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Topic: English Bible translation

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In the News (Thu 25 Apr 19)

  World English Bible Translation FAQ
By granting authors and translators a legal monopoly (for a limited, but very long, time) on the right of copying and "first sale" of their works, the law makers have made writing and translating very profitable for some people whose works are in great demand.
English style is a moving target, and there is not widespread agreement on capitalization of pronouns referring to God.
Because the World English Bible is an update of the American Standard Version of 1901, which does not capitalize pronouns referring to God, it would have required reviewing all pronouns in the Bible for capitalization, determining from the context which referred to God and which did not.
www.faqs.org /faqs/books/bible/world-english-faq   (5091 words)

 Bible translation history...picture of tyndale, wycliffe john, luther and erasmus story of the first English Bible
In time, however, there were moves to translate the Bible into the vernacular, or the common tongues, that had been developing among the peoples of Europe.
Among the issues discussed was a Puritan request for a new translation of the Bible, to correct the imperfections of the current Bibles.
Indeed, although the Bible and the complete works of Shakespeare are still seen as essential props on the bookshelves of educated people, the Bible is all too often seen only as a symbol for a court of law, to be read at the christening or quoted at a funeral, but rarely used in between.
www.users.ms11.net /~dejnarde/english_bible_translation.htm   (2787 words)

 Gender and Generic Pronouns in English Bible Translation
In English the issue comes to a head only with the third-person singular personal pronoun, because all the other pronouns are unmarked for gender.
If generic he were genuinely unavailable in English, we would have to do the best we could without it, and there might be no choice except to settle for some approximation that unavoidably loses nuances of meaning.
But a translator, in distinction from an author, is not free to change the pattern of thought in Scripture, even if it should prove offensive to some.
www.frame-poythress.org /poythress_articles/2003Gender.htm   (3495 words)

 World English Bible Translation FAQ   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
The first phase of the translation, which has already been done, was to convert about 1,000 archaic words and word forms to modern equivalents using a custom computer program.
Since this is primarily an update of the 1901 edition, the choices made by the original 50 or so Evangelical scholars that made this translation hold unless reference is made to the original languages to help with places where the Elizabethan English is not clear, or where major textual variants are known to exist.
Send mail to majordomo@csn.net with the single line in the body of the message (not the subject) saying: unsubscribe bible If you don't have access to the account you are unsubscribing from, then add your old email address to the line, like unsubscribe bible user@host.domain but substitute your own email address for user@host.domain.
omicron.felk.cvut.cz /FAQ/articles/a2227.html   (3508 words)

 ZondervanBibles.com - Translations   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Purpose in translation was to "produce an accurate translation, suitable for public and private reading, teaching, preaching,memorizing, and liturgical use." Published in 1978.
Translators were involved in bringing the classic Living Bible from its status as a paraphrase to a thought-for-thought translation of Scripture.
This paraphrase was translated using the rhythms and tone of contemporary English to communicate to the modern reader.
www.zondervanbibles.com /translations.htm   (1224 words)

 Web Directory: English Bible Versions
The Joseph Smith Translation in Light of the New Testament: An Examination of Key Passages in the Gospel of John.
Deibler, a Bible Translation Consultant with the Wycliffe Bible Translators, criticizes the Colorado Springs Guidelines from the standpoint of "dynamic eqivalence" translation theory.
Political Correctness and Bible Translation: A Preliminary Response to Ellis W. Deibler and A Response to Dr. Deibler on the Colorado Springs Guidelines, by Vern S. Poythress.
www.bible-researcher.com /links02.html   (5247 words)

 The World English Bible (WEB) FAQ
For that reason, the name “World English Bible” is a trademark that may only be used to identify the World English Bible as published by Rainbow Missions, Inc., and faithful copies of that work.
It is also true that chosing to capitalize pronouns relating to God causes some difficulties in translating the coronation psalms, where the psalm was initially written for the coronation of an earthly king, but which also can equally well be sung or recited to the praise of the King of Kings.
Wording that may inadvertently be “too close” to any copyrighted Modern English translation for too many verses in a row (thus risking charges of copyright infringement).
ebible.org /bible/WEB/webfaq.htm   (5620 words)

 John Wycliffe's English Bible Translation   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Indeed, the medieval Catholic Church held a tight grip over English peasants, allowing the Holy Scriptures to be printed and read only in Latin: which by the late-fourteenth century was only known by the well-educated, an elite club of Catholic clergy and English noblemen.
He teaches Felice and her father, Howel, how to write English letters so they can also copy scripture, and soon they are also busy writing scripture verses on pieces of cloth--something so strange that many peasants think the writing a type of magic incantation with power to effect miracles.
An overview of English history relating to the translations of the Bible, from Wycliffe's first translation to the one still familiar today, the 1611 King James translation, is also included.
home.midsouth.rr.com /ochsner/article1043.html   (633 words)

