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  Eoin MacNeill - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
MacNeill was vehemently opposed to the idea of an armed rebellion, except in resistance of any British suppression of the Volunteers, seeing little hope of success in open battle against the empire.
MacNeill was released in 1917 and was elected MP for the National University of Ireland.
Eoin MacNeill died in Dublin of natural causes at the age of 78.
www.wikipedia.org /wiki/Eoin_MacNeill   (557 words)

 Encyclopedia: Eoin MacNeill
Eoin MacNeill died in Dublin, Irish Free State, of natural causes at the age of 78.
Eoin MacNeill (May 15, 1867 - October 15, 1945) was an (The Celtic language of Ireland) Irish scholar and revolutionary.
MacNeill was released in 1917 and was elected (A member of the military police who polices soldiers and guards prisoners) MP for the (Click link for more info and facts about National University of Ireland) National University of Ireland.
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/Eoin-MacNeill   (2089 words)

 Eoin MacNeill: biography and encyclopedia article   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Eoin MacNeill (May 15, 1867 - October 15, 1945) was an Irish (Irish: The Celtic language of Ireland) scholar and revolutionary.
MacNeill was released in 1917 and was elected MP (MP: A member of the military police who polices soldiers and guards prisoners) for the National University of Ireland (National University of Ireland: the national university of ireland (nui) is a federal university system of...
Eoin MacNeill died in Dublin (Dublin: Capital and largest city and major port of the Irish Free State).
www.absoluteastronomy.com /reference/eoin_macneill1   (726 words)

 Eoin MacNeill - Politics.ie Wiki
Eoin MacNeill was educated at St Malachy’s College, Belfast, and the Royal University, he made himself an authority on old Irish, and ultimately became Professor of early Irish History - 1908-45 - at University College, Dublin.
It was through the Gaelic League MacNeill met the leaders of Sinn Féin, and he was elected chairman of the council that formed the Irish Volunteers in 1913, later becoming chief of staff.
MacNeill was against an armed rising, seeing little hope of success, but without his knowledge the secret IRB proceeded with its plans with James Connolly and the Irish Citizen Army and with the support of Patrick Pearse and other Volunteer officers.
www.politics.ie /wiki/index.php?title=Eoin_MacNeill   (753 words)

 Bulmer Hobson - Indopedia, the Indological knowledgebase
To this end he and alerted Eoin MacNeill about what the IRB was planning.
MacNeill issued a countermanding order, so ensuring the rising, while, in the views of Irish republicans was heroic, was an even greater military fiasco.
Though he had been one of the most active members of the IRB for years, being largely responsible for the re-emrgence of the organisation, and was instrumental in the founding of the Volunteers, Hobson did not involve himself in politics after the Rising.
www.indopedia.org /Bulmer_Hobson.html   (283 words)

 Irish Volunteers: Encyclopedia topic   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
To this end Eoin MacNeill (Eoin MacNeill: eoin macneill (may 15, 1867 - october 15, 1945) was an irish scholar and...
Their plan was to circumvent MacNeill's command, instigating a Rising (Rising: A movement upward), and hope to get MacNeill on board once the rising was a fait accompli.
MacNeill soon discovered the real intent behind the orders and attempted to stop all actions by the Volunteers.
www.absoluteastronomy.com /reference/irish_volunteers   (1246 words)

 Macneill Descendants Of Archibald Campbell Macneill. Of Argyle Shore, Prince Edward Island. Generation No.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
MacNeill School has a strong tradition of success in many areas including the academics, sports, fine arts, community service, special interest areas and technology.
Eoin MacNeill, official of the Gaelic League (Lights fall on MARGARET and rise on EOIN MACNEILL.
The MacNeill motto is the Latin phrase "Vincere Vel Mori" which means "To Conquer or.
www.99hosted.com /names12084.html   (415 words)

 Reference.com/Encyclopedia/Eoin MacNeill
In 1924 a Boundary Commission was set up to renegotiate the border between the six counties that were still under British jurisdiction and the Free State.
However, the British reneged on their agreement to transfer nationalist areas to the Free State and MacNeill resigned after a report on the commission's proposed changes (which were miniscule) was published in a newspaper.
In December 1925 the Free State government reluctantly gave in to British government insistence that the boundary include the entire six counties.
www.reference.com /browse/wiki/Eoin_MacNeill   (459 words)

 History   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
The McGrail Sept of Ireland is a branch of the MacNeill Clan of Bara,Gigha and Conlonsay in the Western Isles of Scotland.
The MacNeill Clan fought on the side of the Jacobites in 1715, and were led by Roderich Dhu (18th chief).
Many of the MacNeills, however, remained true to their Faith, owing in part, to the strength of their Chieftains and the might of their arms in the Hebrides and Western Isles.
www.tellurian.net /mcgrail/HISTORY.HTML   (1251 words)

