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 Eos - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Eos ("dawn") was, in Greek mythology, the Titan goddess of the dawn, who rose from her home at the edge of Oceanus, the Ocean that surrounds the world, to herald her brother Helios, the sun.
Eos was the daughter of Hyperion and Theia (or Pallas and Styx) and sister of Helios the sun and Selene the moon, "who shine upon all that are on earth and upon the deathless Gods who live in the wide heaven" Hesiod told in Theogony (371-374).
Eos was free with her favors and had many consorts, both among the generation of Titans and among the handsomest mortals.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Eos   (755 words)

 Canon EOS - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The basic EOS flash system was actually developed not for the first EOS camera, but rather for the last high-end FD-mount manual-focus camera, the T90, launched in 1986.
The Canon EOS series helped begin in the digital SLR age with the EOS DCS 3 in 1995, although it was a joint collaborative effort with Kodak.
EOS 3, EOS 1V, and the EOS 1D family feature a 45-point AF system, while most other EOS cameras in the last 3-5 years feature a seven-point AF system arranged in the shape of a cross.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Canon_EOS   (1336 words)

 Eos, Greek Mythology Link.
Eos consorted with Astraeus 1, the son of the Titan Crius 1 and Eurybia 1, daughter of Pontus (Sea) and Gaia (Earth).
Eos also carried off Cephalus 2, the son of Hermes and Herse 2 [see also Envy] or, as some say, the son of Hermes and Creusa 1, daughter of King Erechtheus of Athens, and took him to Syria.
Eos is known for having been the lover of Orion.
homepage.mac.com /cparada/GML/Eos.html   (658 words)

 EOS - Greek dawn goddess, mythology, pictures
EOS was the rosy-fingered goddess of the dawn.
Eos rose up into the sky from the river Okeanos at the start of each day, and with her rays of light dispersed the mists of night.
Eos had an unquenchable desire for handsome young men, some say as the result of a curse laid upon her by the goddess Aphrodite.
www.theoi.com /Titan/Eos.html   (6980 words)

 Mythography | The Greek Goddess Eos in Myth and Art
Eos is therefore also the sister of Selene (the Moon) and Helios (the Sun).
Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty, was no doubt angry that her lover had been involved with Eos, so she punished the dawn-goddess by making her fall for a series of mortals.
Eos was the mother of several notable offspring, including the Winds (Zephyrus, Boreas, and Notus) and the Morning Star (Eosphoros) all of whom she bore to the Titan Astraeus; and Memnon, her son by Tithonus.
www.loggia.com /myth/eos.html   (396 words)

 Canon EOS 20D
EOS 20D users can take full advantage of Canon’s world-renowned lineup of EF and EF-S Series professional lenses.
The EOS 20D is elegantly refined yet highly durable, as well as expertly contoured for easy handling.
A new Multi-controller on the back of the camera can be pushed in eight directions, as well as down in the center, to simplify selection of the AF point, correction of white balance, trimming of images during direct printing, scrolling of magnified images and more.
web.canon.jp /Imaging/eos20d   (571 words)

Inheriting and expanding on the exceptional functionality of the EOS 10D, released in March 2003, the new EOS 20D reaches new heights in both image quality and camera responsiveness.
The Canon EOS 20D features magnesium-alloy body covers for exceeding rigidity and durability, while a total design revision and reduction in the overall number of parts used has resulted in smaller body dimensions.
Compared with the EOS 10D, the new camera's width, height and depth are around 5.7, 2.0 and 3.5 mm smaller, respectively, while weightsavings amount to 105 g, for easier handling.
www.canon.com /camera-museum/camera/digital/data/2004_eos-20d.html   (511 words)

 Eos: Aspect-oriented extension for C#
Eos is an aspect-oriented extension for C# on Microsoft®.NET Framework™.
Eos aims to improve upon the current aspect-oriented language model in three dimensions.
Sept 03: First and preliminary version of Eos (0.1) is available for free for research and teaching purposes and for evaluation for commercial purposes from the download page.
www.cs.virginia.edu /~eos   (332 words)

 Dawn * The Immortals * Greek Mythology: From the Iliad to the Fall of the Last Tyrant
Eos, with love and pity, put him in a private room and shut the shining doors.
Eos, with the Titan Astraios, was mother to the Winds: Zephyros (the West Wind), Boreas (the North Wind) and Notos (the South Wind).
The son of Kephalos and Eos was Phaethon, who was so lovely that Aphrodite (goddess of Love) stole him away and kept him as her temple-keeper.
www.messagenet.com /myths/bios/dawn.html   (419 words)

 eos low radiation dose radiography bone densitometry 2d 3d imaging
EOS™ is an equipment dedicated to the orthopedic practice, that performs head to toes, low dose, 2D and 3D digital X-ray imaging.
EOS™ takes by scanning two simultaneous, perpendicular planar X-ray views in the standing position and provides the clinician with the corresponding digital planar radiographs together with a three dimensional bone envelope image.
EOS™ provides a unique digital, low dose solution for exams routinely performed in the orthopedic practice combined with the 3D capability up to now achievable with CT scans only.
www.biospace.fr /en/xray.php   (380 words)

