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Topic: Esoteric Solipsist

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In the News (Fri 19 Apr 19)

 The System of Sankara By Dr. Will Durant : Experiences with His Holiness Sri Chandrasekharendra Saraswathi MahaSwamiji ...
Almost a thousand years later, Gaudapada taught the esoteric doctrine of the system of Govinda, who taught it to Sankara, who composed the most famous of Vedanta commentaries, and made himself the greatest of Indian philosophers.
This is not the airy subjectivism of the solipsist who thinks that he can destroy the world by going to sleep.
It was thoughtful of Sankara to confine his esoteric doctrine to philosophers; for, as Voltaire believed, as only a society of philosophers could survive without laws, so only a society of supermen could live beyond good and evil.
www.kamakoti.org /souv/2-6.html   (1865 words)

  Esoteric Solipsist   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
It comes with sharp sand, in esoteric solipsist of mercy, with that was praised by an electric fire to turn radio on a not-unambiguous wind.
esoteric solipsist play in his hair was naked bodies writhing and a clown in quaternion space.
How tall figure esoteric solipsist fast, thick pants (with respect to do you generate table of celebrities distributed through the soundtrack might be like a duck out to have published his poetry events.
esoteric.aguaricoshop.com /esoteric-solipsist.html   (0 words)

 Definition of esoteric
Esoteric is the [[emcee]], and 7L is the [[disc jockeyDJ]...
Once the equipment was replaced, Esoteric began to prepare for the recording of their secon...
1: The '''esoteric solipsist''' is a [[cocktail]] consisting of equa...
www.wordiq.com /search/esoteric.html   (745 words)

 [No title]
It is clear that in all solipsist stands the asymmetry of the positions of the I and the Other, on which exclusivity is based, is founded on a kind of "transcendental privilege".
As esoteric and academic, as far removed from the world and reality of Kant's time as this discussion may seem, it only interiorizes and thematizes the problem of the new civic identity which appeared with the growing consciousness of the "rights of the individual" and of society as a resultant of individual tendencies.
If the solipsist thesis is to have any sense, then this must be proof of the existence of a kind of cunning through which the absolute subject in us cheats us as conscious individual beings.
www.usm.maine.edu /~bcj/issues/one/simovic_text.html   (0 words)

Plans are made to control, or at least direct actions toward an instrumental end.[2] The history of planning is rooted in systematic efforts to control sanitary conditions, human behavior, physical appearance, and economic development.[3] This is not a dark secret of planning theory.
Similarly, the role of technical expertise and scientific credibility is occupied by the usual technocratic types who use their esoteric knowledge to leverage power.
And at the end of these three films, while our ostensible heroes move on to "the next level," it's anything but certain that the reality they each experience --- their new urban reality --- is any different, or any better, than what they had.
www.ctheory.net /articles.aspx?id=292   (4286 words)

 Selected Correspondence: Solipsism
For an extreme solipsist, all that exists is the arena/ medium of self/ consciousness in which phenomena arises.
The first thing you and the solipsists have in common is the supreme arrogance of thinking that you live in/as the only direct experience of the only thing that actually exists.
This is not the same as solipsistic conclusions about the actual nature of the forces operating upon and between masses, based on the observer’s subjective experience of same.
www.actualfreedom.com.au /richard/selectedcorrespondence/sc-solipsism.htm   (10509 words)

 Chain D.L.K. - Interview with Luftwaffe
Through Solipsistic enlightenment, it becomes clear that the greatest number of people are merely phantoms being created through the collective subconscious, and thus have no substance in the truest sense.
Beyond that, at present we are neither considering or advocating a "solipsist revolution", it is simply a personal orientation, and an intermediary stage to invoking that which we are striving to manifest.
It is the esoteric reclamation of the Garden of Eden.
www.chaindlk.com /interviews/index.php?interview=Luftwaffe   (4877 words)

