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In the News (Mon 22 Jul 19)

  Erasmus University - AU Washington College of Law
The Rotterdam School of Law of the Erasmus University aims at academic excellence and also at making its students aware of the practical role law plays in society.
The official language of instruction at Erasmus University Rotterdam is Dutch, however courses for the exchange program are taught in English.
The acceptance of any credit or grade for any courses taken at the Erasmus University School of Law Rotterdam, including externships and other clinical offerings, is subject to determination by the WCL, Office of the Registrar.
www.wcl.american.edu /studyabroad/erasmus.cfm   (369 words)

  Erasmus Bio: The Online Library of Liberty
Desiderius Erasmus (1469-1536) was a Christian, humanist scholar; the first editor of the New Testament; a classicist; and a leading voice in the theological debates of the early Reformation in northern Europe.
Erasmus, a Dutchman, was educated at Gouda, Deventer, and Utrecht, Holland.
Erasmus maintained in The Education of a Christian Prince that the works of the classical authors and the Christian church fathers were better resources for the total development of the individual than either Scholastic logic or the popular new chivalric literature.
oll.libertyfund.org /Intros/Erasmus.php   (832 words)

 ISTANBUL UNIVERSITY - ERASMUS & SOKRATES   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
Erasmus, the EuRopean Community Action Scheme for the Mobility of University Students, is the Higher Education part of Socrates, the EU's education programme.
Erasmus gives students (up to and including doctorate, except for students enrolled in their first year of Higher Education) the opportunity to study for a period of 3-12 months at a university or higher education establishment in another participating country in the framework of agreed arrangements between universities.
Erasmus provides support to higher education institutions for the creation of optimal conditions: a) for students, to undertake recognised periods of study at partner institutions in other participating countries; b) for teachers, to organise fully integrated teaching assignments of short duration; c) for implementation of ECTS and Diploma Supplement (DS).
www.istanbul.edu.tr /eng/ee/erasmus/index_en_about.html   (447 words)

 Erasmus University - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Erasmus University Rotterdam is a university in the Netherlands, located in Rotterdam.
Erasmus MC is the new name for the Rotterdam university medical centre, which is a merger of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences and the University Hospital Rotterdam (Dijkzigt, Sophia, Daniel den Hoed clinic).
Furthermore, the Erasmus MC (the university medical center) is ranked by The Scientist as the 5th best of the top 15 medical institutions outside the United States (ranking 2004).
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Erasmus_University   (1344 words)

 EUROPA - Education and Training - Socrates programme - Higher Education (ERASMUS)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
ERASMUS is the higher education Action of SOCRATES II programme.
ERASMUS consists of many different activities; student and teacher exchanges, joint development of study programmes (Curriculum Development), international intensive programmes, thematic networks between departments and faculties across Europe, language courses (EILC), European credit transfer system (ECTS).
ERASMUS action is targeted at higher education institutions and their students and staff in all 25 Member States of the European Union, the three countries of the European Economic Area (Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway), the three candidate countries (Bulgaria, Romania and Turkey).
ec.europa.eu /education/programmes/socrates/erasmus/erasmus_en.html   (239 words)

 Desiderius Erasmus - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Despite being illegitimate, Erasmus was cared for by his parents until their early deaths from the plague in 1483, and then given the best education available to a young man of his day in a series of monastic or semi-monastic schools.
Erasmus held himself aloof from all entangling obligations; yet he was in a singularly true sense the center of the literary movement of his time.
Erasmus, on the other hand, preferred for the prince to be loved, and suggested that the prince needed a well-rounded education in order to govern justly and benevolently and avoid becoming a source of oppression.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Erasmus   (3519 words)

 ISTANBUL UNIVERSITY - ERASMUS & SOKRATES   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
The University has been a leader in the establishment of modern values and social enlightenment, and it remains in the lead in the age of science.
Istanbul University, which boasts of employing the elite of the teaching corps of Turkey, has an academic staff of 5 000, and is active in the fields of national and international research.
The institution was renamed Istanbul University in accordance with Atatürk’s university reform, and higher education was restructured in Turkey to meet the demands of contemporary conditions.
www.istanbul.edu.tr /eng/ee/erasmus/index_en_istanbul_uni.html   (697 words)

 ERASMUS.NET :: The portal for European exchange studentsf
The ERASMUS programme is targeted at higher education institutions, their students and graduates and staff in all 25 Member States of the European Union, the three countries of the European Economic Area (Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway), the three candidate countries (Bulgaria, Romania and Turkey).
The Erasmus Mundus programme is a new co-operation and mobility programme of the European Union in the field of higher education (masters level).
The courses must be "integrated" to be selected under Erasmus Mundus, which means that they must foresee a study period in at least two of the three universities and that it must lead to the award of a recognised double, multiple or joint diploma.
www.erasmus.net /infocentre.html   (2230 words)

