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Topic: Energy efficiency

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In the News (Tue 20 Aug 19)

  energy efficiency
Energy is more than numbers on a utility bill; it is the foundation of everything we do.
Energy efficiency is the use of technology that requires less energy to perform the same function.
Since energy is one of the biggest costs in many industries, manufacturers must use energy efficient technologies and conservation measures to be successful.
www.eia.doe.gov /kids/energyfacts/saving/efficiency/savingenergy.html   (2160 words)

 25x'25 - Why Renewables: Energy Efficiency
Energy efficiency is simply the ability to do more work with less power.
Efficiency can also be viewed more broadly to include approaches such as increased public transportation, distributed electricity generation to reduce transmission losses, and community planning to reduce driving or prevent urban "heat islands" that increase cooling demand.
Energy efficiency is an important component of the larger solution to America's energy future.
www.25x25.org /index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=21&Itemid=50   (509 words)

 Energy - Energy Demand Management
The Green Paper on Energy Efficiency points to the fact that the EU could save at least 20% of its present energy consumption in a cost-effective manner, equivalent to EUR 60 billion per year, or the present combined energy consumption of Germany and Finland.
Furthermore, a successful energy efficiency scheme means that some of the €60 billion not spent on energy translates as a net saving, resulting in increased competitiveness and better living conditions for EU citizens.
Energy saving is without doubt the quickest, most effective and most cost-effective manner for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, as well as improving air quality, in particular in densely populated areas.
ec.europa.eu /energy/demand/index_en.htm   (475 words)

 Energy Efficiency
Americans believe renewable energy and energy efficiency should be given funding priority by the Department of Energy, according to a national survey released by a sustainable energy group.
Energy Center of Wisconsin, a private, nonprofit organization dedicated to improving energy efficiency in Wisconsin.
The World Energy Efficiency Association (WEEA) was founded in June 1993 as a private, non-profit organization composed of developed and developing country institutions and individuals charged with increasing energy efficiency.
healthandenergy.com /energy_efficiency.htm   (2245 words)

 Energy Efficiency - The Green Consumer Guide's Energy Efficiency section.
Energy used in the home (gas and electricity) is responsible for a quarter of the UK’s carbon dioxide emissions.
Wasting less energy saves money (significant improvements in energy efficiency can usually be achieved for low capital outlay and with a short payback period), creates jobs and helps make industry more competitive.
Energy efficiency measures also improve the quality of housing, helping bring warmer, healthier homes to old and vulnerable people living in fuel poverty.
www.greenconsumerguide.com /domesticll.php?CLASSIFICATION=54   (273 words)

 Southern Alliance for Clean Energy
Energy efficiency simply means getting the same amount of work out of a device without having to use as much energy.
An excellent example of an energy efficient technology is a compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulb, which is typically four times more energy efficient than a regular incandescent light bulb, but produces the same amount and quality of light.
Home energy efficiency can also be improved by sealing leaky duct systems and caulking windows and doors.
www.cleanenergy.org /programs/programs.cfm?id=81   (717 words)

 Energy Efficiency   (Site not responding. Last check: )
And as the world's demand for energy continues to rise - experts predict demand in 2030 will be 50% higher than today - it will inevitably take a lot more.
Energy saving initiatives like this have had a dramatic effect on emissions: the equivalent of taking well over a million cars off the road, every year.
Conservation and the efficient use of energy are critically important because they help reduce growth in demand – to keep energy affordable – and reduce greenhouse gas emissions associated with providing and using energy.
www.exxonmobil.com /corporate/Campaign/Campaign_energysaving_conservation.asp   (512 words)

 ACEEE's list of other web sites that concern energy efficiency
The International Energy Foundation is a non-profit group of scientists, researchers, and engineers whose mission is to facilitate the transfer of research and technology in all areas of energy, with special emphasis on developing countries.
The Iowa Energy Center is a research, demonstration, and educational organization dedicated to increasing energy efficiency and use of renewable energy in Iowa.
Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships Inc. (NEEP) is a non-profit regional organization founded in 1996 to increase and coordinate energy efficiency efforts in New England, New York and the mid-Atlantic region.
www.aceee.org /altsites/index.htm   (3491 words)

 Energy efficiency | Leonardo ENERGY
Energy efficiency is said to be "the cheapest form of energy we can get" and a great opportunity towards sustainability and environmental protection.
The Energy Efficiency Levy was initially set at £1 per customer and it would have increased annually in line with inflation and in year 1 would have an annual energy savings target of 55 gigawatt hours (55GWh).
While global energy prices are not susceptible to harmonised European action, cutting overall costs by making better use of existing supplies is. The proponents argue that Europe should turn the energy price crunch into an economic opportunity, creating economic activity and competitiveness through energy efficiency investment, thereby reducing energy costs for consumers and creating jobs.
www.leonardo-energy.org /drupal/energy_efficiency   (3745 words)

