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Topic: Erigone

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  Erigone - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Erigone, the daughter of Icarius in Greek mythology.
Dionysus was angry and punished Athens with a plague; and caused insanity in all the unmarried women, of whom all committed suicide.
Erigone, the daughter of Aegisthus and Clytemnestra, wife of Agamemnon, also in Greek mythology.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Erigone   (178 words)

 ERIGONE - LoveToKnow Article on ERIGONE   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Icarius, Erigone and Maera were set among the stars as BoOtes (or Arcturus), Virgo and Procyon.
The festival called Aeora (the swing) was subsequently instituted to propitiate Icarius and Erigone.
The story was probably intended to explain the origin of these oscilla, by which Dionysus, as god of trees (Dendrites), was propitiated, and the baneful influence ~of the dog-star averted (see also OscILLA).
www.87.1911encyclopedia.org /E/ER/ERIGONE.htm   (193 words)

 Virgo: The Legend
It is possible that Dionysus seduced Erigone while her father indulged in the marvelous beverage or he may have hidden in a bowl of grapes, thus tricking the girl.
However, prior to committing suicide, Erigone had prayed that the daughters of the Athenians should be afflicted with the same death that she was about to suffer until such time as the murderers of Icarius were found and punished.
Since Erigone hanged herself when the fruits and grains of Summer were ripening for the harvest, Virgo has forever symbolized the ripeness of womanhood which has not yet surrendered itself.
www.novareinna.com /constellation/virgolegend.html   (1244 words)

 Skyscript: Star Lore of the Constellations - Virgo the Maiden
Sickened by the wars of men, she was the last of the celestial beings to leave the earth for the heavens and is often depicted with the wings that allowed her angelic ascension to the stars.
Erigone was led to discover his body by their faithful dog and hanged herself in grief.
At her rising Erigone, who reigned with Justice over a bygone age and fled when it fell into sinful ways, bestows high eminence by bestowing supreme power; she will produce a man to direct the laws of the state and the sacred code; one who will tend with reverence the hallowed temples of the gods.
www.skyscript.co.uk /virgo_myth.html   (2727 words)

Or she may be seen as Persephone (in Latin Proserpina), Demeter's daughter who was abducted by the God of the Underworld, Hades (Pluto to the Romans).
She is also identified with Erigone, the daughter of Icarius, who was famed for having received the secret of wine making from the Wine God, Dionysius.
Erigone became Virgo, and the dog Maera, the constellation of Canis Minor.
domeofthesky.com /clicks/vir.html   (293 words)

 Dionysos (English) by Elizabeth King Filiotis
The only witness to this crime was Erigone’s little dog, Maera, who ran home howling and pulled Erigone to the spot where her father had been buriedand scratched at the soil.
Realizing that her father was dead, Erigone fell into a deep depression and hanged herself from a branch of the pine tree.
The people of Athens were horrrified when they began to find their daughters hanged from trees here and there and, ignorant of the cause, they appealed to the oracle of the god Apollo at Delphi to explain the deaths.
www.filiotis.net /eking/dionysos/ikarion/english.html   (1313 words)

Erigone, daughter of Icarus, killed herself by hanging because of the death of her father.
As soon as the girl saw it [her father's body], abandoning hope, and overcome with loneliness and poverty, with many tearful lamentations she brought death on herself by hanging from the very tree beneath which her father was buried.
As when in the Marathonian glade sorrowful Erigone wept her fill for her slain sire, and already was untying the fatal girdle, and bent on death was fastening it to the sturdy boughs.
www.stoa.org /diotima/essays/garrison_catalogue.shtml   (7671 words)

Icarios, fermier de l'Attique accueillera, avec sa fille Erigoné, Dionysos en Attique.
Erigoné découvrira la tombe avec l'aide de son chien Maera et se pendra à un arbre voisin.
Dionysos placera Icarios, Erigoné et Maera dans le firmament sous la forme des Constellations du Bouvier, de la Vierge et l'étoile du Grand Chien (la Canicule).
www.insecula.com /contact/A009761.html   (193 words)

 ERIGONE (ASTEROID)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
(163) Erigone ist ein Asteroid des Asteroiden-Hauptgürtels, der am 26.
Benannt wurde der Himmelskörper nach Erigone, der Tochter des Ikarios aus der griechischen Mythologie.
Erigone bewegt sich zwischen 1,9155 (Perihel) astronomischen Einheiten bis 2,8188 astronomischen Einheiten (Aphel) in 3,642 Jahren um die Sonne.
www.toonorama.com /encyclopedia/E/Erigone_(Asteroid)   (116 words)

 Aeclectic Tarot Forum - View Single Post - moon as pisces
He was slain by peasants who had become intoxicated by wine he had given them and who thought it was poisoned.
His daughter, Erigone, searching for her father, was directed to the spot by the howling of his dog, Moera, and when she discovered the body she hanged herself for grief.
Icarius, according to this legend, became the constellation, Bootes; Erigone, the constellation, Virgo; and Moera, the star Procyon, which rises in July, a little before the dog-star.
www.tarotforum.net /showpost.php?p=160531&postcount=20   (140 words)

