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  erin bode
KSDK is currently hosting a cover story about the recent trip to South Africa by the Erin Bode Group, where they worked with a choir at the Themba School for Girls.
The Erin Bode Quartet traveled to South Africa from November 20th through the 29th in association with LCMS World Relief/Human Care to work with the Themba Girls' School Choir.
Erin Bode's new CD, Over and Over, was released at Jazz on the Bistro on January 26-28th.
www.erinbode.com   (504 words)

  Erin's Place
Erin was due in the CHOP clinic at 9:30 this morning however last night she spiked a fever and was admitted to the hospital.
Erin meets all of the requirements for the study, she has had all of the necessary scans and tests recently and she has frozen stem cells that were purged when she had her stem cell transplant last summer.
Erin is having some difficulty with hearing loss as a result of the chemo; Kim has her wear her hearing aids a portion of the day and Erin has discovered she can hear better with them (she did not want to wear them before).
www.jlbfigs.com /erin's_place.html   (10156 words)

 Big Brother v. Erin's Mom
A teacher took Erin for the test, paying for it, filling out the forms since Erin was unable to do so, and forging school documents and the report to Erin's parents to conceal the fact that the girl had been taken off the premises without her parents' knowledge or consent.
Erin spent the night at her teacher's home, and again school records were falsified to conceal the fact that she had been off the school premises.
Erin's mother contended cause of action against the school district, Oroville, Rape Crisis, the welfare department, the clinic, and agents thereof for deceit in leading her to unwittingly relinquish care, control, and custody of Erin to them under circumstances she never would have consented to, and for misinforming Erin about abortion and her options.
realchoice.0catch.com /library/weekly/aa050300a.htm   (901 words)

To officials in the Spanish days, Erin was both the little settlement by the seaside, as well as the wide region extending to the north, west, and east of the village.
Erin was one of the few places in the Trinidad of that time where the free people outnumbered the slaves.
We hear of Erin in 1846, for that was the year it was created a Roman Catholic parish, but it was not until the latter half of that century that development began taking place in and around the village.
www.pantrinbago.com /Townsandvillages/Erin.html   (1055 words)

 Hurricane Erin (1995) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Erin's track bent back to west-northwest while the storm crossed the Florida peninsula during the morning and early afternoon of August 2.
Erin had maximum sustained winds around 100 mph (160 km/h) in a small area of its northeastern eyewall when that portion of the hurricane came ashore near Fort Walton Beach, making it a Category 2 hurricane at landfall.
Erin weakened to a tropical storm in southeastern Mississippi overnight on the 3rd and 4th.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Hurricane_Erin_(1995)   (601 words)

 What does 'Erin' mean   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Erin is the anglicised form of "Eireann" which roughly translates as "of Ireland", from "Eire", Ireland, the official name of the country.
Erin is one of a trinity of sisters the others being Albana and Banba.
Erin represented peace therefore that is what erin has come to mean.
www.faqfarm.com /Q/What_does_Erin_mean   (486 words)

 Erin's Home Page   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Erin felt better and better, so by the time we snacked, put the homework to bed, and ate a bite of supper, she was feeling pretty spry.
Then on Sunday, Erin and several of her teammates have been invited to take part in a couple of "friendlies," matches that are not part of a league, tournament, or organized competition.
Erin has a few of the usual suspects (her buddies) in her homeroom which has made the transition to fourth grade a piece of cake.
users3.ev1.net /~erinbuenger   (7027 words)

 Erin Brockovich True Story at Reel Faces
Erin's 1999 marriage was her third trip to the alter.
George, Erin's ex-husband, and an attorney contacted Ed Masry and demanded that the three of them be paid $310,000 or else they were going to tell the press that Erin was an unfit mother and that she and Ed once had a relationship.
In a QandA session, Erin said that because she suffers from dyslexia, she is unable to read and comprehend in a normal manner.
www.chasingthefrog.com /reelfaces/brockovich.php   (1765 words)

 Amazon.com: Erin Brockovich: DVD: Julia Roberts   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Erin is soon focused on suspicious connections between a mighty power company, its abuse of toxic chromium, and the poisoned water supply of Hinkley, California, where locals have suffered a legacy of death and disease.
Erin, outraged on behalf of the townspeople, discovers through her research and investigation that Pacific Gas and Electric knew about the toxicity of the Chromium, but continued with business as usual and set about deceiving the unsuspecting townspeople to their ultimate detriment.
Erin is not equipped professionally to take on this insurmountable task, but she refuses to let that stop her from trying.
www.amazon.com /Erin-Brockovich-Julia-Roberts/dp/B00003CXFV   (2620 words)