 Department of Energy - Energy Efficiency
The Department of Energy is committed to reducing America’s dependence on foreign oil and developing energy efficient technologies for buildings, homes, transportation, power systems and industry.
EERE's role is to invest in high-risk, high-value research and development that is critical to the Nation's energy future and would not be sufficiently conducted by the private sector acting on its own.
The National Energy Policy promotes the development and deployment of energy systems and practices that will provide current and future generations with clean, efficient, affordable, and reliable energy.
www.energy.gov /energyefficiency/index.htm   (325 words)

 Energy efficiency | Business tools | Strategies & tools | BSDglobal
Improving energy efficiency is a valuable near-term step along the road to sustainability.
Simple, low-cost energy efficiency measures include turning off equipment and lights that are not in use, switching to compact fluorescent bulbs, and using more fuel-efficient vehicles.
Support your energy efficiency coordinator, invite employees to participate in your programme, and reward them for suggestions that your company implements.
www.bsdglobal.com /tools/bt_energy_eff.asp   (541 words)

 Defra, UK - Environmental Protection - Sustainable Energy: Energy Efficiency
Improved energy efficiency is therefore a key element of the UK Climate Change Programme, which sets out the full range of activity envisaged.
Energy Efficiency: The Government's Plan for Action - a delivery plan for our energy efficiency goals to 2010 and beyond.
The Energy Efficiency Commitment - requiring electricity and gas suppliers to achieve targets for the promotion of improvements in domestic energy efficiency.
www.defra.gov.uk /environment/energy   (1018 words)

 EERE: Building Energy Efficiency   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Two renewable energy sources that can save energy in buildings are discussed separately: solar energy and geothermal heat pumps.
Energy efficiency standards for appliances are promulgated by the U.S. Department of Energy.
In urban areas, building energy efficiency is hampered by higher urban temperatures, an effect known as urban heat islands.
www.eere.energy.gov /EE/buildings.html   (411 words)

 Energy Efficiency   (Site not responding. Last check: )
An important concept for energy efficiency in buildings is the building envelope, which is everything that separates the interior of the building from the outdoor environment: windows, walls, foundation, basement slab, ceiling, roof and insulation.
Lighting can account for up to a quarter of a building's energy costs, and some buildings have saved tens of thousands of dollars per year in energy savings by using daylighting and improving the energy efficiency of their lighting systems.
The energy used to heat water can be reduced both by heating water more efficiently and by reducing hot water use.
www.sustainablenc.org /thewaytogo/main/energy.htm   (2077 words)

 Northwest Energy News + Analysis: Stakeholders stoke energy-efficiency plan
Outlining the benefits of energy efficiency and recommendations to overcome barriers that have hindered adoption, the plan seeks to create a national commitment to energy efficiency.
The plan also identifies energy efficiency's barriers, such as disincentives to homebuilders to incorporate energy efficiency into new construction; regulations that do not encourage energy efficiency in utility resource planning; public policies that provide disincentives to utility investments in energy efficiency; and the public’s lack of information about energy-saving technologies and products.
In response, recommendations include the basics of recognizing and establishing policies that establish energy efficiency as a high-priority energy resource to be incorporated into resource planning efforts.
www.nwcurrent.com /efficiency/industrial/3583041.html   (829 words)

 China-US Energy Efficiency Alliance - Protecting the Global Environment by Working with China
Promoting the saving of energy and resources should be taken as a priority by the country and viewed as one of the basic principles the government should follow in the future.
Energy efficiency allows factories to increase their output, and residential consumers to improve their standard of living, while reducing their electricity use and greenhouse gas emissions.
By supporting the Chinese government’s efforts to incorporate energy efficiency into all sectors of the economy, the Alliance is addressing resource scarcity and environmental protection issues that are relevant in San Francisco as well as Beijing.
www.chinauseealliance.org   (1159 words)

 NYCWasteLe$$ government: Energy efficiency
Visit energy efficiency case studies and waste less in business case studies to see what other local governments and businesses have done to increase energy efficiency in their facilities and communities.
ENERGY STAR is a partnership between the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy.
Increasing lighting efficiency means reducing the number of lamps needed and/or increasing the life expectancy of the lamps.
www.nyc.gov /html/nycwasteless/html/at_agencies/energy_efficiency.shtml   (819 words)

 City of Toronto: Energy Efficiency Office
The Energy Efficiency Office (EEO) is responsible for developing and co-ordinating the implementation of an energy efficiency and conservation strategy for Toronto.
They are designed to provide low-interest financing to projects which improve energy efficiency in existing or planned buildings, or generate renewable energy, thus reducing emissions of greenhouse gases.
The EEO ensures that energy efficiency and CO2 emissions reduction are important considerations in all policy and planning endeavours.
www.toronto.ca /energy/index.htm   (486 words)

