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Topic: Erik the Red (comics)

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In the News (Tue 23 Jul 19)

  Erik the Red Summary
The second crime Erik was held accountable for occurred when Erik insisted upon revenge for the deaths of his slaves who had "accidentally started a landslide" on Valthjof's farm.
Then on the timeline comes Erik who traveled around the southern tip of the island, soon to be called Cape Farewell, and eventually reached a part of the coast that for the most part was devoid of any ice and subsequently had conditions similar to those of Norway that promised growth and prosperity.
Erik himself remained a pagan, unlike his son Leif and wife, who built the first Christian church in the Americas on their farm (though despite speculation, it is unlikely that Leif was the first to bring Christianity to Greenland).
www.bookrags.com /Erik_the_Red   (2589 words)

 Reference.com/Encyclopedia/Erik the Red
Erik the Red (950–1003 ; Old Norse and Icelandic: Eiríkur rauði; Norwegian; Eirik Raude; sometimes Eric the Red), so-called because of his red hair and beard (or perhaps because of his bad temper), founded the first Nordic settlement in Greenland.
Erik did not take kindly to this and so slew Filth-Eyjolf and was eventually convicted of these murders and was forced into banishment from Iceland.
Erik himself remained a pagan, unlike his son Leif and Leif's wife, who built the first Christian church in the Americas on their farm.
www.reference.com /browse/wiki/Erik_the_Red   (1448 words)

 Red Lucy (Scarlet Witch ancestor)
Red Lucy and her crew continued to amass worldly treasures over the next weeks without shedding blood.
They lost Red Lucy as a captain after the spirit of Wanda returned to her time and Lucy decided to become a gentlewoman and mother.
Still Red Lucy and her crew attacked his castle and were trapped by the Earl of Darwell between the gate and a firewall.
www.marvunapp.com /Appendix/redlucysw.htm   (1727 words)

Erik eventually met Jim at a convention in Chicago and Jim was impressed enough with Erik's work that he consented to co-plot a story with him on the spot.
Erik wanted to write and when a Nova serial was given the thumbs up to run in Marvel Comics Presents with Erik as the writer/artist, he gladly left the Punisher.
Erik was called upon once again picked up the torch - and he ran with it.
www.savagedragon.com /eriklarsen.htm   (711 words)

 Erik the Red (comics) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Erik the Red Crimson Red is a cover identity in the Marvel universe which has been used by three characters: Scott Summers (Cyclops), Davan Shakari, a Shi'ar agent, and Erik Magnus Lehnsherr (Magneto).
The second Erik the Red did not appear until years later; Cyclops wondered what the connection was between this Erik and the identity he himself had used, but the answer was never given.
Davan Shakari, using the Erik the Red alias, appeared in the X-Men animated series, his main purpose was to capture Lilandra and the M'Kraan Crystal for D'Ken. This was the same episode parodied in the Juggernaut Bitch Internet video, in which he was called Ketchup for his red outfit.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Erik_the_Red_(comics)   (597 words)

 Sports: Cup in sight for Red Wings
Detroit's average age of 30.6 is tied for oldest in the league.
While the old men gave the Red Wings the biggest boost, the meshing of young and old was equally important.
The Red Wings have killed 34 of 35 shorthanded situations in their past eight games.
www.sptimes.com /2002/06/11/news_pf/Sports/Cup_in_sight_for_Red_.shtml   (690 words)

 Erik the Red - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Then on the timeline comes Erik, who traveled around the southern tip of the island (later known as Cape Farewell) and sailed up the western coast.
Erik purposely gave the land a more appealing name than "Iceland" in order to lure potential settlers.
After spending the winter in Iceland, Erik returned to Greenland in 985 with a large number of colonists and established two colonies on its southwest coast: the "Eastern Settlement" or Eystribyggð, in modern-day Julianhåb, and the "Western Settlement" or Vestribyggð, close to present-day Godthåb.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Erik_the_Red   (1429 words)

 The Seattle Times: Sports: Quick fizzle: Mariners slammed by Red Sox
It didn't seem possible — not against the red-hot Red Sox with Curt Schilling on the mound — but as late as the sixth inning last night the Mariners were battling tooth-and-nail with Boston.
Ramirez was the power source for the Red Sox, homering twice — including a grand slam, with five runs batted in as the Red Sox rolled to a 13-2 victory.
The Red Sox have 33 more wins than the Mariners, have won 21 of their last 24 games and are chasing the New York Yankees in the AL East.
seattletimes.nwsource.com /html/sports/2002032853_mari11.html   (800 words)