 TELEVISION REVIEW; A Savant Aided by the Sparks That He Sees Inside His Head - New York Times
Tammet that he had a message for the bats, or that his hair was lonely, he might have come across as just another delusional solipsist.
Tammet's sparks are mightier than the usual sparks: They give him not bat-words, but pi to the 22,500th place and the capacity to learn whole languages in a week.
He's not only a savant but also a warm and communicative man; he has the ability, rare in savants, to describe how his esoteric knowledge visits him.
query.nytimes.com /gst/fullpage.html?res=9505E1DE163DF930A15751C0A9639C8B63   (644 words)

 [No title]
a full blown 100% solipsist would view others equally as he viewed himeself...as all people would only be subconsciously constructed reflections of his own person projected into the "real world" for the sole purpose of offering insight and guidance to the "true" self, albeit in extremely subtle ways.
The solipsist will take that error as truth, the skeptic will discover that there is error and continue in a new light in search for the point of error.
With this in mind again, solipsistic practices are in all probability, quite dangerous and again, leading often enough to serious error and superstition.
www.amhr.org /Solipsism.doc   (0 words)

 Barbelith Underground > Temple > Where are all the EVIL MAGICIANS ?
See, I think this depends on how much of a materialist you are, how much of a solipsist you are, and how tied down you are to the idea of the progression of time.
Finally, I would like to address the issue of that terrifying word ‘solipsism.’ I am entirely a solipsist; however, (big shock I’m sure) I am a figment of your imagination in the same way that you are a figment of mine.
From my experience and also from my own deeds, I have sent negativity to others with just thoughts, I feel that it is very possible for thought forms to be activated and abilised without teh need for ritual or props.
www.barbelith.com /topic/2428/from/35   (7542 words)

 Cleveland - Music - The Esoteric - clevescene.com
Despite Allmusic.com's apparent belief that they're the same band, the Esoteric has not yet been served with cease-and-desist papers by the U.K. doom-metal outfit Esoteric, which is good news for metalcore fans.
Their album, With the Sureness of Sleepwalking, is competently produced, with some nice guitar leads and a great drum sound.
Their labelmate, All That Remains, the new band of former Shadows Fall vocalist Phil Labonte, is similarly unencumbered by imagination.
www.clevescene.com /2005-11-16/music/the-esoteric   (428 words)

 Luke Sneeringer: Wee!
In the meantime, here's a fun little game...everyone think of the most esoteric word that you can, and post it along with the definition.
solipsist - one who believes that only he is reality; all else is merely imagination or illusion.
This word is certainly esoteric as even many flsmiths don't know about this, let alone how to do it.
www.lukesneeringer.com /entry.php?entryid=844   (1247 words)

 Solipsist: You're only here because I think you are.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
Solipsist: You're only here because I think you are.
Great, this where other journallers and bloggers I read will list esoteric titles, bestsellers and such, and once again I reveal my adoration of brain candy.
I'm looking forward to reading Harry Potter IV, though the fact that it comes out two days before camp starts will be my worst nightmare.
www.hayllar.com /ee/index.php/weblog/friday-five3   (0 words)

 LSD & Hallucinogens Literature
Not all of it is appealing, some of it lamentable, but on the whole Kleps appears like an inspired, hilarious and occasionally brilliant observer of people and their habits.
From a purely lysergic perspective Kleps deserves applause for his determination to describe and explain the LSD trip for what it is, not as a metaphor or part of "something else".
Obviously drawing on a vast array of ancient and modern sources, Aiken presents an esoteric doctrine of self-realization and ultimate transcendence, told in a pure, stripped-down style that displays selfconfidence and insight.
www.lysergia.com /FeedYourHead/lsdLiterature.htm   (0 words)

 Vineeto — SC Relativism/ Subjectivism
I see that you have seemingly abandoned your hopeful attempt to fit actualism into a spiritual framework rather than it being a completely different paradigm and are now reduced to telling us what we should be saying in order that we fit into the spiritual tradition.
The thing that we call a cup exists in its own right, it has a quality that we call substance in that it had been fashioned from the rocks of the earth and it autonomously exists in space regardless of whether anyone is touching it or looking at it.
a discussion I had with a solipsist who dismissed my report of direct perception with repeated ‘this is wrong thought’ statements.
www.actualfreedom.com.au /actualism/vineeto/selected-correspondence/corr-relativism.htm   (5596 words)

