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Topic: American English

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In the News (Fri 24 May 19)

  American English
In American English the final e is removed from verbs before adding -ing, in correct British English this is not done giving "routeing" (British) and "routing" (American), however the American practice of dropping the "e" is becoming quite common in British English.
A composite of bitumen (a tarry substance) and gravel used for surfacing/paving roads etc. In American usage "tarmac" is used to refer to surface of airport runways etc. A macadamised road is one with a surface of carefully graded stones first devised by John Macadam in the early 19th century.
American practice is fl for live, white for neutral and green for earth, although it is not normal for the cord from the outlet to the appliance to have colour coded wires.
www.scit.wlv.ac.uk /~jphb/american.html   (12175 words)

  English Language - MSN Encarta
Even in countries where English is not a primary or official language, it is taught as a foreign language and used as the language of technology and diplomacy.
English is spoken in more parts of the world than any other language and by more people than any other language except Chinese.
American English developed its own spelling conventions, largely as a result of the work of spelling reformer Noah Webster.
encarta.msn.com /encyclopedia_761564210/English_Language.html   (1144 words)

  American English - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
American English (AmE) is the dialect of the English language used mostly in the United States of America.
American English has many spelling differences from English as used elsewhere (especially British English), some of which were made as part of an attempt to make more rational the spelling used in Britain at the time.
Americanisms formed by alteration of existing words include notably pesky (from pest), phony (from fawney), rambunctious (from rumbustious), pry (as in "pry open," from prize), putter (verb, from potter), buddy (from brother), sundae (from Sunday), and skeeter (from mosquito).
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/American_English   (2891 words)

 United States - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
American military and economic stature increased throughout the 20th century; with the collapse of the Soviet Union at the end of the Cold War, the nation emerged as the world's sole superpower.
World War II was the costliest war in American history, but helped to pull the economy out of depression as the required production of military materiel provided much-needed jobs and women entered the workforce in large numbers for the first time.
Calls by an overwhelming majority of American citizens continue for increased border security against illegal immigration and the shipment of illegal narcotics, with their primary goal the protection of American interests and the safety of U.S. citizens around the world, against such threats as terrorist infiltration at the border with Mexico.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/United_States   (7357 words)

 The Ultimate California English - American History Information Guide and Reference
English became spoken in the area now known as California on a wide scale beginning with a considerable influx of English-speaking European-Americans during the California Gold Rush.
As a variety of American English, California English is similar to most other forms of American speech in being a rhotic accent (historically a significant marker in differentiating different English varieties).
California English is in a somewhat unusual position amongst English varieties in that it is spoken in a state noted for its high concentration of media-related industries such as television, radio, and films, which are commonly broadcast throughout the United States and often the rest of the world.
www.historymania.com /american_history/California_English   (1336 words)

 Index to Primary Authors. Bartleby.com
Cambridge History of English and American Literature (18 vols).
English Essays from Sir Philip Sidney to Macaulay.
Roget’s International Thesaurus of English Words and Phrases.
www.bartleby.com /authors   (138 words)

 The American Heritage Book of English Usage. 1996
This book is designed to inform you about current problems in English usage so you can make intelligent decisions when communicating.
A Practical and Authoritative Guide to Contemporary English
With a detailed look at grammar, style, diction, word formation, gender, social groups and scientific forms, this valuable reference work is ideal for students, writers, academicians and anybody concerned about proper writing style.
www.bartleby.com /64   (112 words)

 American English
English is destined to be in the next and succeeding centuries more generally the language of the world than Latin was in the last or French is in the present age.
American English is regarded as having preserved archaic features which have since been altered in British English--i.e., American speech maintained features of seventeenth- and eighteenth-century English--such as the preservation of r in most dialects, and "flat a" [æ] as in "path": features that were lost in southern England at the end of the eighteenth century.
General American used to be thought of as most of the Western half of country, and refers to a dialect characterized by the retention of r, "flat a," and an unrounded vowel in hot.
ebbs.english.vt.edu /hel/helmod/america.html   (4074 words)

