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Topic: Energy conversion

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  Energy conversion - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The operation of the steam engine is described from an energy perspective by the machine cycles of thermodynamics, from the fluid flows by fluid mechanics, and from the heat flow by the science of heat transfer.
Conversion of one form of energy to another may be done with very high or even perfect efficiency, unless the energy is in the form of heat.
The conversion of heat to other forms of energy is never perfect, and (according to the second law of thermodynamics) must always be accompanied by further dissipation of some of the heat into colder bodies, as heat.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Energy_conversion   (578 words)

 Energy Conversion - NFCRC Tutorial
Radiant energy from the sun is converted in nature to the mechanical energy of the wind and waves and, through photosynthesis, into the stored energy in plants.
Thus, energy is made available to us by nature in the form of chemical bond energy of fossil fuels which may be harnessed relatively easily or as sun light which may be directly converted to heat of electricity.
Thermal energy is derived directly by burning or combusting fossil fuels; mechanical energy is derived from heat energy in engines of various types; and radiant energy is provided by the luminosity of the flames of burning fuels.
www.nfcrc.uci.edu /EnergyTutorial/energyconversion.html   (382 words)

The energy conversion factors and the models currently used assume that each component of a food has an energy factor that is fixed and that does not vary according to the proportions of other components in the food or diet.
Conceptually, food energy conversion factors should reflect the amount of energy in food components (protein, fat, carbohydrate, alcohol, novel compounds, polyols and organic acids) that can ultimately be utilized by the human organism, thereby representing the input factor in the energy balance equation.
Thus, changing energy conversion factors in the primary database is relatively easy from a purely mechanical point of view, and it need not be problematic for a database to hold and disseminate a variety of energy values for food.
www.fao.org /docrep/006/y5022e/y5022e04.htm   (9540 words)

 Canada Science and Technology Museum
Energy is the ability to do work, the ability to exert a force on an object to move it.
Wind energy is obtained from moving air and is used in transportation, irrigation and power generation.
For some operations, energy conversion from one form to another may approach 100% efficiency (e.g., the conversion of mechanical energy from a generator's rotor into electrical energy is 95-99% efficient).
www.sciencetech.technomuses.ca /english/schoolzone/Info_Energy.cfm   (2370 words)

 The MSDS HyperGlossary: Energy Unit Conversions
The prefix "kilo" means 1,000, so one kJ = 1,000 J. As the energies associated with a single molecule or atom are quite small, we often find it easier to discuss the energy found in one mole of the substance, hence "per mole".
A calorie was originally defined as the amount of energy required to raise the temperature of one gram of water by one degree Celsius.
The electron volt is the energy that we would give an electron if it were accelerated by a one volt potential difference.
www.ilpi.com /msds/ref/energyunits.html   (671 words)

 Energy Conversion Systems ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
Advanced energy conversion technologies will play a vital role in the future well-being of the U.S. As a reliable, affordable energy resource, coal and gas fuels will power economic growth, and help us achieve environmental goals at the same time.
Thermal Energy Reservoir: A thermal energy reservoir is a body of constant volume in stable equilibrium with a very large heat capacity so that it may act as a heat source or heat sink without suffering a finite change in temperature.
There is an extensive property, internal energy (U), such that a change in its value is for a system not in motion by the difference between the heating (Q) done to the system and the work (W) done by the system during any change of state.
members.aol.com /engware/systems.htm   (4221 words)

 Wave Energy Could Be as Cheap as Wind, EPRI Report Finds - EnergyVortex
The study determined that wave energy conversion may be economically feasible within the territorial waters of the United States as soon as investments are made to enable wave technology to reach a cumulative production volume of 10,000 - 20,000 MW.
Wave energy conversion devices have a very low profile and are located far enough away from the shore that they are generally not visible.
A characteristic of wave energy that suggests that it may be one of the lowest cost renewable energy sources is its high power density.
www.energyvortex.com /pages/headlinedetails.cfm?id=1732   (656 words)

 Energy Conversion Devices trims 1Q loss - Boston.com
Alternative energy developer Energy Conversion Devices Inc. on Thursday said its fiscal first-quarter loss narrowed, as revenue from its United Solar Ovonic subsidiary rose.
ROCHESTER HILLS, Mich. --Alternative energy developer Energy Conversion Devices Inc. on Thursday said its fiscal first-quarter loss narrowed, as revenue from its United Solar Ovonic subsidiary rose.
Shares of Energy Conversion Devices added 38 cents to $37.88 in after-hours trading, having closed earlier at $37.50 on the Nasdaq.
www.boston.com /business/articles/2006/11/09/energy_conversion_devices_trims_1q_loss   (176 words)

