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Topic: Enforcement

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In the News (Mon 15 Apr 19)

  RI Child Support Agency: Enforcement
All enforcement takes place in a computer generated automated way when a certain dollar amount is met or upon a certain event.
This enforcement tool is triggered when the non custodial parent owes at least $25.00 and is at least 30 days delinquent in his child support payments.
Although not an enforcement tool, it is important to know that the Child Support agency has access to and may request information about the non-custodial and custodial parent form a number of entities provided in the law.
www.cse.ri.gov /services/enforcement.php   (1875 words)

 Enforcement Divison
Priority enforcement is directed toward the elimination of access to alcoholic beverages and tobacco products to under age persons.
It is the intent of the Enforcement Division to investigate all complaints concerning these types of violations through cooperative efforts with all state, county, and municipal law enforcement agencies.
The office of the Director of Enforcement is located at the ABLE Commission main office located at 4545 North Lincoln Blvd., Suite 270, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73105.
www.able.state.ok.us /enforcement.htm   (136 words)

 Law Enforcement
Under 287(g), ICE provides state and local law enforcement with the training and subsequent authorization to identify, process, and when appropriate, detain immigration offenders they encounter during their regular, daily law-enforcement activity.
Operation Community Shield is a national law enforcement initiative that brings all of ICE's law enforcement powers to bear in the fight against violent transnational street gangs.
The success of Operation Community Shield is due to the cooperative efforts between law enforcement agencies in sharing resources and intelligence with a primary objective to identify and arrest violent gang members and associates.
www.ice.gov /partners/lenforce.htm   (1221 words)

 ADL/LEARN: Officer Safety Information for Law Enforcement
First, it is the job of law enforcement to prevent crime and to arrest criminals; this includes crimes and criminals with an ideological motivation.
Lastly, a number of extremists, particularly those who adhere to various conspiracy theories, may believe that the police are deliberately targeting them because of their beliefs, and consequently may be unpredictable or violent in situations involving law enforcement, even when they have not broken any laws.
The focus of this officer safety overview is primarily on the dangers posed by those groups and individuals that are often called "right-wing" extremists, specifically members of hate groups (such as neo-Nazis or the Klan) or anti-government groups (such as militia groups or "sovereign citizens").
www.adl.org /learn/safety   (497 words)

 Enforcement   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Enforcement involves the role of police, the disciplinary process, and the campus judicial system.
While the Office of Alcohol and Other Drug Education at the college utilizes a comprehensive approach, a significant emphasis is on consistent enforcement of policies on the campus, which is essential in maintaining the health and quality of the educational environment.
Since the university currently does not have a comprehensive process for policy enforcement nor a unified intervention to deal with students who violate the campus drug and alcohol policy, the HEART Program encourages the decentralized judicial offices to incorporate the program’s services into their disciplinary processes.
www.promprac.gmu.edu /enforce.html   (9370 words)

 Online Privacy Alliance
Effective enforcement of online privacy policies is intended to assure an organization's compliance with its privacy policies for the collection, use and disclosure of personally identifiable information online and provide for consumer complaint resolution.
Whether administered by a third-party privacy seal program, licensing program or a membership association, the effective enforcement of self-regulation requires: 1) verification and monitoring, 2) complaint resolution and 3) education and outreach.
An effective third-party enforcement mechanism must provide its participants and consumers a structure to resolve complaints and consequences for failure to do so.
www.privacyalliance.org /resources/enforcement.shtml   (1117 words)

 Police - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Roman Empire had a reasonably effective law enforcement system until the decline of the empire, though there was never an actual police force in the city of Rome.
Jurisdictions lacking the resources or the desire to pay police appropriately, lacking a tradition of professional and ethical law enforcement, or lacking adequate oversight of the police often face a dearth of quality recruits, a lack of professionalism and commitment among their police, and broad mistrust of the police among the public.
Specialized groups exist within many law enforcement organizations either for dealing with particular types of crime, such as traffic law enforcement and crash investigation, homicide, or fraud; or for situations requiring specialised skills, such as underwater search, aviation, explosive device disposal ("bomb squad"), and computer crime.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Enforcement   (4309 words)

 SOS, Missouri - Securities: Enforcement
The enforcement unit of the Securities Division of the Secretary of State receives and investigates complaints from Missouri investors.
These investigations may result in enforcement orders, administrative actions or court orders that prohibit further violations of the law.
As part of civil enforcement, the secretary of state can seek civil penalties, victim restitution and an award for the state’s investor education fund.
www.sos.mo.gov /securities/enforcement.asp   (173 words)