 Linguistics 201: The Dialects of American English
New York English, as a special variety of general New England speech, developed after the British took possession of the Dutch colony of Nieuw Amsterdam in 1664, leading to the rapid conversion of Dutch speakers to English.
Southern English has contributed and continues to contribute to General English a variety of highly colorful idioms: Mad as a rooster in an empty henhouse, Don't get crosslegged (Don't get mad.), tearing up the peapatch (on a rampage), kneewalkin' drunk, He's three bricks shy of a load.
General American-- After the Civil War the rapid and extensive move West of settlers from all dialect areas of the eastern US led to a leveling of eastern dialectal features and the creation of a more General American, or Middle American dialect.
pandora.cii.wwu.edu /vajda/ling201/test3materials/AmericanDialects.htm   (2244 words)

 United Kingdom English for the American Novice
While in the UK I learned that the "English" and "American" languages have less in common than might be supposed.
English words often have several meanings and only those which differ (from American) are listed here.
English pronunciation of these words is often similar to the American version.
www.hps.com /~tpg/ukdict   (414 words)

 [No title]
The majority of the different spellings in American English are due to his advocacy of them and the incorporation of them in his dictionaries.
The Longman Dictionary of American English is unique because it has been written using the Longman Defining Vocabulary.
In American English, words are not pronounced one by one.
www.lycos.com /info/american-english.html   (297 words)

 African American Vernacular English   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
African American Vernacular English (AAVE) is the variety formerly known as Black English Vernacular or Vernacular Black English among sociolinguists, and commonly called Ebonics outside the academic community.
Such variability in the speech both of groups and individuals reflects the complex social attitudes surrounding AAVE and other nonstandard varieties of English and it was this variability which initially attracted the attention of sociolinguists such as William Labov.
Standard English also has agreement in a number of irregular and frequently used verbs such as has vs have and is vs are and was vs were.
www.une.edu.au /langnet/aave.htm   (2863 words)

 American English
But beyond calling some things by different names, there are many other peculiarities of American English in its phrasing and syntax that set it apart from other brands of the English language.
For example, phrases such as "omit to", "endure to", etc. are common in British usage but rarely occur in American English; and the bare infinitive after "insist", "demand", "require", etc. (e.g., "I insist he be here by noon.") is common in American English but rare in other brands of English.
You are a teacher of English as a second language, and you want to teach English as spoken in the U.S., including not only accent but also word use and syntactic constructions.
americannationalcorpus.org /American-English.html   (1312 words)

 Do You Speak American . Sea to Shining Sea . Official American . Ban English | PBS
On the other hand, opponents of official English remind us that without legislation we have managed to get over ninety-seven percent of the residents of this country to speak the national language.
They suggested replacing English with Hebrew, thought by many in the eighteenth century to be the world’s first language, the one spoken in the garden of Eden.
Dennis Baron is professor of English and linguistics at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
www.pbs.org /speak/seatosea/officialamerican/banenglish   (922 words)

 American Translation Service - English to American Translation   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
You probably don't speak American yourself, so there are a few questions you'll need to consider when choosing a translation company.
Professional translators whose native language is English and speak fluent American perform our American to English translation.
Pidgin Signed English is taught in schools in the USA rather than ASL.
www.appliedlanguage.com /languages/american_english_translation.shtml   (683 words)

 Buley Library
Literary Resources on the Net This is another page which deals mainly with English and American Literature sources on the net and is limited to collections of information useful to academics.
American Poetry Full-Text Database Here you can find complete poetical works of over 200 poets from the earliest American poets of the seventeenth century to the beginnings of modernism.
English Literature On the Web Here one can find e-text archives, information on children's books and authors, medieval English literature, Anglo-Saxon literature, information on British authors and literature of various time periods such as the seventeenth, eighteenth, nineteenth and twentieth centuries.
library.scsu.ctstateu.edu /litbib.html   (2606 words)

 Do You Speak American . Sea to Shining Sea . Official American . English Only | PBS
Many Americans considered non-Anglophones to be less than human: in 1904 a railroad president told a congressional hearing on the mistreatment of immigrant workers, “These workers don’t suffer—they don't even speak English” (Shanahan, 1989.) Today as well there is opposition to non-Anglophones and bilinguals—this time not Germans but Hispanic and Asian Americans.
A 1923 Illinois law making American, rather than English, the official language of that state was quietly amended in 1969 because Illinois residents continued to speak and teach English in defiance or ignorance of the statute.
The English Language Amendment, if it is passed, may also prove to be more of a symbol than an enforceable statute, though many people fear that it could become a dangerous tool for linguistic and cultural repression.
www.pbs.org /speak/seatosea/officialamerican/englishonly   (2665 words)

