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Topic: Erotic dancers

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  Erotic dancing - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Erotic dance is a major category or classification of dance forms or dance styles, where the purpose is the stimulation or arousal of erotic or sexual thoughts or actions.
The erotic dancer's clothing is often minimal, and may be gradually decreased or eliminated altogether.
Erotic dances are sometimes mistakenly referred to (or masked as) exotic dances.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Erotic_dance   (182 words)

 Law Commission of Canada :: About Us :: Reports :: Research Paper   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
Dancers, well aware that they may be subject to undercover police surveillance at any time, protect themselves from arrest by not performing dances involving touching, or by looking for indications that there is a police officer posing as a client.
In summary, erotic dance is a job that presents a number of challenges similar to sex work in erotic establishments: they [both erotic dancers and sex workers] must manage client demands, establish and maintain boundaries while at the same time try to maximize their profit and protect their emotional space.
Dancers who work shifts are required to be on duty eight hours at a time, whereas those who work freelance must be present in a bar for a period of time set by the house (usually four or five hours).
www.lcc.gc.ca /research_project/03_erotic_10-en.asp   (3023 words)

 Law & Sex: Adult Businesses: States: Washington: DCR Inc. v. Pierce County
Physical proximity of erotic dancer to viewers of dance is not an expressive component of erotic dance entitled to protection under free speech guarantees of First Amendment and State Constitution.
County ordinance requiring dancers at erotic dance studios to be at least ten feet away from any patron while performing dances did not infringe on protected expression, and thus was not impermissible prior restraint under State Constitution.
The principal thrust of both declarations was that regulation of the distance between the dancers and the patrons caused the establishments to operate at a loss, caused dancers to cease their dancing at establishments covered by distance regulations, and caused these clubs to sustain economic losses which had, or would, result in their closure.
www.bigeye.com /sexeducation/DCRIncVPierceCty.html   (8912 words)

 Nearby Cafe: Erotic by Nature - David Steinberg
Dancers Ellen Vickery and Jennifer Bryce filed suit against the Mitchell Brothers in March 1991, claiming that dancers at the theater should legally be classified as employees, rather than as independent contractors as was the practice at the theater.
Dancers who specifically requested exclusion from the class action -- because they preferred retaining independent contractor status, or because they succumbed to management pressure to disassociate from the suit as they testified in court -- will also be classified as employees, but will not receive settlement payments.
Whether erotic dancers should be legally classified as employees or independent contractors has been a contested issue in the erotic entertainment industry for several years.
www.nearbycafe.com /loveandlust/steinberg/erotic/cn/cn73.html   (1908 words)

 Law & Sex: Adult Businesses: Circuit Courts: Kev Inc. v. Kitsap County
Under Washington law, lack of severability clause in erotic dance ordinance of county did not require that entire ordinance be declared unconstitutional by virtue of unconstitutional provision establishing five-day delay between erotic dancer's filing of application for license and county's granting of license, where effectiveness of ordinance did not depend on five-day delay period.
County ordinance requiring operators of erotic dance studios to maintain business records and complete list of all dancers, for inspection by county, although imposing limited burden on operators of erotic dance studios, withstood constitutional challenge; burden on dance studios was significantly outweighed by advancement of county's interest in preventing infiltration of organized crime into studios.
Except for the five-day delay between the dancer's filing of an application for a license and the mandatory granting of the license by the County, Kitsap County's regulations of erotic dance studios are reasonable time, place, and manner restrictions, justified without reference to the content of the protected expression.
www.bigeye.com /sexeducation/KevIncVKitsapCounty.html   (4412 words)

 The Official Site of the City and County of Denver   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
(3) A statement by the applicant as to whether a for-hire stripper or erotic dancer license or a similar license issued anywhere in the United States was revoked during the six (6) month period immediately preceding the date of the application.
No such temporary license shall be issued if a for-hire stripper or erotic dancer license held by the applicant has been revoked by excise and license during the past six (6) months.
No applicant shall be allowed to continue to perform as a for-hire stripper or erotic dancer upon expiration of any temporary license, or extension(s) thereof, issued under this division unless a stay or restraining order, as appropriate, is obtained from the court.
www.denvergov.org /historical/template13081.asp   (1656 words)

