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Topic: Ergonomy

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In the News (Thu 18 Apr 19)

  User Interface & ergonomy - Page 6 - Mambo - A PHP & MySQL Content Management System
Lot's of interesting things have been talked about here, just adding new topics under the larger user interface and ergonomy part make this thread a real quest to read.
Or try to place different user interface and ergonomy topics in different threads ?
It's a pretty broad topic as you can see from the other posts.
forum.mamboserver.com /showthread.php?t=18153&goto=newpost   (380 words)

  Ville’s Ergonomics Recommendations at My Galagzee!
Lighting is an area of ergonomy that is maybe the most frequently overlooked.
The ergonomy of lighting has two areas of importance: mechanical (removal of glare, adjusting the intensity), and the quality of the light (how closely the light matches that of full-spectrum daylight).
Again, the latter of the two is more frequently overlooked factor but it has at least as much influence on lighting comfort than the mechanical aspects.
www.linkresource.com /ergonomy   (1902 words)

  [ITB] Ergonomy Year 2000   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
Produk yang dirancang dan dibangun dengan menerapkan prinsip-prinsip ergonomi tentu akan lebih banyak diminati dari pada produk yang dibuat dengan hanya mempertimbangkan keuntungan semata.
Pusat keramaian yang dirancang dengan sentuhan ergonomi tentu akan lebih banyak didatangi pengunjung dari pada pusat keramaian yang semrawut dan hingar bingar.
Demikian pula organisasi yang menerapkan ergonomi dalam sistem manajemennya, tentu akan memperoleh dukungan penuh anggotanya, daripada organisasi yang memperlakukan anggotanya hanya sebagai alat mencapai tujuan, bukan pusat dari tujuan itu sendiri.
www.mail-archive.com /itb@itb.ac.id/msg08857.html   (951 words)

 Ergonomic Snaths   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
I have on this website made numerous references to the "ergonomy" of a snath (scythe handle) and criticized most designs for the lack of it.
The material in this section is by no means a complete picture on the subject; not only because the concept of ergonomy as applied to various tools continues to evolve, but because we simply have not found the necessary time and energy to share what we have learned thus far.
An entire book (not a booklet) could be written on the topic of creative snath-making, and though it would be my pleasure to write one or help someone else do it, presently the important tasks are too many and the hours too few.
www.scytheconnection.com /adp/docs/snath1.html   (1045 words)

 infrared scanning thermography inspection - Rochester NY New York
Founded in 1977 and based in Pittsford, New York, Ergonomy performs infrared inspections for industrial, commercial, municipal and institutional clients in:
Our strength is the ability to listen to clients and to understand their unique needs.
Ergonomy uses the state-of-the-art THERMACam PM595 Infrared System manufactured by FLIR Systems.
www.ergonomy-infrared.com /about-us.html   (127 words)

However, these efforts were not placed on a scientific basis until the middle of the 19th century.
The artificial word "ergonomy" was created from the Greek words "ergon" = work, and "nomos" = rule/law, and is used to describe the mutual interaction between people and their work.
Ergonomic working aids are only considered as being useful and will be purchased if ergonomy and productivity are in balance.
www.expresso.de /en/ergonomie/ergo_1.asp   (267 words)

 Tekes » News » Ergonomy and reduction in emission through transmission and engine control
Tekes » News » Ergonomy and reduction in emission through transmission and engine control
Ergonomy and reduction in emission through transmission and engine control
Ergonomic and environmental aspects constitute the central criteria when developing transmission and engine control systems in commercial motor vehicles.
www.tekes.fi /eng/news/uutis_tiedot.asp?id=1259&paluu=   (432 words)

 Ergonomy — Pneumofore Vacuum and Compressed Air Solutions
Pneumofore offers a simple display which is analog in the standard version, but can be digital as option.
Ergonomy is also understood as high accessibility for checking or for repair.
The machine is in operation for a certain process controlled by humans, which are able to monitor and determine the machines' operation based on a user-friendly control panel and simple logic of operation.
www.pneumofore.com /config/features/ergonomy   (99 words)

 Rate My Trend : hip ergonomy for the pets1
The hot new trends in are part of Trend Hunter Magazine, a leading destination for trend spotting and cool hunting.
The trends, like the one you are reading now, 'hip ergonomy for the pets1', have been submitted from our global network of trend spotters and cool hunters.
Visit Trend Hunter if you want to submit a trend, add a comment about 'hip ergonomy for the pets1', or read more trend reviews.
www.ratemytrend.com /ratemytrend/hip-ergonomy-for-the-pets1   (200 words)

