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Topic: Epithelial cells

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In the News (Wed 19 Jun 19)

  Epithelial Cells
The portions of cell membranes found on the outer surface of an epithelial tissue are specialized to act as the regulators of the tissue strictly managing the flow of materials into and out of the epithelium.
The outside surfaces of epithelial tissues often are highly specialized in other ways possessing cilia, hairs, or glands, which may arise from individual cells or groups of cells that have invaginated and which are capable of covering the outer surface of an epithelial tissue with mucous or waxy secretions.
In stratified epithelial tissues, the outermost layer of cells determines the name of the tissue: Stratified squamous, stratified cuboidal, and stratified columnar epithelia are the three types of stratified epithelial tissues.
www.scientia.org /cadonline/Biology/specialcells/epithelial.ASP   (344 words)

  Asterand Human Primary Epithelial Cell Cultures
Cells are isolated from a 45 year old Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander female with Stage II infiltrating ductal adenocarcinoma of the breast.
Cells are isolated from a 79 year old Caucasion female with Stage II infiltrating ductal carcinoma of the breast.
Cells are isolated from a 39 year old Caucasian female with Stage II infiltrating ductal carcinoma of the breast.
solutions.asterand.com /Human_Primary_Epithelial_Cell_Cultures_s/18.htm   (495 words)

 Epithelial tissue
Epithelial tissue that occurs on surfaces on the interior of the body is known as endothelium.
Epithelial tissue, regardless of the type, is usually separated from the underlying tissue by a thin sheet of connective tissue; basement membrane.
Multicellular glands are composed of clusters of cells.
www.botany.uwc.ac.za /sci_ed/grade10/mammal/Epithelial.htm   (838 words)

  Epithelium - Wikinfo
In zootomy, epithelium is a tissue composed of epithelial cells.
Epithelial cells in glands such as the pancreas and the salivary glands tend to be cuboidal cells.
Columnar - The epithelial cells of the intestines are columnar, with numerous cilia.
www.wikinfo.org /wiki.php?title=Epithelium   (937 words)

 Epithelial Tissue
Epithelial cells are often arranged in broad sheets or tube-like structures.
Epithelial cells covering the cornea and lens, as well as sensory receptors of the eyes, ears, and nose, are also ectodermal in origin.
Groups of epithelial cells lining the small intestine are organized into larger finger-like structures called villi which project into the lumen of the gut to further increase its surface area and aid the process of nutrient absorption.
medinfo.ufl.edu /pa/chuck/summer/handouts/epi.htm   (1627 words)

 Animal Tissues
Epithelial tissue is made of closely-packed cells arranged in flat sheets.
The apical surface of epithelial cells is exposed to the "external environment", the lumen of the organ or the air.
The entire sheet of epithelial cells is attached to a layer of extracellular matrix that is called the basement membrane or, better (because it is not a membrane in the biological sense), the basal lamina.
users.rcn.com /jkimball.ma.ultranet/BiologyPages/A/AnimalTissues.html   (892 words)

 PAA: Fibroblast-free cultivation of epithelial cells
Epithelial cells are isolated from tissues which also contain fibroblasts and endothelial cells.
One of the major problems in the cultivation of pure epithelial cells is that the cells can be overgrown with endothelial cells and fibroblasts.
There are a lot of different reagents in cell culture which help to inhibit the growth of fibroblasts.
www.paa.com /fibroblast-freecultivation.html   (86 words)

 SIU SOM Histology GI
A serous cell's cytoplasm is visibly polarized, with basophilic basal cytoplasm and variously-staining secretory vesicles (zymogen granules) concentrated in apical cytoplasm.
An ordinary epithelial cell sits on its basal surface, has an apical surface exposed to the external space, and is attached to its neighbors along its lateral surface.
With sufficient resolution, these cells can sometimes be recognized in routine light microscopic preparations by their relatively pale cytoplasm with a broad base and a basal concentration of secretory vesicles (in contrast to the apical concentration of secretory vesicles for exocrine serous cells or mucous cells).
www.siumed.edu /~dking2/erg/gicells.htm   (3517 words)