 English baby names / American baby names / English names / American names
English baby names / American baby names / English names / American names
Each list of English names can be sorted by English baby girl names or English baby boy names.
In addition to American baby names, at Baby Name World you will find thousands of other unique and popular male and female baby names and their meaning sorted by origin.
www.babynameworld.com /english.asp   (74 words)

 English-American Dictionary - Uncyclopedia, the content-free encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
In the actual alphabet, the letter "Z" is replaced by the English Power Rangers villain "Zed" (a corruption of "izzard"), although the English rarely use this odd letter anymore.
The English are also known for adding an "R" to wourds that do not require one, in addition to removing "R"s from woods that are supposed to have them.
The English language is also noted for the overuse of the letter U, especially in making the "or" sound.
uncyclopedia.org /wiki/English-American_Dictionary   (1311 words)

 Is American English lazy English? - Page:5
Is American English simply lazy English with disregard for the fundamentals of the language, or is it a valid simplification of an overly complex and irregular language?
It is not my intention to offend users of American English, users of the imperial system of measurement or anyone else who cares little for international standards.
British English and American English were assumable one in the same 200 years ago.
www.englishforums.com /English/AmericanEnglishLazyEnglish/5/bhwl/Post.htm   (2023 words)

 African American Vernacular English: A brief overview of AAVE   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
AAVE is a form of American English spoken primarily by African Americans.
In other words, AAVE is just "bad English." The creole hypothesis, however, maintains that modern AAVE is the result of a creole derived from English and various West African Languages.
To be able to communicate in some fashion they developed a pidgin by applying English and some West African vocabulary to the familiar grammar rules of their native tongue.
bryan.myweb.uga.edu /AAVE   (258 words)

 African American Vernacular English: A brief overview of AAVE   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
AAVE is a form of American English spoken primarily by African Americans.
In other words, AAVE is just "bad English." The creole hypothesis, however, maintains that modern AAVE is the result of a creole derived from English and various West African Languages.
To be able to communicate in some fashion they developed a pidgin by applying English and some West African vocabulary to the familiar grammar rules of their native tongue.
www.arches.uga.edu /~bryan/AAVE   (258 words)

 American English Translation - Translate American English Language Translator
Our American English translation teams are professional linguists performing translation from English to American English and American English to English for a variety of documents in various industries including:
English was inherited from British colonization and it is spoken by the vast majority of the population.
American English has some differences from British English, but these differences are fairly minor.
www.translation-services-usa.com /languages/american.shtml   (393 words)

 British vs. American English / ESL Article
English is spoken in many countries either as the mother tongue or as a second language.
Before we take a look at some of the differences between the two main types of English I’d like to stress that these differences are somewhat minor and with the ongoing internationalization of our modern world they could even said to be diminishing.
It follows, modern British English is much more likely to be influenced by American English than the other way round because when you live in the US and watch TV you rarely will see a British show or film.
www.english-test.net /articles/5/index.html   (781 words)

 Arizona State University, American English and Culture Program
AECP is located on the main campus of Arizona State University and is a department of the College of Extended Education.
This class helps students broaden their knowledge of English and culture by learning the story of the Beatles and by listening to their music.
In this class you will become acquainted with American works of art, become an expert on an American artist of your choice, visit local art museums, develop vocabulary and practice English language skills.
www.asu.edu /xed/aecp/course/POS.html   (957 words)

 FREELANG - American-English and English-American Free Dictionary
The latest English dictionary from ECTACO is a powerhouse of a resource tool packed with everything you need to make studying a breeze.
Another invaluable resource for anyone studying English or preparing for their SATs is the SAT Words tutor.
Providing English speech synthesis and transcriptions for all words, it is made up of five fascinating, entertaining and effective learning games.
www.freelang.net /dictionary/american.html   (401 words)

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