing tunnels to this RAC.
endpoint domain that in- dicates the corresponding entry in the called number group table.
The hostname the remote peer uses to identify itself is used to reference the password pairs in the L2TP endpoint authentication table.
www.ericsson.com /support/datacom/UserDocumentation/12_2/olhcref/l2tpend.htm   (1074 words)

 HTML Man Page for endpoint   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Endpoints contain an interface identifier and one or more string bindings; optionally they contain object UUID's and an annotation.
Endpoint mappings are stored in the endpoint map maintained by the DCE daemon (dced) for DCE version 1.1 hosts.
Since endpoints have no names, the argument to these commands is not the name of an endpoint.
www.lions.odu.edu /docs/dce/endpoint.html   (2098 words)

 Flash MX 2004 -- EndPoint class (Flash Professional only)
The EndPoint class defines the source or destination of a binding.
EndPoint objects define a constant value, component property, or particular field of a component property, from which you can get data, or to which you can assign data.
When you create a new binding with the Binding class constructor, you pass it two EndPoint objects: one for the source and one for the destination.
livedocs.macromedia.com /flash/mx2004/main_7_2/00002191.html   (401 words)

 USB in a NutShell - Chapter 4 - Endpoint Types
If the function's endpoint buffer was empty and it has clocked the data into the endpoint buffer it issues an ACK informing the host it has successfully received the data.
This rate of polling is specified in the endpoint descriptor which is covered later.
The maximum size data payload is specified in the endpoint descriptor of an Isochronous Endpoint.
www.beyondlogic.org /usbnutshell/usb4.htm   (2156 words)

 Death as an Endpoint...
Death as an endpoint refers to projects in which the animals’ non-experimentally induced death is required as a measured data point.
Written records of all monitoring sessions, indicating the time of the observations, the person observing the animals, and any observations such as the number of animals evidencing clinically abnormal behavior and the number of animals found dead, must be maintained and made available to the Office of Animal Care Management and the IACUC.
Montgomery’s endpoint criteria for the euthanasia of moribund animals (Taken from: Montgomery, C.A., Jr.
www.uvm.edu /iacuc/uvminfo/pol_proc_pages/ppmi_death.html   (517 words)

 OSE: Manual Pages / OTC_EndPoint
That is, the virtual address of the endpoint at the other end of the connection of which this endpoint is one end.
If the endpoint is a client and it has lost its connection and reverted to an inactive state, it can be forced to reconnect by calling this function.
Note that if the endpoint is a client and the derived class provides a means of automatically restarting the connection, this should also stop it from restarting.
ose.sourceforge.net /browse-manual.php?manual=OTC_EndPoint   (953 words)

 Slamdek Record Company
The four piece, fledgling Endpoint that walked into Juniper Hill in early March of 1989, amazed at how nice it looked, was light years away from the Endpoint that played its final show December 30, 1994, for over 2,000 people.
The members of Endpoint also seemed overly preoccupied with how much money they would be receiving from the sale of the tape and how many copies they would get free.
The cassettes were white shelled and had the Endpoint logo, titles, and all that, printed directly on the cassette in fl.
www.slamdek.com /releases/1797-spirits.html   (1647 words)

 Web Services Description Language (WSDL) Version 2.0 Part 1: Core Language: Endpoint
For each Endpoint component in the {endpoints} property of a Service component, the {binding} property (see [The Endpoint Component]) MUST either be a Binding component with an unspecified {interface} property (see [The Binding Component] or a Binding component with an {interface} property equal to the {interface} property of the Service component.
Endpoint extension elements are used to provide information specific to a particular endpoint in a server.
Such specifications are expected to annotate the Endpoint component with additional properties and specify the mapping between those properties and the XML representation.
www.stylusstudio.com /w3c/wsdl20-1/Endpoint.htm   (820 words)

 White Paper: Funk Software’s Endpoint Assurance Solution: The Secure Product Foundation for Endpoint Integrity   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Endpoint integrity solutions protect a corporate network by checking that an endpoint attempting to access the corporate network is compliant with the company’s security policies prior to allowing the endpoint to access the general corporate network.
Corporations who use endpoint integrity solutions based on the TNC architecture can choose any connection client, any client-based security software, any networking device, and any network-based security software that will meet their needs and requirements, and is compatible with the TNC standards.
If the endpoint is found to be non-compliant with the corporation’s security policies, the endpoint is directed to a restricted area of the corporate network and quarantined from accessing the programs and services of the full corporate network.
www.funk.com /radius/Solns/ei_wp.asp   (4154 words)

