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In the News (Tue 23 Jul 19)

Eomer suspected an alliance between Saruman and Sauron and he wanted to pursue the Orcs, but Grima convinced Theoden to forbid it on the grounds that Edoras would be left without enough defenders.
Eomer knew that Eowyn had fallen in love with Aragorn and that her love was not returned, but he had not known that his sister's mind had been troubled long before by Grima's twisted words and Theoden's illness and the stifling of her spirit as she waited on her uncle while Eomer rode to glory.
Eomer then had his first glimpse of Galadriel, the Lady of the Golden Wood, but he told Gimli that though she was fair he found Aragorn's bride Queen Arwen fairer still, and Gimli forgave his friend.
www.tuckborough.net /eomer.html   (3569 words)

Eomer was truly amazed by the story about the hobbits and a newly forged sword, which as if came out of the legends.
Eomer fought in a lot of difficult battles under the standard, bearing the running horse, white upon green - the emblem of the House of Eorl.
Eomer died at the age of 93, in FA 63.
www.lord-of-the-rings.org /books/eomer.html   (579 words)

 TheOneRing.net™ | Movies | Characters | Eomer   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-28)
Eomer's loyalty to his king, and Gandalf, coupled with his hatred of Grima, landed him in a bit of trouble.
But Eomer's loyalty proved true, and he won renown with Theoden, and fought valiantly at the Battles of Hornburg and the Pellenor Fields.
Eomer married Lothriel and had one child, Elfwine.
www.theonering.net /movie/char/eomer.html   (205 words)

 mc23 - Eomer   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-28)
Eomer was Third Marshal of the Mark, one of the three highest commands among the Horselords but his position as the king's heir was not undisputed.
Theoden, under the malevolent spell of Wormtongue, was hostile to Eomer, regarding him as a troubling influence on the state.
Eomer was proclaimed king of the Mark, after Theoden's death at Pelennor field.
www.mithril.ie /Classics/mc23/index.html   (162 words)

 Will and destiny
Eomer’s horse has been bedecked in the same style as the rider.
Eomer is affirming his youthfulness, swiftness and wilfulness.
Eomer’s helmet carries the symbol of the dragon and the emblem of the sun.
www.angelfire.com /film/stormcrow/eomer.html   (237 words)

 Lord of the Rings:  Eomer   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-28)
Eomer was adopted together with his sister Eowyn by King Theoden of Rohan when their parents died.
Eomer was a Marshall of the Mark when he encountered Aragorn, Gimli and Legolas during their pursuit of Merry and Pippin through Rohan.
After the death of King Theoden and the injuring of Eowyn, Eomer was overcome with anger as he led the Riders of the Mark to fight the enemy.
www.internetpadre.com /lotr/Eomer.htm   (176 words)

 Ringbearer.Org   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-28)
Eomer, trusting the Three Hunters, lent them two horses on the condition that they would eventually come to Rohan and tell the king he had judged them rightly.
Eomer takes part in the Battle of Helms Deep, the Battle of the Pelennor Fields, and the Battle at the Morannon.
Eomer rules as king of Rohan until 63 Fourth Age.
www.ringbearer.org /modules.php?op=modload&name=Sections&file=index&req=printpage&artid=51   (240 words)

A break during shooting, Eomer, Gandalf, Legolas and Gimli mini-me
Note the big break at the waist in the chain maille that Eomer is wearing
It is definitely plastic, and most of the rings were glued shut.
www.alleycatscratch.com /lotr/Human/Eomer.htm   (302 words)

 Eomer is Loyal by faramirgirl ( vaires )   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-28)
Eomer got away from Grima's men and went to the stables and gathered the men that were loyal to Rohan.
Aragorn assures Eomer that they are not the enemy and that they are tracking the Orcs that had taken their friends hostage.
Eomer said he was sorry and gives them two horses and tells them to look for their friends but not to trust to hope.
lotrscrapbook.bookloaf.net /stories/01/vaires_eomer.html   (637 words)