 EACEA - Lifelong Learning - Erasmus University Charter   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
The Charter entitles your institution to participate in decentralised Erasmus activities (for which you should contact your National Agency), as well as to act as an applicant organisation in Erasmus centralised actions (multilateral projects, networks and accompanying measures) managed by the Executive Agency.
Please note that notifications of the results for the Erasmus University Charter (EUC) in the framework of the Lifelong Learning Programme Call for Proposals 2007 (EAC/61/2006), Selection Year 2007 were sent by email/letter to all applicant institutions.
Institutions that have been awarded the Erasmus University Charter (EUC) with a validity of one year only (academic year 2007/2008), and that want to continue their Erasmus activities after 2008 have to submit a new application under the next Lifelong Learning Call that the European Commission aims to publish in the beginning of October 2007.
eacea.ec.europa.eu /static/en/llp/erasmus/index_en.htm   (622 words)

 Erasmus. The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition. 2001-05
Erasmus, his given name, and Lat., Desiderius=beloved; both are regarded as the equivalent of Dutch Gerard, Erasmus’ father’s name], 1466?–1536, Dutch humanist, b.
Erasmus combined vast learning with a fine style, a keen and sometimes sharp humor, moderation, and tolerance.
Erasmus was finally brought into open conflict with Luther and attacked his position on predestination in On the Freedom of the Will.
www.bartleby.com /65/er/Erasmus.html   (374 words)

 Socrates - Erasmus   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
Grants are awarded to Erasmus students through financing received from the European Commission and are calculated yearly on the basis of the budget received from the European Commission.
Erasmus focuses specifically on Higher Education and is therefore of interest mostly to University students, academic and administrative members of staff.
All over Europe, the Erasmus label is regarding as a prestigious award signalling an individual's openness to cultural diversity and interest in developing a European dimension on a personal and an academic level.
socrates.um.edu.mt /erasmus_mobility.html   (1919 words)

 Erasmus - SCOME Wiki
Erasmus grants are mobility grants destined to cover the additional costs of a study period abroad rather than the entire cost of the stay.
ERASMUS is open to all types of higher education institutions (for which the term "universities" is generally used), all academic disciplines and all levels of higher education study up to and including the doctorate.
Once a university has obtained the Charter, it is entitled to apply to the Commission for centralised ERASMUS funds and to their National Agency for decentralised mobility funds.
www.ifmsa.org /scome/wiki/index.php?title=ERASMUS   (1650 words)

 Erasmus for University Teaching Staff — universidade nova de lisboa
As university teaching staff, your active participation in the activities offered plays an essential role in bringing your university closer to Europe and in bringing Europe closer to your university.
As professor or other member of the teaching staff of your home university, you play a very important role in promoting student mobility as well as in developing and increasing the European dimension and the international life of your university.
The application for Erasmus Teaching Staff Mobility is submitted at the Rectory of Universidade Nova de Lisboa until the 31st of July, and it refers to the period from the 1st of October until the 30th of September of the following year.
www.unl.pt /unl/erasmus/erasmus-for-university-teaching-staff?set_language=en&cl=en   (680 words)

 Erasmus Overview   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
Higher education institutions apply for the Erasmus University Charter (EUC) to the European Commission.
Erasmus targets universities (nearly all universities in Europe take part) but also all types of recognised non-university higher education establishments as well as post-university studies.
Students also receive an Erasmus Student Charter which outlines their rights as visiting students and the obligations which they must fulfil at their host institution.
eacea.cec.eu.int /static/en/overview/erasmus_overview.htm   (1004 words)

 SGI - Press Releases: Erasmus University Medical Center Uses SGI Technology for Groundbreaking Translational Medicine ...
Because the prototype model at Erasmus MC surpassed even the highest expectations of researchers and clinicians, the medical center spun off a Rotterdam-based company, Crosslinks which is now beginning to market I-space to hospitals and medical centers throughout Europe in collaboration with SGI and Barco.
The original I-space at Erasmus MC was developed in close cooperation with medical staff that use the technology regularly for complex diagnoses.
The benefits are tremendous, as revealed in a medical paper published by Erasmus MC in December 2005 describing the genomics application of studies of a certain type of slow-growing brain tumors (oligodendroglioma).
sgi.com /company_info/newsroom/press_releases/2006/april/erasmus.html   (1679 words)

 Middle East Technical University - Erasmus
The University's mission statement underlines its devotion to the pursuit and application of knowledge for the social, cultural, economic, scientific and technological development of humanity and society through achievements in teaching, research and community service that are of highest international standards.
Moreover, as METU is not a major destination for European students and scholars; the University has to undertake specific steps to enhance its attractiveness as a host institution and increase the number of European students and scholars in its international community.
METU has been elected as one of the universities to participate in the pilot actions of Erasmus in 2003-2004, and is about to complete the adoption of ECTS in all its programs.
www.erasmus.metu.edu.tr /EPS.htm   (2146 words)