 Big Red Cape Productions - Biographies
Prior to Big Red Cape, he served as Creative Director of content design firm Kerplink/Vis-a-vis, where he co-created and co-developed several cartoon properties - two of which won first prize in two separate categories at the 2001 World Animation Celebration.
Erik Girndt always had a love for art as a child, but it wasn't until high school that he decided that he wanted to go into the field of animation.
Erik now heads up Big Red Cape's animation clean-up team, and also collaborates with Jeff Jackson on comic illustration and character design.
www.bigredcape.com /team.html   (813 words)

 EasyChair - Home   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
I see him not as a savior or as the son of god, but instead as a philosopher who lived his life according to his own moral guidelines.
In regards to the comic I was trying to create a strange dynamic: I wanted to show nothing happen in the strip, and yet show everything happen as well.
Agreeance all around that it is easier, cooler, understandabler, and funner to make random one page comics that everyone gets as opposed to a long and dragged out "Literary Epic" graphic novel, especially with the limited webspace I have.
www.erikreichenbach.com /index.html   (862 words)

 SpiderFan.org - Characters : Spider-Man : Costume : Red & Blue
With the advent of the Black Costume, the Red and Blues were tucked away for a while - but following the discovery by Reed Richards of the Symbiotic nature of the Black and Whites, the good old R&B's were resurrected in ASM #258, with the caption "The Original is Back".
The red and blue costume remained essentially unchanged for a few years after that.
Peter did slip back into a regular cloth version of the Black Costume for a while, but when Mary-Jane complained that it reminded her of Venom, the Black and White's were permanently tossed out.
www.spiderfan.org /characters/himself/costume/basic/index.html   (706 words)

As you can notice, Erik's pencils are overtly detailed, and the rough penciled version is as great as the finished product.
Erik had pencilled this cover before he had learned of Nova's cancellation.
It features the Red Raven and an army of his minions coming from their city in the clouds to attack a seemingly surprised Rich Ryder.
members.tripod.com /brutalsavagedragon/nova.html   (530 words)

 Erikstormtrooper's Imperial Gallery: Kir Kanos
I've always felt that, despite the rest of his cool costume, the silly hip-high boots made him look like he was going to break into a ballet-spin after he killed someone.
The covers of the comics show the blades on his staff pointing in the same direction, but inside the comic shows them pointing in different directions.
A gloss coat was used on the chest armor, shoulder guards, and wrist guards.
www.erikstormtrooper.com /kirkanos.htm   (952 words)

 X-Men # 51-60
A mutant called Erik the Red makes himself known and demands a confrontation with Magneto.
Erik the Red battles through Mesmero and Magneto's troops and surprises Polaris as he announces he wishes to join Magneto, not usurp him.
The regrouped X-Men (without Cyclops) invade Magneto's lair and run into Erik the Red who turns out to be Cyclops in disguise.
www.geocities.com /marvelsilver/comics/uxmn_060.htm   (528 words)

Comic Artists Group, Comic Book Liberation Army, Nick Landime, Mad Terrorist Press, The Ministry of MySpace, Indie Comics, Comic lovers of the world, unite and take over, Return of the Vikings
Erik Burnham was the Brand Management Director for Shooting Star Comics, which he thinks sounds suitably impressive.
Erik is an amateur filmmaker with several short films to his credit that he will never show anyone.
www.myspace.com /erikburnham   (722 words)

 Same Mask Different Identity, Same Identity Different Mask
The first Sandman to appear in DC Comics was Wesley Dodds who took up this costume to calm the nightmares he was having due to the capture of Morpheus the Endless (the "real" Sandman), as shown in Neil Geiman's Sandman #1.
Erik Josten's first super-powered name was Power-Man, after striking a deal with Enchantress in Avengers #21.
Scott Summers is best known as Cyclops, but has also acted as Erik the Red and as Slym Dayspring for short whiles.
www.ogmiosproject.org /articles/switchident.html   (11817 words)

 Index to Comic Art Collection: "Erik" to "Ernsting"
-- Villians are The Nazis; introduction of Greta; Cameo appearance by Eric the Red (as a corpse).
The Blank in the Comics strip collection includes a file of one or more daily comic strips related to this keyword or topic.
The news that his son is in the Red Cross hospital shocks Mr.
www.lib.msu.edu /comics/rri/erri/erik.htm   (5958 words)

 The Right-Mind Express
It's funny, see, because the dog is begging for money and he's wearing sunglasses and a hat and, um...
It is up to you to ensure the continued existence of our species by mating with as many females as possible.
ERIK: It's a tough job, but somebody's got to do it.
radio.weblogs.com /0124689/2003/05/23.html   (170 words)

 Unpublished and Rarely Seen Nova Works
This is the unpublished cover of Nova #8 from Erik Larsen's Nova series (v3).
The pencils are by Erik Larsen and inks are by Jerry Ordway.
Marvel Comics Superheroes #1 was a Style Guide from 1977 which was never published.
home.mchsi.com /~nova64/other4.htm   (412 words)