 Untold Tales Logs Journal : Who: Eowyn, Eomer, TheodredWhat: Reunion
Eowyn hears Eomer's voice behind her and finally releases her hold of her cousin and steps aside just a bit, trying to dry her eyes.
Eomer's hands drift from Eowyn's shoulders as she backs away, and he turns to Theodred.
Eomer moves to the opposite side of the street, leaning back onto the side of a building to wait.
www.greatestjournal.com /community/untold_logs/205530.html   (1902 words)

 Third Marshal of the Mark   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-28)
Eomer is the captain of the Rohirrim, the great horsemen and warriors of the kingdom of Rohan.
Eomer became the close friend of Aragorn, fighting with him at Helms Deep and at the Battle of the Pelennor.
When Theoden died, Eomer became the King of Rohan, and through the friendship of him and Aragorn, the kingdoms of Rohan and Gondor were more closely allied than ever.
www.eorlingas.org /eomer/about.html   (124 words)

 Toys & Games : Return of the King 6' Figure: Eomer   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-28)
The nephew of Theoden, king of Rohan, Eomer led the armies of Rohan well until the wizard Gandalf healed Théoden of his weakness.
Eomer rode as second-in-command, leading his eored against the forces of Mordor bravely.
Upon the death of his uncle the king, Eomer became the king of Rohan.
www.bhavai.com /best_buy-item_id-B00009PS1T-search_type-AsinSearch-us.html   (277 words)

 Eomer in Ceremonial armor   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-28)
Nephew of King Theoden of Rohan, Eomer was a captain in the King's cavalry.
When Theoden chose to rally to the defense of Gondor and ride to Minas Tirith, Eomer accompanied him, hurling his spear and swinging his sword against the forces of Mordor in the battle to protect the White City and the hope of all Middle-earth.
In the aftermath of battle, when the bitter pain of lost friends tinged the pure blowing of the victory horn with sadness, Eomer stood alongside his companions in his finest armor, honoring their memory with hope for the future they died to protect.
www.actionfiguresbygofigure.com /product2458.html   (101 words)

 Eomer   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-28)
Eomer's loyalty to his king, and Gandalf, coupled with his hatred of Grima, landed him in a bit of trouble.
But Eomer's loyalty proved true, and he won renown with Theoden, and fought valiantly at the Battles of Hornburg and the Pellenor Fields.
Eomer married Lothriel and had one child, Elfwine.
expage.com /ftqeomer   (96 words)

 Blades by Brown Cutlery: Sting Scabbard   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-28)
Eomer had been imprisoned on the authority of Grima Wormtongue, and when he was released he asked Hama to bring Guthwine to him.
Eomer offered his sword to Theoden, and when the King grasped the hilt it seemed as though firmness and strength returned to him.
Eomer and Aragorn drew their swords together at the Battle of Helm's Deep and fought to defend the gates of the Hornburg.
www.bladesbybrown.com /lotr/eomer.html   (263 words)

 Eomer Eadig   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-28)
Eomer wakes up a few days later, the sun shining brightly on his face.
Eomer wakes up some days later and stumbles out of bed.
Once he uses the facilities, he then realizes he doesn't know where he is, or who was in the bed with him.
www.greatestjournal.com /~kingofthemark   (173 words)

 Urban Dictionary: Eomer
Eomer (traditionally spellt with a pronunciation mark between the 'E' and 'R'/ he is also known as Erkanbrand, apparently)is the nephew of King Theoden of Rohan.
Illustrated as a stout man and a fierce and fearless fighter, he was one of the few men to walk from the battle of Pellenor and the Black gates unscathed.
Also, the character Eomer is portayed in the New Line Cinema's adaptation of the novel by the actor Karl Urban.
www.urbandictionary.com /define.php?term=Eomer   (241 words)

 Eomer (TTT)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-28)
The nephew of King Theoden, Eomer was on of Rohan's mightiest warriors and a captain among the ranks of their fine horseman.
Noble and strong, he lead a patrol of Rohirrim soldiers, defying his uncle, in pursuit of a troop of Orcs and Uruk-hai who violated the borders of their land.
Like his sister Eowyn, Eomer despaired at the ailing health and spirit of the king, and looked upon his aide, the slithering Wormtongue, with barely veiled comtempt.
www.actionfiguresbygofigure.com /product1438.html   (78 words)