 EOS information
Back issues of Eos are unavailable and cannot be sent to subscribers who place their orders after the beginning of the volume year.
In the interests of permitting more authors to have their articles published more quickly, Eos has reduced the maximum length allowed for feature articles, from 3,000 words to 2,000 words (approximately 8 double-spaced pages); and the maximum number of figures that can be submitted with a feature article, from four to three.
The high peer-review and editorial standards for which Eos is known also apply to the material in the supplement.
www.agu.org /pubs/eos.html   (333 words)

 my EOS / Welcome
The programme for the first Scientific Annual Meeting of the EOS is now available for download (pdf-file; 841 KB).
The EOS Conference on "Frontiers in Electronic Imaging" is part of the World of Photonics Congress, the 18th International Conference on Photonics in Europe.
The EOS Conference on "Trends in Optoelectronics" is part of the World of Photonics Congress, the 18th International Conference on Photonics in Europe.
www.europeanopticalsociety.org   (672 words)

 Canon EOS 300D / Digital Rebel Review: 1. Introduction: Digital Photography Review
Adjustment to Contrast and Saturation have the same power as the EOS 10D, however the EOS 300D's sharpness is twice as strong as the EOS 10D.
Thus the EOS 300D's "Parameter 1" is the same as Contrast +1, Saturation +1, Sharpness +2 on the EOS 10D.
The original version of this review was based on a late pre-production EOS 300D, we have since received a final production camera and have updated and verified various sections of the review to ensure our results accurately reflect those of the production camera.
www.dpreview.com /reviews/canoneos300d   (671 words)

 Volkswagen > Models > Eos
Prices for the new Eos, with generous standard specification including a 5-piece folding roof, alloy wheels and air conditioning with Climatic semi-automatic control, have now been confirmed as starting from £19,370 RRP.
If you can already see yourself in the driver’s seat, the exclusive new Volkswagen Eos is available to order from your local retailer now.
The Eos Sport 3.2 V6 250PS DSG is now available to order.
www.volkswagen.co.uk /new_cars/eos   (232 words)

 The Canon EOS system - Frequently Asked Questions
After 1994 no "official" EOS FAQ was developed, but a loose series of articles was collected togther as a sort of FAQ version 3.0.
Note also the EOS Wiki on this website, which is a form of user contributed FAQ.
If you are looking for reviews of Canon EOS lenses, try the reviews section of this website and if you are looking for reviews and information on Canon digital cameras, try the digital section.
bobatkins.com /photography/eosfaq   (411 words)

 Steves Digicams - Canon EOS 10D - User Review
In the case of the EOS 10D, for example, the number of consecutive frames is 9, compared to 8 in the EOS D60 and the battery life lasts approximately 30 percent longer.
The EOS 10D's advanced 7-point AF system is a major upgrade from the D60's 3-point system, and its speed is as fast or faster than the EOS Elan 7/7E's.
The EOS 10D uses an Intelligent Orientation Sensor to detect whether the camera is positioned horizontally or vertically and uses that information to improve autofocus and exposure metering accuracy and enables the camera to automatically rotate vertical format images during playback.
www.steves-digicams.com /2003_reviews/10d.html   (1638 words)

 Canon EOS-20D Review: 1. Introduction: Digital Photography Review
Not since February 2002 (the EOS D60) has Canon increased the resolution of this line of digital SLRs, in the EOS 20D we have a 1.9 million effective pixel increase, a new AF system, 50% faster continuous shooting and more than double the buffer space.
Gone are some of the annoyances of the EOS 10D, the 20D now switches on virtually instantly and focuses quickly, it feels very solid and yet weighs slightly less than the model it replaces.
The EOS 20D will be offered as a body only or a kit with the EF-S 18 - 55 mm F3.5 - F5.6 lens we first saw in the EOS 300D kit.
www.dpreview.com /reviews/canoneos20d   (528 words)

 NASA's Earth Observing System Project Science Office Homepage
The mission includes a series of satellites, a science component, and a data system supporting a coordinated series of polar-orbiting and low inclination satellites for long-term global observations of the land surface, biosphere, solid Earth, atmosphere, and oceans.
EOS is enabling an improved understanding of the Earth as an integrated system.
The EOS Project Science Office (EOSPSO) is committed to bringing program information and resources to program scientists and the general public alike.
eospso.gsfc.nasa.gov   (181 words)

 Steves Digicams - Canon EOS 20D - User Review
The EOS 20D digital SLR is both smaller and lighter than the 10D model.
With the speed and large buffer of the EOS 20D digital SLR, wedding and portrait photographers have a cost effective solution for capturing both posed and candid event photographs.
The EOS 20D took a giant leap in the never-ending process of technological development, improvement and perfection, elevating image quality and camera performance to a new standard.
www.steves-digicams.com /2004_reviews/20d.html   (1720 words)

