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Topic: Equator

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The equator is an imaginary circle drawn around a planet (or other astronomical object) at a distance halfway between the poles.
The equator is one of the five main circles of latitude based on the relationship of the Earth's rotation and plane of orbit around the sun.
At the equator, the rays of the sun are perpendicular to the surface of the earth on these dates.
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In geography, the equator is an imaginary line drawn around a planet, halfway between the poles, where the surface of the roughly spherical planet is parallel to the axis of rotation.
The equator divides the surface into the Northern hemisphere and the Southern hemisphere.
Locations near the equator are good sites for potential spaceports or space elevators, as they are already moving faster than any other point on the Earth due to the Earth's rotation, and the added velocity reduces the amount of fuel needed to launch spacecraft.
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Additionally, the equator is the only line of latitude which is also a great circle.
The highest point on the Equator is 4,690 m, at 77°59′31" W on the south slopes of Volcán Cayambe (summit 5,790 m) in Ecuador.
If the crossing of the equator is done at the 180th meridian, the title of "Golden Shellback" is conferred, recognizing the simultaneous entry into the realm of the Golden Dragon.
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 Equator · Astrological definition of Equator · Astrology Encyclopedia
Equator · Astrological definition of Equator · Astrology Encyclopedia · September 3, 2006, 12:45 GMT
Also the projection of the Earth's equator upon the celestial sphere - sometimes called the equinoctial circle.
The celestial equator has also been defined as "the continuation of the plane of the terrestrial equator without limit into celestial spaces."
astrologyweekly.com /dictionary/equator.php   (621 words)

 Equator encyclopedia : Cultural Information , Maps, Equator politics and officials, Equator History. Travel to Equator
Equator encyclopedia : Cultural Information, Maps, Equator politics and officials, Equator History.
Named after the Spanish word for equator, Ecuador straddles the equator and has an area of 272,045 square kilometers (105,037 mi²).
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