 SIU SOM Histology INTRO
Epithelial cells are separated from the underlying tissue by a basement membrane.
Polarization of epithelial cell structure is particularly evident in secretory and absorptive cells where the arrangement of intracellular organelles reflects the directional transport of material.
In contrast, because many epithelial cells are actively manufacturing, secreting, absorbing or dividing, epithelial cells usually have conspicuous cytoplasm and large, relatively euchromatic nuclei (with finely granular chromatin) and with prominent nucleoli.
www.siumed.edu /~dking2/intro/epith.htm   (2143 words)

 Polarized Epithelial Cells
Attachments between cells are mediated by cell adhesion molecules, specifically E-cadhedin in the case of epithelial cells.
Both the cell adhesion molecules and integrins are attached to actin filaments, and once the specialized membrane domains are established, at least some of the proteins are anchored in place through actin filaments.
Normal polarized epithelial cells have a very limited ability to move because they are locked into sheets of epithelium by junctional complexes, cell adhesion molecules and integrins.
arbl.cvmbs.colostate.edu /hbooks/cmb/cells/pmemb/polarcell.html   (778 words)

 Stimulation of human colonic epithelial cells by leukemia inhibitory factor is dependent on collagen-embedded ...
Stimulation of human colonic epithelial cells by leukemia inhibitory factor is dependent on collagen-embedded fibroblasts in organotypic culture -- KALABIS et al.
Mucin-producing goblet cells identified by their morphology and Alcian blue-positive staining were distributed throughout the epithelial cell layer (arrowheads).
Cell number and the number of BrdU-positive cells per surface unit (2.16 mm) were significantly higher with LIF in medium.
www.fasebj.org /cgi/content/full/17/9/1115   (1209 words)

 Epithelial Tissue
The tall, vertical cells seen at the top of the tissue are columnar cells (one is shown - red arrow), which make up simple columnar epithelium (the cells at the bottom of the image are connective tissue, which will be discussed later).
However, since their nuclei are at differing heights within the cells (unlike simple columnar epithelium who's nuclei were at roughly the same height within the cell), it appears as though there are multiple layers of cells.
The cells of the basal layer of the epidermis (closest to the dermis) are cuboidal to columnar in shape.
www.uoguelph.ca /zoology/devobio/210labs/epithelial1.html   (940 words)

 ACS :: What Is Ovarian Cancer?
Epithelial ovarian carcinomas are classified by cell type and are also given a grade and a stage.
These cells are very similar to epithelial cells on the surface of the ovaries.
Germ cells are the cells that usually form the ova or eggs.
www.cancer.org /docroot/CRI/content/CRI_2_4_1X_What_is_ovarian_cancer_33.asp   (1487 words)

 Classification of Vaginal Epithelial Cells
A majority of cells observed in a normal vaginal smear are, not surprisingly, vaginal epithelial cells.
Parabasal cells are prevalent on smears taken during diestrus and anestrus, and not uncommon during early proestrus.
The presence of large numbers of superficial cells or only superficial cells is the defining characteristic of cytologic estrus, and their abrupt and precipitous decline marks the onset of diestrus.
arbl.cvmbs.colostate.edu /hbooks/pathphys/reprod/vc/cells.html   (537 words)

 BioEd Online Slides: epithelial, tissues, human systems, human anatomy
These epithelial cells must be able to retain nutrients and materials needed by the body and return them to circulation, while leaving wastes, toxins, and excess water to be excreted.
The shape of the cell on the outer surface (columnar, cuboidal, or squamous) facilitates identification of epithelial tissues.
The cells of connective tissues are sparsely arranged in a profuse extracellular matrix which can be fluid (as in blood), flexible (as in cartilage) or hard and crystalline (as in bone).
www.bioedonline.org /slides/slide01.cfm?q=epithelial   (868 words)