 Macneill - new and used books
MacNeill, Donald A. MOCH IS ANMOCH: The Gaelic Poetry of Donald A. MacNeill and other Colonsay Bards.
MacNeill, Donald A. - MOCH IS ANMOCH: The Gaelic Poetry of Donald A. MacNeill and other Colonsay Bards.
Scottish Gaelic poetry from Donald A MacNeill of the Hebridean island of Colonsay.
www.isbn.pl /A-macneill   (582 words)

 Cuspa1 - Page: 6 of 7
All but two of the models in the range were designed and drawn by their cousin the late Charles MacNeill., who served with the US Army and was trained by the US Army Topographical Corps of Engineers.
His grandfather, Eoin MacNeill, was professor of Ancient Irish History in University College Dublin.
Eoin MacNeill also founded the Irish Volunteers in November, 1913, the precurser of the modern Irish Army.
www.iol.ie /~mjtie/cuspa1_006.htm   (246 words)

 Eoin MacNeill
Born John MacNeill in Glenarm, County Antrim, educated at St Malachy’s College, Belfast and the Royal University of Ireland, his interest in early Irish history began while he was working as a law clerk in the Four Courts.
Personal documents including testimonials and letters of application for positions (1882–1928); correspondence with members of his family (1890–1944); news cuttings of articles by and about MacNeill (1899–1978); correspondence concerning MacNeill’s career and his papers mainly in relation to research being carried out.
Eoin MacNeill Papers in the National Library of Ireland.
www.ucd.ie /archives/html/collections/macneill-eoin.htm   (395 words)

 Eo Eob Eobaatar Eobaataridae Eocene Eocene Epoch Eochaid Eochaid   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Eoin Colfer - Eoin Colfer (born,, Wexford, Ireland) is...
Eoin Gibson - Eoin Gibson is a member of the electronic...
Eoin O'Duffy - General Eoin ODuffy (), was...
www.geodatabase.de /?Eo   (267 words)

 Eoin Macneill   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Eoin MacNeill (May 15, 1867 - October 15, 1945) was an Irish scholar and revolutionary.MacNeill was born in Glenarm, County Antrim.
In 1908 MacNeill was appointed professor of early Irish history at University College Dublin.Through the Gaelic League MacNeill met members of Sinn Féin.
After the surrender MacNeill was arrested and sentenced to life imprisonment.MacNeill was released in 1917 and was elected MP for the National University of Ireland.
www.bookonlineshopping.com /279588_eoin-macneill_0906187427celticirelandoldbooksbuyer.html   (598 words)

 The Gaelic League   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
The Gaelic League was designed by Douglas Hyde and Eoin MacNeill in order to separate Ireland from England.
Hyde and MacNeill, along with many others, were not content with the partial freedom Ireland received from the Home Rule Act.
Although the intentions of its founders, Eoin MacNeill and Douglas Hyde, to keep the Irish language alive, became drowned in the political situations the country faced.
www.udayton.edu /~compfun/ENG102/2003/ENG102-P/MattC/Paper_1.htm   (1637 words)

 Dáil Éireann - Volume 3 - 10 January, 1922 - PROFESSOR MACNEILL'S MOTION
People will say, perhaps —well no, take the “perhaps” out of it (laughter)—that in the actual terms of the Treaty there are words and phrases that cannot clearly be reconciled with those principles.
As Deputy MacNeill said he would withdraw it if it was controversial, I think, from one point of view, it should be withdrawn.
PROFESSOR MACNEILL: I am sorry it was not indicated to me that it was intended to put an amendment to my resolution.
historical-debates.oireachtas.ie /D/DT/D.T.192201100019.html   (1664 words)

 Guardian Unlimited Books | Review | On the road to revolution
Pearse and the others on the military committee kept the plans for the rising secret until the truth was forced out of them, literally at the 11th hour, by Eoin MacNeill, chief of staff of the Irish Volunteers.
Like many of the 1916 leaders, MacNeill was a scholar, but, due in part perhaps to his Northern Irish birth, he was cannier and more sceptical than Pearse the blood-drunk poet.
MacNeill was willing to go along with a military uprising only if it had some chance of success.
books.guardian.co.uk /review/story/0,12084,1576218,00.html   (1272 words)

 Archives Dept, University College, Dublin
Elected President of U.C.D. in 1947, he was the prime mover behind the transfer of the college to its present site.
MacNeill, daughter of Eoin MacNeill, and wrote a biography of his father-in-law, Eoin MacNeill: scholar and man of action (1980).
The MacNeill photographs mainly concern Eoin MacNeill and his family and include photographs covering MacNeill's life from the late 1800s through to the 1940s; parents and siblings; wife (Agnes Moore) and children; career and politics; and the Moore family.
www.ucd.ie /archives/html/homepage/collections/tierney-michael.htm   (326 words)

 Discovery of the Sequani Calendar
The Druids combined natural studies, poetry, astronomy, religion and other disciplines to form groups of experts from each field, thus enhancing the picture of the universe to be studied as a whole.
MacNeill reconstructed the original bronze tablets that were discovered in a well at the headwaters of the Seine River in France at the turn of the last millennium.
MacNeill was limited because he approached the calendar from a linguistic point of view and not from an eclectic or Druid standpoint.
www.themystica.com /mystica/articles/d/discovery_of_the_sequani_calendar.html   (1888 words)