 Erin Brockovich
Erin does simple clerical duties for a time until she’s struck by one particular case that involves real estate deals and strange sicknesses in the small California town of Hinkley.
Erin is callused and hardened by her lot in life and her two derelict ex-husbands, but she never completely closes herself off.
Erin’s fondness for the f-word becomes central to her character.
www.pluggedinonline.com /movies/movies/a0000355.cfm   (729 words)

 Erin - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Erin is an anglicization of Irish/Gaelic Éirinn, the dative case of Éire, the Irish word for "Peace".
The etymological history of the word as it drifted throughout the Gaelic region gave rise to its use by the early Scots to both mean "Ireland", as well as "West", as Ireland lay to the geographic west of Scotland.
Erin Tremblay is one of the famous persons associated with this name.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Erin   (232 words)

 Wolf Park Family Album
Erin went into the den on April 12, and only came out to drink, get food, relieve herself and repel would be well wishers whom she obviously regarded as invaders.
Erin displayed no species prejudice and the only difference she made between her mates, Tris and Chetan, and the human staff who approached the den, was that Tris and Chetan were allowed a little closer.
Erin was ready to use her teeth on tactless well- wishers of either species.
www.wolfpark.org /album.html   (6056 words)

 The Photography of Erin Kellem
Erin Kellem is dedicated to fine art photography.
Erin's September 11 Collection will be on display the month of September at Artemisia Gallery, 24 N. Lexington Ave., Asheville NC.
Erin has been extensively photographing Asheville and has created three collections of Asheville notecards.
www.erinkellem.com /index.php   (176 words)

 New York Daily News - Home - Erin, go vroom   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Erin Getzler gets behind the wheel of the new Toyota Sienna even though the 6-year-old is a few years away from taking her first test drive.
Erin Getzler's blue eyes lit up as she caught sight of the shiny new minivan in her Long Island driveway.
Inside were Erin's wheelchair, anti-nausea and other medicines, prescription glasses, and a bag of games to keep her busy during her frequent doctors' visits.
www.nydailynews.com /front/story/454502p-382392c.html   (481 words)

 On Being (Un)Funny :   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Erin is very lazy and disorganized and she is looking for a way to avoid paying for her mistakes.
Erin Judge is a fresh voice bursting her stuff right onto the New England comedy scene.
Erin Judge packs the audience with M16 rifles and sawed-off shotguns, even at a pres-school for speakers of English as a second language.
blogs.law.harvard.edu /onbeingunfunny   (4729 words)

 Erin - Profile   (Site not responding. Last check: )
ERIN was launched in 1996 by Geoffrey Thompson who had arrived in Luxembourg in 1989 having worked in the IT service sector in Dublin.
This approach provides ERIN with the necessary understanding to design and develop total solutions in the Internet and Information Technology domains, from the conception and design of robust and scalable solution architectures, through to the development of database systems and applications, to integration, hosting, and training, both here in Luxembourg and throughout Europe.
ERIN also has an office in Dublin and representative offices in the UK.
www.erin.lu /profile.html   (960 words)

 NBC.com> The Apprentice> Candidates
Erin attended the University of Miami and distinguished herself by earning a dual degree in Broadcasting and Political Science.
During her tenure at the University of Miami, Erin wrote for the Miami Hurricane newspaper and won the Most Outstanding Student Award in 2000.
Currently, Erin is developing the first "All Women for Women" law firm focusing on issues including: domestic violence, child support, sexual harassment, pre-nuptial agreements and divorce.
www.nbc.com /nbc/The_Apprentice_3/candidates/erin.shtml   (127 words)

 Erin Brockovich (2000)
The real Erin Brockovich-Ellis sold the rights to her story to Universal Studios for a reported $100,000.
Anachronisms: When Erin and Ed are driving along the highway in his Mercedes, a current generation Mercedes-Benz E-Class flies by them; this model didn't come out until 1996.
Erin Brockovich is one of the most entertaining movies I have seen in a long time!
www.imdb.com /title/tt0195685   (520 words)