 Suppression of NF-kappa B activation by entameba histolytica in intestinal epithelial cells is mediated by heat shock ...
B activation by entameba histolytica in intestinal epithelial cells is mediated by heat shock protein 27
Human colonic epithelial cell lines, Caco-2 and T84 were grown either as monoculture or co-cultured in transwell plates with differentiated human THP-1 macrophages for 24 h before stimulation with soluble amebic proteins (SAP).
In naive epithelial cells, prolonged stimulation with SAP reduced the levels of heat shock protein (Hsp) 27 and 72.
www.jbc.org /cgi/content/abstract/M601988200v1   (398 words)

 Phenotype of airway epithelial cells suggests epithelial to mesenchymal cell transition in clinically stable lung ...
Phenotype of airway epithelial cells suggests epithelial to mesenchymal cell transition in clinically stable lung transplant recipients.
BACKGROUND: Obliterative bronchiolitis in chronic rejection of lung allografts is characterised by airway epithelial damage and fibrosis.
Non-stimulated transplant epithelial cells were invasive and penetration of collagen coated filters increased following TGF-beta1 stimulation.
lungtransplant.researchtoday.net /archive/1/9/94.htm   (360 words)

 Cells, Tissues, and Membranes / Body Tissues / Epithelial Tissue
The cells in epithelial tissue are tightly packed together with very little intercellular matrix.
Opposite the free surface, the cells are attached to underlying connective tissue by a non-cellular basement membrane.
Epithelial cells may be squamous, cuboidal, or columnar in shape and may be arranged in single or multiple layers.
training.seer.cancer.gov /module_anatomy/unit2_2_body_tissues1_epithelial.html   (178 words)

The goal of this lesson is to measure the size of an epithelial cell and to estimate the number of epithelial cells in a given area of the body.
The students should prepare and observe microscope slides of the human-cheek cells and will use the microscope to estimate the size of these cells for use in their calculations of area and quantity.
How does this apply to our problem with epithelial cells?" to reinforce the connection in the students' minds between the problem on the video and the epithelial problem they will be exploring.
www.thirteen.org /edonline/nttidb/lessons/13/cells13.html   (1603 words)

The human squamous epithelial cells in contrast are eukaryotic cells.
The prokaryotes belong to the Kingdom Monera and the human epithelial cells belong to the Kingdom Animalia.
All cells both eukaryotes and prokaryotes have plasma membranes that surround the cytoplasm.
www.stchas.edu /faculty/zfitzgerald/cells.htm   (337 words)

 Dietary antioxidants protect gut epithelial cells from oxidant-induced apoptosis
Epithelial apoptosis in the gastro-intestinal tract is normally restricted to superficial cells but in pathological states of inflammation or infection, apoptotic cell death can be far more expansive.
Briefly, cell suspensions (100 μl) were mixed with acridine orange (5 μg/ml) and from this mixture an aliquot of 25 μl was dropped on to a microscope slide.
Cell death was characterized by measuring DNA fragments released into the medium (early necrosis and late apoptosis), and apoptosis (DNA fragments in the cytoplasm).
www.seniorfitness.com /tutorials/Dietary_antioxidants_protect_gut_ep_21758_BMC-Complementary-and-Alternative-Medicine_article.html   (5862 words)

 Expression of immunoglobulin kappa light chain constant region in abnormal human cervical epithelial cells.
Expression of immunoglobulin kappa light chain constant region in abnormal human cervical epithelial cells.
However, in epithelia with dysplasia and carcinoma, the expression of mRNA for the kappa constant region was markedly increased.
The aberrant expression of immunoglobulin kappa light chain constant region in dysplastic and cancerous cervical epithelial cells may serve as a marker for malignant cell transformation.
cervicalcancer.researchtoday.net /archive/1/1/706.htm   (264 words)

