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Topic: Equinox MLM

  FTC vs Equinox - An MLM Law Article by Jeff Babener
In years past, Equinox had entered into a consent decree in Florida and its founder Gouldd had entered into a consent decree in California arising from pre-Equinox activity as an NSA distributor.
Equinox has denied the allegations and posted resistance to the action, but historically, direct selling companies subject to this type of FTC action have not survived in the marketplace.
Its procedural approach by which a lawsuit is filed under seal, a restraining order is achieved and the assets of the company and its owners are frozen without notice, is an unfair tactic against a well-established company that virtually seals its death before a dialog has ever taken place between the FTC and the company.
www.mlmlegal.com /equinox.html   (0 words)

  Lessons for Consumers from the Equixox Case
Equinox was previously fined by several states for deception and it was raked over the coals in a 1996 segment of 20-20 that was seen by millions of TV viewers across the country.
Equinox was one of the largest MLMs prosecuted by the FTC in the last 25 years.
The FTC experts showed that Equinox's rebate payments to upliners, which amounted to 48% of all wholesale sales to distributors, were really just "payments for recruiting." Only a small percentage of Equinox sales were ever retailed to people who were not also recruited as distributors.
www.falseprofits.com /EquinoxLessons.html   (1291 words)

 Definition of Equinox (MLM)
In the early-to-mid 1990's, Equinox was one of the fastest-growing companies in the United States.
On the 25 April 2000 the Federal Trade Commission issued a notice that Equinox International had settled the court case with a penalty of $40,000,000 in restitution to the victims of Equinox International.
Additionally, Gouldd, the principle of Equinox International, was forced to liquidate many of his possessions, and is furthermore barred for life from participating in any network marketing organization in the United States.
www.wordiq.com /definition/Equinox_(MLM)   (202 words)

 MLM: Dave's Equinox - Beobachtungen
Jedes einzelne MLM- Unternehmen da draußen weiß, dass ein hoher Prozentsatz von Euch niemals erfolgreich sein wird, aber warum sollen Sie Euch nichts vorgaukeln, wenn Ihr Euch noch in der Flitterwochen- Phase befindet und noch große Träume träumt.
Das Amerika der Großunternehmen sind mit Politik belastet, aber MLM- Unternehmen sind in diesem lasterhaften Spiel eine Ausnahme.
Zugegeben, Großunternehmen haben ihre Fehler, aber viele erfolgreiche Menschen in Großunternehmen waren irgendwann in ihrem Leben einmal in MLM involviert.
www.mlm-beobachter.de /equinox/davesobservations.htm   (953 words)

 Equinox   (Site not responding. Last check: )
An equinox in astronomy is the moment when the Sun can be observed to be directly above the equator.
More technically, the equinox happens when the Sun is at one of two opposite points on the celestial sphere where the celestial equator and ecliptic intersect.
In a wider sense, the equinoxes are the two days each year when the center of the Sun spends an equal amount of time above and below the horizon at every location on Earth.
www.kiwipedia.com /en/autumnal-equinox.html   (293 words)

 MLM Survivors Homepage: Equinox
I recall from the 20/20 interview it was mentioned that the average cash income for the average Equinox Distributor was estimated to be about $500 per year.
When your target victims are with you in the office in front of the 'briefing' (sales pitch), always sit up straight, raise your hand and nod when queued by the speaker, and always act excited (even though you've heard it a million times).
Many will find that after their Equinox Experience, they may have nothing.
www.mlmsurvivor.com /Trek/equinox1.htm   (0 words)

 Equinox Mlm (Call your IRS office and ask for an Investigator and tell them you have been offered an opportunity to ...   (Site not responding. Last check: )
In Fact it was when we (The MLM Watchdog) got Equinox on ABC's 20/20 that the FTC was forced to get off their buns and did something about shutting Equinox...
As with Equinox, and many other MLM firms, many very smart people have been ÿffff93wowedÿff ff94 by some ad in the paper or on the Internet promising the potential to...
Equinox International was shut down by the FTC in 2001 as an illegal pyramid scheme.
www.just4birds.com /Equinox/Equinox-Mlm.html   (1028 words)