 Virtual Christianity: Bibles
The many study guide tools include study Bible with incorporated maps and (blue) notes, topical presentation of verses, the story of Jesus (incorporating in rough order the content of all four Gospels, the story of the NT church (coming soon) (which similarly will incorporate content of the entire NT), and background commentary on the NT.
The Common Bible is a computer-generated majority reading taken mainly from the following Bible versions: KJV, ASV, RSV, NASB, NIV, TEV, NKJV, Living Bible, Revised English Bible, NRSV, (and more recently) NLT and the NAS Update, and taken to a lesser extent the NAB and NJB.
The Orthodox Jewish Brit Chadasha (English version) - New Testament translation (brit means "covenant" and chadasha means "new"), by chapter, allegedly an English translation, but uses a lot of Hebrew words.
www.internetdynamics.com /pub/vc/bibles.html   (3491 words)

 Bible :: Beast's real mark devalued to '616'
Where more conventional versions of the Bible give 666 as the "number of the beast," or the sign of the anti-Christ whose coming is predicted in the book's apocalyptic verses, the older version uses the Greek letters signifying 616.
The book is thought to have been written by the disciple John and according to the King James Bible, the traditional translation of the passage reads: "Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six."
But Dr. Aitken said that translation was drawn from much later versions of the New Testament than the fragment found in Oxyrhynchus.
www.religionnewsblog.com /11134   (777 words)

 english bible translation
The World English Bible (WEB) is a Public Domain (no copyright) Modern English translation of the Holy Bible, based on the...
Committee on Bible Translation (CBT) has labored to bring the Word of God to people in contemporary English...
English Bible History: Discover the fascinating history of how we got the Bible in the English language, from Wycliffe, Tyndale, Luther, to King Henry VIII and King James...
www.indiantranslationservices.com /translation-service/english-bible-translation.html   (445 words)

 2001 Translation - An American English Bible
You will find the 2001 Translation – an American English Bible to be unique in many ways, because the translators didn’t follow established convention by employing traditional (and often misleading) old English words.
A word-for word translation of the Greek (along with extensive word references) would be the most accurate, but it would be almost impossible to read.
However, they are not connected with the translators of this Bible in any way.
www.2001translation.com   (607 words)

The NET BIBLE ® is our gift to you and the rest of the world for FREE use in ways never before offered by a modern translation copyright holder.
The NET Bible (New English Translation) is a completely new translation of the Bible, not a revision or an update of a previous English version....Read more in "The Making of the NET Bible"...
The NET Bible Team has been instrumental in translating, editing, formatting, proofing, and converting for all formats to deliver the NET Bible to you.
www.netbible.com   (982 words)

 World English Bible
The World English Bible (WEB) is a Public Domain (no copyright) Modern English translation of the Holy Bible, based on the American Standard Version of the Holy Bible first published in 1901, the Biblia Hebraica Stutgartensa Old Testament, and the Greek Majority Text New Testament.
World English Bible: Messianic Edition) that is created by substituting traditional Hebrew names and phrases for equivalent Greek/English names and phrases.
"World English Bible" and WorldEnglishBible.org are trademarks of Rainbow Missions, Inc. Permission is granted to use the name "World English Bible" and its logo only to identify faithful copies of the Public Domain translation of the Holy Bible of that name published by Rainbow Missions, Inc. The World English Bible is not copyrighted.
www.ebible.org   (380 words)

 Aramaic Bible, Disciples New Testament, Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Acts, Letters of the Apostles and Revelation
The whole Bible was preserved in this language by the saints of the Ancient Church of the East at the cost of their lives.
If you are interested in becoming a supporter or sponsor of this translation project, write me; my e-mail address is vic@v-a.com.
According to my translation, the biggest misconception of Western Christianity is the belief that when the Old Testament mentions the Lord that it is referring to the Father.
www.v-a.com /bible   (563 words)

 Free Bible Software by johnhurt.com - Index - Download Web-Based Free Bible Software or Bible on CD ROM
Has the Old and New Testament Bible texts with direct hyperlinks to the appropriate word in Strong's Dictionary.
The Paleo Hebrew Bible in a Parallel Format is only available here, as no other software publisher has a Paleo Hebrew Bible.
These Microsoft Access Bibles are in the Public Domain (No Copyright) and can be used to produce your own Bible software.
www.htmlbible.com   (738 words)