 Custom Eomer on Custom Firefoot steed - LOTRG Forums
Thin metal wire was used to give the spiral detailing look, with a spare Eomer helm providing the golden horse (I personally think the horse on the headpiece looks better than the thin gold metal of the movie firefoot headpiece).
Eomer's helm isn't very different to Theodred's in size, so the cost/reward of customising Theodred's helm into Eomer's is relatively low.
Also Eomer's helm fits nicely on the head, but Theodred's is a tighter and mismatched squeeze - making it fit right would entail carving some of Eomer's hair and thus making his head always necessating a helm.
www.lordoftheringsguide.com /forums/showthread.php?t=16950   (1591 words)

 Amazon.com: Return of the King 6" Figure: Eomer: Toys & Games   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-28)
Victory was achieved, Aragorn was crowned king of Gondor, and the two kingdoms renewed their friendship.
Eomer comes with his coronation outfit, which includes his normal battle armor, but overtop was worn a regal cloak.
Eomer action figure is great!It has a sword slash that is a very original spring chop action.Its sword is very durable and his cape comes on and off very easily.There are no downsides about this action figure so buy it!
www.amazon.com /exec/obidos/ASIN/B00009PS1T/boxofficemojo-20   (965 words)

 JoBlo's Movie Club - ROTK question: Eomer   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-28)
I think it will be shown that Eomer is crying over his sister after she falls from defeating the Witch-King.
Some reports have indicated that Eomer finds Theoden's body, and then is shocked to find Eowyn also, believing she is dead.
Theodon chose her to 'rule in his stead' - I'm sure it's because he figured he and Eomer were both riding off to their deaths and he certainly did not expect HER to show up on the battlefield.
www.joblo.com /forums/showthread.php?s=bbff8d6b2729423f3c33b5e7bbf9972b&threadid=82858   (676 words)

 Eomer and Legolas by Peregrine
Eomer looked back at his king and uncle and shrugged.
Though he had known the Elf for but a few hours, Eomer was already starting to appreciate the trees more than he once had.
Eomer glanced over at Legolas as the horses waded through the knee-deep water.
lotrscrapbook.bookloaf.net /stories/serial/eomer/contents/2.html   (1066 words)

 Lord of the Rings: Two Towers - Eomer Action Figure - Comic Books World   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-28)
The nephew of King Theoden, Eomer was one of Rohan's mightiest warriors and a captain among the ranks of their fine horsemen.
Like his sister Eowyn, Eomer despaired at the ailing health and spirit of the king, and looked upon his aide, the slithering Wormtongue, with barely veiled contempt.
The Eomer figure stands approximately 6 1/2 inches tall and comes with a sword and sheath.
www.comic-books-world.com /tfaw/TFAW035112811640.html   (195 words)

 Monty Python: The Two Towers   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-28)
Eomer: Now then, you simply must understand that, after a hard day's work, the idea of an uruk-cow barbecue was sounding quite in order.
Eomer: This is rather awkward, but the point is that if these halflings were there, then they were either killed, [cough-eaten-cough], or somehow managed to escape into the Entwood.
Eomer: I will loan you our spare horses to aid your search on the very necessary condition that you then travel straight to Edoras and present yourself to Theoden King for judgement on your incursion into Rohan.
www.xenocorp.net /H_bardCorner/mpttt03.htm   (380 words)

 Eomer's Helm - In-Stock   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-28)
Eomer, Third Marshal of the Riddermark, heir to the throne of Rohan, and unswervingly loyal to his kingdom and his King, the honorable Theoden son of Theodred, fought well in defense of both Helm's Deep and Minas Tirith.
This proud horseman charged valiantly into battle, claiming victory over innumerable orcs and Haradrim, and single-handedly brought down one of the great Mumakil with an expertly thrown spear directed at the enormous beast's handler.
Eomer's helm has been expertly crafted in 1:4 scale by Mary Maclachlan of WETA fame, a perfect copy of the helmet worn by Karl Urban in the films 'The Two Towers' and 'Return of the King.' This miniature helmet replica is made of real metal, and includes a hand-numbered display base.
store.darkshadowcollectibles.com /000030.html   (143 words)