 ERIGONE - LoveToKnow Article on ERIGONE   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Their companions, thinking they had been poisoned, killed Icarius and buried him under a tree on Mount Hymettus (or threw his body into a well).
Erigone, guided by her faithful dog Maera, found, his grave, and hanged herself on the tree.
To properly cite this ERIGONE article in your work, copy the complete reference below:
91.1911encyclopedia.org /E/ER/ERIGONE.htm   (193 words)

In segno di riconoscenza, Dioniso insegnò a Icario l'arte della viticoltura e della fermentazione e gli donò un otre di vino, con la raccomandazione di diffonderne l'uso tra i suoi vicini.
In seguito invalse l'usanza di attaccare agli alberi dischi dipinti con volti umani, da cui si sviluppò il rito degli oscilla, che si diffuse a Roma durante le feste in onore di Bacco.
I protagonisti di questa storia furono immortalati nel firmamento, dove Icario divenne la costellazione di Boote, Mera originò il Piccolo Cane e Erigone fu eternata nella Vergine.
www.sullacrestadellonda.it /costellazioni/vergine.htm   (317 words)

 Spider of the Month - August
Erigone is a member of the family Linyphiidae.
As members of the cryptozoa, these species are generally unobtrusive and not noticed by the unsuspecting person - until large numbers of them start flying about on the breeze in summer and other times of year.
Erigone dentipalpis is one of these aeronautic species, as is its close relative Erigone atra.
www.david.curtis.care4free.net /spideraugust.htm   (558 words)

 The Action Plan for Australian Butterflies - Junonia erigone walkeri   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
erigone and it may represent an undescribed subspecies.
Edwards (1977) stated it was closest to ssp.
erigone walkeri was collected by E.D. Edwards at the margin of monsoon rainforest and in Papua New Guinea, another subspecies occurs in rainforest, often near heavily shaded creeks.
deh.gov.au /biodiversity/threatened/action/butterfly/species/098.html   (364 words)

 Dionysus - Greek Wine God - Wine, Religion, and Gods
Dionysus gave this information to the peasant Icarus and his daughter Erigone, in return for their wonderful hospitality to him.
Mora, the dog, leads Erigone to where her father was buried.
Bootes rises in the autumn sky, and is known as the "Grape Gatherer".
www.wineintro.com /history/religion/dionysus.html   (291 words)

 ERIGONE - Encyclopedia Britannica - ERIGONE - JCSM's Study Center   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
ERIGONE - Encyclopedia Britannica - ERIGONE - JCSM's Study Center
Icarius, Erigone and Maera were set among the stars as Bootes (or
") was subsequently instituted to propitiate Icarius and Erigone.
www.jcsm.org /StudyCenter/Encyclopedia_Britannica/EMS_EUD/ERIGONE.html   (296 words)

 163 Erigone -- Facts, Info, and Encyclopedia article   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
163 Erigone is a dark-coloured, fairly big (Click link for more info and facts about Main belt) Main belt (Any of numerous small celestial bodies composed of rock and metal that move around the sun (mainly between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter)) asteroid, the namesake of the Erigone family of asteroids.
It was discovered by (Click link for more info and facts about J. Perrotin) J.
Perrotin on April 26, 1876 and named after one of the two (Click link for more info and facts about Erigone) Erigones in (The mythology of the ancient Greeks) Greek mythology.
www.absoluteastronomy.com /encyclopedia/1/16/163_erigone.htm   (463 words)

 ERIGONE - Online Information article about ERIGONE   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Icarius, Erigone and Maera were set among the stars as See also:
The festival called Aeora (the " See also:
swing ") was subsequently instituted to propitiate Icarius and Erigone.
encyclopedia.jrank.org /EMS_EUD/ERIGONE.html   (256 words)

 K&L Wines: 2000 Domaine Laffont Madiran "Cuvee Erigone"
Cuvee Erigone is named after a sultry beauty seduced by the Greek god Dionysus and is made of 80% Tannat and 20% Cabernet Franc.
Its color is opaque with aromas of fl fruits, coconut, vanilla and coffee.
The 2000 Domaine Laffont Madiran "Cuvee Erigone" you have chosen is not in stock in our retail stores or within our fulfillment center.
www.klwines.com /product.asp?sku=1006399   (381 words)

 ✓ Erigone - AstroGui.de - AstroGui
Eines nach ihr benannten Asteriods, siehe Erigone (Asteroid).
Eine Gattung in der Familie der Baldachinspinnen: Erigone (Araneoidae)
Nach Vergil entsprach das Sternbild Virgo (die Jungfrau) der Erigone, der Göttin der Gerechtigkeit, die auch als Astraea, "die Strahlende", bekannt war.
www.astrogui.de /index.php/Erigone   (1846 words)