 Université de Montréal - English - News digest - September 26th 2005 edition - Erotic dancers master ...
Ms Lacasse does not claim to have achieved a scientific sample of all erotic dancers, but she did try to be as representative of the milieu as possible.
Ms Lacasse stressed the fact that erotic dancers are unfairly stigmatized by the population and the media.
In addition, “these dancers are sometimes exposed to physical (biting) or psychological (humiliation) violence as well as to various transgressions (such as touching dancers without their permission) on the part of their customers,” explains Ms Lacasse in her thesis.
www.umontreal.ca /english/news_digest/2005-2006/20050926/erotic_dancers.html   (697 words)

 SignOnSanDiego.com > News > Metro -- New controls on erotic dancers OK'd by San Diego council panel
Touching between erotic dancers and their patrons would be further limited under new regulations approved by a San Diego City Council committee yesterday.
But patrons would be free to stuff tips into the garter belts of their favorite dancers at the end of performances, contrary to the recommendations of city vice officers.
Current law requires nude dancers to stay at least six feet from their audience and prohibits any touching between them and patrons when the dancers are in the buff.
www.signonsandiego.com /news/metro/20000803-056-newcontr.html   (474 words)

 BBC NEWS | England | Erotic dancers join union
Erotic dancers have turned to a leading trade union in an effort to see working conditions in the industry improved.
Seventeen dancers, from Club Creme in Bristol, hope the union will be able to help improve conditions and provide a safer working environment across the country.
The Bristol table dancers, who have no physical contact with customers, said they are concerned that some clubs allow girls to dance in private booths without security.
news.bbc.co.uk /1/hi/england/2495445.stm   (297 words)

 Erotic Dance   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
Erotic dance was a sacred event in ancient Kemet, commonly used in fertility rituals and ancient magick.
The dancer is a figure closely associated with sexual energy and the female dancer had the awesome power to initiation the process of sexual rejuvenation it was believed by all Tantric systems.
Each dancer, while engaged in the erotic dance, would actually become the Goddess in all Her power and mystical glory, displaying all the spiritual grace and profound beauty captured in the elegance of the body's movements.
www.neberdjer.org /pages/spiritual/eroticdance.htm   (1148 words)

 Comes Naturally #40 (November 17, 1995): Erotic Dancers Receive Cash Judgments for Wages in Oregon and San Francisco; ...
The dancers were upset, and a year and a half ago took their beef to the Oregon Labor Commission.
The dancers, like their counterparts in San Francisco clubs, were in fact being charged stage fees for the privilege of dancing at the clubs.
Most controversial is the work of Brad Braverman, which confronts viewers with erotic suicide images that raise the issue of whether the idea of death itself is erotic, an issue of particular interest in the midst of the AIDS epidemic.
www.sexuality.org /authors/steinberg/cn40.html   (2565 words)

The sheriff’s denial of a dancer’s permit may be appealed to the hearing examiner in accordance with Section 20.52.210 of the zoning ordinance, so long as the request for hearing is filed with the hearing examiner within 10 days of the sheriff’s decision.
C. No erotic dance studio licensee shall employ as a dancer a person under the age of 18 years or a person not licensed pursuant to this chapter.
B. The premises and facilities of an erotic dance studio shall be (as an implied condition of receiving an erotic dance studio license) open to inspection by the sheriff, or his agents, during the hours when the dance studio is open for business.
www.mrsc.org /mc/whatcom/Whatco09/Whatco0952.html   (2063 words)

 Local News   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
One asks for increased regulation of erotic dancers and nightclubs while the other requests voters to approve a small tax increase for bus service.
Voters will be asked whether or not to amend county code which would tighten restrictions on erotic dancers and add licensing requirements for dancers and managers of such establishments.
Regulations would also include a four foot distance between dancers and the public, higher lighting levels, and placement of tips in dancer's hands rather than their clothing or body.
www.nwnews.com /nnissues/v17n47/local6.html   (328 words)

