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Topic: Environmental journalism

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In the News (Fri 19 Jul 19)

  A Needs Assessment of Environmental Journalism in South Eastern Europe
Identifying the common and specific problems of environmental journalism in the countries of the region is a natural precondition for the establishment and efficient operation of the REPC.
There are serious difficulties in accessing environmental information stemming from the legislation of the countries in the region, as well as in the relations between journalists and official institutions, and between journalists and NGOs.
Journalism qualifications and knowledge in specific environmental areas and how to present them to the general public are insufficient.
www.rec.org /media/ej_methodology.html   (1099 words)

 UC Berkeley Journalism / Environmental Journalism   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
The purpose of expanding our environmental journalism effort, which began in 1991, was to create a hub for exploring ways to improve the quality of environmental reporting and editing.
She taught the school's first environmental reporting class in 1991 and has continued to be integrally involved in school activities since.
She is the former environmental writer for the San Francisco Examiner and the Arizona Daily Star in Tucson, where she taught feature writing at the University of Arizona.
journalism.berkeley.edu /program/environment   (830 words)

 Knight Center for Environmental Journalism—News
The program has also organized seven Great Lakes Environmental Journalism Training Institutes for Canadian and American journalists and is now planning its eighth, which will be held June 7-11 at the Kellogg Center on the MSU campus and in Ontario, Canada.
The MSU School of Journalism is one of the oldest, largest and most highly regarded journalism programs in the nation.
The first journalism course was taught at MSU in 1910 and since 1949 the journalism school has been continuously reaccredited.
environmental.jrn.msu.edu /grant.html   (1001 words)

 Environmental Journalism Center   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
Today's environmental stories are about our quality of life: our children's health, the traffic we endure, the places we live, work and shop, the air we breathe, the water we drink -- the points at which the environment touches our daily lives.
The Environmental Journalism Center serves as a clearinghouse of information for reporters covering the environment on television news and for general assignment reporters, producers, editors and writers assigned to cover environmental stories.
Its goal is to put the tools needed to understand environmental issues into the hands of as many radio and television news professionals as possible so that they may make their own informed journalistic decisions.
www.rtnda.org /resources/ejc.shtml   (472 words)

 Free Press : The rising tide for environmental journalism
Before Katrina, environmental reporting on TV had been in rapid decline, despite a few standout examples of work by local station reporters and network producers who remained dedicated to it.
Global warming, for instance, is the classic long-term environmental story that’s difficult to sell to commercial news directors, said Christy George, a producer at Oregon Public Broadcasting, who has produced documentaries on the environment and is a board member of the Society of Environmental Journalists.
Environmental journalism was much more commonplace in the mid- to late 1990s, when much environmental legislation was enacted, but has slipped into the background since 9/11.
www.freepress.net /news/11540   (1749 words)

 News analysts, reporters, and correspondents
Examples of journalism courses are introductory mass media, basic reporting and copy editing, history of journalism, and press law and ethics.
In addition, journalism scholarships, fellowships, and assistantships awarded to college journalism students by universities, newspapers, foundations, and professional organizations are helpful.
Journalism graduates have the background for work in closely related fields such as advertising and public relations, and many take jobs in these fields.
www.bls.gov /oco/ocos088.htm   (2084 words)

 UC Berkeley Journalism / Faculty / Environmental Faculty   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
She is also a member of the Society for Environmental Journalists and has for several years taught environmental journalism at Berkeley.
He is on the Advisory Council of the Rocky Mountain Office of the Environmental Defense Fund, and is president of the board of the Delta-Montrose Electric Association, a rural electric co-operative serving 25,000 families and businesses in Delta and Montrose counties.
Rogers, who also teaches journalism in the Science Communications program at UC Santa Cruz, is the 2001 recipient of the David R. Brower Award, the Sierra Club's highest national honor for environmental reporting.
journalism.berkeley.edu /faculty/environmental.html   (458 words)

 International Center for Journalists
Since 2000, ICFJ has sent 10 American journalists to developing countries to cover environmental issues and provide training to local journalists on environmental reporting.
Environmental reporting fellows have roamed Bosnia-Herzegovina, Brazil, Tierra del Fuego, Nicaragua, Ghana, Mozambique, Madagascar, Malaysia, Indonesia and India.
Fellows have leeway to offer training on non-urban environmental issues and are also free to develop reporting projects on topics of their choice.
www.icfj.org /FordBrochure.html   (578 words)

 ENVIRONMENTAL JOURNALISM PROGRAM CELEBRATES 10 YEARS OF HISTORY AND GRANT FOR ITS FUTURE / Freelance Writing . com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
This year’s Great Lakes Environmental Journalism Institute, which starts today, comes at the 10-year anniversary for the organizing body – the Knight Center for Environmental Journalism at Michigan State University.
This year’s keynote speaker is Margaret Kriz, who covers energy and environmental issues for the National Journal based in Washington, D.C. “This year’s program is unique because we are celebrating 10 years of environmental journalism education and outreach with this exciting group of 25 journalists from around the Great Lakes.
MSU’s School of Journalism received $2.2 million from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation to expand the educational, training and research efforts of the Knight Center for Environmental Journalism over the next five years.
www.freelancewriting.com /commentary/news-071105-04.html   (1007 words)