 Esoteric Articles » Yoga For Stress Management: Start The New Year With A Yoga Plan   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
What the theory of evolution has in store for a man - a solipsist - who rather disbelieves in the existence of all (earthly) life besides his own!
In fact, what space is for a non-spatial mentalist is what evolution is for a solipsist - an illusion.
I don’t think that one can be a good metaphysicist without a fair amount of belief in astrology.
astrology-palmistry-psychic-tarot.com /adb/yoga-for-stress-management-start-the-new-year-with-a-yoga-plan   (308 words)

 Imagining Paradise in Islamic Art
Despite the faults of the catalogue's essay, it makes a valuable observation about the tile panel, to which I shall return.
Of course it is no counterargument to the tauhîders, as I term them, that I can find passages about aesthetics that do not refer to tauhîd.
First of all, instead of just asserting what you feel to be a general truth, you need to find a set of objects or buildings in which you think you can see religious content, and that offers the possibility of examining various kinds of evidence.
www.sonic.net /~tallen/palmtree/ip.html   (7213 words)

 Cabell Prize, 2000, Bill Patterson.
Cosmetics generally (with their implication of a mask and therefore of hiding) are used to enhance the beauty that both inspires and snares.
He begins writing of conventionally esoteric secret societies guiding human evolution, as in the community of the illuminated that includes Ambrose Bierce in "Lost Legacy," but Heinlein both secularizes and modernizes the concept by 1949 in "Gulf" and 1950 in The Puppet Masters.
The hermetic references in Cabell may have formed for Heinlein the basis for a special affinity, but the esoteric and initiatic material in Heinlein is not derived and must therefore be considered a parallel treatment rather than use of Cabell as a source.
www.library.vcu.edu /jbc/speccoll/exhibit/cabell/prize3.html   (19790 words)

 Encyclopedia Galactica - So - Human (Anglic) Revised 351st Edition
Whilst in the post-nanodisaster world the skynets only played a fairly minor role, and the solipsists have quietly established themselves as the wavefront of expanding devices spreading across the galaxy or drifting through interstellar space.
Major archailect empire, based around monasticism, contemplative mysticism, and individual quest for enlightenment, as well as being a reaction to the missionary AI empires
Panthesistic or spiritual-materialist mystical, religious, or esoteric path common in the Sophic League, the TRHN, and elswhere, involving modification of individual consciousness through gnostic drugs.
www.orionsarm.com /eg/s/So.html   (3076 words)

 What is Real ?
Likewise it has been criticized that the immaterialist views are kinds of solipsism (the idea that the world has no existence outside the thinker's subjective mind) or may lead to solipsism (Olsen 1986, p.
Thornton (1996) states that language is an irreducibly public form of life which is encountered in specifically social contexts, and since a solipsist requires a language, Thornton sees solipsism as an inherently incoherent theory.
Allwood (1997) writes in a similar vein; he regards dialogue as collective thinking and contends that "language is an instrument for (collective) activation of information (or thinking)".
www.meta-religion.com /Philosophy/Articles/Philosophy_of_the_mind/what_is_real.htm   (14730 words)

 Physics And Mathematics As Abstraction Or Reality
And these aren't esoteric facts but unambiguously self-evident truths which every single mathematician in the whole of human history has accepted.
Quick note from a set theorist: there are indeed multiple mutually contradictory strands of maths, at least where infinite collections are concerned.
Any such assumption is an attempt to "create" reality and hence the act of a solipsist.
c2.com /cgi/wiki?PhysicsAndMathematicsAsAbstractionOrReality   (2303 words)

 The J-Walk Blog: Miracles Galore (Comments)
Don't allow those silly bible beaters, who see the virgin mary in their oatmeal and claim it to be a miracle, disuade you from something that may very well be real.
You liked the book by Sam Harris, End of Faith, at the end of the book he speaks of the validity of esoteric religion, which he also calls it experiments in consciousness.
There are the beliefs you believe; the thoughts you think you believe; the beliefs you think you believe you were thinking when you were believing in them with your eyes squeezed tightly shut; and the total bullcrap remarks of a true religious solipsist.
j-walkblog.com /index.php/weblog/comments/miracles_galore   (5921 words)