 EPA : Global Warming : Actions : Energy Efficiency
Energy efficiency is a smart practice that helps the economy, too, by saving consumers and businesses million of dollars in energy costs each year.
EPA has several initiatives – often in collaboration with the Department of Energy – underway with industries, consumers, and state and local governments to improve energy efficiency across all sectors of the economy.
Energy efficient products and technologies are saving money and improving overall energy performance in commercial buildings, school systems, local governments, homes, transportation networks, electricity plants, and many other areas.
yosemite.epa.gov /oar/globalwarming.nsf/content/ActionsEnergyEfficiency.html   (361 words)

 Energy Efficiency | GreenBiz.com
Energy prices and atmospheric temperatures are rising -- putting energy efficiency on everyone's front burner as a smart environmental and business practice.
Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Network provides energy-efficiency and renewable-energy information from national U.S. Department of Energy laboratories and other organizations.
Energy efficiency is an obvious solution to an immediate problem.
www.greenbiz.com /toolbox/essentials_third.cfm?LinkAdvID=8556   (1030 words)

 Open Directory - Home: Home Improvement: Energy Efficiency   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Energy Advisor - Utilizes homeowner zip code to provide charts showing energy costs for average house and energy efficient house.
Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Network - Topics include lighting, appliances, and heating and cooling equipment; insulation and other weatherization materials; high-performance windows; automatic and "smart" controls; solar buildings; community programs; and related codes and standards.
Energy Star Home Improvement Toolbox - Tips, statistics, and calculators aiming to help homeowners improve their home's energy performance when repairing, remodeling, or improving their homes.
www.dmoz.org /Home/Home_Improvement/Energy_Efficiency   (1215 words)

 Energy Savers: About Partnerships for Home Energy Efficiency
Partnerships for Home Energy Efficiency (PHEE) is a joint effort of the U.S. Department of Energy, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.
ENERGY STAR is a government-backed program that helps businesses and individuals identify energy efficient products, appliances and homes to protect the environment and save energy.
The Energy Action Plan includes 21 measures aimed at upgrading the energy efficiency of existing and new housing, using an established inventory of proven energy-efficient products and appliances that can be put to work immediately through existing programs.
www.energysavers.gov /phee.html   (740 words)

 Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance | Energy Efficiency in the Midwest
Energy efficiency could save Midwest consumers $11.2 billion on energy bills over the next five years.
The Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (MEEA) is the leading source and champion for advancing sound energy efficiency policies, programs and priorities to stretch these essential resources.
MEEA is a collaborative network advancing energy efficiency in the Midwest to support sustainable economic development and environmental preservation.
www.mwalliance.org   (204 words)

 Chevron - Energy Efficiency & Conservation
Energy efficiency is one of our most economical sources of new energy.
We're an energy company with a business unit dedicated to helping others become more energy efficient.
Conservation and energy efficiency are powerful tools for running our business — and for helping others run theirs.
www.chevron.com /globalissues/energyefficiencyconservation   (622 words)

 The ABB Group: Energy efficiency
Soaring energy prices and concern about climate change from man-made emissions of carbon dioxide have propelled energy efficiency to the top of the agenda in the boardroom, in public debate and in public policy.
ABB helps to raise efficiency at every stage along the energy value chain, from the extraction of primary energy sources to the production of electricity, and from the transport of power to its end use by consumers.
March 4: An ABB technology that helps cement makers reduce their energy consumption by controlling a range of processes in their plants was picked as the “most innovative technology for electrical energy efficiency” at a global conference for the cement industry in London.
www.abb.com /energyefficiency   (248 words)

 New Homes : ENERGY STAR
A new ENERGY STAR qualified new home performs better for the homeowner and the environment thanks to a variety of energy-efficient features.
ENERGY STAR qualified new homes are certified to meet strict energy-efficiency guidelines set forth by EPA.
ENERGY STAR qualified new homes are high quality, comfortable homes that cost less and are good for the environment.
www.energystar.gov /index.cfm?c=new_homes.hm_index   (100 words)

 The Fresh Energy Focus - Energy Efficiency
Smarter and more efficient choices are becoming available for everything that consumes energy – lighting, pumps, chillers, fans, motors, cooling coils, you name it.
Encouraging Efficient Housing – We encourage financial institutions to consider proximity to public transit and energy efficiency as factors in mortgage lending decisions.
Fresh Energy and its regional partners will take the best practices of energy efficiency programs around the country and around the world, make them even better, and implement them throughout the Midwest.
www.fresh-energy.org /about/focus/energy_efficiency.htm   (585 words)

 Apple - Environment - Energy efficiency
At Apple we not only design our products to be efficient in the office or at home, but also to be energy efficient.
Energy consumption is one of the most significant environmental impacts a computer or electronic device produces over time.
There are two ways to reduce a product’s energy consumption: by using components that require less power or by using power management software to modulate the energy consumption of these components.
www.apple.com /environment/energyefficiency   (534 words)

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