 BTU Conversion - Peabody Energy
Nations searching for secure energy supplies to fuel their economies and standards of living are increasingly turning to coal for its abundance, reliability and affordability.
Coal has been the world's fastest growing energy resource in recent years, and demand is projected to climb more than 50 percent in the next two decades, according to the International Energy Agency.
Given the ever-increasing need for reliable, low-cost energy, Peabody is examining emerging technologies for "Btu Conversion." Technologies allow the energy stored in coal to be converted into other high-demand energy forms including electricity, pipeline-quality synthetic natural gas, liquid transportation fuel and hydrogen.
www.peabodyenergy.com /Education/BtuConversion.asp   (219 words)

 Energy Sources & Conversion   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
One of the fundamental principles of physics is the conservation of energy.
While total energy always remains the same, after most conversion processes the amount of useful energy remaining is reduced.
CPEP grants permission for teachers and students to reproduce these copyrighted images and materials for their personal or classroom use, provided http://FusEdWeb.llnl.gov/CPEP/ is cited as the source.
fusedweb.pppl.gov /CPEP/Chart_Pages/1.EnergyConversion.html   (188 words)

 A warm bath of energy -- ocean thermal energy conversion | EnergyBulletin.net | Peak Oil News Clearinghouse
Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) is a technology that can extract useful work from solar energy stored in the sea.
Since the sea IS the energy storage medium, OTEC offers 'always on' baseline supply -- during bright clear days and dark nights, in still air and ferocious wind storms -- without the expense and complications of artificial energy storage systems.
Large floating OTEC platforms have been designed which would drift and 'graze' warm tropical seas, harvesting the energy, using it to extract hydrogen from sea water, to be picked up by transport vessels and delivered where it is needed.
www.energybulletin.net /16811.html   (1438 words)

 WEC Survey Of Energy Resources 2001 - Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion
Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) is a means of converting into useful energy the temperature difference between surface water of the oceans in tropical and sub-tropical areas, and water at a depth of approximately 1 000 metres which comes from the polar regions.
In a reference to OTEC, the National Energy Plan (circa 1981) stated that "a 10 MW plant was envisioned in the late 1980’s".
In 1983, as a part of a commitment to develop alternative energy systems, the Government of St. Lucia welcomed the opportunity to be part of an OTEC initiative that included the design and construction of a 10 MW closed cycle floating OTEC demonstration plant off Soufriere.
www.worldenergy.org /wec-geis/publications/reports/ser/ocean/ocean.asp   (3948 words)

 Wood Energy Conversion   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
Before energy can be used for end-use activities, it often has to be converted from its primary form into a form that is more convenient for transport and use.
Wood energy conversion technologies range from simple, traditional processes such as charcoal production in earth mounds to modern, highly efficient processes, such as dendro power and co-generation.
Typically, around two-third of the energy is lost in the process, but charcoal has advantages over fuelwood like stoves with higher efficiency, higher convenience and easier distribution.
www.rwedp.org /i_conversion.html   (1111 words)

 Energy unit conversion
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energy-unit-conversion.hiturn.com   (2641 words)

 City of Long Beach, CA - Energy Conversion
The oil embargo in the 1970's gave rise to California State adoption of policies and regulations directed to conserving energy.
Mandatory energy conservation requirements were imposed on the construction of new residential and commercial buildings, and new additions and alterations to existing buildings.
This is important to know because there are differences in the energy law requirements from one zone to the other.
www.longbeach.gov /plan/h4hb/energy_conversion.asp   (747 words)

 Energy Conversion Devices News
Many businesses consider energy as an overhead rather than a resource that requires management but energy management is not only possible but also brings real benefits and now, with the help of innovative...
Energy Conversion Devices, Inc. announced that it was recently awarded a cost-shared contract by the U.S. Department of Energy to continue its work on small hydrogen internal combustion engines.
Energy Conversion Devices has received a contract to develop and to demonstrate a hydrogen engine electric hybrid airport tow tractor and to further develop its...
www.topix.net /com/ener   (771 words)

 Energy Conversion System Optimization
The EERC has been involved in research and development of energy technologies for over 50 years and is the world's leading research and development center for coal, with special emphasis on low-rank coal.
EERC research and development programs are designed to embrace all aspects of energy-from-coal technologies from cradle to grave, beginning with fundamental resource characterization and ending with waste utilization or disposal.
Today's energy and environmental needs typically require the expertise of a total-systems team that can focus on technical details while retaining a broad perspective.
www.undeerc.org /programareas/energyconversion   (245 words)

 Energy, photosynthesis, and Energy conversions in plants and animals - from FT Exploring   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
As energy moves up the food chain there is less and less of it to go around.
Energy flows from the sun to the plants to the plant eaters to the meat eaters.
But it might better be called "potential energy" since it is a sort of "doing-nothing-for-now-waiting-to-happen" kind of energy (for more on this visit Energy Changes).
www.ftexploring.com /me/me2.html   (1395 words)