 CNN.com - Hurricane Erin weakens, but still strong storm - September 10, 2001
The weather service said Erin's hurricane-force winds extended outward up to 45 miles (75 km) from its center, with tropical storm force winds extending to 175 miles (280 kilometers).
The weather service said it expected Erin to gradually turn to the north Monday night, with only a slight weakening over the next 24 hours.
Five storms have reached named status this hurricane season in the Atlantic, but Erin was the first to become a hurricane.
archives.cnn.com /2001/WEATHER/09/10/erin/index.html   (333 words)

 Erin Hay
Although fairly a new name on the country scene, Erin has already gathered many fans of traditional country, not only in her native USA, but also in the UK and Europe.
Erin attributes her love of traditional country to the likes of Tammy Wynette, Loretta Lynn and Dolly Parton and this is evident from some of the songs on her album "Honky Tonk Heaven".
So if you are a lover of traditional country, this album has to be a part of your collection.
freespace.virgin.net /dave.naylor/2int-erin.htm   (1679 words)

 Erin Daniels Fan Site - Home
Erin Daniels is an amazingly talented actress whose comedic ability and timing cannot be overstated.
She will forever be remembered as The L Word's Dana.
This site is in no way affiliated with Erin Daniels, or her representatives.
www.erin-daniels.com   (205 words)

 Other Erins... Say Hello ...
I have found probably about 15 other Erins, but they are not here.
Mostly because it's iffy, maybe their name is Erin but it doesn't really say, and there were a lot named "Erin's Page" or "Erin's Home Page" that were expages and AOL Hometown pages with only one page and not much content.
Erin @ dorka.blog.pl (In Polish) - new -
www.geocities.com /etwcomp   (316 words)

 Erin Daniels Fan Site - News and Interviews
USA Weekend - 3/27/04 - Erin Daniels is making a splash with her first regular TV role.
STLtoday 11/11/2002 - honoring Erin with the 2002 Emerging Star Award at the St. Louis International Film Festival.
This site is in no way affiliated with Erin Daniels, or her representatives.
www.erin-daniels.com /interviews_and_news.htm   (729 words)

Born and raised in Wichita, Kansas, Erin Collins relocated to Texas when she was 20 years old.
Erin is also a licensed real estate agent and bar manager.
She is an avid wakeboarder and yoga enthusiast, and she loves to shop.
www.cbs.com /primetime/survivor5/survivors/bios/erin.shtml   (95 words)

 Town of Erin: Interactive Map
The two urban centres, Erin and Hillsburgh, are urrounded by a natural rural area which includes six hamlets: Ballinafad, Brisbane, Cedar Valley, Crewson's Corners, Orton and Ospringe.
The Town of Erin is bordered by the Town of Caledon to the east, the Town of Halton Hills to the south, the Township of Guelph/Eramosa to the west and the Township of East Garafraxa to the north.
Explore the Town of Erin and the rest of Wellington County at the County of Wellington mapping site.
www.town.erin.on.ca /about/erinwhere.html   (146 words)

 A Dress A Day
It's from Dorothea's Closet Vintage and is rayon faille, near-mint, B36 (and fairly expensive at $625, but for McCardell, if you were looking to splurge, this would be the best combination of whimsy and wearability that you could find).
I know I managed to talk about this (at great length) before--the problem I've had with the Duro-dress shape is that it somehow demands new shoes for the new proportion.
Diane kindly re-sent me these images after I managed to lose them somehow in the charnel house that is my email inbox, sparked by the discussion of "day-to-evening" overskirts in yesterday's comments.
www.dressaday.com /dressaday.html   (1491 words)

 Erin Murphy   (Site not responding. Last check: )
oss Erin Murphy's own Web site (it's currently down, but I'm sure it'll be back in the future), a great place to learn more about Erin and her own Bewitched memorabilia business.
I had been a fan of the show and remembered seeing a grown-up Erin on an episode of Geraldo a couple of years ago.
I do, however, hope that she would take the page in the spirit in which it was intended - a fun tribute to a wonderful person.
broph.homesite.net /ErinMurphy   (381 words)

 Spiritual Wisdom for Conscious People - Erin Pavlina
Spiritual Wisdom for Conscious People - Erin Pavlina
Do you ever wonder why you're here and what your life purpose is? Do you feel like your life is on course or do you feel like you've been derailed and aren't living your life on purpose?
Check back daily for new articles, blog entries, stories, news, Ask Erin answers, and more!
www.erinpavlina.com   (277 words)

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