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Topic: Error (baseball)

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In the News (Thu 25 Apr 19)

  Error - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Errors in a system can also be latent design errors that may go unnoticed for years, until the right set of circumstances arises that cause them to become active.
A soft error is a deviation from a correct value which does not necessarily imply a malfunction.
In baseball, an error is judged by the official scorer when a runner advances a base because of a fielding mistake, and perfect play would have prevented the advancement, and the mistake was physical.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Error   (1066 words)

 Error (baseball) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In baseball, an error is the act, in the judgment of the official scorer, of a fielder misplaying a ball in a manner that allows a batter or baserunner to reach one or more additional bases, when such an advance should have been prevented given ordinary effort by the fielder.
An error may not be charged on a foul ball, as the pitcher is in a better situation, with an extra strike against the batter, than he had been before the play.
An error does not count as a hit unless, in the scorer's judgment, the batter would have reached first base safely but one or more of the additional base(s) reached was the result of the fielder's mistake.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Error_(baseball)   (511 words)

 Outfielder Error Records by Baseball Almanac
Baseball Almanac invites you to examine error records for outfielders.
The Major League record holder for errors by an outfielder is held by Dummy Hoy who had three-hundred eighty-four while playing in the National League, Players League, and American Association.
Darren Lewis, the National League record holder for career games without an error, had an additional twenty-three errorless games in the American League during the streak for a Major League career mark of three-hundred ninety-two.
baseball-almanac.com /recbooks/rb_ofer.shtml   (167 words)

 Baseball : Ramblings of a Technology Addict
The roar of thunder against the warehouse and resounding through the stadium, the taste of soft grilled onions and hotdogs on your tongue, and the smell of peanuts and sizzling meat on the grills in center field, that is a wonderous thing.
A few errors and several walks cost them the game, as five of the first six Pittsburgh runs were unearned.
Baseball Musings has a bit up about stadium attendance being down this year.
radio.weblogs.com /0116463/categories/baseball   (2064 words)

 rec.sport.baseball FAQ - Rules
An error shall be charged for each misplay (fumble, muff, or wild throw) which prolongs the time at bat of a batter or which prolongs the life of a runner, or which permits a runner to advance one ore more bases.
Charge an error to any fielder whose wild throw allows a runner to advance one or more bases beyond the base he would have acheived with a good throw.
Charge an error against any fielder whose failure to (try to) stop a thrown ball allows a runner to advance IF there was occasion for the throw.
www.baseball1.com /faqs/scoring_and_awards.html   (2896 words)

 Error ball? | SportsFilter
He is effectively Bill James, without the name cachet, and with fewer years invested in experimenting with baseball statistics.
Dewan, in 2002, founded Baseball Info Solutions, a company that logs each pitch and ball put into play in a Major League Baseball season and sells the resulting data to some 12 teams.
If he was the best rightfielder in baseball, I have a feeling Dewan's system also fails to adjust for stadium biases.
www.sportsfilter.com /comments.cfm/6576   (729 words)

 Articles About Baseball 2000
When you start Microsoft Baseball 2000, you may experience either of the following symptoms: Baseball 2000 quits, and you are returned to the desktop.You receive the following error message: Baseball 2000 caused an invalid page fault in module...
When you play Microsoft Baseball 2000, you may experience any of the following symptoms: The graphics on the screen may be distorted.The graphics on the screen may appear pale and washed out.Graphic elements may appear in an incorrect location on...
When you play Microsoft Baseball 2000, the graphics on the screen may be redrawn several times during the game.
support.microsoft.com /baseball2000faq   (1103 words)

 The Baseball Scorecard   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Now, the other players where arguing that the error was on the 1st baseman because he should've came up with that ball.
I'd almost go as far to say any throw that isn't caught by the 1st baseman because the throw bounced is a throwing error, and not an error on the 1st baseman.
But, the error does go to the fielder, since it was his throw that put me in the position of having to make a play in the dirt.
www.baseballscorecard.com /forum/viewmessages.cfm?Forum=11&Topic=602   (694 words)

 Texas Southern University  > Athletics  > Teams & Players  > Baseball (M)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
The Owls tried to regroup in the bottom of the eighth inning when Josh Rodriguez led off with a single and was moved to third by a sacrifice bunt and a fly-out to left field, but Texas Southern's Corey Alexander ended the inning with a diving catch over the bullpen fence in foul territory.
The Tigers overcame two early errors, a lightning delay and a rain delay of more than two hours with one out in the bottom of the ninth to complete the upset.
Houston, TX- The Tigers of Texas Southern claimed their first-ever SWAC Baseball Title, as they swept the Devils of Mississippi Valley State 18-1 in one of two matches between the squads today at Baseball USA Complex.
www.tsu.edu /athletics/teams/baseball/index.asp   (2530 words)