 Island Ireland: Easter 1916 Postcards 5
Eoin MacNeill, B.A. (President Irish Volunteers), Sentenced by Courtmartial to Penal Servitude for Life.
The official leader of the Irish Volunteers was Eoin MacNeill, a distinguished academic and cofounder of the Gaelic League.
Concerned with the inevitable loss of life in what seemed a hopeless cause, MacNeill decided to do everything in his power to stop the armed rebellion and took out an ad in the Sunday Independent cancelling the scheduled 'manoeuvres'.
www.islandireland.com /Pages/history/archives/postcards/easter5.html   (530 words)

 Macneill - The Island Register - Mc/MacNeill Lineages
Jane MacNeill graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in 1996 with Honors of the Jane MacNeill has work in the collection of the Royal Scottish Academy,
MacNeill's oil paintings on board of rocky seascapes and Vermont country landscapes are painted in
The Descendants of Roderick MacNeill and Peggy MacLean
www.infomartweb.com /?q=macneill   (377 words)

 RTE Business - Irish sport sponsorship to reach €67m
Eoin MacNeill, Head of Sports Law at AandL Goodbody, at the Business of Sport 2004, estimated that sponsorship of Irish sport will reach €67m in this year and allocations under the Sports Council Programme since 1998 are in the region of €321m.
The €267m investment in capital projects over the past five years, including the National Aquatic Centre, is symptomatic of the route Irish sport is taking.
MacNeill said: "Like other businesses, sports are operating in a more complex and regulated environment."
www.rte.ie /business/2004/0528/sport.html   (168 words)

 Eoin Mac Neill - Lawyer Profile (Legal500.com)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Eoin MacNeill is a partner in the Litigation and Dispute Resolution department and is head of the firm's Sport Law Unit.
Eoin has been advising sports clients for many years.
As a partner in the Litigation and Dispute Resolution Department Eoin has extensive experience in all aspects of both commercial and personal litigation.
www.icclaw.com /lfe/formex/pps/eup17460.htm   (182 words)

 Ganoksin.com - Gem and Jewelry books
We invite you to "Tips from the Jeweler's Bench," Ganoksin's rich collection of free online-articles, technical papers, reports, and news on virtually every aspect of the gem and jewelry industry.
Ulster betrayed: The startling admissions of Eoin MacNeill
MacNeill papers: Catalogue of an exhibition mainly of manuscript letters from the collection of the late Eoin MacNeill
www.ganoksin.com /jewelry-books/us/books/author/Eoin+MacNeill.htm   (261 words)

 Conradh na Gaeilge - Hutchinson encyclopedia article about Conradh na Gaeilge
Irish organization founded in 1893 to promote the use of the Irish language.
Established by a Protestant academic, Douglas Hyde, a Catholic intellectual, Eoin MacNeill, and a Catholic priest, Fr Eugene O'Growney of Maynooth, the Gaelic League successfully halted the decline in the use of Irish by organizing language classes and social events, and establishing the language as a subject taught widely in national schools.
The movement was initially confined to an urban-based bourgeois intellectual elite but grew in popularity in the early 20th century to form part of what became known as the cultural nationalist movement.
encyclopedia.farlex.com /Conradh+na+Gaeilge   (210 words)

 The 1916 Easter Rising   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
It seems that British spies in the Irish Volunteers had informed him that Eoin MacNeill, the accepted leader of the Irish Volunteers, had decided not to go ahead with the uprising because of the failure of Casement to get the required German weapons into Ireland.
What Nathan almost certainly did not know was that Patrick Pearse, a young lawyer and member of the IRB, did not agree with him and decided that the rising should go ahead regardless.
MacNeill further hindered Pearse by getting the cancellation of the uprising advertised in newspapers.
www.historylearningsite.co.uk /1916_easter_rising.htm   (1689 words)

 Find in a Library: Eoin MacNeill, scholar and man of action, 1867-1945
Find in a Library: Eoin MacNeill, scholar and man of action, 1867-1945
Eoin MacNeill, scholar and man of action, 1867-1945
WorldCat is provided by OCLC Online Computer Library Center, Inc. on behalf of its member libraries.
www.worldcatlibraries.org /wcpa/ow/cfbba2e87ce4b7ff.html   (68 words)

 <1169 And Counting.....
The rumours persisted and, three days after he resigned from the Boundary Commission, Eoin MacNeill 'resigned' (or was 'pushed' ?) from the Free State Government itself.
Ten days later (ie on the 21st November 1925), with the panic-level growing, Eoin MacNeill resigned from the Boundary Commission, a move which only fed the rumour-mill.
Three days later (ie on the 24th November 1925) Eoin MacNeill, by now the centre of much 'did-he-or-did-he-not' speculation, 'resigned' from the Free State Government itself (pushed or 'resigned'...?).
1169andcounting.blogspot.com /2005_01_02_1169andcounting_archive.html   (4162 words)

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