Ergonomy helps companies improve the effectiveness of their marketing.
Ergonomy’s services usually enable companies to achieve at least one of the following two benefits:
The methods Ergonomy uses to work also mean that clients are usually better able to measure the impact of their marketing activities.
www.ergonomy.biz /what.html   (95 words)

 Vijay Banumathy - English to German translator. German to English & English to German translations in areas including ...
German to English & English to German translations in areas including engg., ergonomy, social sciences, legal documents, environmntal issues, general correspondence, etc.
Subject matters included engineering, ergonomy, social sciences, legal documents, environmental issues, general correspondence, etc.
ergonomy social sciences legal documents environmntal issues general correspondence etc.
www.proz.com /pro/38925   (95 words)

 Hip Ergonomy for the PETS
We are a community dedicated to Trend Spotting and Cool Hunting.
Innovation and strategic advantage hinge on the ability to anticipate trends and identify the next big thing, like this trend, hip ergonomy for the pets1.
Submit a trend or comment on 'hip ergonomy for the pets1'.
www.trendhunter.com /trends/hip-ergonomy-for-the-pets1   (250 words)

 Ergonomy as part of B2B Service of the innovations-report
Ergonomy as part of B2B Service of the innovations-report
Under "Product page" you can obtain further information about the respective/corresponding companies or institutes relating to the search term Ergonomy.
Under "Range of Products" the range of products of the corresponding company or institute is shown.
www.innovations-report.com /html/b2b/b2b_ergonomy.html   (107 words)

 Ergonomy: See what people are saying right now on Technorati   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
Ergonomy: See what people are saying right now on Technorati
Ergonomy www.courseadvisor.com - Request Free Info From Accredited Online Universities (US Residents Only) …Ergonomy.
ergonomy per day for the last 30 days.
www.technorati.com /tag/ergonomy   (355 words)

 University Department Of Ergonomy, Cambridge (Huntingdon Road)
You can use this form to tell a friend about the University Department Of Ergonomy page on our Web site, or to send yourself an email as a reminder.
The details you provide on this page will not be used to send unsolicited e-mail or be sold to a 3rd party.
Note: Cambridge Search Engine and University Department Of Ergonomy are separate entities and are not connected.
www.camcity.co.uk /send/?ID=2824   (210 words)

 Leica MZ16A
With the introduction of MZ16 and MZ16 A, Leica Microsystems celebrates a new milestone in the world of stereomicroscopy; these two new products are targeted at the high-end life science research and industrial inspection markets that demand higher performance.
With these two new instruments comes the first stereomicroscope that provides a completely motorized workstation, setting new standards for our competition in automation and working ergonomy, and once again proving that Leica Microsystems is an innovator strictly focused on meeting the customers needs.
When equipped with the motor focus drive, the MZ16 A offers you complete comfort and ease-of-use by allowing you to position the microscope controls where they are most easily accessible.
www.mcbaininstruments.com /MZ16A.htm   (378 words)

 ATMOS MedizinTechnik - ENT Medicine - Treatment units and diagnostic devices with ergonomy and functional safety   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
ATMOS MedizinTechnik - ENT Medicine - Treatment units and diagnostic devices with ergonomy and functional safety
Treatment units and diagnostic devices with ergonomy and functional safety
For the ENT medicine ATMOS offers different workplace systems, which adapt to the spatial and medical conditions in practice and hospital.
www.atmosmed.de /pages/english/products/ent.html   (95 words)

The HM355 S and HM360 offer unparalled precision and ergonomy for routine or research applications..
Designed specifically for Clinical requirements the HM335 Power assisted rotary Microtome bridge's the need for quality, speed and ergonomy in today's busy labs.
Mechanical rotary microtomes for paraffin sectioning in routine and research laboratories.
www.mikronet.com /microtomes.htm   (145 words)

 Clinical Trial: RESTIT : Evaluation of Resorbable Osteosynthesis Devices Versus Titanium in Maxillofacial Surgery
To evaluate the resorbable device ergonomy versus Titanium.
Primary Outcomes: The quality of fractures setting and osteotomy of the facial massif osteosynthesised with resorbable device PLLA/PGA will be evaluated by the notion of unperfect resuts.
Secondary Outcomes: Evaluation of device ergonomy :; The operative time of each surgery will be monitored, to compare operative duration of operations ; the only variable will be the osteosynthesis method.; Clinical tolerance of the devices; pain (Visual Analogic Scale),; local inflammation,; scar disunion,; infection,; subcutaneous or submucous palpation of the plates.
www.clinicaltrials.gov /ct/show/NCT00240669   (418 words)