 FindLaw's Writ - Dorf: America's Favorite Pastime Exposes a Necessary Evil in the Legal System
Yet once the law recognizes the possibility of holding a trivial error harmless, it is a relatively small step to say that even substantial errors that have a trivial impact on the outcome should be held harmless.
When a court finds an error harmless, it says, in effect, that the losing party's right to his day in court was satisfied by the flawed trial he was given because, after all, even a flawless trial would have produced the same outcome.
As in baseball, so in the law, often a "do-over" is so impractical that we must rely on a dispassionate arbiter's assessment of what would have happened had everything gone right in the first instance.
writ.news.findlaw.com /dorf/20031013.html   (1861 words)

 Biggio Commits an Error! - Baseball Fever
He has done a much better job of adapting to the outfield than most people were expecting him to this year.
He only committed two the year before, so he may have gone 250 plus games, many of them in the cavernous expanses of that baseball palace in the Bronx.
The Tigers are the best team in Major League Baseball, everybody just has a hard time accepting it.
www.baseball-fever.com /showthread.php?t=10538   (564 words)

 The Baseball Scorecard   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
An error shall be charged for each misplay (fumble, muff or wild throw) which prolongs the time at bat of a batter or which prolongs the life of a runner, or which permits a runner to advance one or more bases.
I read it to say that any play where a play should have and/or could have been made is an error.
I charged the error to the screamer since he caused the confusion by calling off the other players.
www.baseballscorecard.com /forum/viewmessages.cfm?Forum=29&Topic=812   (366 words)

 Boston Red Sox - Error ball? - The Boston Globe
Dewan, in 2002, founded Baseball Info Solutions, a company that logs each pitch and ball put into play in a Major League Baseball season and sells the resulting data to some 12 teams, including the Red Sox.
He was a minus-12 going to his left last year, second worst at the position in all of baseball, behind only Alfonso Soriano (-23).
Most scouts and baseball executives support what the math indicates: Crisp, despite his speed, will be about average in center, as was Damon.
www.boston.com /sports/baseball/redsox/articles/2006/04/07/error_ball/?page=2   (1119 words)

 Official Site of ESU Baseball - Home Page   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Medina, the 2006 NCAA Division II National Baseball Pitcher of the Year, was drafted by the New York Yankees in the 15th round of the Major League Baseball First-Year Player Draft.
Emporia State Head Baseball Coach, Bob Fornelli, is the 2006 MIAA Coach of the year and ESU ace, Gabe Medina, is the Pitcher of the Year.
ESU took advantage of three Sioux errors and a passed ball to tie the score in the bottom of the sixth.
www.emporia.edu /athletics/baseball/index.html   (8058 words)

My son is in baseball he is 7 years old w/adhd he is on ritalin.
the thing is is he loves baseball i don't want him to lose this enjoyment.
Hello, My son had adhd also he is a little older than your son, he loves playing baseball sometimes I feel that is the only thing he is good at & it makes him feel good about himself.
www.babycrowd.com /forums/adhd/WHAT_SHOULD_I_DO_   (324 words)

 Biggest Error - Baseball Fever
This may be a fielding error but it was the worst time to get a blunder esspecially losing it between the legs.
That is a bigger error than an error made in a regular season game.
I mean I don't think a fan catching a foul ball is really considered an error (even if that was no ordinary foul ball).
www.baseball-fever.com /showthread.php?t=41268   (2234 words)

 Columns: No USA Baseball an Olympic-sized error
In case you missed it, and Bud Selig probably hopes you did, the U.S. was eliminated from Olympic baseball during a qualifying tournament.
Since baseball became an official sport in 1992, the Americas have produced all three Olympic champions and five of the nine medal winners.
Of the two dozen players on the Olympic qualifying team, fewer than half were listed by Baseball America among the top prospects in Double A and Triple A. Which means there was a lot of filler in that dugout.
www.sptimes.com /2003/11/13/Columns/No_USA_Baseball_an_Ol.shtml   (800 words)

 Major League Baseball : News : Major League Baseball News
Of course, Alex Rodriguez didn't have the weather to blame for his latest mishap, a sixth-inning throwing error which helped the Blue Jays mount a four-run rally against Mike Mussina and erase a 3-0 Yankees lead.
After the error, Mussina gave up a bloop single by Frank Catalanotto, a ground-ball single by Vernon Wells and a two-run double by Troy Glaus, as the Jays took a 4-3 lead.
Rodriguez's 17 errors already eclipse his total from last season by four, and some of those errors have been costly to the Yankees, who trail the Red Sox by 2 1/2 games in the American League East.
mlb.mlb.com /NASApp/mlb/news/article.jsp?ymd=20060721&content_id=1567523&vkey=news_mlb&fext=.jsp&c_id=mlb   (972 words)

 .: Corvallis Gazette-Times :. Archives
In previous years students watched the baseball games from the grandstands, but this season they have been moved to bleachers on the baselines.
The baseball team is stocked with pro prospects, fresh off an appearance in the College World Series and rated as high as No. 3 in the nation
Carlson was with the baseball team in Surprise, Ariz., where the Beavers open their season today in the Coca-Cola Classic tournament, which includes Arizona State, Gonzaga and Nevada.
www.gazettetimes.com /articles/2006/02/10/news/community/fri02.txt   (693 words)