 World Bible Translation Center
We exist to translate and distribute faithful, easy-to-understand translations of the Scriptures in the world’s major languages to lead people to Jesus and help believers grow in faith.
Trucks arrived in Houston shortly before Hurricane Rita and the Bibles were distributed to the victims of both hurricanes who were living in the shelters.
Another shipment of Bibles arrived in the New Orleans area and were distributed by Global Aid Network, along with personal care kits.
www.wbtc.com   (474 words)

 The Hebrew Names Version of the World English Bible
The Hebrew Names Version of the World English Bible is an update of the American Standard Version of 1901.
The translation and review is currently in progress.
This translation is in the Public Domain, so feel free to copy, publish (for free or for a price), and use it.
www.ebible.org /bible/hnv   (243 words)

 The Original Bible Project
Translation Sample with selections from the Old Testament now available.
This 80 page Translation Sample can viewed in full format, appearing just as the 8½ x 11 inch printed version.
To Contact the Original Bible Project just send an E-mail to Bob Ellsworth — He can get you on the mailing list and give you information about making a donation to the Original Bible Project.
www.centuryone.org /obp.html   (169 words)

 New American Standard Bible Translators: Who are they? NASB, History, Committee, Lockman Foundation, Background, ...
The translators were carefully chosen from the mainstream evangelical denominational groups and respected Christian institutions of higher learning.
The translators come from Presbyterian, Methodist, American Baptist, Disciples, Southern Baptist, Nazarene, General Association of Regular Baptist, Congregational, Independent Baptist, Free Methodist, and still other denominations.
All support the philosophy of literal translation and the doctrinal statement of The Lockman Foundation, including the inerrancy of the Scriptures.
www.afcministry.com /NASB_Translators.htm   (528 words)

 Babylon - online dictionary and translation software
Just click on any text in any desktop application and a small pop-up window appears with the relevant translation, information or conversion.
Single click to the world's leading English dictionary and thesaurus.
The Babylon-Pro and Oxford Concise English Dictionary and Thesaurus package gives you access to the most comprehensive resource of the English language.
www.babylon.com   (160 words)

 Bibles.net - The #1 Online Collection of Bibles and Biblical Resources
You may enter the passage's chapter and verse, or you may enterkey words from any passage to locate the chapter and verse.
USE THE ONLINE NAVE'S TOPICAL BIBLE by simply typing in any topic, (like "Faith"or"Death" or "Marriage", etc), and a list of all Bible passagesrelevant to that topic will be displayed.
Also online, keyed to each Bible verseis Matthew Henry's Commentary, which is probably the most respected of all whole-Bible commentaries.
www.bibles.net   (648 words)

 bible study - phillips new testament
taken from J B Phillips translation of the New Testament
"The New Testament in Modern English", 1962 edition, presented here with the kind permission of Mrs Vera Phillips and the J.B.Phillips estate
www.ccel.org /bible/phillips/JBPhillips.htm   (279 words)

 The Book of Luke, from the Quechua Bible
Bible translations are great for learning a language; they have a wide variety of vocabulary and phrases, in both literal and informal paraphrased wording.
Complete printed Bibles are available in these and most other Quechua dialects, from the Bible societies listed below the scriptures.
English Translation by the AMERICAN BIBLE SOCIETY, New York
www.andes.org /bible/luke.html   (3956 words)

 Hebrew - English Bible / Mechon-Mamre
If you do not know any Hebrew, try our Hebrew Bible in English; if you know Hebrew well, you may prefer one of our four all Hebrew Bibles.  If you know Portuguese better than English, you will probably prefer the Hebrew-Portuguese Bible.
Download this Bible in a zip from here for study offline
Download this Bible in a version for the Pocket PC here for study on the go
www.mechon-mamre.org /p/pt/pt0.htm   (163 words)

 Young's Literal Translation - An English-language Bible translation that is now in the public domain. Full text, with ...
Young's Literal Translation - An English-language Bible translation that is now in the public domain.
An English-language Bible translation that is now in the public domain.
Bible - Classics - Downloads - Events - Gallery - Health - Publishing - Sermons - Tips
www.praize.com /engine/info/1458.html   (222 words)

We are extending copyright freedoms to you beyond any other modern day Bible translation.
Engaging online community discussions enable iron to sharpen iron.
copyrighted Bible that's completely free to download completely (text and notes).
www.netbible.org   (982 words)

 Still Waters Revival Books - Discount Reformation, Puritan and Covenanter Books
It is run by a home schooler, Trinity Barrow (with oversight from her father, Reg Barrow, the president of Still Waters Revival Books).
Featuring first time English translations of rare Calvin works just released!
The Form of Prayers and Ministration of the Sacraments, etc.Used in the English Congregation at Geneva
www.swrb.com   (4030 words)

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