 The Return of the King Character Test - Eomer   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-28)
If I were a character in The Return of the King, I would be Eomer, a Man of Rohan and heir to the throne, nephew of Theoden and brother of Eowyn.
It's not possible to be 100% accurate when reducing Tolkien's vision to a computer algorithm, "a mind of metal and wheels" (as Treebeard described Saruman).
So by all means pick another character from the yellow list to the left, or click Back and change your last answer.
www.zovakware.com /tests/rotk/eomer.htm   (162 words)

 Haldir Eomer Slash Fiction
eomer, eowen, ewan mcgregor, fan fiction, fanfics, fantasy, faramir, females, fiction, galadriel, gandalf, gay, gays, glorfindel, goldeneye, haldir...
eomer, fan fiction, fanfics, fanfiction, fantasy, fantasy novels, faramir, films, flirting, folklore, food, friends, fun, gandalf, going out, guns and handcuffs, h/d, haldir...
Rohan and Mordor, and proclaiming Eomer the potato farmer of Mordor - at...
www.writingspot.com /78/haldir-eomer-slash-fiction.html   (398 words)

 Meduseld: Book Version Of Eomer Eadig   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-28)
For Eomer was now scarcely a mile from the Harlond, and a great press of his first foes was between him and the haven there, while new foes came swirling behind, cutting him off from the Prince [Imrahil].
Now he looked to the River, and hope died in his heart, and the wind that he had blessed he now called accursed.
But the hosts of Mordor were enheartened, and filled with a new lust and fury they came yelling to the onset.
www.subreality.com /eomer/book.htm   (578 words)

 The Library of Moria: Legolas / Éomer
Eomer discovers that elven song is much more potent than he had originally had been led to believe.
An invitation to join Aragorn for a bath results in a surprising outcome for the King of the Mark.
Post War Of The Ring, Eomer reflects on what he and Legolas share.
www.libraryofmoria.com /legolaseomer/index.html   (251 words)

 Anglo-Saxons.net : Timeline: 597-627
In the midst of delivering his pretend message from his lord, Eomer leapt up, drew his poisoned sword, and rushed at the king.
A thegn called Lilla quickly got in the way, and Eomer killed him outright and wounded the king behind him.
When Edwin recovered from his wound, he gathered his army and marched against the West Saxons, and had a victorious campaign in which he slew or forced to surrender all those he discovered to have plotted his death.
www.anglo-saxons.net /hwaet?do=seek&query=597-627   (6679 words)

 ACTION FIGURE SET #2, Uruk-hai Soldier, King Theoden, Eomer   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-28)
This is a three piece character replica action figure set and they are ready for battle.
In this set are the following figures: a Uruk-hai soldier - strain of Orcs bred by Sauron; King Theoden - man, seventeenth King of Rohan; Eomer - man, eighteenth King of Rohan.
If you would like to make payment other than credit card, we accept money orders or cashiers checks, place the item(s) in your shopping cart, have it calculate shipping then print out the invoice, enclose payment and send to: TJ's Collectibles, 364 Rosewood Ct, Powell, OH 43065.
www.lordoftherings-toys.com /item415.htm   (153 words)

 nzgirl - Karl Urban - Eomer in Lord of the Rings - The Two Towers
But Harry Sinclair, who directed Urban in The Price of Milk, showed Peter Jackson the film just as he was looking to cast Eomer: the Rohan warrior who appears in the second and third Rings films.
The character of Eomer (pronounced A-o-meer) is a very well drawn chap.
Karl didn’t have an in depth conversation with Peter about the character of Eomer.
www.nzgirl.co.nz /articles/1804   (993 words)

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