 Amazon.com: Canon EOS 20D 8.2MP Digital SLR Camera with EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 Lens: Camera & Photo   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-20)
The EOS 20D has an extensive ISO range (from 100 to 1600 plus ISO 3200 in extended mode), and the sensor features a newly developed set of narrow-gap microlenses and noise-reduction circuits to improve performance at high ISOs and optimized photodiode configurations for improved performance at all ISOs.
The EOS 20D also features a built-in monochrome mode, a first in Canon digital SLRs, which uses digital processing to re-create the effects of a number of different fl and white filters and toning effects.
The EOS 20D is compatible with all Canon lenses in the EF lineup, ranging from ultrawide-angle to super-telephoto lenses, and including Canon's new EF-S series lenses, manufactured specifically for the 20D and Digital Rebel.
www.amazon.com /Canon-Digital-Camera-18-55mm-3-5-5-6/dp/B0002XQJFA   (3894 words)

 EOS magazine home page
Covers all EOS cameras, digital and film, from 1987 to the present day.
Please let EOS magazine know if you encounter any broken links or display problems on this website.
EOS magazine has launched its own on-line forums for EOS users.
www.eos-magazine.com   (220 words)

 Flash Photography with Canon EOS Cameras - Part I.
I’m also going to mention my Canon EOS Camera/Flash Compatibility Lookup page, which allows you to compare different camera and flash models to determine their compatibility and what functions are available to you.
Note that older EOS cameras with multiple-segment flash metering didn’t use the term “AIM” in their documentation - Canon came up with the marketing term sometime in the mid 90s - so the fact your multiple focus point camera doesn’t mention AIM doesn’t mean it hasn’t got it.
No EOS camera lets you use the internal flash when an external flash unit is mounted on the hotshoe.
photonotes.org /articles/eos-flash   (14042 words)

 Canon EOS 300D and EOS 10D Lenses
The only reservation is that 28mm isn't all that wide on an EOS 300D or EOS 10D since it gives the same field of view as a 45mm lens on a full frame 35mm camera.
With the EOS 300D and EOS 10D, full autofocus is maintained with the 1.4x TC, giving you a 98-280/5.6 autofocus zoom (157-448 equivalent).
The closest I can find in the eos lineup are the 14mm f/2.8 L or the 16-35mm f/2.8 L, both are out of my price range, and neither go as wide as 12mm.
www.photo.net /equipment/canon/300D/EOS_300D_lenses.html   (9736 words)

 HDF-EOS Project   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-20)
In 1993 NASA chose NCSA's HDF format to be the standard file format for storing data from the Earth Observing System (EOS), which is the data gathering system of sensors (mainly satellites) supporting the Global Change Research Program.
"Terra", the first satellite to fly as part of the EOS, was launched in December, 1999, and began delivering data officially in April, 2000.
Each of the EOS satellites will deliver a terabyte or more of data per day from many different instruments.
hdf.ncsa.uiuc.edu /hdfeos.html   (291 words)

 my EOS / Events   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-20)
As an accompanying program and to further increase the scientific attractiveness of the OPTO, the EOS, the SFO (the French Branch of the EOS) and Exposium, the organizers of the OPTO, decided to hold the EOS Annual Meeting 2006 and its topical meetings alongside the OPTO 2006 exhibition.
The General Chair of this Scientific EOS Annual Meeting is Joseph Braat, the acting President of the European Optical Society (EOS).
This first Scientific Annual Meeting of the EOS is organised in cooperation with the SFO and Exposium.
www.myeos.org /events.php?eid=40&show=   (574 words)

 Earth Observing System (EOS) Aura
Aura is part of the Earth Observing System (EOS), a program dedicated to monitoring the complex interactions that affect the globe using NASA satellites and data systems.
The abstract submission web site for the EOS Aura validation team meeting in Boulder is operational.
Registration for the EOS Aura Science Team meeting scheduled for 11-15 September 2006 at the NCAR Center Green facility in Boulder will be done on-line.
aura.gsfc.nasa.gov   (532 words)

 EOS Series
EOS 1D II Here it is the EOS 1D replacement.
Here it is some pictures shown at a show in Greece, of the Canon EOS 10D.
Canon may annonce the EOS D80 based on the EOS 3.
eosseries.ifrance.com /eosseries/en/eos_news.html   (512 words)

 Adapters: Leica R or Nikon F to EOS 
Canon EOS bodies (film or digital) are more adaptable to more different lenses than any other SLR, except for the smaller format digital 4/3 system.
Canon EOS are autofocus cameras with focusing screens not optimized for manual focus photography.
Some EOS may seem to function with evaluative metering, but if you check the instruction booklet, you will probably find it has defaulted back to centerweighted metering.
www.cameraquest.com /frames/4saleReos.htm   (2946 words)

 EOS Documentation Project- Manuals
Hi, i recently bought a canon EOS 5 off ebay which didnt come with a manual, anyone have a copy they could let me have a look at.
I have a Canon EOS 630 (A very nice camera) but I could do with a manual for it in PDF format, if anyone could send me it I would be greatful.
Hi, I tried to download the hardware document for the EOS 1D Mark II N but somehow the link seems to be wrong as all the other links work fine.
eosdoc.com /manuals   (3079 words)

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