 Converting Energy
For example, solar panels are used to capture light energy from the sun and convert it to electricity.
Chemical energy stored in coal is released as heat and light energy when the coal is burned.
The heat energy is used to produce steam and is changed into mechanical energy in a generator.
www.usoe.k12.ut.us /curr/science/sciber00/8th/forces/sciber/energy2.htm   (329 words)

 Energy from Nuclear Processes
So one kilogram of mass conversion could supply the needs of about 180,000 U.S. citizens for one year, or the needs of a city of one million for over two months.
Current uses of nuclear energy must rely on nuclear fission, a less-than-ideal energy source, since nuclear fusion has yet to be harnessed for electricity generation.
The U.S. nuclear energy program is the world's largest with 108 operating plants with 100, 000 MW capacity, providing some 20% of the country's electricity in 1989.
hyperphysics.phy-astr.gsu.edu /hbase/nucene/eneein.html   (287 words)

 Nearctica - Environment - U.S. Law - Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion Research and Development
The Secretary is authorized to initiate a program to design, construct, and operate well instrumented ocean thermal energy conversion facilities of sufficient size to demonstrate the technical feasibility and potential economic feasibility of utilizing the various forms of ocean thermal energy conversion to displace nonrenewable fuels.
To achieve the goals of this section and to facilitate development of a strong industrial basis for the application of ocean thermal energy conversion system technology, at least two independent parallel demonstration projects shall be competitively selected.
A Technical Panel of the Energy Research Advisory Board shall be established to advise the Board on the conduct of the ocean thermal energy conversion program.
www.nearctica.com /environ/elaw/42misc/oceanrd1.htm   (1930 words)

 Open Channel Foundation: Energy Conversion
Energy conversion software can provide the user with reliable answers to many engineering questions.
The mechanical energy is used to provide thrust (propulsion) or to get converted into electrical.
The energy conversion software covers physical properties of various species such as gases, liquids and solids; steam approximations; and analysis of power cycles, power cycle components/processes and compressible flow.
www.openchannelsoftware.org /projects/Energy_Conversion   (315 words)

 NREL: Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion - What is Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion?
If less than one-tenth of one percent of this stored solar energy could be converted into electric power, it would supply more than 20 times the total amount of electricity consumed in the United States on any given day.
Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion: An Overview is the primary source document used to create the content on this web site.
OTEC, or ocean thermal energy conversion, is an energy technology that converts solar radiation to electric power.
www.nrel.gov /otec/what.html   (339 words)

 DOE - Fossil Energy: Solid State Energy Conversion Alliance   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
The Department of Energy has formed the Solid State Energy Conversion Alliance (SECA) with a goal of producing a solid-state fuel cell module that would cost no more than $400 per kilowatt.
SECA is administered by the Energy Department through the National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) and the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL).
HiTEC supports future advances in the SECA and Office of Fossil Energy Coal and Power programs by developing novel electrochemical energy-conversion and integrated technologies that advance the efficiency, reliability, and cost goals of fuel cell systems beyond what can be accomplished in the next five to ten years.
fossil.energy.gov /programs/powersystems/fuelcells/fuelcells_seca.html   (1438 words)

 Nearctica - Renewable Energy - Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion
Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion(OTEC) is a process which utilizes the heat energy stored in the tropical ocean.
OTEC is an acronym for ocean thermal energy conversion.
This web site has basic information on how energy is produced from the differences in temperature of warm water near the surface and cold water from lower down.
www.nearctica.com /environ/renew/otec.htm   (405 words)

 Wave Energy Conversion
Among the alternate energy resources, wave energy is considered as one of the promising alternate energy resources that has high availability factor (day and night) compare with other resources such as Wind energy or Solar energy.
Therefore, it is an equally important and worth wile to conduct experiments on wave energy harnessing techniques to tap the wave power to generate electricity.
The total wave energy would be the sum of the kinetic and the potential energy.
www.engin.umich.edu /dept/name/research/projects/wave_device/wave_device.html   (2685 words)

 Energy Conversions Inc.- Natural gas and dual fuel engines for locomotive, marine, and offshore industries
Energy Conversions Inc.- Natural gas and dual fuel engines for locomotive, marine, and offshore industries
Energy Conversions Inc. (ECI) designs and manufactures natural gas and dual fuel systems for diesel engines common to the power generation, offshore drilling, and locomotive industries.
In the early 1990's, Energy Conversions was the first to commercially demonstrate a natural gas powered locomotive.
www.energyconversions.com   (399 words)

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