 MTB Europe - Erasmus University Medical Centre develops interactive immersive 3-D images
Erasmus University Medical Centre (Erasmus MC) in Rotterdam has developed 3D volume rendering software, capable of converting 2D medical images to 3D.
Because the prototype model at Erasmus MC surpassed even the highest expectations of researchers and clinicians, the medical centre spun off a Rotterdam-based company, Crosslinks, which is now beginning to market I-space to hospitals and medical centres throughout Europe in collaboration with SGI and Barco.
The benefits are tremendous, as revealed in a medical paper published by Erasmus MC in December 2005 describing the genomics application of studies of a certain type of slow-growing brain tumours (oligodendroglioma).
mtbeurope.info /news/2006/604017.htm   (1463 words)

 the voyage: bgc - Contacts - University - Socrates-Erasmus
Erasmus ("European Community Action Scheme for the Mobility of University Students") is the European Commission's educational programme for Higher Education students, teachers and institutions.
In 1995 Erasmus became incorporated into the new Socrates programme which covers education from school to university to Life Long Learning.
If there is an Socrates-Erasmus partnership between your institution and a university or university of applied sciences in Germany, you surely will get in-depth online (and offline) information from your International or European Office, or from your department.
www.the-voyage.com /e/contacts/university/erasmus.html   (161 words)

 Erasmus University Medical Centre - Customer Success - HP Services
Business continuity for life at Erasmus MC Rotterdam-based Erasmus University Medical Centre (Erasmus MC) is the Netherlands' largest university medical centre.
Like other healthcare organisations, Erasmus MC has recently witnessed a steep increase in data volumes, partly as a result of storing X-ray images in digital form.
Until recently, Erasmus MC's IT infrastructure used only direct attached storage causing several disadvantages to the storage environment, including inadequate availability and lack of protection against disaster, as well as high maintenance costs and poor flexibility.
www.hp.com /hps/success/ss_erasmus.html   (645 words)

 Erasmus para pessoal docente universitário — universidade nova de lisboa
Erasmus para pessoal docente universitário — universidade nova de lisboa
O Erasmus envolve muitas actividades para o pessoal docente universitário.
O pagamento de bolsas e gestão da mobilidade docente Erasmus é levada a cabo pela entidade que selecciona os docentes para a mobilidade.
unl.pt /unl/erasmus/erasmus-for-university-teaching-staff?...&cl=en   (652 words)

 Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University - EU EDUCATION PROGRAMMES   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
The Charter is a short information leaflet that tells Erasmus students what they are entitled to and also what they are expected to do during their secondment.
The Erasmus Student Charter outlines the basic entitlements of the Erasmus students, such as free tuition and full recognition of studies abroad.
It will be issued to all Erasmus students by their home universities before they leave for their study period abroad.
www.comu.edu.tr /ects/socrates/esc.php   (432 words)

 Bristol University - Incoming Erasmus Application Forms
This page is for students coming to the University of Bristol through the Erasmus scheme in 2006/7.
This is the department with which your home university has an Erasmus agreement and may not necessarily match your home department (for example, if you are studying English at a French university, you will be studying in the School of Modern Languages in Bristol).
The majority of your courses should be in the department with which the Erasmus agreement is held.
www.bris.ac.uk /internationalcentre/europe/erasmusin/apply.html   (641 words)

 Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University - EU EDUCATION PROGRAMMES   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
Course programmes during undergraduate studies and the distribution of courses between the semesters are arranged by the department concerned, confirmed by the Faculty Committee, and approved by the Senate.
To promote Erasmus students' awareness of their rights and obligations, each Erasmus student will receive an Erasmus Student Charter from their home university before leaving for the study period abroad.
The status of Erasmus student applies to students who satisfy the Erasmus eligibility criteria and who have been selected by their university to spend an Erasmus study period abroad at a partner university in Europe.
www.comu.edu.tr /ects/socrates/incoming.php   (1152 words)

 Past Events - Erasmus Institute - University of Notre Dame
Nicholas Boyle is Professor of German Literary and Intellectual History at the University of Cambridge.
Her Notre Dame Erasmus Lectures were published as God and Caesar: Personal Reflections on Politics and Religion (University of Notre Dame Press, 2003).
His Notre Dame Erasmus Lectures were published as Adam's Curse: Christianity and Literature in the Twentieth Century (University of Notre Dame Press, 2001).
www.nd.edu /~erasmus/lectures_conferences/past.html   (533 words)

 Socrates / Erasmus
INTRODUCTION The European Community promotes interuniversity cooperation as a means of improving the quality of education for the benefit of students and higher education institutions, and student mobility is a predominant element of that interuniversity cooperation.
The Erasmus programme clearly demonstrates that studying abroad can be a particularly valuable experience as it is not only the best way to learn about other countries, ideas, languages and cultures; increasingly it is also an important element in academic and professional career development.
The principal elements of ECTS are presented briefly as they have been developed, thoroughly tested and refined in the pilot scheme by 145 European universities from all Member States and EEA countries.
erasmus.ankara.edu.tr /web   (367 words)

 Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam: English
It became an integral part of the university in 1973.
One of the striking characteristics of the Erasmus School of Law is its interdisciplinary emphasis and its business and international orientation.
The aim is to make students aware of the way in which the law functions within a socio-economic context.
www.frg.eur.nl /english   (58 words)

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