 Metroactive News & Issues | Multilevel Marketing
Rather, Equinox and its executive progeny had convinced Mark that if he did not sign up to become an Equinox distributor right away, he would be squashed flat by the thundering steam train they call the Opportunity of a Lifetime.
According to Equinox mythology, sometimes Gouldd was the victim of a debilitating disease, sometimes the victim of unethical managers at competing companies, and sometimes a lowly stereo-store worker.
The MLM giant, Amway, is one of the most generous, multimillion-dollar donors to Republican causes, Republican representatives and election committees.
www.metroactive.com /papers/metro/10.03.96/cover/multilevel-9640.html   (5480 words)

 Science Fair Projects - Multi-level marketing
After this the structure would split, the "two" advance to the "one" position and an additional "eight" would be required for each of the structures before the "one" would be paid and the structures again split.
MLM Survivors an online community of former distributors who share an overall negative experience in MLM
MLM Watchdog An MLM Watchdog site with a pro-MLM approach.
www.all-science-fair-projects.com /science_fair_projects_encyclopedia/Multi-level_marketing   (942 words)

 Cult News from Rick Ross » Equinox
Some of those caught up in MLMs say there is a kind of “cult like” process of coercive persuasion, which takes place through the recruitment, seminar and conference formats used by such businesses.
This MLM mindset is often evident by the participant’s willingness to accept whatever the company and/or his “upline” says, rather than objectively examine such claims through an independent and careful process of critical analysis and/or due diligence.
Historically, the collapse of Equinox, a recent court ordered shut down of Trek Alliance and a pending class action lawsuit against “New Way to Wealth” seem to indicate the more sinister side of some MLMs.
www.cultnews.com /?cat=45   (0 words)

 Equinox International
Equinox distributors ran classified ads in the "Help Wanted" sections of newspapers which implied that a salaried position was being offered.
The complaint further alleges that Equinox told the recruits that they could earn money by selling products or recruiting but emphasized that the real way that Equinox distributors make money is through recruiting, not through sales.
The complaint alleges that a very small percentage of distributors who became participants in the Equinox program actually made more money than they expended for front-end expenses, and that a vast majority of distributors discontinued their participation in the program with little or no earnings.
www.mlmwatch.org /06FTC/Equinox/equinoxftc1.html   (0 words)

 Xango Mlm
Equinox (MLM) - Eqinox International was a multi-level marketing organization, headed by William Gouldd.
In the early-to-mid 1990's, Equinox was one of the fastest-growing companies in the United States.
This practical guide to MLM (multi-level marketing) xango mlm and Network marketing describes the main distributor systems xango mlm and pinpoints exactly what is needed to be successful in each.
www.workathomesearchdirectory.com /xangomlm.html   (0 words)

 MLM Watch
Nearly all MLM companies selling health-related products exaggerate their value, and the vast majority of people who become distributors do not make significant income.
MLM-the truth: (investigations by Jon M. Taylor, Ph.D. MLM Watchdog
MLM Watch is updated about once a month.
www.mlmwatch.org   (568 words)

The Watchdog's Aim is to Serve, Inform and Protect You, the Distributor, and the MLM Community.
As the MLM Insider Magazine editor we track down and stomp scam artists and companies doomed to failure.
The MLM Insider exposed Equinox (and others) to ABC's 20/20 and the law.
www.mlmwatchdog.com /About_RodCook.html   (0 words)

 Formal Equinox International Reps?
Not to rag on Equinox or anything, but I remember in the 90s talking to Len Clements and Corey Augestein who were like MLM consultants and published stuff on the industry and they told me to stay away from them.
No more MLM companies for him though (Thank god) -- He is banned from the industry now by the FTC, because the company turned out to basically be a pyramid scheme.
Equinox was an expensive lesson, but I don’t think I would trade it in for something else.
forum.richdad.com /forums/tm.asp?m=444975&appid=&p=&mpage=1&key=&tmode=&smode=&s=   (3035 words)