 Boston.com / Sports / Baseball / Red Sox / Error doesn't weigh
She is sick of the press who harp on Buckner's error of a routine ground ball that skipped between his legs and gave the Mets the Game 6 victory over the Red Sox in the 1986 World Series to tie the series.
You make an error and you don't win, so you say, `I don't want to play.' That's not what sports is all about.
He blames the media for simplifying public perception of the error, but he proudly gushes about his daughter, Christen, 19, majoring in broadcast journalism at Azusa Pacific University in Southern California.
www.boston.com /sports/baseball/redsox/articles/2003/10/23/error_doesnt_weigh   (2899 words)

 Baseball Musings: Three Base Error
Baseball Info Solutions The publisher of the Bill James Handbook and a great source of stats.
Baseball Crank Dan McLaughlin's blog on baseball, the war and politics.
Baseball Widow The frustrations of a woman who will always be second in her husband's heart.
www.baseballmusings.com /archives/015897.php   (1946 words)

 Men's Baseball - NCAA Sports.com
Oregon State edges North Carolina 3-2 in Game 3 to win the school's first baseball national championship.
Marietta College won the 2006 NCAA Division III Baseball Championship on May 30, with a 7-2 win over Wheaton (Mass.) in Game 14 of the tournament.
It is the Pioneers' first national title in baseball since 1986.
www.ncaasports.com /baseball/mens   (293 words)

 Robinson: All-Star game concept still in error - Baseball - MSNBC.com
Baseball commissioner Bud Selig got the concept approved obviously for Fox and its desire to try and boost television ratings for the All-Star game.
Some players never get to the postseason and they make the All-Star game only once in their careers, so for them getting a chance to play in the All-Star game may be the most significant individual thing they achieve in the sport.
I think the nationalism that baseball has will be well suited by the World Cup event that will be held next spring.
www.msnbc.msn.com /id/8419998   (727 words)

 Fantasy Baseball Fantistics
If the scorer had determined the runner would have been out, there would be no sacrifice, it would have been ruled “reached on an error” and that’s how the batter would have been scored.
The error charged to Crede was an “advancement error” not an “out error”, meaning that you do not count the error as an out in reconstructing the inning for determining earned runs.
So what we have is: None of the runners who scored reached on errors, and all of the runs scored before a reconstructed third out because Crede’s error was not counted as an out as it only resulted in additional advancement.
www.insiderbaseball.com /Lou-v13.htm   (581 words)

 Baseball Almanac - Error Records by Second Basemen
Baseball Almanac is pleased to present a record book of baseball milestones for errors by second basemen - including career marks, single season plateaus, and game related records.
Fred Pfeffer had an additional seventy-four errors at second base in his career due to time spent in the Players League giving him the all time Major League mark of eight-hundred twenty-eight errors by a second baseman!
He then went on to set the record for most errors in two consecutive games (eleven) and three consecutive games (thirteen) as well!
www.baseball-almanac.com /recbooks/rb_2ber.shtml   (179 words)

 Costly Error Ends Baseball Season :: Patriots Fall to VCU, 5-3
The Patriots had led 3-1 after two innings but reliever Mick Mattaliano (3-2) came in and shut Mason down, pitching the final six innings and allowing just four hits as the Patriots were worn out from playing their third game in 27 hours.
In the fifth, Matt Cooksey was hit by a pitch to lead off the inning, went to second on an error and third on a one-out wild pitch but was stranded.
Innerst had a chance to atone for his error in the ninth when he came up with two outs but he was unable to drive home Looze who had doubled in front of him.
www.cstv.com /sports/m-basebl/stories/052805aao.html   (789 words)

 Guerrero error helps Marlins beat Expos
Vladimir Guerrero's error on Mark Kotsay's single to right allowed the go-ahead run to score in the ninth inning as the Marlins stopped a three-game losing streak with a 5-4 victory over the Montreal Expos on Friday night.
Montreal Expos third baseman Mike Mordecai is in full stride as he throws late to first for a single by Florida Marlins Luis Castillo during fifth inning NL action Friday, June 30, 2000 in Montreal.
 Guerrero's sixth error of the season allowed Castillo to score his third run of the game and gave Florida a 5-4 lead.
slam.canoe.ca /BaseballNLMTLGames00/jun30_mtl_fla.html   (996 words)

 SportingNews.com - Baseball : Royals nip Tigers on 9th-inning error   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Desi Relaford scored the winning run in the bottom of the ninth on Carlos Pena's throwing error as the Royals won 4-3 Sunday to hand the Tigers their 16th loss in 17 games this season.
Omar Infante fielded the ball and threw it wildly into the dugout, sending Relaford to second with an infield hit and an error.
The Tigers came into the game with only seven errors but committed three in their fifth loss in five meetings against Kansas City this season.
i.tsn.com /baseball/scoreboard/20030420/recap/469728-p.html   (676 words)

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