 Knight Center for Environmental Journalism—Learning
Each year the Environmental Journalism program organizes a Great Lakes Environmental Journalism Training Institute for twenty-five environmental journalists from the U.S. and Canada.
By participating in the program, students are exposed to environmental journalists and become aware of the trends, needs, and resources in the field.
The Environmental Journalism program has recently completed the largest survey ever done on environmental journalism in the United States to date.
www.msu.edu /course/jrn/408/student/yeip/EJ/activities.html   (229 words)

 APFEJ environmental journalism awards   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
The deadline is drawing near for entries to be submitted for the 2001 Asia-Pacific Awards for Excellence in Environmental Journalism and Photo Journalism.
The contest was first introduced in 1990 to promote high-quality coverage of environmental issues and acknowledge the work of communication professionals in that field.
The aim of the awards is to recognise the efforts of journalists and photographers working on environmental issues and to encourage environmental journalism across the region.
www.prdomain.com /articles_journalists/pr_APFEJ_awards.htm   (564 words)

 UCB Libraries | Earth Sciences | Environmental Issues   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
Because environmental research is interdisciplinary, choosing the right database is key to efficient research.
An index and abstract to literature on meteorology, climatology, atmospheric chemistry and physics, astrophysics, hydrology, glaciology, physical oceanography and environmental sciences.
Abstracts popular and scholarly journals in the fields of astronomy, atmospheric science, biology, botany, chemistry, conservation, earth science, environment, food, genetics, health, mathematics, medicine, microbiology, nutrition, oceanography, physics, physiology, and zoology.
ucblibraries.colorado.edu /earthsciences/environment.htm   (1376 words)

 EnviroEducation.com - Environmental Majors and Programs - Environmental Communications / Journalism
Environmental or Science Communications students often focus on developing the ability to communicate complex environmental concepts to the public.
Environmental issues are complex, and every sector of society has a stake in clearly and effectively relating their messages or concerns to the public.
For example, nonprofit organizations which communicate the importance of conservation; corporations which communicate their commitment to good environmental stewardship; public agencies which communicate the need for compliance with environmental regulations; the media which reports on environmental issues; or commercial ventures which sell environmentally-safe products.
www.enviroeducation.com /majors-programs/env-comm.html   (669 words)

 Power Reporting:
EHIS, a service of the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, is the most extensive international database of searchable information on the environment, toxicity, and cancer.
Basic information on environmental topics, and critiques of textbooks and the current state of environmental education.
TipSheet is a biweekly environmental list of story ideas from the Society of Environmental Journalists, the Radio and Television News Directors Foundation, and the Environmental Health Center.
powerreporting.com /category/Beat_by_beat/Environment   (942 words)

 Problems in Environmental Journalism   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
Environmental journalists have a tough time reporting on some kinds of environmental news.
She says, quoting other researchers, "journalists tend to transform provisional findings into certain findings." She also says that other research shows that there is a difference between what appears in science journals and what appears in the popular press, including The New York Times.
By taking this approach, journalists reduce the uncertainty inherent in most science, which makes the scientists unhappy because they're busy trying to tell people that science is full of uncertainty, which it is.
www.suite101.com /article.cfm/environment/25970   (487 words)

 Ted Scripps Fellowships   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
The program is organized and administered by the Center for Environmental Journalism at the University of Colorado's School of Journalism and Mass Communication.
Boulder is also home to the Environmental Research Laboratories of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the National Center for Atmospheric Research.
The Center for Environmental Journalism was established by the University of Colorado's School of Journalism and Mass Communication in 1992 to elevate the quality, range and significance of media coverage of environmental issues.
www.colorado.edu /journalism/cej/CEJ_scripps.html   (832 words)

 Best Environmental Directories
It concerns specialists (both professional and private), research programmes at universities, research institutes and elsewhere, collections, botanical gardens, zoos, museums, existing databases and their contents, associations and administrations involved in the study and conservation of the diversity of living organisms in all its aspects, from the genome to the biome level, on a planetary scale.
Current contents of environmental journals database,metadatabase of most scientific journals current (last weeks) contents.
The NOAA Data Set Catalog is a forms-based tool that allows users to search for publicly available environmental data held by public and private sources throughout the world, focusing on climatology, meteorology, ecology, pollution, geology, oceanography, and remote sensing satellites.
www.ulb.ac.be /ceese/meta/cdscom.html   (5959 words)

 Environmental Journalism JRN 408
Environmental Toxicology for Journalists From MSU's own Institute for Environmental Toxicology and the Environmental Journalism program.
This section is designed to help journalists access accurate, jargon-free information about environmental contaminants, including their toxic properties, environmental distribution and rules and regulations governing their use and disposal.
Society of Environmental Journalists The community of practitioners combines the efforts of the Society of Environmental Journalists and the International Federation of Environmental Journalists.
www.lib.msu.edu /link/staff/journalism12.htm   (704 words)