 Discover the best ergonomy, ergonomy
Key in the page number you want to go to.
Filed under blog, webmaster, website, ergonomy, usability by camille Added 01/17/2006
Filed under webmaster, website, ergonomy, webdesign by camille Added 01/17/2006
www.blinklist.com /camille/ergonomy   (41 words)

I have found insteresting materials for my ergonomy researches, besides
oldie but goodie : quite a few things that can be reused in web ergonomy
Important announcement: Join the Nuxeo team and contribute to the Nuxeo project!
blogs.nuxeo.com /sections/blogs/tarek_ziade/2005_02_22_ergonomy   (104 words)

 Why not a backend Quick Jump Menu that enhances ergonomy?
backend interface is well designed and ergonomic and the adding of a "quick Jump menu" to that interface to enhance the speed of surfing between the items while editing would add more ergonomy!
I think as well of the easyness of surfing that could induce such a menu especially for poeple who have not good Internet connection!
Do not forget this menu has to be populated be database queries, likely with access checking depending on the displayed items etc..
forum.joomla.org /index.php?topic=22471.0   (1287 words)

 muriel vandermeulen - Dutch to French translator. Translation services in Advertising / Public Relations internet, ...
Translation services in Advertising / Public Relations internet, lisibility, ergonomy, utilisability, press, informatics, computer, newsletter, art, literature,marketing, human resources, tourism, localization, websites, social affairs, new technologies, professional development, copywriting, adaptation, subtitling, scripts, movie films,
Keywords: internet lisibility ergonomy utilisability press informatics computer newsletter art literature marketing human resources tourism localization websites social affairs new technologies professional development copywriting adaptation subtitling scripts movie films
Member-only Feature','If you were a ProZ.com member, you would have access to this feature
www.proz.com /pro/22641   (185 words)

 Ergonomic Advisors Call For $30 Million In Federal Lumbar Support | The Onion - America's Finest News Source
WASHINGTON, DC—Calling America’s current ergonomic situation "terribly strenuous on the nation’s lower-back region," a panel of top ergonomic advisors called upon Congress Monday to pass legislation allocating $30 million in federal lumbar support.
"If the government does not begin addressing the problems facing the U.S. ergonomy," said MIT ergonomist Bryan Lam, "this nation will be unable to stand up in a few years."
Copy and paste this code into a new post in Blogger, MySpace, or any other blog tool.
www.theonion.com /content/node/32470   (228 words)

 Shuttle * Products * Mainboards * Socket 478 * Intel chipset * AB60 R/N * Press * Very good ergonomy and performances | ...
Shuttle * Products * Mainboards * Socket 478 * Intel chipset * AB60 R/N * Press * Very good ergonomy and performances
A plus is for a very good ergonomy of this motherboard and performances.
Provides a hassle free computing platform to work off....
eu.shuttle.com /archive/en/ab60_pr.htm   (115 words)

 RR-2879 : Colored-Object Programming : about the Ergonomy of the Visual Formalism
RR-2879 - Colored-Object Programming : about the Ergonomy of the Visual Formalism
Abstract : This paper discusses the ergonomy of the visual formalism proposed for a refinement of object oriented programming termed «colored object programming".
A number of principles are first proposed (ex.
www.inria.fr /rrrt/rr-2879.html   (482 words)

 Karaoke forum for Power Karaoke software :: ergonomy improve
Karaoke forum for Power Karaoke software :: ergonomy improve
Posted: Thu Jan 29, 2004 12:27 pm Post subject: ergonomy improve
When you import Kar file why dont you put as default value, the name of the kar file for the video output name file and for the name of the project?
www.powerkaraoke.com /forum/about72.html&sid=e558cdfc320d489265beb119fbc3a201   (191 words)

 Transport Tycoon Forums :: View topic - Ergonomy problems
It was just a training project for me, so wyh shoudl I care about if other people can use it?
If currently the biggest complaint is that Simutrans has "ergonomy problems" that's just because I didn't care much about ergonomy.
My goals were different, and the result is, well, quite that what could be expected from my decisions.
tt-forums.net /viewtopic.php?p=184770&sid=06b000c4766d0dfa71cfc70b86...   (2398 words)

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