 MLM multi level marketing   (Site not responding. Last check: )
MLM has a recognized image problem because of difficulties in making a clear
A major shift in MLM occurred during the 1980s when companies began allowing their
Often, victims of fraudulent or illegal MLM schemes are required to purchase expensive
www.globaldirectsvcs.com /MLM.html   (290 words)

 MLM Law Library Power Index - Jeff Babener MLM Attorney
MLM Law Library Power Index - Jeff Babener MLM Attorney
Is This A Pyramid or a Legitimate MLM?
For advice on specific legal and tax matters, always be sure to contact competent direct selling or multilevel marketing legal or tax counsel.
www.mlmlegal.com /powerindex.html   (0 words)

 equinox mlm Resources
EventsEncyclopediaLocalitiesCompaniesSurnamesShop Equinox (MLM) Equinox (MLM) in the news Eqinox International was a multi-level marketing organization, headed by William Gouldd.
Read about Equinox Mlm in the free online encyclopedia and dictionary.
Encyclopedia: Equinox (MLM) Sponsored links: Eqinox International was a multi-level marketing organization, headed by William Gouldd.
www.uneedmlmleads.com /equinox-mlm   (156 words)

 mlm in TutorGig Search
MLM, Equinox (MLM), Hubert Humphrey (MLM), Multipurpose Laboratory Module, Jutawan (More...
Get Info on Mlm from 14 search engines in 1.
Free ebook explains why over 95% of people fail in MLM and how YOU can succeed.
www.tutorgig.com /w/mlm   (113 words)

 network mrketing information,network marketing   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Multi-level marketing (MLM) (also called network mrketing(NM)) exhibits a business model which exemplifies direct marketing.
Excel Communications, a $1 billion-plus Dallas -based company founded in 1988, exemplifies a successful MLM company.
The topmoney-earners for Excel, such as Paul Orberson, Phil Mims, and Chuck Hoover, rankamong the highest earners in the history of MLM.
www.eaa-smt.org /network_mrketing.html   (652 words)

 MLM: Equinox - Kurzübersicht   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Die amerikanische MLM-Firma Equinox vertrieb Wasser- und Luftfilter, Nahrungsergänzungen, Kosmetika und Haushaltsreiniger.
Equinox war in Amerika berühmt- berüchtigt, "Umsatz um jeden Preis" hieß die Devise.
Die Qualität der Produkte war sehr gut, doch die 'Firmenphilosophie' wurde bis in die Basis getragen und führte so zum Fall dieses riesigen Unternehmens.
www.transgallaxys.com /~beo/equinox/equinox.htm   (204 words)

 typofix.com: multilevel marketing spell correction and information page
MLM Survivors (http://www.mlmsurvivor.com/) an online community of former distributors who share an overall negative experience in MLM
MLM Watchdog (http://www.mlmwatchdog.com/) An MLM Watchdog site with a pro-MLM approach.
Pyramid Scheme Alert (http://pyramidschemealert.org/) An MLM Watchdog site with a less favorable overall view on MLM.
www.typofix.com /multilevel%20marketing.htm   (726 words)

 Business Cerro Largo Mlm
New Information you want on business cerro largo mlm is here!
cerro largo mlm business child mlm business ci mlm opportunity business com internet...
MLM Opportunity MLM Opportunity business cerro largo mlm Other Sites that have business cerro...
www.home-business-residual-income.com /marketing/global/business-cerro-largo-mlm.html   (361 words)

 Spring Equinox: Moon's Milk or Under an Unquiet Skull   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Spring Equinox: Moon's Milk or Under an Unquiet Skull
Spring Equinox: Moon's Milk or Under an Unquiet Skull is part one of the four part Seasons collective created by Coil.
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www.mispedia.org /Spring_Equinox%3A_Moon%27s_Milk_or_Under_an_Unquiet_Skull.html   (329 words)

 Multi-level marketing   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Typically, independent business owners (IBOs) become associated with a parent company in a contractor -like relationship.
Excel Communications, a $2 billion-plus Dallas -based company founded in 1988, exemplifies a successful MLM company.
Pre-Paid Legal see also: marketing, direct marketing, personal selling, list of marketing topics
www.randomnugget.com /resource-Multi-level_marketing.html   (310 words)

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