 Java USB: Class Endpoint
Interrupt endpoints send and receive short buffers directly; at this writing there is no asynchronous notification framework.
Returns the type of endpoint ("bulk", "iso", or "interrupt"; "control" won't normally be seen).
Returns true if this is an input endpoint (data flows to host), false if it is instead an output endpoint (data flows to device).
jusb.sourceforge.net /apidoc/usb/core/Endpoint.html   (618 words)

 Securing PCs in the Wild: Endpoint Policy Management brings security and productivity to nomadic employees.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Endpoint Policy Management uses the latest patch management intelligence from Shavlik Technologies to automatically manage dependencies for each OS update.
Each endpoint device receives a customized update package that resolves its specific dependencies—greatly simplifying the patch management process so you can spend your time tracking bigger IT issues.
With Endpoint Policy Management, you can proactively protect their systems and connections—without altering the user experience or compromising their productivity.
www.ipass.com /company/company_story_epm2.html   (388 words)

 Enterprise Systems | Untangling Endpoint Security Initiatives
First of all, endpoint PC vulnerabilities present a huge amount of risk, and are increasing the risks that large and small organizations are having to face.
Endpoint security is extremely difficult to manage … [especially because] existing endpoint security solutions are poorly embedded within the network fabric and operating systems.
So as part of this initiative, we have endpoint security and we also have network and application security layers that are applied, and we have a couple of sets of solutions that make up internal perimeter and Web security solutions.
www.esj.com /Security/article.aspx?EditorialsID=1230   (1374 words)

 iPass: Services - Endpoint Policy Management
Endpoint Policy Management provides patch and anti-virus update capabilities as well as hardware and software inventory, software distribution, and remote control that are optimized for remote and mobile endpoint devices.
After assessing the endpoint device, Endpoint Policy Management automatically remediates Microsoft® OS patches and anti-virus definition files based on your security policies and priority levels.
Architected for scalability and flexible implementation, Endpoint Policy Management can be hosted at your network operations center or on redundant servers within iPass Secure Transaction Centers—you choose what works best for your organization.
www.ipass.com /services/services_endpointpolicymgmnt.html   (760 words)

 Security Guide for Windows - Flaw in RPC Endpoint Mapper
A security vulnerabiliy in the Remote Procedure Call (RPC) endpoint mapper in Windows NT 4.0, 2000 and XP could allows a remote attacker to cause a denial of service by transmitting a malformed RPC message.
The RPC Endpoint Mapper process is responsible for maintaining the connection information for all of the processes on that machine using RPC.
Because the Endpoint Mapper runs within the RPC service itself, exploiting this vulnerability would cause the RPC service to fail, with the attendant loss of any RPC-based services the server offers, as well as potential loss of some COM functions.
www.winguides.com /security/display.php/317   (302 words)

 Microsoft Security Bulletin MS01-048
The Windows NT 4.0 endpoint mapper contains a flaw that causes it to fail upon receipt of a request that contains a particular type of malformed data.
Because the endpoint mapper runs within the RPC service itself, exploiting this vulnerability would cause the RPC service itself to fail, with the attendant loss of any RPC-based services the server offers, as well as potential loss of some COM functions.
Because the endpoint mapper runs as part of the RPC service, this would cause the entire RPC service to fail.
www.microsoft.com /technet/security/bulletin/MS01-048.mspx   (1123 words)

 Endpoint Exchange - Development API
The Endpoint Exchange API (Application Program Interface) is a documented set of protocols by which any item processing system can connect to the Endpoint Exchange network.
Utilizing a cross-platform architecture, the API is designed to help developers of check and item processing systems to make their systems communicate with the Endpoint Exchange Client, the node on the network within each participating member's item processing operation.
Endpoint Exchange offers the API at no charge to third party developers who execute a basic Distribution Agreement with Endpoint Exchange.
www.endpointexchange.com /About/Api.aspx   (141 words)

 Fusion MSPP Service Filter Reference Manual (6753-16): Endpoint Filter Reference   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Note: RTP endpoints must be in a disabled state to receive this command.
This structure contains all of the parameters used to configure the RTP endpoint when the application created it (parameters that do not apply to the specific endpoint type, for example assembler parameters for a simplex receive endpoints, are ignored by the MSPP service).
When the endpoint is configured (during initialization or with the MSP_CMD_RTPIN_DTMF_EVENTS command) to detect inband DTMF packets, these events return information about the tone information received in a DTMF packet.
www.nmscommunications.com /manuals/6753-16/chap53.htm   (769 words)

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