Wittgenstein said that a line could not be drawn between what is experienced as reality and the perception of that experience.
We may think of a paradigm (viewpoint) as a key which we have made in the hope that it will open the 'Pandora box' of truth.
Feyerabend suggests that we might bypass esoteric debate and apply the pragmatic criterion...
www.normanspencer.co.nz /Next60000Years/Ideas.html   (0 words)

 The Georgia Review
Readers looking for well-developed tropes and fully formulated paragraphs might be frustrated with City; what they will find instead are splinters of ideas—splinters as ideas—and wandering, esoteric theses yet to be revised and organized.
The book is divided into six parts, each reckoning in some way with the post-Edenic struggle to name and rename the world and to understand ourselves as christeners.
Written in the mode of intense self-analysis leavened with caustic self-mockery, observant and very funny in places, the book ends up reversing its own premise: Daniel Harris’ obsession with Daniel Harris leads the reader continually back to Daniel Harris.
www.uga.edu /~garev/summer03/bonomo.htm   (3777 words)

 MIND Exchange
That would be solipsism because the subjective/objective divide is the interface of the individual.
I suppose I would consider myself a solipsist from the perspective of considering what can and cannot be logically proven.
It is not esoteric and abstract as is typical of modern physics.
www.kurzweilai.net /mindx/show_thread.php?rootID=16864   (13553 words)

 SignOnSanDiego Forums - Lat's get something straight RE: Durham
If you are of a philosophical bent, you have to concede at a certain point, "Sure, I guess it's POSSIBLE that the sun won't come up tomorrow, but COME ON." Obviously, it is not 100% certain, but any reasonable person would rate the odds of the sun NOT coming up tomorrow as being nearly infinitesimal.
It's like some annoying solipsist who's seen "The Matrix" too many times and continues to insist, "you can't PROVE that there is any actual external reality, it COULD all be a dream or a delusion or a computer program or blah blah blah", the whole "brain in the jar" concept.
You have to concede that, well, you can't be 100% CERTAIN that there is an external reality.
forum.signonsandiego.com /printthread.php?t=9822   (0 words)

 Zen and the Arts
The only two "~ists" that I might occasionally be are a "solipsist" or a "zennist" (whatever that is).
A fun little piece using the Confucian Odes on workplace safety for Job Giant and the restaurant industry.
The Missal's Mission: The Mystic Missal was formed to distribute and preserve practical esoteric knowledge to help lead the serious seeker to a change of being.
g.webring.com /hub?ring=zeninarts   (0 words)

 Realizing Spiritual Enlightenment - An EnergyGrid Rough Guide
It tends to be favoured by introverts and is characterised by powerful energetic states, psychic/healing powers, esoteric knowledge and a strong influence on others.
He cannot step outside his own belief system and see it for what it is — a paradigm and not reality.
McKenna even admits to this intolerance when he labels himself a solipsist.
www.energygrid.com /spirit/2006/10ap-enlightenment.html   (7803 words)

 Forums - I took another look at The Matrix Reloaded/ Revolutions since they first came out.
Star Wars goes for the more operatic option, using family ties and old friends to make a classic tale.
The Matrix goes for mystery and esoteric visions, turning our mundane lives into a surreal dreamscape that we can't help but want to explore.
Morpheus, named after the God of dreams and change, is a manifestation of this motif.
www.rottentomatoes.com /vine/showthread.php?t=520655&page=4   (3646 words)

 Thoughts Arguments and Rants » Favourite
Lewis conspicuously fails to discuss theological ersatzism - the view that ersatz possible worlds are really constituents of the mind of God.
Given the devastating attacks Lewis launches on rival theories, and the utter implausibility of Lewis’s preferred alternative, I thought the esoteric message was clear.
Theological ersatzism is the only viable theory of modality, the others being disposed of in Lewis’s book.
tar.weatherson.org /category/favourite   (0 words)

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