 Mythology of the constellation Boötes   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The men became extremely drunk and were convinced that they had been poisoned, so they killed Icarius and buried him.
His daughter Erigone and was so overcome with grief when she found his body that she hanged herself.
Zeus transferred her to the heavens as Virgo, Icarius became Bootes, and Maera, the dog who had led Erigone to her father’s grave, became one of the dogs of Canes Venatici.
www.heavens-above.com /myth.asp?lat=0&lng=0&alt=0&loc=Unspecified&TZ=CET&con=Boo   (171 words)

 Kültür - Sanat [29.01.05]
Bir süre sonra Erigone de, Tanrı Diyonisos’tan gebe kaldığı çocuğu dünyaya getirdi.
Sonra da her yıl üzümler toplanmaya başladığı sırada, üzümün ve şarabın ilk tanıtıcısı İkaryos ve kızı Erigone adına şarkılar söylenmesi ve ilk üretilen şarabın gene onlar onuruna tadılması gerektiğini söyledi.
Her yıl Trakya ve bütün Akdeniz ülkelerindeki üreticiler; üzüm bağlarını ve şarabı dünyaya tanıtan İkaryos ve onun güzel kızı Erigone adına şarkılar söyleyerek ilk ürünlerini toplamaya başladılar.
www.evrensel.net /05/01/29/kultur.html   (1571 words)

 163 Erigone - Encyclopedia Glossary Meaning Explanation 163 Erigone   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Here you will find more informations about 163 Erigone.
It was discovered by J. Perrotin on April 26, 1876 and named after one of the two Erigones in Greek mythology.
The orginal 163 Erigone article can be editet
www.encyclopedia-glossary.com /en/163-Erigone.html   (123 words)

 RASNZ Occultation Section - Erigone Occultation Update
On 2004 Jul 01 UT, the 72 km diameter asteroid (163) Erigone will occult a 11.7 mag star in the constellation Ophiuchus for observers along a path across Australia.
In the case of an occultation, the combined light of the asteroid and the star will drop by 1.4 mag to 12.8 mag (the magnitude of the asteroid) for at most 6.0 seconds.
occsec.wellington.net.nz /planet/2004/updates/040701_163_2666_u.htm   (640 words)

 Marea - TheBestLinks.com - Greek mythology, Icarius, Erigone, ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Marea - TheBestLinks.com - Greek mythology, Icarius, Erigone,...
In Greek mythology, Marea was Erigone's dog and was with her when she found her father, Icarius', body.
You can add this article to your own "watchlist" and receive e-mail notification about all changes in this page.
www.thebestlinks.com /Marea.html   (74 words)

 Domaine Laffont Erigone 2000 AOC Madiran, klassewijn
Vanaf oogstjaar 1997 gaf Pierre Speyer de naam Erigone aan dit wijnjuweel.
Erigone is het verhaal van een bloedmooie nimf die door Dionysos werd belaagd.
Zij weigerde in te gaan op de avances van deze Griekse god maar werd door hem veranderd in een rijpe druiventros : onder deze nieuwe gedaante nam Dionysos haar tot zich !!!
www.belgischewijnbouwers.be /details.asp?language=nl&productID=760   (83 words)

 Perseus Vase: Malibu 88.AE.66   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
A young nurse stands, one hand raised in despair, between Orestes and Clytemnaestra, holding Penthilus, Orestes's son.
A second woman, perhaps Erigone, is running in from the right, pleading with Orestes to stop.
Two well-dressed females, among them probably Elektra and Chrysothemis, flee to the right past three men carrying staffs, who face the other way.
www.perseus.tufts.edu /cgi-bin/vaseindex?entry=Malibu+88.AE.66   (201 words)

 2001 Domaine Laffont "Erigone" Madiran, France, 750ml   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Buying a property in Maumusson (often referred to as the Napa Valley of Southwestern France), Pierre quickly became one of the region's sought after producers.
His 2000 Cuv‚e Erigone (named after a sultry beauty seduced by the Greek god Dionyius) is made with 80% Tannat and 20% Cabernet Franc and aged in percentage of new oak barriques.
Aromas of fl fruits, coconut, vanilla and coffee rise from the glass, while cassis, flberry and spice weave their way across the palate.
www.wineglobe.com /wineglobe-store/40589.html   (121 words)

 Erigone * People, Places, & Things * Greek Mythology: From the Iliad to the Fall of the Last Tyrant
Erigone * People, Places, and Things * Greek Mythology: From the Iliad to the Fall of the Last Tyrant
In ancient Attika her suicide was celebrated at a festival called The Aiora; during the festival, dolls were swung from trees to commemorate Erigone’s suicide; (aiora = swing).
Cut and paste the following text for use in a paper or electronic document report.
www.messagenet.com /myths/ppt/Erigone_1.html   (215 words)

 Erigone (Asteroid) - definition erklärung bedeutung glossar zu Erigone (Asteroid)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Erigone (Asteroid) - definition erklärung bedeutung glossar zu Erigone (Asteroid)
In rund 16 Stunden und 8 Minuten rotiert sie um die eigene Achse.
[ Erigone (Asteroid) - definition - erklärung - bedeutung - glossar - Impressum ]
www.adlexikon.de /Erigone_Asteroid.shtml   (170 words)

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