 Indian Institute of Journalism & New Media   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
Guha was delivering a talk on the rise and fall of environmental journalism at the conclusion of a two- day 'Workshop on Environmental Journalism at the Indian Institute of Journalism and New Media on Saturday.
Environmental journalists were also a casualty of the 'Hoopla surrounding liberalization and globalization in the late 1990s.
Students with a flair for writing and passion for journalism come here from all parts of the country to make a career in the media, which is fast emerging as a field sought after by bright young minds.
www.iijnm.org /news-rept.html   (10997 words)

 Corporate culture | Environmental protection | Environmental journalism   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
G+J's environment management can only be successful if the relevant ecological subject matter is made known to as wide a cross-section of the population as possible.
Together with the "German Club of Rome", it introduced an Environment Prize for Integrated Implementation of Environmental Concepts in 1993, which was awarded to Gruner + Jahr in October 1993 and received in its name by the company's Environment Officer.
One important feature of our external communication activities is our dialog with suppliers, other publishers and associations in which ecological aspects of subjects relating to the international paper trade are addressed.
www.business-channel.de /en/kultur/umweltschutz/journalismus.php4   (484 words)

 Knight Center for Environmental Journalism
This event, which will be held at the Detroit Science Museum, will bring together 200 journalism students from the Detroit area for a workshop on environmental journalism.
The first boot camp, which is aimed at journalists who are new to the environmental beat, will be held in 2006.
In January 2004, the Knight Center helped organize the first national environmental journalism conference for Mexican journalists in Mexico City, which was attended by 40 participants.
www.ej.msu.edu /journalists.php   (635 words)

 Environmental Journalism Center   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
This guide includes information on the environmental triggers of childhood illnesses from asthma to cancer to obesity, a starter kit of story ideas, and a comprehensive list of sources for additional information.
One of the fastest growing and highly controversial areas of environmental science involves the impacts of certain chemicals in the environment on the human endocrine system.
This weekly publication provided by the Society of Environmental Journalists and RTNDF is targeted specifically for radio and television newsrooms.
www.rtnda.org /resources/ejco.shtml   (320 words)

 EnvCom - Environmental Journalism
Founded in 1993 in Dresden, Germany, as umbrella-organisation of national environmental journalists associations and environmental journalists.
The mission of IFEJ is to improve public understanding of environment issues worldwide by supporting environmental journalists internationally through networking, education and fastering open acces to environmental information.
Hosted by the Society of Environmental Journalists with the purpose is to enable journalists to better inform the public about critical issues concerning the environment.
www.umass.edu /wbt/envcom/journal.html   (148 words)

 Environmental Journalism in Ghana
Environmental issues are best handled with the participation of all concerned citizens at the relevant level.
At the national level, each individual shall have appropriate access to information concerning the environment that is held by public authorities, including information on hazardous materials and activities in their communities, and the opportunity to participate in decision-making processes.
While acknowledging the important role of local communities in developing countries, industrialized countries have a responsibility that they bear in the international pursuit of sustainable development in view of the pressures their societies place on the global environment and of the technologies and financial resources they command.
www.sunoasis.com /nigeria.html   (786 words)

 Knight Center for Environmental Journalism—Learning
During an intense 4 1/2-day workshop 25 environmental journalists from the U.S. and Canada will learn about some of the most important environmental issues facing the Great Lakes, the largest body of fresh water in the world.
While the institute is demanding, journalists also have an opportunity to socialize in the evening with their fellow journalists, the instructors and guest lecturers at a Lansing Lugnuts baseball game, during a scheduled nature walk in Grand Ledge, Mich. and at local watering holes.
The institute is sponsored by the George Gund Foundation, the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, the Society of Environmental Journalists and the Environmental Health Center.
www.msu.edu /course/jrn/408/student/yeip/EJ/institute.html   (627 words)

 Environmental Journalism Conference Is Packed With Katrina-Related Content
This is one of those rare moments when a slow-motion environmental disaster becomes a fast-breaking news event.
The Society of Environmental Journalists (SEJ) is the world's oldest and largest membership organization of individual working journalists who cover environment-related issues.
Society of Environmental Journalists PO Box 2492, Jenkintown, PA 19046 ph (215) 884-8174 fx (215) 884-8175 http://www.sej.org Dedicated to improving the quality, accuracy and visibility of environmental reporting.
www.prnewswire.com /cgi-bin/stories.pl?ACCT=104&STORY=/www/story/09-08-2005/0004103312&EDATE=   (332 words)

 The Environment Australia Peter Hunt Eureka Prize for Environmental Journalism   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
Long serving and venerated environmental journalist Mr Simon Benson was awarded the 2001 Environment Australia Peter Hunt Eureka Prize for Environmental Journalism.
Mr Benson, the environmental reporter for The Daily Telegraph, accepted the award for an outstanding body of work published in The Daily Telegraph between February 2000 and January 2001.
Awarded for a particular work or for overall performance in the field of environmental journalism.
www.amonline.net.au /eureka/2001/hunt.htm   (381 words)

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