 BCD Enforcement Program
Enforcement efforts are an integral part of the division's overall services to the consumer, and support the division's mission to promote public safety and good economic development.
Concentrating the state’s enforcement actions on life-safety, and on licensing violations.
Broadening use of a "ticket book" to streamline enforcement efforts in local communities and to improve on-site compliance.
www.cbs.state.or.us /external/bcd/enforcement.html   (114 words)

 Oikeuslaitos - Enforcement
In addition, the enforcement authorities are charged with the carrying out of evictions, court-ordered asset seizures and court orders on child custody and right of access.
The enforcement authorities are to protect the interests of both creditors and debtors.
A disbursement fee is collected from the creditor in enforcement in the context of each disbursement of funds to the creditor.
www.oikeus.fi /8851.htm   (371 words)

 NYSDEC - Division of Environmental Enforcement   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
The Division of Environmental Enforcement (DEE) enforces state and federal laws pertaining to the environment and DEC regulations, including both administrative and criminal actions.
The DEE enforcement program is implemented through compliance and enforcement standards created by programs and compliance Counsels, as well as enforcement guidance memos and documents issued by the Commissioner, General Counsel, and Director of Environmental Enforcement.
The Bureau conducts enforcement through compliance assurance, settlement negotiations (generally resulting in administrative orders on Consent), administrative litigation, and by referring matters to the State Attorney General's Office for Civil Litigation.
www.dec.state.ny.us /website/ogc/dee/index.html   (549 words)

 Illinois EPA - Enforcements
Others may not comply, because of a lack of information, or through negligence, or actual intent to avoid the requirements and costs that may go with them.
Deterrence can only be had if the enforcement option is always available, and is pursued timely and consistently.
If not timely, deterrence will be diminished by the distance in time between the violation and the pain of the penalty.
www.epa.state.il.us /enforcement   (115 words)

 Rome Statute - Part 10. Enforcement
The enforcement of a sentence of imprisonment shall be subject to the supervision of the Court and shall be consistent with widely accepted international treaty standards governing treatment of prisoners.
The conditions of imprisonment shall be governed by the law of the State of enforcement and shall be consistent with widely accepted international treaty standards governing treatment of prisoners; in no case shall such conditions be more or less favourable than those available to prisoners convicted of similar offences in the State of enforcement.
Subject to the provisions of article 108, the State of enforcement may also, in accordance with its national law, extradite or otherwise surrender the person to a State which has requested the extradition or surrender of the person for purposes of trial or enforcement of a sentence.
www.un.org /law/icc/statute/99_corr/10.htm   (1118 words)

 PENNSYLVANIA VEHICLE CODE ENFORCEMENT   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
In cities of the first class, notification shall be made to the appropriate law enforcement officer.
In cities of the first class, such notification shall be made to the appropriate law enforcement officer.
The appropriate judicial authority shall notify the appropriate law enforcement officer of the county in which the violation occurred.
members.aol.com /StatutesP5/75.Cp.63.html   (3805 words)

 Enforcement   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Enforcement against fraud is the essence of what NASAA's members do -- to protect investors and to appropriately sanction and punish those who would harm or defraud investors.
NASAA assists states in coordinating enforcement efforts regarding multi-state frauds by facilitating the sharing of information and leveraging the resources of the states more efficiently.
NASAA’s Enforcement Section acts as a point of contact for other federal agencies and the self-regulatory organizations, such as the SEC, the FBI, the Postal Inspectors, the NASD, and the NYSE; and helps identify new fraud trends.
www.nasaa.org /issues___answers/enforcement___legal_activity/index.cfm   (318 words)

 EPA: Pesticides: Compliance and Enforcement - Enforcement   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
EPA's civil enforcement program is designed to conduct investigations and bring cases to address the most significant violations.
Enforcement Alert is an informational newsletter published by EPA's Office of Regulatory Enforcement, Office of Enforcement and Compliance Assurance.
Enforcement Alert is intended to inform and educate the public and regulated community of important environmental enforcement issues, recent trends, and significant enforcement actions.
www.epa.gov /pesticides/enforcement/enforcement.htm   (708 words)

 County Of Marin: Community Development Agency  -  Enforcement Division
The Marin County Community Development Agency has established a code enforcement program to ensure compliance with the County's laws and regulations for land use, zoning, building, housing, and environmental health.
The Community Development Agency places a high priority on code enforcement as a means of accomplishing adopted community goals, such as maintaining the quality of neighborhoods, avoiding nuisances, and protecting the environment.
The code enforcement program is not intended to be selective or discriminatory against any one individual, group, area, or business.
www.co.marin.ca.us /depts/CD/main/comdev/ENFORCE/index.cfm   (163 words)