 Comes Naturally #73 (July 31, 1998): Some Room of Their Own: Dancers Win Claim Against Mitchell Brothers, Organize in ...
Dancers Ellen Vickery and Jennifer Bryce initially filed suit against the Mitchell Brothers in March 1991, claiming that dancers at the theater should legally be classified as employees, rather than as independent contractors as was the practice at the theater.
As the demographics of women working as erotic dancers has shifted to include many college students and single mothers, collective action to challenge often abusive conditions have become more common.
Dancers at the Lusty Lady Theater, a San Francisco peep show, successfully organized to be represented by the Service Employees International Union (AFL- CIO).
www.sexuality.org /authors/steinberg/cn73.html   (2036 words)

 Working for Stardom: Erotic Dancers Face Adoration and Contempt   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
Using archival and ethnographic data, I aim to specify the nature of the labour performed by former erotic dancers: a) hours worked per week b) pay scale and benefits c) quality and location of venue (lighting, music, dressing rooms, costumes), d) occupational health and safety hazards, and e) prospects for unionization.
The shift from unlicensed "bottle-clubs" to licensed beer parlour in the late 1960s, together with the decriminalization of "bottomless" acts and the decline of the Las-Vegas style revue, contributed to significant changes in the amount and quality of work available to erotic dancers, as well as to the expectations of club staff.
I conclude the paper with critical reflection on the discrepancy between the unionization of (male) jazz/swing instrumentalists who provided dancers with live accompaniment until the mid-1970s, and the non-unionization of (female) dancers who, like musicians, were independent, self-employed, migrant professionals.
www.cariboo.bc.ca /ae/beyond_hope/abstracts/workingforstardom.htm   (210 words)

 GlobalSecurityReport.com - Uniting Exotic And Erotic Dancers Worldwide
Eighteen months into the world of exotic dance clubs and my career as an investigative journalist is right on track thanks to StripperWeb.com, a website built on the idea of uniting the worldwide erotic dance community.
Depending on which source you believe to be most authoritative, the global sex industry rakes in trillions of dollars annually while the lives of the women, the employees and other behind-the-scenes people who make things click within the business remain overlooked.
Dancers are on the inside track of the juiciest gossip and the dirtiest secrets.
globalsecurityreport.com /article.php?story=business-of-s-s-s-s-sin01a   (671 words)

 Crosswalk.com - Federal Appeals Court Sides With Erotic Dancers
Though the 9th Circuit upheld restrictions requiring special permits and licensing of dancers, the court concluded that a regulation banning "sex acts, normal or perverted, actual or simulated," would amount to a ban on nude dancing, which it called a constitutionally protected activity."
The case stems from a 1997 lawsuit, in which a Tempe strip club fought a local ban on erotic dancing.
In Dream Palace vs. County of Maricopa, the club argued that since there was no strict definition of what a sex act was, the law violated a dancer's First Amendment right to convey his or her erotic message.
www.crosswalk.com /news/1289142.html   (548 words)

 EROTIC DANCERS - the most nasty erotic dancers dancing on desktop
She was really excited about becoming one of the virtual erotic dancers and she agreed to do it right away.
Tabatha is another of the exotic dancers you can download and let her dance on your desktop.
Sylvie is another hot naked dancer that will strip just for you anytime you ask her to do so.
www.greatware.net /girl/erotic_dancers.html   (825 words)

 McDoogals : Erotic Dancers : Exotic Dancers : Baltimore, Maryland
McDoogals : Erotic Dancers : Exotic Dancers : Baltimore, Maryland
Erotic Dancers : Exotic Dancers : Baltimore, Maryland
Erotic dancers and exotic dancers in Baltimore, Maryland
www.mcdoogals.com /erotic_exotic_dancers_review_baltimore_maryland.html   (67 words)

 Exotic Dancer's Alliance, San Francisco, California
Due to the numerous concerns presented by dancers during the first meeting, a series of regular meetings was scheduled thereafter to address various civil, human and labor rights issues of sex industry workers and the mission and development of Exotic Dancers Alliance was formalized.
Presently, Exotic Dancers Alliance advocates on behalf of exotic dancers and other sex industry workers locally, nationally and internationally, promoting the decriminalization of prostitution and de-stigmatization of all sex industry workers.
Since May of 1993, Exotic Dancers Alliance has provided information, referrals and advocacy services to hundreds of current or former exotic dancers through general meetings, individual consults, public speaking forums and mailings, and via e-mail.
www.eda-sf.org   (666 words)