 Association of stem cell factor expression in nasal polyp epithelial cells with aspirin sensitivity and asthma.
Association of stem cell factor expression in nasal polyp epithelial cells with aspirin sensitivity and asthma.
Mast cells constitute a significant proportion of cells infiltrating nasal polyp tissue, and epithelial cells may release stem cell factor (SCF), a cytokine with chemotactic and survival activity for mast cells.
We aimed to assess the expression of SCF in human nasal polyp epithelial cells (NPECs) as related to patients' clinical phenotypes.
aspirin.researchtoday.net /archive/2/4/111.htm   (323 words)

 Isolation and culture of bovine oviductal epithelial cells for use in the anatomy and physiology laboratory and ...
Isolation and culture of bovine oviductal epithelial cells for use in the anatomy and physiology laboratory and undergraduate research
of columnar epithelial cells from the oviduct of the bovine
Hunter RHF and Nichol R. Transport of spermatozoa in the sheep oviduct: preovulatory sequestering of cells in the caudal isthmus.
advan.physiology.org /cgi/content/full/30/4/237   (3083 words)

 Human intestinal epithelial cells express receptors for platelet-activating factor -- Merendino et al. 277 (4): 810 -- ...
HT-29 cells maintained in serum-free medium for 2 h before use were left unstimulated or were stimulated with trans-retinoic acid (0.1 µM) for 16 h, after which cells were fixed with 4% paraformaldehyde and permeabilized with 0.1% saponin.
Intestinal epithelial cells contribute to the enhanced generation of platelet activating factor in ulcerative colitis.
A distinct array of proinflammatory cytokines is expressed in human colon epithelial cells in response to bacterial invasion.
ajpgi.physiology.org /cgi/content/full/277/4/G810   (4817 words)

 Camera cell phones - Culture of Epithelial Cells by R. Ian Freshney, ISBN 0471401218
Culture of Epithelial Cells by R. Ian Freshney, ISBN 0471401218
In recent years, the use of epithelial cell culture in cell biology and tissue engineering has increased dramatically.
Dedicated to the leagues of mainstream geeks who integrate technology into every facet of their lives, "Leo Laporte's 2005 Gadget Guide" is the definitive source for digital cameras, MP3 players, GPS units, cell phones, home theater equipment, computers, and any other gadgetry.
www.icameracellphoneshome.com /Culture_of_Epithelial_Cells_by_R._Ian_Freshney,_ISBN_0471401218/Info/1637355   (676 words)

 Vibrio cholerae binds with GlcNAc on intestinal epithelial cells
Humans do not have chitin in the surface of intestinal cells, where the bacterium takes hold, and researchers have been searching for another substance that could be responsible for playing a role in attachment.
In the study, Taylor and colleagues screened cultured intestinal cells and found mutant bacteria that had trouble binding to the intestinal cells.
The team verified that the GlcNAc in the intestine initiates the attachment and colonization of the bacteria by testing the mutant strain on zooplankton and cultured intestinal cells in vitro as well as in an in vivo cholera model.
www.xagena.com /news/infectivologynews_net_news/59f51fd6937412b7e56ded1ea2470c25.html   (722 words)

endoderm The inner layer of cells in embryonic development that gives rise to organs and tissues associated with digestion and respiration.
endodermis A layer of cells surrounding the vascular cylinder of plants.
epithelial tissue Cells in animals that are closely packed in either single or multiple layers, and which cover both internal and external surfaces of the animal body.
www.emc.maricopa.edu /faculty/farabee/BIOBK/BioBookglossE.html   (1281 words)

 Epithelial Ingrowth
In some cases, the epithelial cells will not continue to grow, will die, and will be absorbed by the cornea.
If the cells do grow and if allowed to remain, the epithelial cells can starve the cornea from nutrients causing disintegration of the flap (flap melt).
The most common resolution for epithelial ingrowth is for the doctor to lift the flap, wash out the area, and reposition the flap.
www.usaeyes.org /lasik/faq/epithelial-ingrowth.htm   (603 words)

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