 Bureau of Justice Statistics Drugs and Crime Facts: Drug law violations and enforcement
In 2005, according to the UCR, law enforcement agencies nationwide made an estimated 14 million arrests for all criminal infractions except traffic violations.
Of offices on such a task force, 76% indicated drug enforcement to be the goal.
Source: BJS, Law Enforcement Management and Administrative Statistics, 2000: Data for Individual State and Local Agencies with 100 or More Officer, NCJ 203350, April 2004.
www.ojp.usdoj.gov /bjs/dcf/enforce.htm   (1470 words)

 Enforcement, Bureau of Land and Water Quality, Maine Department of Environmental Protection
Enforcement, Bureau of Land and Water Quality, Maine Department of Environmental Protection
To report a possible violation of one of the laws administered by the Bureau of Land and Water Quality, call your nearest regional DEP office.
The staff person "on call", to whom you report the possible violation, may ask a few questions intended to assist enforcement staff.
www.state.me.us /dep/blwq/enforcement.htm   (243 words)

 CIS - Enforcement   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
The Enforcement Division is responsible for the investigation of complaints filed against persons or businesses regulated by the Bureau of Commercial Services and the prosecution of violations, if supported by sufficient evidence.
These conferences are more informal than a contested case hearing and provide the Respondent with an opportunity to resolve a complaint filed with the Bureau or to stipulate to alleged violations without the need for a formal hearing.
Click here for: Not all complaints or issues can be prosecuted or resolved by the Enforcement Division, but there may be other actions you can take on your own or through the assistance of an attorney hired by you.
www.michigan.gov /cis/0,1607,7-154-10557_14845---,00.html   (341 words)

 Department of Parking and Traffic: Enforcement   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
You have the green light but can't get across the intersection because cars traveling the other direction have caused gridlock.  Worse yet, you're sitting on a MUNI bus that can't go anywhere because it's stuck in traffic.
The Enforcement Division's objectives are to ease traffic congestion and promote parking turnover throughout the City by enforcing regulations and directing traffic.
Enforcement also removes abandoned vehicles and responds to customer service calls for the removal of vehicles which are blocking driveways or accessible ramps.
www.sfgov.org /site/dpt_index.asp?id=13444   (323 words)

 K&LNG : Kirkpatrick & Lockhart Nicholson Graham LLP : Practices & Industries : Securities Enforcement
The current securities enforcement climate is unprecedented, both in terms of the wide range of matters being investigated and the aggressiveness of the various securities regulators.
If enforcement action cannot be avoided, our securities enforcement lawyers are well prepared to litigate against the SEC, the CFTC, the NASD, the FSA or other securities regulators — in court, in administrative proceedings, and, if necessary, on appeal.
First, our group includes more than a dozen lawyers with first-hand knowledge of the enforcement process, gained through service on the staffs of regulators like the SEC, the CFTC and the NASD.  As a result, we have a thorough understanding of the securities regulators, their operations and decision-making processes.
www.klng.com /practices/ServiceDetail.aspx?service=48   (482 words)

These investigations by OLMS District Offices involve issues such as embezzlements of union funds, union officer elections, the filing of required reports by unions and others with OLMS, and the imposition of trusteeships over subordinate unions by a parent body.
When an OLMS investigation determines that a violation occurred that may have affected the outcome of a union election, OLMS seeks to enter into an agreement with the union for corrective action.
If this voluntary agreement is not reached, the Secretary may file suit in federal district court to have the challenged election overturned and have a new election held under OLMS supervision.
www.dol.gov /esa/regs/compliance/olms/enforcement.htm   (145 words)

 ATV Enforcement
Failure to register your vehicle or failure to have liability insurance is an automatic $300 fine plus cost of prosecution.
All law enforcement officers in the state, including local and state police, are authorized to enforce the Snowmobile/ATV Law.
You must stop when signaled by a law enforcement officer.
www.dcnr.state.pa.us /forestry/atv/enforcement.aspx   (130 words)

 LAW ENFORCEMENT FUNCTION - Criminal Justice OnlineFunction
Discuss the enforcement function and law enforcement at the
The Enforcement Function (CJ315) provides an overview of the historical and philosophical development of the enforcement function at federal, state and local levels; community controls, political pressures and legal limitations pertaining to law enforcement agencies at each level of government; police policies and problems vis-a-vis the administration of justice as a system.
Place the law enforcement role in a broader context by examining the historical origins of the police and police practices.
www.hitechcj.com /enforcementfunction   (1030 words)

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