 New York Exotic Dancers New York Strippers Manhattan Exotic Dancers Manhattan Strippers 516-385-9880
Erotic Dancers / Erotic Strippers / Exotic Dancers / Strippers for all occasions.new york strippers / Strippers / Exotic Dancers in Long Island.
Erotic Angels Entertainment is Ex-Exotic Dancer owned and opporated so we know what is expected of the entertainment.
Erotic Angels special girls can adapt to how your group is whether you have a conservative group who wants a seductive and sensual show, to a wild bunch who need lesbian and/or Sex Toy Action.
www.eroticangelsny.com   (1350 words)

 Irish Abroad - Irish American News
In ruling in favor of two erotic dance clubs, Tilley quoted the evidence of University of Maryland anthropologist and dance expert Dr. Judith Hanna, who has studied the sexual meaning of Irish stepdancing and other types of dance.
In a landmark ruling on the Constitution’s freedom of expression provisions, Tilley struck down some provisions of a state law banning erotic dancing and said that it was so broad that the sexually-charged performances of Madonna or Britney Spears could be prosecuted under the law.
The clubs had hoped that Tilley’s ruling would end a five-year battle by erotic dancing clubs against a state law that forbids professional dancers from touching their bodies erotically.
www.irishabroad.com /news/irishinamerica/news/judge-calls-irish-dance-erotic-nov2805.asp   (325 words)

 Las Vegas SUN: Vegas erotic dancers seek high court ruling
The high court, which will issue a ruling at a later date, was urged to overrule Las Vegas Municipal Judge Elizabeth Kolkoski and Clark County District Judge Sally Loehrer, who issued separate rulings against the ordinance.
The city ordinance makes it a misdemeanor for an erotic dancer to "fondle or caress any patron" or for any patron to fondle or caress a dancer.
Anthony Sgro, attorney for 14 erotic dancers involved in the case, said the law isn't clear and a dancer could be charged "for simply shaking a customer's hand or gently brushing his chest or shoulder."
www.lasvegassun.com /sunbin/stories/nevada/2006/feb/22/022210059.html   (266 words)

 Ei.US Strippers - Detroit Male and Female Stripper's F.A.Q.
Welcome to Detroit Erotic Image's most frequently asked stripper questions pertaining to Detroit Female Strippers and Detroit Male Exotic Dancers.
If your question is pertaining to Erotic Image's terms and conditions click here If your question is not listed here or listed on the Erotic Image's frequently asked questions page please contact us, we will gladly answer your question.
There are a dozen or more popular legends as to how the strip was born – telling how a dancer's shoulder strap broke, or some similar nonsense.
www.eroticimage.us /faq-strippers.htm   (513 words)

 Strippers Connection - Seattle Exotic Dancers, Denver Exotic Dancers, Texas Exotic Dancers, Chicago Exotic Dancers and ...
We've Seen Companies Come and Companies Go but Exotic Dancers by Erotic Image has with Stood the Test of Time.
Exotic Dancers will not Resell your Order to an Affiliate for a Fee or a Cut, Unless We are Assured They Can Provide the Same Quality of Service and Entertainment.
Exotic Dancers Connection is an Excellent Source for Anyone Who is Planning a Party, for any Occasion, at any location.
www.exoticdancers.us   (399 words)

 Exotic Dancers Services - Detroit Strippers, California Strippers, Texas Strippers, Chicago Strippers and More!
We seen companies come and companies go (flight by nights) but Erotic Image has with stood the test of time.
Erotic Image is an established company, and the first of its kind to bring a corporate structure and add a level of respectable professionalism to an industry that was lacking it.
We are the only licensed and trademarked agency in the US, So rest assured to receive the best entertainment and sexiest Dancers available in your city and throughout the US.
www.stripperservices.com   (744 words)

 Erotic Dancers? - DetroitGothic.Net
it was one of three things that another dancer could do to piss me off.
He used to do private security for dancers when he was younger (for parties and such), so it may be burnout, I don't know.
We both fail to see what the point is with paying an outrageous cover charge, overpriced drinks, and chicks with boob jobs (my hubby prefers them au natural and on the smaller side) that you can't screw.
www.detroitgothic.net /index.php?showtopic=11581&view=getlastpost   (1209 words)

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