 Erik J. Heels » 2004 » May
Red Hat Desktop is targeted at Microsoft customers currently running Windows 98, NT, and 2000 who are looking at the end of support for their platforms.
In the span of a week, Sun called Red Hat “proprietary,” and Microsoft said Linux is “not open source.” I am certain that the Linux camp — and Red Hat in particular — appreciates all of the free publicity.
Regardless of how silly it is to call Red Hat proprietary and to say that Linux is not open source, Linux is now driving the technology debate agenda.
www.erikjheels.com /2004/05   (1141 words)

 Salon.com News | The Red Wings in 5
The Red Wings are coming off a Game 7 thrashing of the Avalanche in the semifinals, a 7-0 embarrassment that was the dud anticlimax -- for those of us who don't live in Detroit -- of a classic series.
But there isn't, and now the Red Wings find themselves in the same position as the Los Angeles Lakers in the NBA Finals: As champions of the vastly superior Western Conference, they're prohibitive favorites over the Eastern champs, who, in the West, would be just another team, in this case not even a playoff team.
Anyway, the BBC Line, center Rod Brind'Amour and wings Bates Battaglia and Erik Cole, is complemented by team captain Ron Francis, a 21-year veteran, leading goal scorer Jeff O'Neill and three solid tandems of defensemen.
www.salon.com /news/sports/col/kaufman/2002/06/04/nhl_finals/index.html   (1375 words)

 www.erikcraddock.com - Peronal Bio
To be paid ludicrous amounts of money just to come up with ideas for games, shows, comics and movies.
1st recipient of the Harvey Kurtzman Memorial Scholarship, and his work was even added to the permanent collection of the Museum of Comic and Cartooning Art in New York.
Erik graduated S.V.A. in 2003, with top honors, and immediately started working for Noodlesoup Productions on the first season of the Venture Brothers.
www.erikcraddock.com /aboutme/bio.htm   (484 words)

 Saturday Night REWRITTEN Sundays 8pm
In 2004 he was the Talent Coordinator for the Bass Ale Red Triangle Comedy Tour
He was in charge of their national search for the best improv and sketch comedy teams in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta, Boston, and New York City.
Erik was also in a car accident in 1998, since then, he has a problem with connecting names with faces.
www.saturdaynightrewritten.com /casterikmarcisak.htm   (244 words)

 [freshrpms.net] - Red Hat Linux releases
Those are the versions of Red Hat Linux you have probably seen the most.
Both Sasha Bordeaux and General Zod are both DC Comics characters.
Thanks to Google and to all the folks of the various Red Hat mailing-lists.
freshrpms.net /misc/redhat-releases/index.html?explain=on   (633 words)

 Comic Book Resources - Comic Book News, Reviews and Commentary - Updated Daily!
The old Indian’s gift is a strange, “nearly magical” red suit with wings, made of special cloth woven by the medicine man himself.
Weeks later, the Rawhide Kid is hot on the trail of Red Raven, who’s using his new-found flying abilities to plunder stagecoaches, ranches, banks, hotels, saloons -- “just about anything!” Using a shortcut, the Kid track down Red Raven, but soon finds himself pinned down by the flying bandit’s gunfire.
Eventually, the Kid prevails, and after grounding the Red Raven, he’s joined by the son of the medicine man. In a solemn ceremony, they burn the wings of both flying suits, insuring that their dangerous secret is lost to mankind forever.
www.comicbookresources.com /columns/oddball/index.cgi?date=2002-03-15   (770 words)

 Musings from the Doc . . .
In his book on writing comics, Peter David says that it's good, if your characters are in a situation that's beyond what you would encounter in real life, to acknowledge this by having your characters say something like, "This is like something out of a comic book!"
This is a guy who grew up on Marvel comic books, and considers Stan a surrogate father--his real Dad killed himself when he was young.
To past eras where peppercorns were traded as currency, the Frank’s Red Hot Sauce I used on the wings or the cumin-based marinade we used on the meat would have been unheard of.
docmagik.blogspot.com   (2497 words)

 Fan Work
It's a collection of comics and artwork submitted by you, the fans of the site.
If you do choose to make a comic, please remember to keep it all age appropreate.
Red's Birthday: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 - By Kittycaz & Shidans
www.angelfire.com /comics/red5433/fanwork.html   (253 words)

 Comics Continuum
The issue is written by Geoff Johns, with art by Olivier Coipel and a cover by J.G Jones.
The issue is written by Brian K. Vaughan, with art by Jorge Lucas and a cover by Joseph Michael Linsner.
King T'Challa and Erik Killmonger tutor Officer Kasper Cole in the ways of the Black Panther.
www.comicscontinuum.com /stories/0306/19/marvelfirsts.htm   (491 words)

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